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Ta'tan'ia betrayed again, and winds up back in bondage.

Our lips met and I released her arms from my grip and they went around my neck, she opened her mouth and searched for my tongue with hers.

She pulled her mouth from mine and said "Mmmm, you are a softie really, one kiss and you let me go."

"The last bit's true, but I'm definitely not soft, or can't you feel that?" I said with my erection now pressed against her.

"I can definitely feel that, but it's not where I want it to be. Fancy swapping places?"

I rolled off her and she straddled me, hovering her vagina over my erection. She reached down and started to rub my engorged glans up and down her labia, teasing herself and me. I reached up and caressed her breasts and rolled and squeezed her nipples, she groaned and watched my fingers as she moved my erection to rub her clitoris.

Finally she positioned herself with my glans just entering her then she put both of her hands over mine on her breasts then lowered her body so that I was deep inside her then she started to move her hips alternating backwards and forwards and up and down. She closed her eyes and put her head back, saying quietly "That is so good."

Lorraine leaned forward so that we could kiss, her movements less pronounced due to the position, but still strong and rhythmic, and I held her then stroked her back, trailing my finger tips along her spine, she gasped and I felt goose bumps spring up on her body. She softly said "I love what you do with your hands."

She sat back up and increased the pace of her hip movements, I reached back up to her nipples and squeezed gently, she moaned with pleasure and bore down hard on me, forcing me deeper inside her before starting to move again. I watched her face flush as her orgasm started to build and I started to move my hips in time with hers. My own orgasm was building rapidly, I could feel the heat in my loins as my pulse and breathing increased. Lorraine shuddered and fell forward into my arms, we kissed as I continued thrusting into her now soaking hole and I added my seed to her juices.

We stayed like that, gently kissing, until my deflating erection slipped from her, then she moved alongside me, again with her head propped on her hand, making patterns on my chest with the forefinger of her free hand.

Out of the blue Lorraine asked "Do you think Chrissy is attractive?"

The question took me by surprise and I could not see where it was leading, I decided it was pointless lying and replied "Of course I do, how could any heterosexual man not?" I tried a bit of light hearted flattery "I mean she is a younger version of you, and you are gorgeous."

She smiled at the compliment and said "Would you sleep with her?"

"Of course I wouldn't! Why would I even consider jeopardising what we have together, and I would never hurt you or abuse your trust. Anyway I'm sure Chrissy wouldn't even look twice at me."

"She sighed and said "OK, perhaps I didn't put that very well, what I'm asking is will you sleep with Chrissy?"

I looked at her and said "I don't understand."

"Well I think that Chrissy is psychologically hurting, the abuse that Dean subjected her to has affected her badly. I think that some loving attention would restore her faith in love and men."

I could not believe her line of thought "I'm sorry, but don't you think that me coming on to her would make things even worse, possibly destroy completely any faith she might have had!" I responded.

"I know my own daughter. I know she finds you attractive. When we went to the King's Arms she said then that she thought you were dishy and that it was a pity that I met you first. I'm not asking you to jump into bed with her, just take her out, pay her some attention, but if one thing leads to another then I believe that would be a good thing."

I was quiet for a moment, I felt I was in a surreal situation and couldn't quite comprehend what Lorraine was suggesting.

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