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Engaged couple are spanked and humiliated by neighbor.

Someone said the bouncer almost ripped his arm off. Me? I was on the floor for no more than five minutes, before being put on a stretcher by the paramedics and carried out to a waiting ambulance.

I didn't have a clue what exactly happened because I had passed out. Even after I woke up in the hospital I still wasn't sure what had gone down. The room was dark and for a split second when I first opened my eyes I thought I was blind. When I started focusing I was thankful until I felt the pain, then it all came rushing back to me. At least I was still alive.

How in the hell do they know at the nurses station when someone wakes up, magic? Within seconds I had a nurse taking my vitals and asking me how I felt. I was stabbed, how did she think I felt? Some questions don't even rate an answer. She said I was lucky, I would have to spend another couple of days in the hospital, but after that I would probably be discharged. I wanted to know about the guy who went looking for what I'd eaten that morning in my stomach. She informed me the two policemen outside my door would answer all my questions.

It was the usual questions I'd seen on most of the cop shows on television: Did I know him? Had I seen him before? Did he say anything to me before he did it, and finally the big one, why?

"I think he was angry with me because of the argument I had with my ex-girlfriend." I gave them the nickel version.

"All this because I dance like a clumsy white boy? I've got to take lessons when I get my ass out of here." I said, shaking my head in disbelief. They weren't laughing and saw no humor in it-neither did I.

"Your assailant is currently in custody, being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. When we review the facts the charge may possibly be upgraded to attempted murder." I liked the word attempted. I finished giving my statement, signed it, and they left saying they'd be in touch.

I must have fallen back to sleep. When I woke next the room was dark. "You didn't have to go to this extreme to get me to talk to you," a voice out of the darkness said. My dad got up from a chair in the corner of the room and sat down in the one next to my bed.

"I'm sorry," I started to say before he stopped me.

"We'll talk later when you're out of here. I called your boss at home. Said he already knew about it. He told me to tell you not to worry about your job, to just get well. The doctor said you're going to be sore for a while but nothing vital got cut, you were damn lucky. You lost a lot of blood. Luckily a couple of your friends applied a wet compress to make sure you didn't bleed to death before the paramedics got there. I think you'll need to pick up a few dry cleaning bills and maybe buy someone a dress that was used for the compress. Anyway, you're alive and kicking. For that I am grateful. Maybe next time you'll learn to keep your mouth shut and your head out of your ass." My dad always had a way with words. That's when the doctor came into my room.

"Good evening, Mr. Moore, how are you feeling?" he asked, looking at my chart.

"Son, I've got to go and make a few more calls. I'll catch up with you later." My dad started walking out of my room, I called out to him.

"Love you, Dad!"

"Love you too, son. Get some rest and I'll see you soon." The doctor started again.

"You were very fortunate. Like I told your father and your wife, an inch further in either direction, and we would have had major complications."

"Excuse me, Doctor. You said my dad and my wife?"

"Your wife came in on the ambulance with you. Steve, you probably don't remember, you were pretty much out of it. Please explain to her that hospital policy dictates we destroy anything that comes into the hospital that has been contaminated with blood as in the case of her skirt. First time I ever saw a beer soaked silk compress, but it must have worked because you're still here. I will be back to see you later today."

"My wife?" I repeated silently to myself

"I leave you alone for a couple of weeks and you're out there pissin

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