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Recounting the first time I made love to another man.

Yea I know- that is not old- but it is older than my 20 years. She wasn't just older. She was also kind of overweight. My pussy stopped twitching at that time.

She brought me into a room and told me all about the massage and what will be happening. She asked me to undress and lie on the bed with a thin sheet to cover me. I quickly got naked and lied on my stomach. Her hands began to massage my feet, the warm oil felt amazing. Her hands made my feet feel so light and amazing. She then began to move upward to my calf muscles. Her hands were putting the right amount of pressure with the warm oil. She then moved her hands in small strong circles up to the back of my thighs. As her hands moved over my inner thighs her finger grazed my pussy lips. I tensed up not knowing what to do. I felt very uncomfortable. She moved onto my other thigh and her soft warm hands moved back to my pussy lips but this time slid over then and pressed deeply. She then moved up to my ass cheeks and spread them with her fingers. She began massaging me caressing my ass as her fingers moved slowly upward. She applied more oil and began massaging my back grabbing my sides and then moving in circles. She would pickup my breasts by massaging my sides in a circular motion. My heart began to beat faster and I knew I was going to be wet soon. The feeling of her hands on my body was feeling amazing.

She told me to turn over and she would massage my front side. I had just shaved this morning so my pussy was little girl soft. This time she started with my neck. She quickly had her fingers moving lower. She told me to just relax and if I'm uncomfortable then just to tell her. I didn't know what to expect so I just lay there not knowing what's next. Her strong fingers begin to massage my breasts. She rotates to my nipples and caresses them with the perfect amount of pressure. She grabs my breasts and squeezes them before she moves down further. She then quickly moves past my tummy and down to my inner thighs. She looks at me and slowly opens my thighs. She waits for a second to see if I would say anything. I didn't, I just kept my eyes closed. She added more oil and massaged my inner thighs. She then brought her finger to my pussy. She slowly and lightly moved her finger over my lips. She then leaned in and began massaging my pussy. She scooted me down the table so my ass was to the edge. My legs dangled over the table and she massaged her hands up to my thighs again. She would massage closer to my pussy then down again, up and down. My back arched and she just pushed harder. She then took her finger and separated my lips. She had more hot oil on her finger and slowly ran her finger up my slit. It was warm and felt amazing. I opened my eyes as she was looking at me.

I couldn't believe here I was, on a massage table getting touched in my pussy. Not even that, but also by a woman twice my age, with some gray hair and some excess weight. As I was thinking this I started to feel her breath. As I quickly looked down there I felt her lips on mine. Her warm hot breath added to the sensation I began to moan. Her tongue began to trace its way to my clit. Her fingers spread my legs more so she could really get in there. She began licking faster and harder. Oh god she felt amazing. Her hands began to travel back up my body as her tongue dove into my pussy.

She got up and moved over to me.

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