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Ringing in the New Year.

She was stunned to think even at this frenzied moment that this was only the third cock ever to find its way inside her secret love tunnel. It wasn't to be the last that night she knew and strangely the thought and the intense joy that the thrusting cock was giving her only brought on another wave of orgasm that continued as the man suddenly began to ejaculate inside of her.

In the few seconds that it took for another cock to force its entry and begin its deep thrusting, Susan managed to regain her breath and reflect on how much she was enjoying her nipples being licked and sucked. One of the men was really an expert and she wasn't sure whether he might not be getting milk from her teat, he was certainly squeezing it hard enough, but soon her mind was again lost in her haze of lust as almost continuous orgasms flooded her.

She felt for a second time that evening the urgent thrusts as her lover flooded her cunt but it was with enjoyment that she watched as he was immediately replaced by another much larger cock. She asked if she could be supported so that she could watch the cock ream in and out of her. Someone must have understood as she was levered forward and a large bolster was pushed under her shoulders.

She was amazed at the position she had attained as both tits were still being sucked and each of the men sucking them had hold of a leg which was being held next to her sides with her feet on either side of her head, and yet she was still able to see the cock thrusting in and out of a drenched and by now foaming cunt.

She had always thought that both cock's and cunt's were ugly implements but she was amazed at how fantastic it looked. It was only matched and surpassed by how marvellous it felt.

The man was obviously moving swiftly towards his climax and was thrusting furiously with short powerful strokes. Suddenly, he straightened, grabbed her thighs and screaming intelligibly he began to ram his cock into her, almost lifting her from the table with the power of his coming. After three or four pumping strokes his huge cock came out of her cunt and he ejaculated a huge spurt of come over the heads of the men sucking her tits.

Feeling if not seeing that they were likely to be inundated if they did not evacuate their posts they quickly if reluctantly moved and in two more huge spurts Susan's breasts were covered with the man's seemingly inexhaustible supply of spunk.

Instead of feeling horrified, Susan felt fulfilled and looking down at the milky cum pouring out of her red inflamed gash she drew her finger along her crack and picking up some spunk she licked it tentatively.

At this point Ralph the man she had first argued with pushed himself between her legs. He scooped a handful of the pooling spunk from the table, and from between her thighs, and smeared it onto and inside her arsehole. First, with one of his stubby finger and then with two, he began thrusting them in and out of her.

Again Susan was surprised that it did not hurt as her bum had never been penetrated before this night, but when she realised he intended to force his sizeable cock into her bum she could not believe that she would be able to take it.

Looking down, she could see, first the big purple end, then the gnarled shaft slowly embed itself in her bum. She was amazed both by the sight and by the amazing sensation that this massive cock was giving her.

She didn't know whether she was going to faint because she was being split in two or because of the pleasure. It wasn't like an orgasm but rather just the sheer enjoyment and wickedness of being filled. Either way, with Ralph's big cock thrusting in and out of her innocent bum

Susan seemed unable to stop herself from reaching down and stroking a clit that seemed huge in comparison to the tiny bud that usually she played with in order to gain some sort of release after sex with Rob.

It seemed incredible that after only a couple of seconds she was transformed into a wild animal and she was overcome with a feeling that she had

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