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I want to watch you get off for me.

Last night was the sweetest night I have ever had. We took some wine out into the garden and I sat with the most perfect man in the whole world in my arms, and the stars like jewels above us. We talked about... everything. We found out that we have both always wanted to travel but never got the opportunity so, next year, in the spring, we are going to take a month of work, pool our savings and go travelling. It was wonderful to see how excited he got. I felt so... so... special to be able to bring that look into his eyes. When he tilted his head back and looked up at me his eyes were brighter than any of the stars.

There I go being poetic again. I guess he just brings out the best in me... or the worst...whatever. ___

Reply by Mintos: June 9 2008: 22.20

Make the most of it, it doesn't last, that starry eyed, in love stuff. Sooner or later you will find out that the sweetest fruit can be rotten at the core. Today he's holding your hand and telling you how great you make him feel... tomorrow he will be accusing you of sleeping around, stopping you having any fun, being rude to your friends and telling you how crap you are.

Reply by AngelEyes: June 9 2008: 22.50

Do I sense trouble in paradise? Having relationship problem's Luke? I thought you had the perfect one.

Reply by Mintos: June 9 2008: 23.14

Drop it.

Reply by StudMuffin: June 9 2008: 23.40

Behave yourselves. You okay Luke? Great to hear that things are working out Joe. Can't wait to meet the two of you. Only 3 weeks to go.

JOE'S BLOG: June 15 2008: 22.45

Sorry I have been neglecting you guys. Things have been really busy. Work is crazy... we have new customers and new programmes to develop. Taz and I are rushed off our feet. We have been working late most nights and he hasn't been home in a week.

In between the work we have been planning our trip. I can't believe how excited I am. I know it's not going to be for another six months but we have been looking at travel brochures. A different country every night, and making a pile of the places we both want to go to. When we've been through all of them we are going to narrow it down to half a dozen and then find out as much as we possibly can about each one of them.

Taz suggested that we try to learn at least a few basic phrases in the languages of all the countries we are going to... hmm.. not so sure about that. I mean he already speaks four languages fluently, and that doesn't count computer code, but me... I never got to grips with French and I didn't get past the first term of German. He's been trying to teach me some phrases in Italian and French and we have post it's all over the house. He is being so cute about it that I am trying, really trying but not too sure how well it will turn out.

Oh, and we're going to the seaside for a week in the Summer holidays and Josh is coming with us. Apparently Taz takes him every year. You know, I'm almost as excited about that as about our epic journey. I can't wait to build sandcastles and stand, holding hands, staring out over the ocean. I have always loved the sea. Bobbi was never really interested, to be honest he wasn't interested in anything much that wasn't directly feeding into his self esteem.

I tried to get Bobbi to walk on the cliffs I don't know how many times. These days I wouldn't do it because the temptation to throw him off would be too great. I didn't have to try too hard with Taz. He is well up for it. I can't wait.

Reply by Minuteman: June 16 2008: 09.12

Aww... how sweet. The epic trip sounds amazing. Just the thing for those long winter evenings, cuddled up in front of the fire pouring over photographs of tropical islands and cerulean seas. (See I can be poetic when I want to be. Don't tell Nikki though or he will expect me to be poetic with him.) Not so sure about the learning the languages thing... I can barely speak English myself. ___

The trip to the beach sounds good too.

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