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Adrian discovers he has more than a foster mother.

The desire to leave his side, straddle him and ride that big hard cock was nearly overwhelming. I lay there and felt myself ache down below as I remembered the way it feels when he slides into me, the friction, the hardness of him, the way he fills me up and the embarrassing yet uncontrollable way I moan at the sheer amazing pleasure/pain of it all. My only reason for stopping myself was the fear that he would wake, and despite a raging hard on, would ask me to stop and let him sleep.

With all the willpower I could muster, I forced myself to concentrate on this rather than that. Now that his cock was fully hard and erect, I took pleasure in exploring it with my fingers. Tracing the wonderful length of it from base to that sensitive tip. Circling my fingers around its thickness then lightly sliding them up and down the length. Very gently using a fingertip to trace the outline of the head, then giving a short definite caress to that little sensitive spot I know he has there. For the first time in my little game, I didn't flinch and pause when he moaned.

"You like that baby?" I softly whispered, lifting my face towards him.

He gave me no response to that, but it took only a couple more strokes of his cock to illicit another deep moan and a light shifting of his body. I smiled at that and momentarily took my hand off of him to reach a bit lower and lightly cup and massage his balls. He remained still and quiet for that, so I removed my hand and paused for a moment. I watched his breathing, slow and steady, and after another moment I slipped my hand back onto his cock. This time his body jerked slightly in reaction and his head turned a bit as he moaned. I didn't stop stroking, but instead kept a soft but steady pace and after a second light moan he seemed to drift back into sleep.

Carefully and slowly, I rolled from him for a moment, stretching my arm as far as I could to reach over the edge of the bed. After a brief blind search I found what I was looking for, a flip-top container of baby oil gel. With another careful movement, I sat up and flipped the top, pouring a good measure into my left hand, flipping the top closed with my other hand and sliding the container across the bed. I eased back down beside him, maneuvering my left hand under the covers and once again around his stiff cock.

He had no reaction to my hand finding his cock again, but as I began to stroke him, smearing the slick gel onto him, he mumbled something while repositioning his arms and shifting his hips. Again I spoke to him quietly, "Mmmm, I love touching you like this. Feeling it go from a soft little thing to a nice big hard cock."

Once more he shifted, his hips pushing upwards to my hand, encouraging me. For a moment I wondered if he was waking, but he remained quiet and I could somehow sense that while his body knew what I was doing, his mind was only happily dreaming it. With that realization I decided to once again be bold.

Having fully slicked up his cock with the gel, I closed my hand over it in a gentle but firm grasp. Then I began to establish a slow but steady pace, the gel allowing my hand to easily slip up and down his cock.

"Oh God you feel good baby. I can't help but think about feeling this inside me. How you make me moan when you slide it in. How you say I feel so nice and tight around you," I teased him in a voice just a shade above a whisper.

I had no idea if he heard me, but something got through to him because he let out a whimper after I spoke. Jumping on the moment, I began to stroke him a bit faster, wondering what was going on in his mind. His legs twitched under the covers and he let out another deep moan but I didn't slow down. I hadn't planned it, but I was going to see where I could take it. My hand slid up and down him quickly, trying to apply the right blend of pressure and friction to excite him as much as possible.

For some reason, I was still somewhat surprised when he let out a couple quick pants and a few short, "Oh's" and it took a

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