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The ongoing training of silk from the slaves viewpoint.

As expected she was naked from the waist down.

My first instinct was to close the door but then I smelt the heady mix of perfume, sweat, cum, and cunt juices, I could see blobs of cum in her hair and around her mouth. My cock was now hard and throbbing in my trousers. I found myself leaning over her body, the smell of booze on her breath was overpowering, she was out like a light. Lust now replaced reason as I gently manoeuvred her till her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed and spread apart. She stirred, I hesitated, but she didn't wake. Her cunt was now presented to me in all its glory.

Her clit and cunt lips were red and puffy where she had been fucked hard and long, and I could see the mix of cum and cunt juice smeared around her pubes and the tops of her thighs, proof that she had obviously been well fucked by one guy after another. I lifted her legs to see her arsehole, cum was oozing out.

Now was the time to fulfil my fantasy, I was going to fuck Lucy.

I undressed, as my hard cock was released from my pants I was surprised that it was much larger than normal.

I knelt between her legs and pushed a finger in her cunt, sure enough it came out wet and sticky, in went a second finger, then a third, fourth, thumb, and finally my whole hand disappeared up there. As it did so I heard her murmur.

Was she waking?

No. Despite being asleep there was a look of enjoyment and pleasure on her face. I withdrew my hand and saw how much cum and juices covered it. What to wipe it on? The sheet was the obvious answer, but no, I knew what I had to do. Smear the juices over my cock, pre cum oozed from the eye onto my finger, I squeezed some more out, leant forward and gently rubbed my fluid on her lips. To my surprise her tongue came out as she licked the pre cum from her lips.

A feeling of panic swept over me. Was she awake? Was it just a reflex action? She still seemed asleep, the panic subsided, now to get on with my mission.

The head of my cock was now at the entrance to her cunt, the intention had been to gently fuck her but an overwhelming desire to take her hard came over me. I just shoved my cock hard and fast up her cunt, she grunted. I withdrew and rammed it in again and again and again and again, each time she grunted but still slept. Each time I penetrated her I could feel the end of my cock hitting the top of her cunt, each time I could see more of the cum and cunt juice mix smearing my cock and her cunt lips.

After the initial burst of lust I slowed down and started a long slow rhythm. As my strokes got shorter so her cunt tightened around my cock, her legs drew around my legs. I realised I was pulled in tight against her body, my body rubbing against her clit. I couldn't last any longer. Cum exploded inside her. As I came so her hips shook and her cunt squeezed my cock.

It must have been another reflex action for she was still asleep.

Usually my cock rapidly goes limp after a climax my cock but this time it was still hard and my balls were still aching. What next? I withdrew and watched as my fresh cum trickled out. Now I knew what I was going to do next. All sense of right and wrong had been lost, the only thing on my mind was pure physical pleasure, I no longer cared if she was awake or not, willing or not. I was going to have her.

I turned her over onto her front, spread her legs wide which exposed her arsehole, still oozing cum from her previous antics and placed the tip of my cock on her arsehole.

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