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Hannah and David continue their relationship.

anied by a flutter of what simply had to be wings!

In complete reflex mode, not even thinking about what I was doing, I just reacted and struck out at whatever the source of my pain was. My hand struck something that felt both hairy and horrible, about the size of a large softball. I hit it with all my strength and sensed that it flew straight off in front of me striking the concrete wall with a solid thud.

At this point, I began screaming.




I heard Teddy's screaming, and felt an immediate sense of doom wash over me. I found it difficult switching on my flashlight with my hands shaking so badly, but somehow managed. Next, I ran back, and found him standing against the wall of the cave with his pants wide open, over a puddle of urine. Over against the wall, lay the crumpled remains of what looked like some kind of bat. It was hairy, fairly large, extremely ugly, and exceptionally scary looking. It also appeared to be dead. I next glanced down at Teddy's exposed little penis, and thought I saw that it was bleeding.

Momentarily, I just froze from panic. I had no idea what to do.

Teddy got everything put away, and zipped and buttoned up his pants.

This was very fortunate, because within seconds, the tour guide came running up to us. Acting as if this sort of thing happened every day, the twenty-something guy immediately pulled on some very thick protective gloves, and placed the dead bat into a heavy protective bag.

"Were you bitten by this thing?" he asked Teddy, sounding genuinely concerned.

"Yes." Teddy replied, as the majority of the group arrived back with us, looking concerned.

"OK folks, tour's over. This young man is going to need to see a doctor ASAP! We are actually still a lot closer to the entrance that we came in, so let's all just head back out as quickly as is safely possible."

With that, we all headed back toward the entrance where we came in. This time, Teddy and I were in the front, and the tour guide.




And that is the way my last school field trip ended. One of the other tour guides drove mom and I to the nearest hospital emergency room, some 20 minutes away. After sitting in the waiting room for about an hour, we were finally taken back to one of the small rooms in the ER. After another 20 minutes or so, an attractive slender young dark haired nurse came in and began making small talk with my mom.

"So what brings you guys in here on such a nice afternoon?" she asked as she proceeded to take my blood pressure and temperature, both of which were slightly high.

"Theodore suffered an accident back in the cave we were just in." replied mom.

"Oh my goodness, that's terrible! Is that the culprit?" she asked, motioning toward the bagged bat mom had sat on the floor by her feet. Before mom could answer, the doctor joined us in the room. He was a short, pudgy, bald man, probably in his early sixties.

"Hello!" he interrupted. "So what brings you folks in today?"

"Theodore has been bitten by a bat." She repeated patiently. "We have brought the dead bat along with us for you guys to check out."

"Excellent! Nurse, please rush this to the lab and request that they test it for rabbies and run all the other standard tests on it."

"Yes doctor," replied the nurse. "Both his blood pressure and temperature are slightly elevated" she added as she picked up the bag and exited the room.

"So where have you been bitten?" asked the doctor.

"Ummmm..." I started, feeling like a complete idiot.

"He was going to the bathroom in the cave," my mom interjected. "He had switched off his flashlight, and the bat bit him directly on the penis."

Apparently my mom decided that this was no time to be bashful.

"I see," replied the doctor. "Well, let's have a look at it. Climb up on the exam table, and slide down your pants and underwear."




Teddy followed the doctor's instructions, sliding down his pants and underwear as he lay down on the operating table.

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