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Dan gets to know Anne's family.

I didn't have a lot of money but I had a job and reputation to protect and someone thought they had something to blackmail me with. It would come out sooner than later so I had steeled myself against this fact and was prepared to turn down any offer I knew might be forthcoming.

Then an email had arrived a few days later, not at my home account but at work and faced with the dilemma I was torn at whether or not I wanted my secret exposed. It had seemed like an easy decision when the letter had arrived but as I sat at my desk at work, surrounded by a sea of cubicles, with the blatantly clear email open on the screen I had second thoughts.

Did you like the pictures I sent? They weren't that good I admit but it's clear it was you sashaying around that store with your perky fake breasts and that padded ass of yours. I really liked the one of you coming out of the changing room. Priceless! Now here's what you're going to do. You're going to get all dressed up, wearing that cute little red dress of yours and matching stilettos and you're going to drive over to Hine's Park this Saturday at noon and go for a little stroll

That was it. I tried to reply to the email, wanting more information but the rejection came back in a few seconds. Apparently the sender was covering their track or didn't want to hear back from me. There wasn't going to be any type of negotiation.

Despite the circumstances in which I found myself I could feel my cock growing inside my shorts and my breathing and pulse both racing. The rush of adrenaline was striking again as I stood there staring at my reflection, manicured hands smoothing the red material stretched across my artificially curving frame.

It was Saturday. Finally Saturday. I didn't know what to expect but it had been a long week of distraction and no matter how it turned out it was finally coming to an end. I checked the windows of my house for traffic and didn't see any immediate neighbors out so I opened my garage and drove down my street, not bothering to wave to the few people who I knew were out working in the yard. I didn't get out much during the day and strolling out in the open daylight was rare. The only saving grace I found was that the cool, overcast day seemed to have kept most people away from the park. There were few trees or buildings and the one path around the pond was wide open and the few groups in the park couldn't be avoided.

I had actually left late and it was noon, either by the digital clock in my car or the feminine watch I had strapped to my wrist. I took one look around, not really expecting to see anyone waiting for me, but studied the area nonetheless. I normally would have chickened out under such circumstances but given the conditions of my invite I climbed from the car, purse in hand and began walking the path away from my car, trying to keep my shaking legs from walking too quickly. The high heels I wore weren't made for long strolls so their height kept my speed at a leisurely pace.

No one seemed to be noticing me and the occasional jogger or two passed without notice. I hadn't spotted anyone in the area and upon reaching the back area I spied a rest area with two restrooms. I could feel my cock pumped up inside my panties and the strain was distracting. I was pondering taking a quick break inside to give it a few strokes as the pressure continued to grow when someone stepped from the men's room opening and waved me towards him. I looked around but no one else was nearby. There were homes across the street with people out so my immediate safety probably wasn't an issue.

When I turned my gaze back the individual, obviously a man who had on a baseball cap and sunglasses, t-shirt and jeans was gone. Did I know him? I didn't think so but I had looked away too quickly and he had disappeared back inside before I thought to study him further.

Steeling myself with a deep breath I strolled forward on the uneven concrete and after taking one last

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