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An erotic horror story.

My mom said Henry spent every waking moment in my room before I woke up. I haven't seen him. I don't know what happened, but suddenly he was ignoring me and wouldn't answer my phone calls. I had no idea what happened, or if I said or did something when I was asleep.

My chest ached whenever I thought about him. I had enough trouble breathing with my chest, but when I thought about how Henry hated me now, I couldn't breath at all.

Today was the first day back in school for Westfield High. I wouldn't be going till tomorrow. I heard from a couple other of my friends that I was the worst injury. A couple people got scratched, and one person got shot in the arm.

I poured myself a glass of milk. Sometimes milk just comforts me. I sat down to watch Lost on the TV and drank my milk.

I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. Mom had gone back to work once realizing I was going to survive. I'm surprised that they didn't fire her after all the time she spent in the hospital.

I groggily got up and stumbled my way to the phone. Its persistent ringing was giving me a headache. Did I mention that my pain meds were a bitch? I mean, sure they give me happy feelings and no pain, but I feel like a 70 year old drug abuser while on them.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Jase. It's me." I stood up straight in surprise. Even though he didn't say his name, I knew it was Henry. His voice was inscribed into my brain. I thought rapidly about what to say, and wanted to just be cool, but my feelings took over.

"What do you want Henry?" I said, perhaps a little to harshly than I should have. I could almost feel his despair coming through the phone.

"I want to talk. Can I come over?" He asked, sounding a bit hesitant. I sighed, knowing I wouldn't sleep well until I found out what he wanted.

"Sure. I'm home alone right now. You have a key to the house, and I'll be in my room." I shrugged my shoulders in resignation. So much for being angry at him. My heart knew that every time that Henry would come calling, I would be there as soon as possible. That's what you do with someone you love.

I was laying on my bed when I heard the door open and close. The sound of footsteps gently running up the stairs floated to my ears and I closed my eyes. My door opened.

"Hey." His voice was breathless and lusty and my pants tightened around my crotch. I began thinking cold things. I looked up at him, and his eyes were averted away from my face. I sighed. He was here to tell me that we couldn't be friends. I don't know what I did to deserve this, or if I said anything in my injured hospital haze, but I knew deep in my heart it was over.

"Hi Henry." I said.


He sounded so sad and dejected. He didn't look to good either. He was leaning over his bed, holding himself up with one hand. He was almost deathly pale and I could see the blue veins running through his arms.

He looked good too. His hair was tussled and kept falling into his eyes. His eyes, oh his eyes, they glistened a deep navy. I had never seen his eyes so dark. Normally, they were the color of the ocean, swirling with many light colors of blue. Today, they seethed with something and it scared me.

I had to do this though. I wouldn't be able to live with the feelings inside of me unless I got them out. Even if he rejected me, even if he hated my guts, he had the right to know. It was necessary. It was the reason I stayed away. I couldn't stand him in that bed, looking like a broken doll. I stayed until he woke up, and then I slipped out. I knew he would need time with his mom.

"I have to say something. I know you wont like it, but I need to say it. I know we probably wont be friends anymore after this." I stopped to take a breath and just as I was opening my mouth again to speak, he held his hand up.


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