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Settling back in at Brambleton comes with surprise.

That is when she met Chelsea and the other girls.

They were so unlike the girls she was used to hanging out with back home. They swore like sailors, and had no hang-ups about displaying their bodies. They discussed sex so casually, as if it were no big deal. They constantly bragged about hooking up with random boys and giving blowjobs as often as they liked. "Blowjobs are the new handshake," Chelsea had once told her.

She recalled how dirty it seemed when she gave her first blowjob to a boy in his dorm room. She became instantly addicted. She loved the way it felt in her mouth, and she was amazed that she could give a boy so much pleasure with so little effort. It wasn't as big a deal as she had been led to believe. It wasn't any different than kissing, really. It was just kissing a different body part.

As her mind wandered, she peered out the window to the parking lot and saw a long row of eighteen-wheelers. Inspiration came to her in a flash, and she quickly finished her meal. There may be a way to score some more easy points without much effort at all, she thought.

She stepped outside, wearing her favorite pair of denim cutoff shorts that were frayed just right at the bottom. Her tight T-shirt made her boobs look bigger than they were. As usual, she wore no bra, as she didn't need one. She smiled warmly at the pair of truck drivers she spotted chatting alongside their trucks.

"Excuse me?" she said sweetly as she approached them. "I'm so sorry to bother you, but I have a question."

"Anything for you, darlin'," one of the truckers said. They both appeared to be in their mid-forties, with the typical bodies of men of their age and profession. She couldn't help but notice the way they both looked her up and down, from head to toe, as she approached.
"Well, this is kind of embarrassing," she began, putting her hands over her face for dramatic effect and nervously crossing and uncrossing her legs. "My friends and I? We have this sort of bet. It's like a scavenger hunt, sort of? Anyway...I need a photo of me flashing my boobs to a trucker. Would you two help me with that?"

She giggled as their mouths involuntarily opened. The cigarette dangling from the lips of the trucker on the right nearly fell out of his mouth, but he caught it just in time.

"Hell yeah!" the one on the right said. He quickly scanned the area around them. "Come on back here, between our two trucks, where no one can see."

Ashley hesitated for a moment, second-guessing whether she was putting herself in harm's way, but they both seemed harmless and friendly, and she felt safe with them. She followed the two of them to a spot between the two trucks, which shielded them from view.

"I'm Bob, by the way," the trucker on the right announced, extending his hand. "And that's Darryl."

She politely shook both of their hands. They both felt hard and calloused, but they shook her hand so gently, she thought it was sweet. They both stood awkwardly and awaited her next move.

"Okay," she said with a giggle, "Darryl, can you take my phone? You just press the button right here." As she showed him the button, he placed his hand gently around her shoulder. "I'll stand over here, next to Bob. Let me know when you're ready."

Bob stood by his truck with a big grin on his face while Darryl positioned himself to take the shot. "Ready when you are," he said.

Ashley paused for a moment, smiled, and lifted her shirt from the bottom, exposing her breasts. Bob's face lit up with a huge smile, and Darryl happily snapped the photo.

"Okay, let me see," Ashley said, moving beside Darryl once more to review the photo. Once again, he put his arm around her, holding her a little more closely this time.

"Awesome!" she chirped. "Thank you both sooooo much!"

"Thank us? Thank you!" Bob said. "That's the biggest thrill I've had since...hell, maybe ever!"

"Oh, you two must get flashed all the time out on the road," Ashley responded.

"You'd be surprised how often that happens," Darryl said, keeping his hand around her shoulder

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