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Zoe's new home doesn't exactly feel that way.

Carrie closed her eyes as her orgasm started. She continued to moan as her body quivered to one orgasm after another. Finally Carrie's clit was too sensitive for any more. She placed her hand over Daniel's to make him stop. She was exhausted and couldn't take anymore. She was breathing hard and her thighs were shaking.

When Carrie slowly opened her eyes, the group was gathered all around. Everybody was smiling at the three of them. Cheryl moved toward the center of the group and lifted Carrie's blouse and took her right nipple into her mouth as she squeezed the left one with her free hand. Cheryl's hand was too small to even begin to cover Carrie's big tit. Carrie held onto Cheryl's head tightly as the bare titted hottie continued to suck on her nipples. Gwen and Carrie were kissing passionately as Gwen played with Cheryl and Carrie's tits. The ladies were lost in their on little world and the group was really into watching them do each other.

Mitch walked to the where the ladies were doing their three way and whispered into his wife's ear. She broke her kiss and smiled at her husband. She then kissed Carrie lightly on the lips and leaned down and whispered something into Cheryl's ear. Cheryl looked up and smiled back. Whatever was going on, Daniel knew it would be good. Slowly the three ladies broke their clench and gave little kisses all around. The action was over for the time being and the group started softly clapping their hands to let the ladies know they enjoyed the action.

Mitch seemed to be the leader of the group and told everybody that the night was still early and there was plenty of time for fun and games, but first they should enjoy the Sexpo. Everybody agreed. Part wanted to go see the strippers and the rest wanted to go to the demonstration area. Mitch and Gwen were going to the demonstration area, so Carrie and Daniel went with them.

As they walked through the crowd, Carrie and Gwen walked together and Mitch and Daniel followed behind them. Gwen continuously pointed things out to Carrie and was always touching her. Daniel could tell that Carrie loved the attention. Gwen led the group to the BDSM demo and they stopped at the edge of a group of people watching. A really striking, short haired platinum blonde was flogging a nearly nude man shackled to a giant wooden X. The chic was in tight, low slung leather pants that barely covered her pussy, high heels and a leather collar. Her nipples were very hard and stuck out like pencil erasers.

The guy being flogged was a tall muscular guy wearing a black leather hood. Other than the hood and leather restraints on his wrists and ankles he was naked except for some sort of leather device around his cock and balls. The group watched as the blonde explained in great detail how to properly deliver the flogging so that the cat-o-nine tails would make contact with the guy's balls as well as his ass. Apparently it was very important to include whipping the balls if you're into this kind of thing. Every time she landed a blow her bare tits swayed deliciously back and forth. The guy getting flogged was clearly enjoying the lashing he was getting. He was sporting a fairly large erection, probably seven inches long and at least two inches thick. Every time the whip landed on his ass his cock bobbed provocatively in the air.

After watching for a bit, Gwen wanted to get a better view of the leather thing the guy had on his cock. They moved and managed to get within two or three feet of the stage. From this close the guy's cock looked even bigger. Finally Gwen asked the lady with the whip what was on the guy's cock. She explained that it was called a cock and ball spreader. She told them that it's designed to keep a cock rock hard by keeping the blood in the cock and ball spreader was supposed to delay orgasm by keeping the balls from getting close to the body.
The Dom on stage started taking other questions.

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