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A new case presents itself.

He continued to suckle her lip gently.

Desperate, she lurched away from his serene, unrelenting assault. Wrenching her head to the left, she pressed her face into his neck and attacked it with a series of fiery, loud kisses. Sam even nipped the sensitive skin, hoping for a reaction.

She had no idea what she was doing to him. In the year he had dated her, he had discovered a woman thrilled with mischief, loving to dominate at the appropriate times. She frequently relinquished control to him, but he had never taken her when she hadn't allowed it beforehand. Her struggle for control was obvious when she tried to make him react. As he kissed her, gently, persistently, and unmoved, he realized that the profoundest way to turn her on was to steal control from her altogether. The thought sent a peal of orgasmic energy through his body, causing him to shudder deeply. The more she squirmed, the more he wanted her. The more he wanted her, the slower and gentler he became.

The feeling flowing throughout Sam's body was entirely unlike the throbbing sensation she normally felt with Craig. Her entire being was alive, awake, afraid of this new type of arousal but wanting it more than it had ever wanted anything before. She felt as innocent as a young schoolgirl, but as deeply aroused as a virgin coupled with an expert. After realizing that the tension was completely beyond her control, she rested her head on the pillow and breathed deeply, softly, and rapidly. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

Craig gently released his grip on Sam's wrists and lifted her arms up. He dragged her loose t-shirt up by its hemline and lifted it from her body before discarding it. His hands found her wrists again and pinned them down by her sides.

He leaned down to breathe on her neck, and she felt deep quivers like boiling water in her body. His open mouth kissed the muscle connecting her neck to her shoulder, suckling in an open-mouthed "o". His tongue pressed down through his lips, gently massaging her skin as he suckled.

Sam shuddered suddenly, taken aback by his new technique. His open-mouthed, tongued kisses provided twice the sensation in the same surface area, and they were driving her insane. Her need for self-control began to slip as the eroticism of the kisses stirred a deep need for more.

Craig covered her neck, shoulders, and collarbones with a series of his deeply sensual kisses. He lapped his tongue across the surface of her body, leaving shiny wet trails along her skin.

His hands released her wrists. There was no risk of Sam struggling or trying to regain control. She was paralyzed with the pleasurable anticipation - though her body was relaxed, small spasms gripped her every so often. Her chin pointed up and her eyes squeezed closed, her mouth open and panting lightly. The expression of irrepressible pleasure was etched on every inch of her round, girlish face, and Craig felt a throbbing in the depths of his loins looking at her.

He pushed her t-shirt up her body and pulled it over her head, discarding it. She stayed still, her chest heaving with soft breaths of excitement. Craig gently reached behind her back with both hands and deftly undid her bra clasp. He tossed it aside and gazed down at her breasts. They were lopsided; her right breast was slightly bigger than her left, and he remembered how self-conscious she had been about it when he first saw her topless. Caressing her chest, he smiled when his hands grazing her nipples caused her to flinch. Her breasts may not be perfect, he thought, but she was the most responsive woman out of the two he'd bedded before her. Craig had told her about them and let her know that she was phenomenally sensitive. He bent down and suckled a nipple with relish.

A spasm wracked Sam's entire body and she shoved her hips forward, moaning.

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