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The slave lover of Avalon pays the ultimate price.

"Knees." Wrists now cuffed behind me, I struggle up to my knees. From behind me, Robert reaches around and unsnaps my shirt letting my breasts fall free. My nipples already hard, He takes them between his fingers and pinch. I cringe and let out a whimper as He releases. He moves away and returns with a shiny pair of clamps. He attaches them to each nipple, and tightens until I shudder, then he gives it just a bit more. The pain is wonderful, bringing me so close to pure pleasure. He pushes my shoulders down to the bed and lifts my skirt up over my hips. My pussy aching, wanting to be filled, appears glistening wet as my ass is now exposed.

He reaches a finger sown between my legs, and slips it into my pussy. "Hmm... I see you are already excited." He removes His finger and says, "I guess I'm going to have to teach My slut a bit of a lesson. Isn't that right?" I respond, "Yes, Master." I feel His movement behind me as He again reaches into His bag. From it He pulls a butt plug. My eyes open wide as I catch just a glimpse of it before He moves behind me and presses it against my asshole. "I start to fidget, and resist, and I feel a swift smack on my ass. "BE STILL!" He commands, and I hold still. My anus gives under the pressure, and the tip of the butt plug slides painfully into my ass. With that, He pushes it completely in, in one swift motion. "OOOhhhh..." I gasp. I hear His evil laughter. "You love it don't you?"

"Yes, Sir, I do."

"You are going to have to get broken in again I see. I will have My ass soon. But first, I need to attend to your punishment.

Lying on the bed, hands cuffed behind me, nipples clamped, ass in the air, butt plug straining at my anus, He stands up, and removes his belt. Ooohhhh His belt.... I remember it frighteningly and fondly both. "You will thank Me each time My belt lands upon your ass, because I am doing this for you, do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir." THWACK! His belt finds my ass quicker than I had expected, and I jump. "Between my gasps, I get out: "Thank You, Sir" THWACK! I moan, "Thank You, Sir" Again and again, His belt found my ass. Each time me confirming with, "Thank You, Sir." I lost count after about 10, but after a while, His belt ceased to fall, and I felt His hands on my ass. Rubbing the red welts He had left, and kissing the few spots where my skin broke open. "Good girl," He said.

He slipped two fingers into my pussy and I let out a soft moan. By this time I was simply dripping. He worked in a third finger and a forth, and my moans grew louder and louder. I felt I was going to cum, and tried to hold back. I really couldn't take it anymore, and asked, "Please Master, I'm going to cum. May I please cum?"

"NO! Hold it," He demanded. His fingers glided in & out of me, and I tried to concentrate on holding back my orgasm, when suddenly, He stopped. My pussy aching, He reached up to my ass and with a tug slipped the butt plug out, and moved around to look at my face.

"Open," he said with a smile, and I opened my mouth wide. He slipped the butt plug in my mouth, and told me to hold it there. I could taste myself all around it. It was intoxicating. Lost in thought, I felt Him press His cock against my ass. Before I could brace myself, He pounded in to me. Relentlessly He fucked my ass. Every time I managed a muffled moan or groan He fucked me harder. The pain was intense. The ache was stupefying. My juices soaking my inner thighs. I needed to cum. He pounded at me, still. I heard Him grunt, and I felt His cock convulse in my ass as He shot his load deep inside my hole. "MMMMMmmm" He said. "Damn have I missed you." Before removing His cock from my ass, He took the butt plug from my mouth, and with one motion replaced His cock by sliding the butt plug back in my ass. "I want you to hold on to My cum for a while," He said, and gave me a pat on my already sore ass.

Robert got His key, and unlocked the cuffs.

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