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Blast from the Past!

I let my fingers probe my aching pussy and was surprised to find only the clean fluids of my own body and the lubrication that we used. Elevated, as my hips were I found it easy to slip my fingers deeper but something told me that I should leave well enough alone and I leaned back against the pillow and relaxed.

Looking around the room I located Chris and was surprised to find him curled up on the floor. It looked to me as if he was massaging his massive member until I realized that he was slowly stripping layer after layer of condoms from his now limp cock. Each condom had, had its tip neatly cut leaving a clear passage from the tip of his dick. Cloudy fluid leaked from its tip and with horrified realization I knew it was his seed the same seed that was now pooled over the entrance to my womb.

Cassy must have seen something of my thoughts because instantly she was at my side comforting me soothing and caressing me back into that almost comatose state that follows the most powerful of orgasms.

I slept I don't know how long but it was still dark when I woke. Chris was in the corner covered with a blanket, Cassy was snuggled up to my side one hand cupping one of my breasts. My back ached and I pushed the pillows out from under my butt. I instantly felt better as muscles relaxed allowing other sensations to present themselves. Easing myself from Cassy I barely made it to the bathroom as first my bladder and them my stomach voided themselves. I showered and was not surprised when I felt a hand on my shoulder and wet breasts pressed into my back. Cassy silently soaped my back and with gentle hands caressed my breasts and belly. Turning I kissed her lips reveling in the feel of her body pressed to mine, taking the soap I turned her and returned the favor letting my fingers linger on her butt and breasts. We still did not say a word as we dried each other and returned to bed where the early morning sun streaming through the window found us soundly sleeping in each other's arms.

Chris woke us with lunch at noon, even as groggy as I was I knew that we had been successful and that by the conjunction I would be ready. Cassy sat up beside me and as we began eating I asked her the obvious question. Cassy smiled and pointed at her brother. Shock froze me; she had allowed her own brother to screw her to shoot his seed into her. It would have been bad enough to allow a stranger to do it but for her to have her own brothers seed swimming inside her. "How could you?" I exclaimed. Chris sat at his desk saying nothing. With a smug look on her face she asked "Would you rather I had let a stranger do it or one of those walking fuck machines at school? We both know that the seed doesn't matter, after the conjunction only our genes will be left, the male seed is only needed to start the process." I smiled ruefully, she was right the conjunction was purely a female thing requiring only that a fertilized egg be present and nothing more. "We did it the night before last while you were at your aunts house." She said. "I wasn't looking forward to it and I couldn't bring myself to ask anyone else. If its any consolation I finally had to tell Chris to take me forcibly, it was almost as bad for me as it was for you."

After lunch we dressed and after a pair of short phone calls made our way over to the apartment of our friend Alyssa.

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