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"Thank God," said Sandra, with a sigh. "That was awful!"

I almost could see Stephanie's slender body summon its strength. She gave a thrash in the shallow water and grunted, "Get off me, George!"

Unsteadily rising to his feet, George reached down and picked up Stephanie, hands under her arms. Her whole front was coated with we sand like a skin. When she had her feet, she whirled on him. He jumped back; no more surprises! I heard Stephanie demand, "Do you see any blood?" And she bent far forward, legs spread, hands reaching back to open herself so he could see.

I couldn't hear the answer, but Stephanie slowly straightened up, a hand still exploring behind her. Then, she turned, took a few steps, and dived into the ocean. When she came up, clean, she slowly walked toward us. George followed her, looking expressively humbled-or embarrassed.

Sandra looked up. "Are you all right, dear?"

Stephanie lifted her face, frowning. "Sure, why?"

"I thought you might be crying..."

"What? Of course! Did you ever have a nightstick shoved up your ass? He wouldn't come! I was hoping I'd pass out."

"What can we do?"

"Well, nothing for my asshole! But I'm dying for drink, Mom! George's dad's place is just three houses down, right on the beach! Let's go, okay?"

"I'd love to have you," volunteered George from behind her. He hung his head, not looking at us.

Sandra looked up at him; I can't say her expression was exactly a smile. She said, "You already have had her, George, twice, but not with a great deal of love, I would say."

"Mom! That's so snotty!"

"Just articulating a mother's perspective, Stephanie. I'm not singling out George."

She looked at George, again, this time with a polite smile, "George, would you excuse us a moment? I am calling a family council."

"Sure," said George, under his breath. He turned and strolled toward the ocean. For a moment, Sandra and Susan gazed at his dreamy butt.

"All right, Mom, what?" demanded Stephanie.

"We do not know who is at George's house. After what happened out here, almost anything they did to us, there, would be dismissed as just a continuing a game three slutty women."

"What would be there?" Stephanie had not sat down; she stood over us, hands on hips. "George can't have planned a gang bang! He didn't know he would meet anyone-much less us."

"Plus," continued Sandra. "I live in this town. So do Susan and Tommy. We have reputations as reasonably normal people. Except with George, now-and whomever he decides to regale with what happened, today. At least it was on the beach. And with you. Who soon, I suppose, will resume your wanderings."

"All right!" snapped Stephanie. "I'll go."

"No, I don't think so."


"I told you, 'too risky.' This family is returning from the twilight zone to the comfort zone. My comfort zone does not include my daughter going off alone with the town's 18-year-old lifeguard who is violent in sex even in front of her mother."

"And if I do go? Then?"

"You are asking how unconditional my love is, Stephanie," said Sandra crisply. "Frankly, I don't want to find out. I never have poked a stick down into that hole."

"Well, get ready for the big black snake to pop out because I'm going with George."

"Hold onto her until I get up," Sandra ordered. I assumed she meant me. I close my hand on Stephanie's slender arm.

"Get off!' she demanded. She tried to jerk away, and then yelled, "Get off, Tommy!"

George was headed our way. By now, Sandra had risen. She got a grip on Stephanie's other bicep.

"What up?" asked George, halting a few yards away to assess the situation.

"We' have to say, 'No thanks' to drinks at your place, George," said Sandra. "Taking a little family time for ourselves."

Stephanie announced, "Well, I want to go with you, George, but they're literally holding me."

"Well," George began, eying the situation again, "I'll say goodbye, then, Steph. Want to give me your cell?"

"That's it?" Stephanie demanded. "They just haul me off and you just say, 'goodbye.'?"

After a few moments, during which I wondered if George migh

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