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He had a heart of a lion and a cock of a boy.

" Long, thick lashes brushed Ace's cheeks when his lids fluttered shut. "My dick? Teeny, tiny, man, microscopic, minuscule. Diminutive even." He snorted. "Lilliputian. Yeah, that's it exactly, my dick is lilliputian."

What. "Seriously?"

"Dude, don't even try and change my mind. It's way too late for that. Me and my dick have decided, okay. Of one mind, we are. And we have recognized that he is descended from the land of Lilliput."

And Ryder was done. He didn't care what was, or wasn't, between Ace's legs. Ace was untouched and his smell, his want, his need, it was all so fucking right. Ace smelled like he belonged to Ryder.
With that recognition came the compulsion to act on it.

Ryder placed a hand on one of Ace's thighs. Raised his upper lip in a semblance of a smile that was more the precursor to a territorial growl he just barely prevented himself from letting escape. But he didn't remove his touch, not when Ace's eyes flew open, nor when his arms flailed out windmill style as he bolted upright into a sitting position.

"Ryder," Ace whispered, like he was about to share a conspiratorial secret, "your hand, dude, it's, uh, it's on my leg."

"That a problem?"

"Problem? What problem? Nope, it's not a problem. Not at all. How could it ever be a problem?" Swallowing hard, Ace continued, "I mean, maybe it's a problem? Possibly? I can't be expected to think straight right now with your hand so close to my dick, much less answer questions?"

A slide of his hand, then Ryder was cupping Ace's crotch. Ace's desire was thick in the air, cloying, yet there was just the slightest of corresponding bumps under Ryder's palm as proof. "And now?"

"Descendant of Lilliput?" Ace answered, voice faint and weak.

"And I already told you that what you have is more than enough to satisfy someone somewhere," Ryder said.

Fuck, but he wanted to get his mouth on Ace. Now.

He reached for Ace's fly. Had the button unfastened, and was just about to start pulling the zipper down, when Ace grabbed hold to his wrist with a firm grip, stopping him.

"Why are you even interested?" Ace blurted, eyes big and wild. They promised that he would beat a hasty retreat out of Ryder's life without a backwards glance if whatever answer Ryder provided wasn't the right one.

"Does it really matter?"

"Just kind of a lot."

"Because that someone I was talking about, Ace, that someone is me." Ryder sat back. Took his hand off Ace. "But you're not ready for this yet, are you."

A sad, embarrassed smile spread across Ace's face. "Not exactly."

Maybe not ever remained unspoken between them.

In that moment, Ryder would've given anything to have been a part of Ace's formative years. To have been a combative force to challenge all the self-esteem issues that had been allowed to run rampant and build themselves up unchecked.

Unable to rein it in, Ryder sighed, long and hard. "Will you-I have something else that I'd like to try instead. Will you let me?"

Although his expression was wary, Ace still nodded.

So Ryder went and dug out from the back of his closet the gift George had given to him as a joke several months ago, just before their cross country move from New York to Idaho, when he'd first found out about Ryder's plans to open Wolf's Den and what it was that Ryder would be selling there. The gift looked the same as it had the day George handed it over to Ryder. New, unopened. And not because Ryder never planned to use it, but because he knew any pleasure he got from it would be from its use on someone else rather than on himself.

It had remained in his closet strictly because there hadn't been anyone in a good long while that Ryder had wanted to unravel and take apart. No one that he'd wanted to watch come undone. Not until Ace, that was.

After making two quick stops, one in the kitchen to dispose of the box in the trash and the other by the side of the couch closest to where Ace sat to plug George's gift into a wall socket, Ryder crouched down on the floor in front of Ace.

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