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An early morning crescendo.

Her mouth was so warm and wet. Her tongue massaged his shaft wildly as her head bobbed up and down furiously devouring his sister pleasing stick, her head nearly slamming against the steering wheel.

A semi passed them, looking down to witness the highway molestation and blew his horn in approval bringing Chris back to his senses. He was a man of the law. He needed to pay attention to the road. But it was so damn hard to do with his beautiful sister, the love of his life, attached to his cock bringing on certain eruption very, very soon.

"AaaHhhhh, Uuummmmm, Anna," he tried to speak.

"What Chris," she said between licks and sucks, her vocal chords vibrating on his cock.

"Oh, Shit!" He exclaimed, so close to releasing a jet stream of cum with so much force it may just shoot in her mouth and right out her ass.

"Oh, jeez Sis. You gotta slow down or I am not going to make it the next ten miles," he begged.

"Anything for you my big, hard brother," she cooed, totally into the blow job she was giving him as she slowed way down and started running her tongue nice and slow up and down his fuck stick with long strokes. Her tongue ran lightly over the head of his cock and ran around it, and around it, ever so sweet and slow then returned to the shaft. She repeated this over and over. She could feel him getting harder and harder, bursting to release.

She felt the truck start to slow and knew they were off the highway and close.

"Only a few turns to go," she thought to herself. Then she would get the coveted prize of her brother's cum filling her mouth and sliding down her throat. The thought made her clit thump lightly and her fuck hole leaked her own juices onto the back of her cotton sundress.

She dove her face back around his aching manhood as soon as he put the truck in park, skewering her throat full of brotherly cock.

"Oh, fuck!" He said as the back of his head hit the headrest of his truck and he grabbed the back of her head with both hands, shoving him as deep in her face as was physically possible. His hips pumped upward to fuck her face as she gasped for breath. Her head slammed against his pelvis as she felt him release what she had been working so hard to taste. He shot a load down her throat and released her head as she began to lick him slowly again and bring him down, savoring every last drop he had to offer.

"Oh, Anna. That was fucking incredible," he said breathlessly as she sat up and wiped the corners of her mouth and he put him well-used member away for safekeeping.

"Lets get this over with," he said as he gave her knee a squeeze.

"Man up! Let's go," she said. "Remember you have a surprise waiting for you." She smiled that damn big sexy smile at him and he was trapped. Johnny Law, putty in his hot sisters hands. Well, and pussy and mouth. He smiled back and braced himself. He was glad she was here with him. He hated being here.

"Mom we're here," Anna announced as they walked in the front door. They heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. Their Mom appeared carrying a laundry basket full of clothes, which she promptly set on the floor upon the sight of her two babies in her doublewide.

"Oh, both my kids! I am so happy you came Christopher," Mom exclaimed with a big smile and hugged them both.

Chris hadn't seen her in a while. She looked good for a woman of her age. She was only 43 but looked not a day over 35. Despite her poor and hard life, it had not taken a toll on her looks. She was petite like his sister, her dark blonde hair cut short and sporty. She had his sisters deep blue eyes and full lips. She was a good-looking woman he guessed.

"Dad must feel pretty lucky," he thought to himself.

"Where is Dad, I have his drill in my truck?" Chris asked.

"Oh, didn't Anna tell you?" Mom said glancing at Anna then back to Chris. "He is hunting today. Opening day of deer season. Shotgun. It is just us three today," Mom gushed, happy to spend quality time with her offspring.

"Oh, I totally forgot about that," Anna lied and looked down.

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