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I smack you playfully on the shoulder and you shift to look up at me, your eyes proclaiming false innocence and hurt, and give my nipple a few hard sucks. You look adorable and I smile and scootch down to kiss you.

My scent on your face nearly has me swooning. I feel that familiar twitch deep inside and I groan, rolling out of bed. I take your hand in mine and pull. "Come on, get up. I don't want to spend all day in bed."

"But why not?" you ask in that sexy drawl of yours, and bat your eyes at me.

"Because if you continue at this rate, we'll be too sore to do anything for days..."

I tug again on your hand, making my breasts jiggle. You watch the movement and tug back, pulling me toward you. "Don't be a brat!" I say, half-laughing. "We need to take a break."

"I know...." You say, slowly, thoughtfully. "But... can't I just touch you a little while longer?"

I look at you, laying there on your side, your hair tumbled and golden in the sunlight, your face vulnerable and pleading, and I almost -- almost -- give in. "Oh sweetie, don't you know by now that if you touch me you are going to get me all worked up again, and then we will be sore. Lets give it a rest, so we have the energy and interest in a nice, romantic evening together."

I think it is the mention of the words "romantic evening" that get you out of bed. When you stand up, you sway a little, and I wrap an arm around your waist.

"Are you ready for a shower?" I ask.

You nod and follow me as I lead you down a short hallway to the shower room. I smile at the sensual treat in store for you. A swiss shower! Yum! I open the door and we step into a room that is completely tiled. There is a wide table in the room, its top a slab of Port Orford cedar with a subtle tilt to it. Above it is a swing-arm with 9 shower-heads attached to it, each of them adjustable, each of them capable of pounding flesh with deliciously hot water.

I walk over to the wall at the foot of the table and turn on the hand wand. The hot water is on-demand, so it isn't necessary to wait for cold water to clear the pipes. I hold the wand over the wooden table top, warming it up, watching as the water rolls down the incline to the foot of the table and then down into the drain. I turn the water off and grab one of the rolled-up towels from the rack by the door. I hand it to you, saying, "This is going to be the most orgasmic experience of your life. I want you to lay face down on the table, and use the towel to cushion your head."

You grin at me and do as I say, slipping onto the table. You struggle to find a comfortable resting place for your sex, but in under a minute, you are settled on the wooden slab, your head resting on the towel that is cradled by your arms. I swing the shower apparatus off to the side and turn it on, making sure that any cold water has cleared the pipes before I swing it back over your prone body. Three heads hit you with water, then six, then nine. You moan as the warm water pounds into your skin and muscles. You seem to flatten into the surface of the slab as you sigh.

I turn the dials, summoning hotter water, more powerful pulses. The water drums down on you, flowing over you, until you feel like you are floating under a waterfall of hot water. You grunt and moan and sigh and I grin with each of them, getting my own vicarious pleasure from your obvious enjoyment.

When your face grows redder and I know you are getting very warm, I turn the dial on the hand-held wand to cold and begin running it up and down your body. The contrast of the very hot and very cold wring a gasp and a moan from you. I can hear you murmuring but I do not know what you are saying. I can only assume that you are enjoying your vichy shower.

You turn your head to the other side and surrender utterly to the water, your body as malleable as warm clay.

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