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Chris and Pete uncover a large can of worms.

His hands working wonders, you are wetter than you have ever been. You feel a tingling sensation in your lower tummy and it grows, and grows. The heat building in your body, centred at your pussy. Your thigh muscles start to twitch, but Mr smooth holds on tighter and thrusts his face into you. Licking, probing, teasing. Un-stopping and delicious. The feeling is taking forever to come, but you are enjoying the anticipation.

Eventually, you succumb and let out a long low moan, your pussy convulsing, the first orgasm you have had in a very long time.

Mr Stubble takes this opportunity to move down the bed. His head now level with yours and your pendulous breasts resting on his manly chest. You feel his manhood brush against your thigh.

Your pussy lips are expertly parted by Mr Smooth's fingers and you feel a pressure at your entrance again, but no penetration yet. These men are taking you slowly, working with each other to maximise your pleasure. Mr Stubble resumes your kiss, your eyes close and you let your mind feel your body. With one hand Stubble is holding your neck, whilst the other is stroking up and down your back. His cock is definitely between your pussy lips, but he hasn't pushed inside.

Another feeling presents itself, as Mr Smooth begins to lap at the sensitive skin below your pussy, towards your ass. You can feel his hand gently teasing your pussy lips, moving around the cock that is firmly planted between them, the sensation is incredible.

Smooth takes respite, moves on and makes his way to the top of the bed.

Stubble's hand reaches your lower back, then grabs your bum, whilst he slowly thrusts deep inside of you. You can feel the stretch of your pussy as he enters, he is a big boy, filling you to your limit. Then he starts to pull out and rests the head of his cock at your entrance again. You take control and plunge down onto him.

Your bum begins to bounce rhythmically off of Stubble's thighs and you disengage the kiss to look up. Smooth is kneeling on the bed, he has disrobed and his boner is pointing straight at you. You sit up, keeping your hips rocking, working that cock in and out of you. You lean across to Smooth and put a hand on his neck, pulling him closer to you. You kiss him whilst you reach down to his package. His mouth is welcoming, warm, soft and enveloping. You feel a tingle run down your spine. You can feel how much he wants you, how his tongue is expertly exploring you, his lips open. He begins to nibble at your lips, gently biting and tugging them. His hands are all over your tits. Cupping them, then using his palms to cover your nipples, releasing the pressure so that he is just stroking across your flesh. Your nipples respond and swell to meet his touch. He opens his fingers and your nipples slip between them. He gently closes his fingers trapping you between them, the palms of his hands stroking across your breasts, pulling at your trapped nipples as he moves them. You feel the tingle of excitement as your body starts to heat up.

This is what you had longed for, the scenario playing across your mind for so many years. You try to look around, drawing it all in. The sound of grunting as you slide up and down that magnificent cock. The gentle slap of your breasts against smooth palms. The hint of pain as he teases your nipples. Stubble's hand is grabbing your ass, helping you ride up and pulling you back down.

The crisp white linen, the musk of his aftershave, the touch of his hand on your ass.

It is all too much as you feel the hot tingling sensation begin to build in your belly. You picture the two men in your mind, working you, wanting to please you, intimately entangled. Their hands stroking you, tongues lapping at you, whilst you ride that beast of a cock.

Over and over you ride, edging closer and closer.

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