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I felt ill at the venom his words were dripping. My head was pounding and I suddenly needed to leave. I hurried away from Jim's horrid friend, and went looking for Justin, hoping I wouldn't run into Jim. I was fortunate as I found my son quickly and no sign of Jim anywhere. When I told him I was feeling very ill and needed to go home, he insisted on driving me. Grateful for his presence at the moment, I agreed, and after he had talked to Darcy, he drove me home. They had come in her car, so she headed to her own home, giving me a tight hug and looking very concerned. As we drove home, I was completely silent. I could feel Justin's eyes on me often, but he didn't say anything, sensing that I was more than just ill, but not wanting to push. I couldn't believe that I hadn't fought and screamed and clawed at Jim's friend, but everything had felt so wonderful, and I continued to be so sexually aroused by my son, I just couldn't. I seemed to be turning into a regular nymphomaniac lately.

We got home and went inside, and I went up to take a shower, trying to wash away my shame. When I had finished, I went to my room and slipped into my favorite silk gown. It fit me well and made me look and feel very sexy, the hem falling to just below my hips. I sat down on my bed and felt the night's events flow over me, feeling exceedingly weary. There was a soft knock at my door, and then Justin poked his head in.

"Hey mom, Jim called. He's really concerned about you."

Those innocent words were all it took to make the floodgates open and I began to weep. I heard Justin cross the room, and felt him sit on the bed beside me, and then he was holding me gently, exactly the way Brad used to, letting me cry. He stroked my hair and my back, murmuring nonsense to me, rocking with me in his arms. I clung to him as if I was drowning and he was a life preserver. I couldn't seem to stop weeping. Finally Justin scooped me up in his arms and moved to rest his back against the headboard of the bed and the pillows propped there, pulling me onto his lap and cradling me to him. I began to feel safe again in the haven of his arms. I cuddled into him as if I was a child and he seemed glad to be able to do something to help. As he sat with me, still stroking my hair gently, he finally spoke.

"Mom. . .what happened at the party to upset you so much? I know you aren't just sick."

Unable to look at him, I found it difficult to speak for several moments. "Something. . . unusual. . . happened tonight." He waited for me to go on. "There was a man." I took a deep breath. "He was watching me for a long time, and then he came over to me, pulled me into the shadows and. . .well. . .he had sex with me." I felt Justin's body stiffen immediately.

"He what?"

"He. . .had sex with me. He kissed me and played with my body and then he had sex with me."

"Mom, are you saying he raped you?"

"Yes. . . well, no. . .sort of. I'm not quite sure what happened. All I knew is he was kissing me and touching me and I was afraid, but it felt so damn good, I couldn't seem to stop." When Justin didn't speak, I continued. "He said he does this with every woman Jim dates, as a 'test'. To make sure they're good enough for him, or something." I began to cry again, and Justin held me close.

"Well, I don't know exactly what happened either, but I know you don't lie, so I believe you. What a jerk. I'd like to wring his neck for upsetting you so much." I could feel the tension in him. "Who does he think he is anyway?"

"I don't know, but I do know this. I can't see Jim any more. Not after this. I'll have to tell him something, and I hate to hurt him, but his friend implied that this is what's happened with all the other women Jim's dated as well."

"Then you shouldn't let this jerk control you."

"Oh, sweetheart, it would just be too embarrassing for Jim if it ever got out. I'll be okay, but would you do something for me?"

"Sure, mom, anything."

"Would yo

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