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Non mage male rescues cursed female mage.

She still saw a few of the wives but gone were the parties and barbeques.

The bell of the timer sounded over the TV and Sam sprung up to serve out dinner. We ate in the dining room, Heather holding George on her lap as she ate one handed.

Sam claimed the sofa as she and Heather came back in, brushing the toys to the end, bringing me to sit next to her as usual. Heather gathered up the few toys as she passed and sat in one of the armchairs with the baby in her lap.

Sam flicked around a few channels before settling on an old Friends episode. I sank back into the corner as she snuggled up and swung her legs up under her.

I thought about her husband and the enigmatic note he left "It's all in the paper trail." It explained everything and nothing, but it was no confession of guilt as was claimed.

His overdose was funny as well. His wife's sleeping pills which she'd only just started taking, not swallowing them all down but emptying them into a hot chocolate and drinking that after everyone else had gone to bed.

Heather was first down to find him; she spent the morning half screaming 'No', and half in denial. Sam had to drag her out, taking her to the lounge and phoning the police before pouring them both a stiff drink.

Sam had coped magnificently, her husband's accounts were frozen in an enquiry that's still going on today but in her adoption of the idea to start a riding school and offer holidays with riding lessons thrown in.

Heather turning in her seat attracted my attention, her bare legs stretching out as she slipped into the corner and shifted the baby around.

Restored to its glory her hair hung in natural ringlets over her shoulder, providing a tease to the baby as he lay against the arm. She looked like she was getting involved in the film now on.

Looking at her brought up the stepfather-daughter formula, there was a multitude of stock plots, I thought through a few seeing if any sparked any ideas.

"Mum, can you pause it two minutes," Heather asked leaning forward. "I want to put George to bed."

"Yes," I said. "Give me chance to make a cup of coffee. Anyone else want one?"

"No thanks," Heather said as she shifted the baby into her arms.

Sam straightened up shaking her head and grabbed the remote. I got up and went to the kitchen taking enough time for Heather to get eight more added on. She was two minutes or so behind me getting back.

Sam was already cuddled up again, her finger circling on the remote. She hit the button as Heather entered, leaving her to watch as she resumed her seat.

I sipped my coffee as the film continued; half an eye on Heather as she stretched her legs out onto the coffee table. I watched until a romantic scene sparked a scenario in my mind.

I had an intro worked out when Sam paused the film with ten minutes to go. She stood quickly. "Toilet," she said as she rushed off.

I stretched out, taking the opportunity to put my mug on the table. I lay back again to see Heather, chin balanced on her hands, looking at me over the arm of the chair.

She looked at me grinned. "I know your secret."

I looked back mystified. "What secret?"

"Something you won't want mummy to know," she said in hushed tones.

My thoughts sprang back to my ex-wife and some of the secrets of our sex life that I wouldn't like brought out. I let the time stretch out in the hope of eliciting more.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I said quietly, eventually surrendering as my patience thinned.

She was about to speak when Samantha came back.

She lay across me, head on the arm and her back pressed to me. I rested my hand on her head, idly stroking her hair, my other arm down her thigh and we settled to watch the end.

I soon forgot about my secret as we started undressing, going from fingering her to her first orgasm through to my orgasm that left her fingering her clit to achieve her third.

Sunday was a busy day for her and she left me in bed while she went to check on the horse

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