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Does the pizza delivery girl show up?

I couldn't understand why he had come so early on but after a while as he pulled out of Liz's mouth I saw that his shaft was still firm and solid and I realised that he'd taken Viagra to maintain his erection even after an orgasm. He'd come in Liz's mouth so soon to ease his need to climax and so would be able to keep pleasuring her for longer when he did enter her. The ruthless and calculating manner with which he was seducing her was chilling.

Liz lay still and I saw his seed start to trickle out of the corners of her mouth and dribble down onto her chin. It was thick and creamy but her expression was ecstatic. It was the first time she taken seed into her mouth and she had swallowed it as well. This was my wife as I had never ever seen her.

Rob took a moment to recover and then still astride her slid down to her ankles, still pinning her down. He grasped the zip on her dress and pulled it the rest of the way down and unclipped it. The dress fell open baring her lovely body, totally naked now save for the stockings.

Roughly he pulled the dress from beneath her and threw it onto the floor. Starting at her neck he ran his tongue down the whole length of her body causing her to shiver with delight before he lifted himself slightly and took her ankles in his hands and lifted them upwards, pushed them backward and spread them wide exposing her pussy. He then crouched down and placed his hands round under her thighs and then over the top of them until they rested on the join between her thigh and hip. Gripping the delicious flesh firmly he held her pinioned in this position with her pussy defenceless to his pleasure. Her legs were spread wide for him and hung over his shoulders and she brought her feet inwards to grasp him tightly.
He inched his head forward until his face was cradled by the soft flesh of her top inner thighs. Liz was panting again in eager anticipation of his next assault on her, he waited just long enough for the camera to catch up and then carefully licked the inside of each thigh before he took one of her pussy lips between his own and pulled on it gently. Liz gave a long low moan of exquisite pleasure. He released her lip and pulled on the one on the other side. Again Liz responded with a gasp of joy. Slowly and purposefully he worked each of her lips in turn sucking and nipping with increasing but gentle force. Liz writhed against her bonds but both they and Rob's hands held her firm and she was helpless and unable to resist the constant torturing of his mouth. On and on he went for perhaps two minutes driving her passions even higher. Then he stopped, placed both his thumbs on her lips and spread them wide, they were crimson and swollen after his skilled touch. Eagerly he pushed out his tongue and gave her clit a long slow lick from bottom to top followed by another and then another building into a rapid motion that he didn't stop.

"Ohhh god ohhh that feels so good ohhhhhhhh please please ahhh yessss ohhhhh." she moaned constantly as she surrendered all control of her body to his lovemaking.

Suddenly he pushed his face hard against her pussy, she yelped and writhed again. The short stiff hairs of his moustache and beard were rubbing and prickling against her, teasing her with totally new and previously unknown sensations. Within a minute she suddenly arched her back, her eyes rolled back until just the whites showed and her chest heaved violently as she reached a huge climax, "Oh my God, oh god I'm coming ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh god yes."

Rob lifted his head and grinned down at her helpless ecstasy. He was relishing this conquest more than even he expected he would. He bent down and kissed her gently on her breasts, "Am I working hard enough yet Liz? Do you want more?"

"Oh god, please, oh mmmmmm, please take me now."

He laughed and then gently pushed the first two fingers of his right hand, palm upwards into her pussy.

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