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My encounter with an Indian girl in white in a bus.

She just realized that while sitting around both of them during the entire evening, she was finding herself wanting to be touched by both of them. She couldn't explain why, she just wanted to know what it would be like to be taken by two men. As Vicki was stumbling through her explanation, Chris was surprised that he found himself getting increasingly hard. What was going on? He was getting excited listening to his wife talking about having sex with another guy.

Vicki told him that if he said no, that would be the end of it. No hard feelings. She also added though that if they decided not to do this, then there would never be any discussion about her possibly doing anything with Teresa in the future. She didn't have to say that, because Chris already knew from the hardness in his pants that he was going to allow this to happen.

Chris asked Vicki how she wanted this to happen. She had devised a plan that she would go into their master bathroom and get ready. Chris was to go ask Mike if he was up to this. If he was they would go to the master bedroom, get undressed and get into bed. If after 30 minutes, they had not arrived, Vicki would know that it wasn't going to happen.

Chris went back to the family room and with a couple more beers in hand gave one to Mike. "Hey, have I got a surprise for you." Mike having no idea what he was talking about says, "look, you guys have been very gracious host, and you couldn't possibly do anything more to make me feel welcomed." Chris sort of laughed and said, "you'd be surprised what more we could do." Looking puzzled Mike said "what are you talking about?"

"I'm not sure how to say this, so I'm going to just sort of blurt this out. Vicki wants to have sex with both of us right now. I'm OK with this. What do you think?"

Mike still looking puzzled; "is this some kind of a joke. Do you have a camera set up somewhere so you can post my response on You Tube?" "No I'm serious... she's in the bathroom right now getting ready. If you're not OK with this, fine, no harm, we just ask that you don't say anything to anyone."

"You really are serious!" was all Mike could say. With no other words spoken, Chris turned and slowly started walking toward the bedroom. Mike followed with trepidation at first and then picked up his step. If this was for real, he wanted to make sure he was part of it. They entered the room, and Chris explained that they were to get undressed and crawl into bed. Mike wasn't sure he liked the idea of getting undressed and getting in the bed with Chris but realized that he may have already passed the point of no return.

Mike looked at Chris and said, "this is not going to be bi-sexual is it?" Chris was actually surprised by the question, and the look on his face showed as he abruptly answered "NO." Mike felt a huge sense of relief as he could tell Chris meant what he just said.

As both guys finally got under the covers, music could suddenly be heard in the bathroom as the door slowly opened.

Vicki came out wearing a sheer covering that covered nothing. You could clearly see your voluptuous breast held up with still another sheer red bra and a matching red thong that barely covered her nicely trimmed pussy.

She danced provocatively to the music slowly and seductively moving about the room. She touched herself in such an erotic fashion that even someone with erectile problems would soon be hard. Vicki softly said that this is not what she had in mind... "pull those covers back, I want to see all of you, not just your faces."

This time there was not thought or trepidation. Both Chris and Mike pulled the covers down exposing their hardness. Chris was slightly proud that his 8 inch cock was bigger than Mike's. Mike had a shorter cock but it had a slight bend to it giving it the look of a banana.

Vicki's eyes were locked on these two naked men in front of her and now started to do more than just touch herself.

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