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After 6 long months, Adam and Merrick finally meet once more.

Her hands spread across his chest feeling the hardness of his muscles. He was built lean and slick, broad shoulders and a flat belly. Lucian took possession of her soft mouth, exploring the richness of her mouth with his tongue.

Soon her top came off exposing her breasts to the soothing spring breeze. Her brown nipples were already hardened beckoning for Lucian's hot mouth. Slowly he bent his head, and then he blew on her hardened peek causing her to shiver with delight. "You love it when I do this, don't you Cesca?" gently he took one of her nipples in his slick mouth, he flicked it once, twice, and then he glanced at Francesca. Her head was tilted back looking straight at the sky above, lips partially apart. "Oh, yes I love it" she said in satisfaction holding his head close to her. He continued to give pleasure to her breasts; he noticed that her legs were struggling to stay upright. He took her into his arms and softly he pressed her against the cool grass below.

He got down on his knees between her spread legs. She looked at him with sparkles in her eyes. A smile tugged Lucian handsome face. Francesca stretched her hands towards him, and invitation of a seductress. Gently he pressed a kiss on the corner of her lips. His hands, a tantalizing caress trailing ever so slowly from the side of her waist to her hips. While he traveled lower form her neck to the valley of her breasts his hands unfasten the bottom of her shorts. He played with her belly bottom and in one swift movement he took her shorts off. The smell of her sex aroused him even more. He could feel his member hard wanting to be freed from the confinements of his jeans.

She was wet with anticipation for him; her juices soaked the insides of her thighs. Restlessly she moved her pussy closer to Lucian's mouth. His eyes were absorbing the beauty of her simmering black curls caused by the combination of light of the moon and her wetness. Tenderly he laps his tongue over her entrance lightly touching her clit. She whimpered in pleasure. Her hands were searching for Lucian's head so she could hold him close to her pulsating pussy.

He took her clit in his mouth, gave it a little flick of his tongue while he gently inserted one finger into hot and tight count. He then began to thrust his finger into her while he sucked and flicked her clit in his mouth. Restlessly Francesca started to move her hips; her breathing came in short gasps. Lucian knew by the clinching of her virginal muscles and her moans that her orgasm was coming. Now with two fingers inside of her he started to pump faster into her. She arched her back and screamed as her orgasm came in a rush of hot liquid. Lucian took the sweet salty taste of her into his mouth drinking from her like delicious nectar.

She laid there in the cool grass catching her breath. She was caught off guard when she felt Lucian thick cock entered her. She grinned at him "Come on wild man, fuck me!" He pulled out slowly and with a swift thrust he was inside her again, he continued to thrust into her increasing the speed each time. Whenever he pulled out she griped his shaft tightly not wanting him to let him go.

Still with their bodies connected Lucian took Francesca to his chest slowly holding her upright he rolled himself to the cool grass.

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