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Drawing my sister-in-laws mind further in...till contact!

The hand over my eyes released and turned my head, the other still over my mouth. "sssshhhh, it's ok, it's me, you're ok".

As I turned I saw it was Tony, my embarrassment now flooding my face and neck and my knees starting to buckle.

Then I felt his lips on my shoulder, on my neck.... "sssssh, you're beautiful".

His hand releasing from my mouth. Standing behind me know, his hands on the tops of my arms holding me, kissing my neck all the way up to my ear.

"Breathe Christine, Breathe, deep, its ok, I have you".

I breathed in, his kissing continued and only now did I start to feel that it felt nice. The shock starting to subside.

"It's ok Chrissy, I didn't mean to scare you".

His hand then dropped to below my boob, on the side onto my ribs and then down onto my hip.

All of a sudden I remembered I'm there in my panties. My stomach dropped, the complete opposite ache of the one I was enjoying moments before. My shock then shame returned. I didn't know where to look. I wanted to scream, but to who? Make more noise, alert more staff that I've here basically naked in a loose singlet and knickers after being caught by the boss frigging myself off?

The thoughts were racing in my head. Busted by the boss in my panties with sticky fingers. Tony. His chest. His linen shirt. That car sound. The car looked like a dildo. My nipples start to betray me again, they're getting hard as the blood flows from my embarrassed face and neck down to my nipples.

He placed his hand is on the back of my hip, on the upper side of my bum, he's rubbing me gently.

"You were so beautiful, I could have watched all day but I just had to reach out and touch you. You feel so good, your ass feels wonderful. Feel what you do to me".

He pushed gently into my ass and I could feel his erection through his shorts. Oh my god, turmoil, all my embarrassment was now like being in a storm, my pussy started aching again.

He pushed me using his hard cock in his shorts gently over the corner of the offending cardboard box and lifted my singlet a little to expose my lower back. He starts to kiss me there while gently pushing me on the corner of the box.

I'm still in a whirlwind. In my head I want to run, but where? My shorts are in a heap around my foot, my bra is on the shelf, my nipples are achingly hard and my panties are being pushed into my wet pussy lips by a box. What can I say to get myself out of this?

I'll never live this down. What if he tells all the young sales reps? My mind flashed back to the room full of them grinning at my hard nipples. Now they'll be smirking and making comments asking if I'm rubbing myself under the table. I'll have to leave. I'll have to quit in shame. "Remember that girl who got busted masturbating in the store room?" They'll say. No it can't be happening.

"Keep going" I hear him say.

I want to feel respected but how can I be now. Keep going what?

Tony's talking softly in my ear, "keep going, you need to finish". Does he mean moving the boxes, he can't surely?

My mind races back to all the glamour looking girls in the office. How many has he fucked? They certainly don't hide that they want to when we're out partying. They'll now be sniggering.

"Remember Chrissy, caught rubbing herself off by Tony, wasn't hot enough to pull him so she had to go solo". My God the shame of it. I'll have to quit. Just not turn up Monday.

I'm tougher than that, I know myself better than some prissy little glamour girls who'd never admit to even having masturbated. So I like sex. I masturbate. I have dirty thoughts. So what.

I'll show Tony what I can do, I'll make his cock hard like no one can. I want to show him I'm hotter and hornier than any of the glamour girls in the office.

I'm back conscious in the moment just as I feel his hand slide my panties right up my ass cleft, fully pushing them into the groove between my cheeks.

What's he doing?

He stands behind me now and I can feel his hard cock against my ass cleft.

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