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Aunt Sandy likes it rough.

He put his lips on her skin right behind his hands, kissing her body along the way. Past the knee, he continued all the way up to her crotch, just short of Mike's hand. Jason was enveloped by the sweet smell of Dylan's juices.
After lingering for a moment, Jason withdrew and repeated the same massage/kissing action on Dylan's right leg. By the time he was close to her pussy, Dylan was panting hard and starting to squirm. An overwhelming sexual energy was building inside her that needed a release.

She pulled Mike's hand away from her pussy and then grabbed Jason's hair, pulling his head forward to her wet, swollen lips. She held him there and shifted her body until Jason was an ideal angle for licking her clit. She moaned with delight as Jason went to work with his tongue. She then turned her attention to Mike.

The first order of business was his fingers. Dylan loved the taste of pussy, even her own. She took Mike's hand and looked directly in his eyes as she put each of the fingers from his right hand in her mouth, then slowly pulled it out while sucking on it and licking it clean of her juices. Every once in a while Jason's tongue would flick across her clit just right and cause a little convulsion.

When Dylan was done with her tasting, she slipped her hand into Mike's boxers and started feeling his cock. The angle was a bit awkward so she couldn't stroke him all the well, but at this point, Mike was happy for any attention. His cock quivered in response to every touch and the warmth of her hand on his balls caused him to stiffen even more.

It wasn't long before another flash of Jason's tongue caught her just right and her whole body shook.

"Oh my God Jason," she gasped. "Your tongue never felt so good. Lick me hard right there."

Jason complied and Dylan moaned even more. Mike sensed that she might come soon and readjusted his body so Dylan was now fully on the bed. He helped her out of the other sleeve of her dress and the red bra so he could fully access her tits.Both nipples were erect, and large. Mike went back to palming and fingering Dylan's left breast. He covered the right one with his mouth, rolling his tongue around the nipple and occasionally biting on it.

Dylan was feeling more different sexual sensations than she had ever known. Just as she focused on the pleasure of Mike's hand on one breast, the slight pain of a bite on the other nipple charged through her body. That was followed by the heat of Jason's mouth over her pussy. She started bucking and riding on his tongue. Her juices were flowing freely over his mouth and down his chin.

Her breathing got heavier and her moans signaled both pleasure and pain. The moans were quick. The sound of pain weren't caused by anything being done by Jason or Mike but instead by the intense pre-orgasmic tightness gripping her body.

The first wave hit right when it sounded like she couldn't take anymore. The short moans became one long siren-like moan. Jason licked harder as Dylan's clit went into the hypersensitive mode that comes with coming. She started panting.

"Oh God, Oh God. It's so big. Oh. Uh."

Dylan was never shy about being noisy when she came and now was no different.Jason got one last lick in that made Dylan scream before she pushed away from his head. Mike backed off to watch as her body convulsed with waves of pleasure.

Jason knew what had to happen next.

"You got her fuck her right now," Jason said while looking Mike right in the eyes. "It's what she wants. She'll come again -- big and fast."

Dylan, still breathing hard from coming concurred.

"I want you in me, like, 15-seconds ago."

Jason backed off the bed while Mike pulled off his boxers. Mike positioned himself between Dylan's legs as she reached forward to grab his cock. She guided it to her wet, waiting pussy lips and Mike pressed forward as soon as she let go.

It felt different to Dylan than Jason's cock.

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