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Wife gives workmen more than just a good view.

We have to make it painful for him" Linda replied.

"I'll give it some thought and we can meet later today to discuss it" I offered.

"Sounds good, but we have to do it today. I want that bastard out of my house by tonight. Come see me at my office about two p.m., OK?"

I went to a local park to think. I needed to come up with something good. As I was spinning my wheels without much luck a lesbian couple walked by. They were obviously happy and demonstrative. I had another Eureka moment. But would Linda go along with it?

When I showed up at Linda's office she hurried me inside, closed the door and said "I hope you've got something good; I've been too busy to think about it, just seethe."

"Tell me Linda, in your experience what is the thing that upsets Greg most?"

"That's easy, he's the biggest homophobe I've ever seen in my life. It makes me really angry some times. Once, as a joke, I told him I was bisexual and he went ballistic."

"Exactly. Now this is just an idea - I've never had a relationship with another woman - but what if he caught his two lovers making love to each other?"

Linda sat back totally startled. At first she frowned; then she smiled; then she furrowed her brow; then looked pensive. Finally her eyes sparkled as she said "I've never been with another women either, but it is the only thing that will completely humiliate him. If you're game, so am I. How will it work?"

That night Greg got to Linda's house about six p.m. Linda had a separate bathroom in her bedroom. Linda told Greg "Why don't you go shower and then we'll go out and get something to eat."

"Great" the unsuspecting dupe responded.

While he was in the bathroom Linda and I took all his clothes, put his briefcase and suitcase at her front door, and locked the bedroom door. When he came out of the shower I was laying naked on the bed with my legs spread widely apart while naked Linda was licking my pussy. As Greg exited the bathroom he said "Hon have you seen my.....What the FUCK?"

Linda turned to him and said "Look who showed up from the U. S. The 300 pound mental patient. We had a good laugh when we both found out the other was bisexual and you've been fucking people who are in your view homos for many months. Care to join us?"

With that she turned back to me and slurped up a storm as I oohed and aahed. Greg was cursing, calling us names, and trying to get out the locked door. Finally - just so he wouldn't break the door down, Linda got up, took the key off the nightstand, and as she was unlocking the door looked up at Greg and said "Give me a kiss goodbye will you, I'm sure you'd love to taste Ginger's pussy on my lips."

With a string of expletives, Greg was out of the bedroom door, stopped only long enough to put on pants, and with his stuff was gone - out of our lives for good!

Linda came back to the bed laughing. While I was sporting a smile it wasn't just because Greg was gone. I apparently had a dreamy look on my face because Linda stopped laughing and said "What's up?"

I suddenly realized why I felt like I did. I reached over to Linda, gently put my hand on one of her spectacular breasts, and essentially cooed "You really, really, really made me feel good. Would it be all right if we experiment a little more?"

It wasn't until the words came out of my mouth that I realized what I had said. I immediately prepared myself for rejection. Instead she said "I enjoyed it too. Why not?"

With that Linda pushed my shoulders back down on the mattress, got between my legs again and this time wasn't just slurping. She fingered a pussy lip with one hand, while sticking a finger of the other into my now soaking kitty, and found my clitoris with her mouth and started alternatively flicking it with her tongue and sucking it. She was a blur.

Her penetrating finger found my G-spot and was caressing it feverishly.

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