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An unexpected layover brings good things for Burton.

One was that the farm where the whole event was being staged was in the high Karoom for me a major attraction, but the most important thing about this farm was that it had reputedly the best amateur astronomical observatory in the country. I had talked to an acquaintance from the astronomy club who had been granted a visit and he literally drooled, recounting in almost sexual terms the size and quality of the equipment mounted on the roof the triple garage. The centre piece of the observatory was a permanently mounted 24 inch Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain . . . Ok, I know, too much information. Just let me say that this was an observatory to be visited. To actually use it, you might have to sell your soul and that would probably be cheap at the price.

It turned out that "The Blonde" was the astronomer and had the only key to the stairway grill gate and if I wanted to see the observatory I would have to sweet talk her into taking me up. Her name is Angie, but she will forever be "The Blonde" in my mind. Early in the evening before things could get seriously out of hand, I approached her and started an innocent conversation, slowly introducing the topic of astronomy, etc. etc. It turned out that I needn't have been quite so devious, she agreed almost immediately to show me. Or in her words, "Take you to paradise." The double entendre was as subtle as a sledge hammer. She stood far too close to me for comfort and her hands surreptitiously managed to make contact with parts of me that were not quite off limits, but bordering on it.

Fleetingly I wondered if i should give up the attempt to visit the observatory or bring my non astronomically minded partner along as a chaperone. I decided, with much misplaced bravdo, that I could control the situation and so "The Blonde" and I set out for the observatory, alone. We got the grill gate and she extracted the key from a pocket and we went upstairs, not before she had firmly locked the gate behind us. The grill gate and surrounding fence were formidable and it struck me fleetingly that if I wanted to escape, I would have to jump over the edge of the garage. But it wouldn't come to that. I could hold my own. I hoped.

In retrospect of course, it was a stupid thing to think. My marriage was in tatters and I hadn't had sex or even physical affection for far too long. I was boiling with hormones and would succumb far too easily. I suspect that deep down in my soul I knew that but I hid it from myself.

To give "The Blonde" her due, she took me around the observatory first. Showed me all the instruments that were up there. The observatory has normal white lighting, but she switched on the red lights making for a decadent and dangerously edgy environment. Her hands were quick and had lost some of the surreptitiousness when were out of sight of the crowd. To put it bluntly as we stood and admired the big telescope housed inside the dome, she went into overdrive. Hands sweeping parts of me that hadn't been touched by anyone for far too long, her mouth glued itself onto mine. I was completely unable to resist the onslaught and before I knew it, our clothes were scattered across the floor and she was dragging me out of the dome to finish what she had started under the blaze of stars that can only happen in the deep Karoo.

As we emerged, there was a loud, drunken giggle from nearby and she stopped dead in her tracks, looked carefully around and said, "They can't see up here and I locked that gate.

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