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Jeremy may have finally found his soulmate.

She'd seen her son peel off his dirty clothes and head to the shower, his heavy stiff cock bouncing menacing with each rapid step, the long thick shaft bobbing out at about ninety degrees to his body. She hoped her little ploy about needing his help getting dressed would stop him from stroking that beautiful monster to relieve the pressure she knew must be building in his heavy swollen balls.
Once he disappeared from view in the bathroom, she dealt with her own situation. It hadn't gotten nearly as hot up in the attic as she'd talked about, and since Mitch had done all the heavy lifting under her direction, she hadn't even broken a sweat-which was great, it was going to save her some time. She took off everything she was wearing and went to her dressing table, sitting in front of the mirror and doing her makeup. She started with her eyes, applying smoky eye shadow in an alluring bronzy-pink tone that made them look exotic and sensually alluring. She added some mascara to her already long lashes, making them stand out even more than usual. She brushed a little blush over her prominent cheekbones and then turned to her wide sensuous mouth, applying a thick coating of brilliant red lipstick to her full pouty lips. "Perfect for wrapping around a nice hard cock," she said to herself, forming her bright red lips into an inviting oval before puckering them in a kissing motion.

She started to get dressed, turning the sexy merry widow around in order to do up the hook and eye fasteners in the back. She'd managed it alright in the lingerie store yesterday, and things went even faster today. With each of the tiny hook and eyes in place, she turned it around, her hands reaching up to position her big girls into the substantial bra cups. It fit perfectly, the strapless merry widow forcing her big heavy tits together and up until they all but spilled over the confining cups. She pulled on the tiny pair of panties, fitting the tiny triangle of material at the front until it cupped the warm mound of her sex nicely. She pulled the slender waistband into place, watching it disappear beneath the bottom edge of the lacy white corset. Nicole then turned and sat on the edge of her bed, pulling the sheer gossamer hose up one long leg at time, loving the exquisite feel of the wickedly sheer material against her skin. She grabbed the ribbon-like garters from the corset and fastened the intricate lacy tops of the nylons in place, the clasps of the garters biting teasingly into the sexy hose. She slid her feet into the sky-high white slingbacks and looked at herself in the mirror. A contented smile came over her face as she reached up and fluffed out her frosty blonde hair, pleased with the look of the ravishing mature woman looking back at her. It had been a long time since she'd gone to this point in dressing up for a man, but as she remembered looking at the size of her son's gigantic cock, she knew it would be worth it.

"Let's see what my new man is up to?" she said to herself as she stepped over to her computer and looked at the view into her son's room.

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