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Sometimes "no" means "if you bite me first".

Victor lifted her ass over the pinion and let her settle on the tip. He felt the warm moisture of her arousal.

She held herself up, hesitant, braced on her short legs. And then she relaxed and slid down his pole. It was a smooth oiled glide to the bottom, accompanied by mutual moans of pleasure. They paused to enjoy the cozy contact.

Scarlett tested her control, slipping up an inch and sinking back. She wiggled her hips in a flat circle, rubbing his corona against her feminine inner membranes. Victor smiled through a low moan of encouragement. She responded with wider moves, gaining brassier growls of masculine appreciation.

He hugged her well-endowed tits to his chest. It anchored her upper body. She worked her hips and ass, a cacophony of motion that stimulated his cock nerves in all the right places. Victor's breathing quickened and deepened, matching her increasing rhythm. Their bodies rocked and rolled in their growing delight.

Scarlett slowed and paused the carnal stimulation. Victor whined softly, bumping her clitoris with his pubic bone. She murmured her protest, willing him to cede control. He ceased his agitation.

She started again, slowly, letting him feel each move, every brush of her wet womb against his embedded flesh. In the veritable silence, they heard only the squishy nether kisses, juicy pussy moistness slathering rock hard cock muscle.

Victor's arousal rose to greater heights than the previous truncated ascent. Scarlett felt the male shaft grow thicker, the knob fuller. She stroked longer, faster, clinging ever tighter to his neck. He crushed her body to his, squeezing her lovely tits into his chest.

At last, he bellowed and spewed his sperm into her cavity. She pressed her clitoris hard against him, stopped the strokes and held his flesh deep within throughout the sequential discharges.

They rested in seated pose. Victor heaved a cleansing breath and, before he completely shrank and fell out, rose connected and held her in straddle as he carried her to the bed. They lay together, engaged in fond little kisses. Before dawn, Victor took her again, rolling her into missionary. The love-making was strong but tender. She blended his orgasm with one of her own. Victor lay on his back, naked, while he coached Scarlett in orally cleaning his groin of their sexual residue. She was becoming a fine student of upscale performance arts.

After the first days of fucking three of them in turn, he staged an overnight four way in his suite. The four naked girls took positions around him: one sat on folded legs at his head, thumbs massaging his temples, fingering his ears and scalp. Two more knelt outside his legs, fingering toes and knee hollows. The experienced and talented fourth was folded forward between his legs, sucking his cock while cupping his balls.

Victor had his face tilted forward to watch the action, his head cradled in the soft upper thighs and warm pussy crevice of his head girl. His cock sucker lapped and swallowed his rod, watching his eyes, gauging her strokes and suckles to raise, plateau and moderate his verve. Her pointy nipples got attention from her two side-borne bedmates. The combined eroticism worked. Victor arched his back and his cock handler aimed his jets to splatter his tummy, accompanied by sweet girlish giggles of admiration for the volume and power of his spend.

The head girl leaned over, planting inverted kisses on his forehead, lips and nipples. She compressed her tits against his face, feeling him suckle whichever easier available nipple crossed his lips as she twisted to vacuum up all the spunk splattered on his stomach.

Victor's consciousness drifted in ejaculatory afterglow. His mind sobered to find three of his playmates seated beside and between his knees. He tilted up to find his head girl had righted herself after her cleanup duties and continued to fondle his ears with his scalp pressed and cradled by her warm soft pussy.

He reached out his right hand and clasped the left of the smallest

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