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She made him promise not to fuck her.

She couldn't understand why, but he was so kissable and she imagined what it would be like to kiss him. More amazingly was that Tony seemed to soak Cara in with his eyes. Unlike most men in Maine who stared at her ample bust as she talked and paid no attention to whatever she was saying, Tony looked into her eyes all of the time she spoke. He helped her put on some lotion and his touch was magic. His hands were not rough, being the banker, but they were strong and clearly knew what they were doing. Tony rubbed lotion on her back and legs and even her feet. When he touched her feet she felt herself getting excited and wanted to rip off Tony's shorts and fuck him right there on the beach in front of everyone. She chuckled to herself with that thought and just enjoyed Tony's lotion massage.

As the sun began to set, Cara knew it was time to head back up and see what her troops were up to. She thanked Tony for such stimulating conversation and hoped she would see him on the beach during her week stay. He glanced up and said most definitely. Tony told Cara that he was the only one of his family who preferred the beach instead of the pool or other activities offered at the resort. She walked away and could feel his eyes on her the whole way up toward the hotel. She loved every minute of it.

The next morning, after having had a night out with Stuart and the boys eating at a nice family restaurant and playing in the game room, Cara told Stuart that she was headed to the beach. Stuart told her that the "men" were headed out to fish on a party boat and would not be back until later. He didn't ask if it was ok or if she wanted to come too. Typical Stuart. But the truth was she didn't mind one bit. Maybe she would meet up with Tony, but if she didn't she would enjoy lying on the beach, reading and relaxing. All of that was fine with her.

On the beach she did not see Tony. She was somewhat disappointed but she laid out her towel and began to read her new book "How to Get the Client to Say Yes" - a must read. After about an hour Cara decided to take a dip and swim in the water. At first it was cold but as she got used to it she swam out a bit. It was refreshing and cooled her off enough. As she walked back to her towel she noticed Tony headed down the beach. She smiled and waved and he headed right toward her. The best part - he was alone. They exchanged good morning greetings and he explained that his wife was headed out shopping and his son had met up with some boys last night and were at the pool staring at the young 16 year old girls prancing about in their little bikinis. They both laughed but Cara's thought was that the fruit didn't fall far from the tree. Now, she didn't know Tony for even 1 day but some how given his personality and smile that despite his lack of "Brad Pitt" looks, that women would find him very attractive.

Once Tony saw Cara's book he wanted to know all about it. They began to chat about her business and marketing strategy. Tony knew exactly what she was talking about and offered some insightful thoughts and experiences that worked for him. They began to talk for hours. Tony talked right through another one of his amazing sun tan lotion massages. As he talked though Cara noticed that his massage was much more attentive than yesterday. His touch lingered on her side as he reached down and touched the side of her breasts. As he spread lotion on her legs she felt excited and as she laid back she instinctively spread her legs a bit as he worked his way up and down her legs even up to her inner thighs. If she didn't know better she would have thought that Tony's brief and accidental brushing between her legs with his fingers was not so accidental. She almost jumped up off the towel when he did that and she hoped he didn't hear the low groan as he touched her.

Once they afternoon rolled around they started to order drinks.

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