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Victory, love and bad news.

If by some miracle the women managed to get outside, they'd still have to contend with the guards, and then there was the matter of the ocean that surrounded the island.

"What are you thinking, Camille?" Lorette asked.

"I'm thinking of getting out. Lorette, you have to believe. We'll get out of here somehow."


There wasn't much light cast by the moon. Three men, their faces set in grim lines, crouched together next to an out-cropping of rock on an expansive, sandy beach. They were armed with a small knowledge of the terrain-thanks to satellite imagery and air reconnaissance-but little else other than the weapons at hand.

"I hope you got a plan, Pavli."

Brick's harsh whisper tore the air like a scream in the night. Olan winced visibly, once more checking the area with his night-vision goggles. Niko, for his part, looked completely unflustered.

"Yeah," Niko said. "I'm going in the front door."

"Have you lost your mind?" Olan asked, incredulous. "You won't even get to the door before they cut you down."

"How much time we got left?" Niko asked.

"Fifty-six minutes and counting."

"It's now or never," Niko said. He checked his weapon once more, then patted the small canvass bag he carried under his arm. "Ready?"

"No," the other two men said in unison.

"I'm going to circle around to the front. You guys run interference and stay back. I don't want them to know you're here."

"This is suicide," Olan muttered.

"We're wasting time," Niko retorted as he dodged to the shadow of the trees up ahead.

Brick growled before following. Olan charged after them, saying a silent prayer to any patron saint that might be listening. He had the feeling this would be the last time he saw his partner alive.

Brick had a nose for traps. He found the trip wires and landmines that littered the sparse path under them. There were cameras, too, but they managed to keep out of sight. Before long, they were hiding in the shadows of a clearing that surrounded a massive building.

"Jesus," Olan whispered. "You could fit half the Pentagon in that thing."

"Looks like a castle," Brick said. "All that's missing is the moat and fire-breathing dragons."

The three shrank farther back when two guards drew near. Not far behind them was another set of guards, following the same path. Olan counted no less than ten men in the towers that surrounded the building and at least eight more on the ground.
"Here's how we play it," Niko whispered when the guards were out of earshot. "I'm going to walk straight up to the door. You two hang back and wait for reinforcements. As soon as Hansen gives the signal, try to take out as many of the patrol as you can before all hell breaks loose."

"That's your plan?" Brick growled.

"I don't like it," Olan said.

"Got any better ideas?"

"Yeah. We get the hell out of here," Brick muttered.

"Niko," said Olan. "You'll never make it. Those bastards will shoot you on sight."

"I doubt it," Niko returned. "Oleander wants me alive. He's got plans for me. When he gets his hands on this little box," he patted the bag again, "he's going to want answers."

"He's going to want to cut you to shreds, you mean."

"I'll take that chance. Partner, if I don't make it, get Camille out of here. Make sure she's safe."

Olan nodded, knowing that the chances of any of them making it out alive were slim. He held his tongue, deciding it would be better not to point out the obvious. Niko slapped his shoulder before darting into the open clearing.

He made it halfway across before a shot was fired. Brick and Olan watched helplessly as Niko was set upon by what appeared to be half a platoon of armed men. There was nothing they could do.


"Something's happening," Camille whispered as she pressed her face to the glass of the window.

"What?" Lorette asked as she joined Camille.

Both women watched as bright search lights flashed on. Men far below were all running, most of them in the same direction. Something had raised the alarm.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, it can't be good.

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