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Pretty Jenna meets the hottest man ever.

She was so sweet, so young, his. He needed her so bad. She sighed, not caring about anything but the very moment. Thoughts raced through her confused mind, carried her away like some sort of hard drug. Him ramming his dick up her cunt, filling her completely, stretching her tight pussy with its thick throbbing shaft.

Hailey moaning, beneath him. He pulled her up, held her face while he sucked on her mouth, fucking her with his tongue. Her hands were on his stomach, she felt his hard muscles, pulled him closer, pressing her pussy to his throbbing meat. She could feel him swollen through the thin barrier of her cotton string and his boxers. He slid his hands down her body, turning her around, then making her bend over as she pushed her ass back at him. He pulled her tiny wet string over her hips and down her thighs, listening to her panting. Her scent made his hands shiver. She smelled so good, she smelled like a goddess, he would eat her out to keep her cumming after he would have been done fucking her. He slid the big head of his veiny cock over her tight wet slit, making her open up for him. She held her breath as he pushed in.

His head filled her, stretched her entrance so bad she pleaded him to wait for a moment. "I can__t," he gasped, placing his strong hands on her narrow hips and pulling her close as he pushed deep. Something prevented him from going all the way in, but he wrapped his arms around her body, pulled her to his chest and rammed it in until his balls hit her butt.

She screamed out in pain. Something had ripped inside her and it hurt so bad.

He held her even tighter and stayed where he was, deep inside.

"Hailey, are you a virgin?" he whispered, shocked.

She did not answer for there was no need to deny.

He showered her neck in little licks and kisses, despaired about what he had done. He had just broken his little sister__s cherry, he was her first fuck and he had not known. He felt so sorry.

"I hurt you, baby," he panted. "I__m such a damn bastard, baby. I just fuck my little sister without asking her. Please don__t cry, honney, I love you so much. I never wanted to hurt you. Hailey."

They were quiet. She felt his hard throbbing dick inside her virgin pussy and tried to get used to the feeling of being filled and stretched like that.

She turned her head to catch his glance.

He kissed her lips once more, the kiss of a lover. She was so beautiful, her eyes wide open, her lips frozen in a silent gasp.

His arms still held her pressed to his strong muscular chest. He felt huge compared to her. Her soft, thin frame being his toy. He was still aroused as much if not even more than before. Still he did not want to hurt her again, so he did not begin fucking her tight opening.

"I__m not crying anymore," she said in a small voice. "I think I__m fine now."

"You think so?" he asked, sliding his hands over her small tits, holding them in a hard grip and starting to pull and knead her nipples between his thumb and index finger.

He did so until she moaned softly, starting to push her hips back at him. He pulled all the way out.

His prick was covered in blood all over the shaft.

"Hailey, you__ve been bleeding," he said caringly.

"It__s your fault," she said, when she went down on her elbows.

"And now, have me again."

He almost regretted having been too rough again when he noticed she seemed to like the way he had just completely lost control once more and gone in deep, pulled out, rammed in again.

He bent over her, never stopping to slide his cock in and out her cunt.

"You__re pussy__s so tight, I don__t think I__ve ever fucked anyone this tight before."

He wrapped his arms around her, unable at the moment to let her go.

"I__ll be there always when you need me," he said, meaning it. "I__ll fuck you from sunrise to dawn and all night long for as long as you live, if you want me to."

She started enjoying the feeling deep inside her as he kept giving his sister__s little snatch the first fuck she ever had.

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