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Brie get's double dicked by guess who

Our naked breasts came together, and pressed. That is one of those things that happens between two women that has like... well, emotional sort of significance for me. The feeling where the softness comes together, and it is clear we are two women, not a man and woman, it is like a trigger for me. I want to align nipples, feel my nipples (which are rather sensitive most of the time) to feel hers. I kissed her, my hair hanging down over her head this time, and felt her naked torso and mine come together.

She was naked except for socks and panties, but I still had my jeans on. Not fair. My hands were roaming, aiming to get down between her legs, though I was having a lot of fun just letting my fingertips feel her skin around her ribs and side and waist.

Instead, I reached up and felt her breasts. She has larger breasts than I (of course) and they felt marvelous. My lips were on her neck and clavicle, my favorite location and a woman, and it was turning out to be amazingly fun. I was exploring her body for the first time, which I find an amazing treat for any woman.

I moved to a slightly bent sort of kneeling position, my right knee between her legs and my left down on the ground supporting me. We were still on the couch and it was narrow enough we were both sort of wriggling around, maintaining position and yet trying to find ways of exploring each other.

My lips slid down to find her right nipple and I suckled. Her nipple hardened immediately and she spoke. I didn't understand her so I looked up but she had her eyes closed, so I figured she was enjoying. Her hands were in my hair, gently, then my shoulders, then under me and on my breasts, then my hair again.

The couch thing was getting old. I abandoned my position and stood.

"Let's go to the bedroom."

She nodded and we went. I stripped my jeans and panties off and she stripped her panties off and we were naked when we lay on top of the bedspread.

Passion can be satisfied and even enjoyable on the couch. Especially if one needs it urgently. But moving to the bed meant the ability to spread out, literally and figuratively. It was like freedom. Freedom to do anything with her I wanted.

She was new to this, in fact, she was a virgin. I knew this from earlier conversations. She had made out with some guys, but had never done the deed. She had kissed girls, one passionately, but otherwise... nada. This was about as new to her as anything could get.

So, I made love to her.

I started at her lips, kissing and caressing her, then moved to whisper in her ear, "you are amazing, I want you so badly..." or some such... I can't remember exactly, but you get the idea. It was true, too. She was young, sensual, sexy, beautiful, passionate, and open to me. It was clear she wanted this, like, really badly.

From her lips I moved to her neck, feeling her breasts and body as I slid down, moving further, slowly. I spent time on her nipples, then her stomach, and diverted to her hips and then inner thighs. She spread her legs for me to accommodate.

I could tell she wanted it badly, that I was teasing her and even frustrating her a bit, by her body movement. She alternatively arched her back, then thrust her hips up. I refused to go to her pussy right off, I wanted to make love to her, to explore her, to have my tongue and fingers slide along every curve, every smooth flat bit of flesh. Her body was marvelous, and deserved time.

But I finally acquiesced and my tongue slid in and felt the folds of her pussy.

It was interesting. My tongue felt her pussy before my fingers. Not the usual, but in this case... just the way it worked out.

She was shaved. Freshly. I can tell you for sure she didn't normally shave. She wasn't experienced enough. The fact she was shaved meant she had intended (hoped) that we would make love that night. She had anticipated this. (I had freshly shaved as well. I guess we had both wanted it.)

And she was wet. Soaking. I could taste it before I even found the folds of her pussy, it was on her thighs.

Moving between her legs my t

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