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Emotions run high has preparations come to an end.

I approach Mistress and immediately kneel. Nervously, I continue looking towards the floor. Does my new Mistress even like what she sees? All my apprehension is appeased when She takes my chin in her hand, lifts my head, and gently kisses me. The feeling of Her lips on mine is so soft, so sensuous. I knew then that I would do anything for her.

Mistress rises, and walks me to a large bed. She tells me to kneel on the bed, which I readily comply. I am bound in such a fashion that my hands and ankles are tied together with my legs spread apart. Mistress then puts a blindfold on me. My ass and pussy are vulnerable to anyone who wishes to abuse me. I am left there to be admired for what seems like forever. Finally, I feel a hand on my ass, gently stroking me.

"Relax and enjoy," Mistress says softly. I feel the hand moving towards my pussy, and then stop at my clit. Forcibly but gently my barbell is rubbed on my clit, the jewelry sending waves of sensation through my body.

Another hand finds my cunt, and begins to ravage it; first with one finger, then with two. I finally relax and surrender to the pleasures of my Mistress and her toy. Someone lifts my head, and I sense something in front of me. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue. My tongue finds a nipple, which I tease immediately. Softly, I flick my tongue around and on top of it. I am getting more aroused, hearing my Mistress' moans, knowing that I am pleasing her. She brings her breast closer and I begin to gently suck on it. Her toy now has three fingers inside of me, fucking my cunt as he teases my clit. I am quite satisfied with my Master, but I have never felt these sensations before. Oh, God this feels so good!

Mistress moves away from me momentarily and unties my hands. I feel her position herself in front of me. Feeling her legs, I guide myself to Her exquisite pussy. Her excitement, Her aroma is intoxicating. I stick my tongue out to taste her. I have never tasted a woman before, and now I wonder why I haven't. She taste nothing like the saltiness of a man. It's more like a delicate dessert, light and fruity.

I begin to nibble on her clit, finding the right rhythm and firmness. Mistress is now thoroughly wet, moaning with my every touch. Smiling to my self I alternate between her clit and pussy. I love her taste, her smell. Sticking my tongue inside her she trembles. Slowly, I begin fucking Mistress with my tongue while at the same time rubbing her button with my finger. As I am pleasuring my Mistress, her toy has managed to insert his entire hand in my pussy. Slowly he fucks me, his fist creating enough pressure to drive me crazy. I am slowly building, getting hotter and wetter. I don't want it to stop, but I don't know if I can take much more.

He starts fucking me faster, his other hand circling my clit faster and faster. I find my mouth is fucking Mistress at the same rhythm as her toy is fisting me. Opening her up wider I insert my tongue as deep as I can. I want to feel her when she cums, to drink her elixir without spilling a drop. Her hips meet my mouth trying to drive me deeper inside. I start alternating my tongue, teasing her pussy and clit. Suddenly I find myself cumming, I begin to moan, and Mistress grabs my hair and buries my face in her pussy. I feel her cumming too; her juices flow into my mouth. Hungrily I take it all, not even spilling a drop. After she finishes cumming, Mistress releases her grip. I take one last taste and she moves away.

Taking my leash, Mistress moves me to the corner of the bed. She is finished with me, but I am allowed to watch Her and Her toy. This is the first chance that I've had to look at him. He is gorgeous, about six feet tall with long dark brown hair. From looking at him you would never guess that he would be submissive to any woman. He glances at me and smiles, I smile back. "You have to many clothes on. Take them off". "Yes, Mistress," he replies, and proceeds to take off his clothes.

He takes off his pants first, his cock is already rock hard.

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