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Priya realizes what had happened that day.

The round bed slowly turned, mirrors all around the interior reflected the orange glow of the shag rug and the deep midnight blue of the satin sheets. Soft music was playing; right now it was "I need you."

Miki stood paralyzed for a moment, dazed by the opulence of her surroundings. He stood next to her and grinned at her reaction. "Well, what do you think?"

"I think we need to get naked as soon as we can." Her hands were on the buttons of his overalls tugging the closures open.

She gasped as his firm hands covered her bare waist then softly rubbed her flesh until they came to her luscious mounds. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and twirled it in excitement as he massaged her nipples through the bikini. She looked down and watched with joy as he unhooked the bikini in the front and she smiled with satisfaction on those creamy pillows tumbled into his hands.

"Do you like them? They're all yours." She had by now pushed the top of his overalls down and she was reaching down and squeezing his ass. He wore no underwear. She pressed her nipples into his bare chest. "I want you to kiss them." She dropped her head back and her breasts were offered like a succulent feast. She yelped once as his teeth and fingers dug into her milky flesh but she pushed her breasts deeper into his face and writhed with the thrill of his eager devouring of her body.

"Yeah, that feels nice. Suck them hard, baby. They're all yours." Her creamy mounds quivered as she squirmed with pleasure and they mashed against him as she tried to make sure he covered every inch of those amazing piles of flesh with his mouth and hands.

Her hands went back into his overalls and took hold of his cock. "Oh baby, you sure do love me!" she squealed as she wrapped her fingers around its girth. His clothes fell to the floor and he kicked his shoes and the overalls off in one move.

The mechanic slowly lowered her onto the gently spinning bed. The cool satin sheets tingled against her warm skin as she spread her body on top of the bed. She kept a firm grip on his cock and he knelt next to her and began to knead her flesh, starting with her shoulders.

"I love your hands, baby. I love the way they dig so deep into me. Ohhhh," she moaned as he massaged her nipples again. "I want you deep in me. Does this feel good baby, do you like me to touch you?"

The music switched to "Witchy Woman" and she looked like a seductive temptress stretched out on the bed with her chest heaving up and down and her eyes smoldering with lust. He watched her fingers dance nimbly over his shaft. "It's so hard, so strong. I want it in me, baby."

His hands opened the zipper on the side of her red hotpants; the shorts were so tight that they almost exploded off of her as the closure was released. In no time the shorts were gliding down her legs and tossed away.

They lay on their sides kissing and caressing each other. One of Miki's hands roamed all over his body, touching and squeezing and scratching; the other remained on his shaft, lovingly stroking. When his fingers got lost in the curls of her lush bush she groaned and thrust her hips onto his hand. "Anticipation" flowed out of the speakers.

"Mmmmm," Miki said rolling her tongue over his ears. "You feel so good. I want you inside me, please, oh, please do it."

She dropped onto her back and drew him over her. She spread her legs with her feet flat on the sheets and guided his shaft between her thighs. The music was now, "I've got so much to give."

His cock head was kissed by her swelling pussy lips and it felt like a ring of sweet fire. Once it was firmly in place she released the shaft and caressed his back and sides. He began the slow push into her tight wet sheath.

"Oh, yeah, baby, get in here.

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