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The life and adventures of Margaret Stewart.

With each new note, with each new melody, Cassidy began to feel her spirits rise. It felt so right being there with him. She was hungry, but she had completely forgotten about food. Instead she was hungry for something else.

The music changed again, and as a female artist began to sing another classic favorite, Cassidy surprised him by sliding down the length of his body. She kept her eyes on his the whole time, and she watched him hold his breath as she worked his zipper down, reached into his fly, and began to massage his rock hard shaft through his briefs.

She smiled wickedly as she worked the fleshy pole free so that it stuck out through the fly. He was big, and yet she wasn't intimidated. She could tell he was big just from the feel of it trough his pants, but actually seeing it made her eyes light up.

She began to stroke him softly, and he seemed uncertain what to do with his hands. At last he decided on caressing her cheek and jaw line, and Cassidy thought the gesture was sweet, but she wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily. She teased the tip with a gentile lick before stroking him with a gentile hand again. When his legs began to shake, she took him into her mouth at last. But she only gave him one long suck, before letting the shaft pop free from the side of her cheek. When he sighed deeply in mild frustration, Cassidy decided he had been tortured enough.

She worked his pants and briefs down, and he stepped out of them. Then she began to suck him hungrily. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could, and tried to relax as she wrapped her lips around his member. She moaned deep in her throat as she corkscrewed her head slightly while she sucked.

Eventually, Trenton collapsed onto the couch, unable to stand. Cassidy followed him, moaning in triumph. Trenton groaned and hissed in ecstasy as Cassidy began sucking his balls and stroking his shaft rapidly.

"Oh, Cassidy!" Trenton moaned with his eyes tightly shut.

Meanwhile, Cassidy's free hand moved of its own accord as it slid to her hot and moist clit. She rolled her panties down and began pleasuring herself. As she worked toward her own climax, her moans grew louder, and Trenton grimaced as he tried to hold onto his sanity.

Cassidy sensed victory and popped her bra-strap so she could slide her creamy soft breasts around Trenton's member. She let her chest rise and fall rapidly on his cock as she squeezed her breasts together. Trenton clawed at the fabric of the couch as he stared at her with his mouth hanging open. She gave him an open mouthed smile and licked her lips teasingly.

She squealed as he pinched her nipples, and the feel of his shaft sliding easily in her cleavage excited her and sent shivers down her spine. It wasn't long before she felt his thighs tighten while he groaned and yelled her name loudly. He came in a fountain of white sticky material that coated her breasts and left sprinkles on her cheeks. Even though she knew it was coming she shut her eyes reflexively.

"Holy Shit!" Trenton panted as he tried to catch her breath. "S-sorry I should have warned you, but . . . wow!"

Cassidy laughed as she went to find something in the kitchen to towel off with. She rubbed the sticky material and regarded it as a sort of trophy, before cleaning herself quickly. She watched him for a moment; his eyes were closed as he relaxed on the couch, trying to catch his breath. God how she wanted him! But should she go that far so soon? Would he even be able to recover after that? He had cum so much!

She sat on the couch next to him, now completely naked, and draped her arms around his neck before kissing him softly on the cheek. He turned to her and smiled.

"You really are amazing," he said softly. "Are you hungry? I could order something."

"Kind of," Cassidy shrugged. "I could just stay like this with you, though, for hours."

She lay her head on his shoulder and sighed.

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