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Good things come to those who are forced to wait.

Just as fast as it all began, it was over, his large cock deflated like a balloon and the spit and cum covered slimy black cock rolled over my nose and eyes, across my forehead. I began to throw up with no way to raise my head, just turn to the side and watch as all that sticky, smelly sperm expelled up my throat and nose like a gusher all while I was gasping for air.

Tonya laughed and said goodnight, leaving me tied to the table in the dark. I laid there thinking how I was going to get out of this; I couldn't allow her to continue, if only I could get her to ask me to fuck her in her ass again and manage to cum without her forcing me to quit, the tables could be turned and either it would cancel out her possession or even give me control of her! It was one thing to allow her to use me to satisfy her lady friends but sucking cock wasn't going to happen again!

The next morning Alfred came in early and asked how I was, if I enjoyed being abused by his large cock. He said he was considering buying me from Tonya! I couldn't believe what he had just said, he started talking about how soon as he was finished with the test drive (with a large smile on his face) he would let her know. I began to freak out, when another younger black male walked in. Alfred said, "Well, what do you think?" The young man didn't say anything just started looking me over and running his hands down my legs. I felt him untie my feet, raise my legs up until my knees were bent and my legs were tightly forced up until my heels were tight against my butt cheeks. He began wrapping ropes around my legs until all I could do was pull me knees together or spread them wide open.

I was beginning to understand what he had in mind. I started begging and offering to pay them well if they would stop and let me go. The young man walked around to my still cum covered face and smiled. He unzipped his trousers and my God, it was the largest cock I had ever seen. He reached down and said very softly, "When I'm finished with you, you can leave, no charge" and started to laugh. He began rubbing some type of lubrication on his cock and headed back into the direction of my exposed ass. I knew it was no sense in fighting, just except my fate and get it over with when I heard a noise. It was Tonya and all the ladies she had had been bringing to the shop for sex. It was like a free show; they sat around me in a circle and cheered this man on. I was so humiliated, wanting to die, laid up there like a human sacrifice being offered up to this large black God.

He placed one hand on my stomach while slowly guiding his hard cock into my virgin ass. It was the most painful thing I had ever encountered. Deeper and deeper, I felt like it would come up my throat any minute, he had to be all the way in but he just kept forcing it in deeper and deeper. I felt him rub my belly feeling the head of his cock protruding upward almost to my rib cage. I raised my head up as far as I could and I could actually see the bulge, the pain began to subside and I relaxed for a moment, that must have been what he was waiting for! The show began as he started pulling what must have been ten or twelve inches out and forcing it back in going a little deeper each time. He grabbed my hips and began to grind and pump that monster into my bowels as my once virgin ass was burning and tearing open, making room for more and more of his large cock.

Tonya became so amused, she forced my head between her legs, began humping and grinding her wet pussy onto my mouth while she was rubbing my stomach massaging the bulge as he would hold his cock all the way in so she could feel it and rub the head of his cock through my skin.

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