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Handsome cowboy Joey wants to get home to Becky.

I turned slowly, watching as she walked only a few slips away and climbed aboard a forty foot sailboat and disappear down into the main cabin.

I followed just like she had commanded, my body reacting to just those few simple words, and my brain not registering any consequence when it came to her.

It didn't matter that half of my family and her fianc__ the district attorney were just a few hundred yards from us partying the night away.

All that mattered was the moment.

It was dark as I stepped down into the cabin, the only light coming in from the lamps that lined the dock, soft rays illuminated the roof of the cabin bathing it with shimmers of light that reflected off the water.

Stopping she pulled me into a languid kiss as she walked me backwards until my knees touched the edge of the bench seat that ran the length of the cabin wall.

Breaking the kiss, she pushed me down onto it and straddled my thighs.

" Who's boat is this?" I asked, as I slid my hands up her toned thighs to her hips and pulled her closer to me.

" We've got about fifteen minutes before someone notices I'm gone, so do you really care who's boat this is or would you rather show me how much you missed me?" she challenged.

I claimed those perfect lips in a ravenous kiss, not really concerned at all about who the boat belonged to. Our hands moved instantly for one another, pulling at each others clothes as the kiss became a heated exchange. My hands traveled across her shoulders and down to her full breasts, palming them gently though the dress.

Rachael tangled her fingers in my blonde hair, breaking the kiss by tilting my head back, slowly she began to lick and nip at the nape of my neck.

Taking my right hand she slid it between our bodies, under the flimsy material of the sundress and against the warmth and wetness between her legs.

" Mmmmmm....I did miss this." I whispered against her ear.

My fingers lightly rubbed back and forth teasing her swelling clit and Rachael pulled back from me with a gasp, as she ground her hips wanting more contact.

The thin material of her g-string snapped easily, as I tugged at it wanting it out of my way, slipping it out from underneath the dress and tossing it to the floor.

I didn't give her a chance to protest about the destroyed garment, not that she would have the devilish grin on those beautiful lips said she expected it from me..

I slid my hand back between those glorious thighs, welcoming the moan of pleasure she gave me as I slid my fingers over her pulsing clit again and again.

The sound that escaped her was almost animalistic as she ground harder against my hand as I spread my legs pulling her thighs apart just a bit more, giving me a little more room to move as I slipped two fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy.

Rachael's gaze locked on mine and she moved even harder against my hand, pushing my fingers deeper into her.

" Yes ...yes...yes..." she began to mumble over and over with each pump of my fingers.

" Give it to me!" I demanded, pulling my fingers out almost all the way before thrusting them back in and grinding my palm against her clit.

The sounds coming from her were almost incoherent, gasping breaths mixed with unformed words, and just like that she was gone lost in the sensation building in her, intent on pleasure.

I could feel the shudders that moved throughout her body, as she gripped my shoulders with her head thrown back and her breath coming in shallower gasps.

" give it to me...I want it! " I demanded again.

Her moans grew louder as she grew closer, I held her tighter as she began to shake, her gasping turned to long drawn out moans in between her breathless demands of more and deeper as she came, thrusting against my body in a silent scream of pleasure.

Rachael's breathing slowed and the tremors coursing through her body had began to subside as I slid my fingers out slowly and pulled her into a long slow kiss.

As her hands began to pull a

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