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Seaman Brown finally gets her and his.

A feeling of annoyance came over me. Who does he think he is, rubbing one out in public? What kind of sick fuck does that? Then I remembered that I had been doing the same thing. I was full out staring at the man now, my juices still pouring out of my horny cunt.

"Fuck it," I thought, as I grabbed the bottom of my skirt and hiked it up, pushed my panties aside and plunged two fingers straight into my wet pussy. The crotch of my flowery bikini underwear was soaked, and I could feel the wetness oozing from my cunt and dripping down the crack of my ass as I worked my clit with my other hand. I couldn't stop now. My fingers, drenched, raced over my engorged clit as I bucked my hips wildly against my fingers. It didn't take long before my pussy walls began to spasm and my body shuddered and thrashed as I was hurled cunt first into a mind-numbing orgasm.

As I came down from my self-induced high, I suddenly remembered that I wasn't alone. I looked to my left and my heart skipped a beat. Instead of being across the theater, the man who had been stroking his cock was two seats away. His package looked bigger than ever, with enormous pendulous balls, a long smooth shaft, and a huge purpley plum of a head. When I finally tore my eyes away from his member and looked at his face, I saw a gorgeous man with dark spiky hair, a goatee, plump lips, and an all-knowing grin. He was still stroking his cock, albeit absentmindedly, as his eyes drifted from my face to my cunt and back again. He had removed his shirt and pants and was now sitting in the theater seat completely naked.

Then it was as if something came over me, and leaving my seat with a giant wet spot from my cunt behind, I crept over to the man and knelt between his legs. His scent came over me and my cunt twitched. I could see gobs of cum on his cock head and his stomach. Had he cum while watching me finger myself? That thought was all I needed before I crammed his cock into my mouth as far as I could. I slurped at his huge dick hungrily and swirled my tongue around its shaft and head. I could barely open my mouth big enough to accommodate his thickness, and although his cock was pushing against the back of my throat, I only had about half of its length in my mouth. I sucked that cock like I was out of my skull as the juices from my cunt poured out from my tight hole and down my inner thighs, landing on the floor and making my knees slide as I fucked him with my mouth.. Slurping loudly on his enormous cock, my tongue danced down its shaft and up over the smooth knob of a head as I thrust it in and out of my mouth and throat.

The mans hands gripped my hair at the scalp and rammed my head up and down on his throbbing meat, as his hard grunting and tense leg muscles told me that he was about to cum. It only took one more thrust of my mouth before he blew his load of hot cum down my throat, almost gagging me with its force. I swallowed it all down before licking his cock and balls clean with my hot tongue.

I stood up and watched him come down from his orgasm. My cunt was so fucking wet that I nearly slipped and fell from the juices that had spilled out from my hole, down my legs, and onto the floor. My pussy ached to be filled, but I couldn't imagine fucking a perfect stranger, especially in public. The man must have sensed my hesitation and caught me looking at his cock again because he grabbed my hands and pulled me on top of him.

He was already hard again, and pushing against my vulva and clit which unleashed another flood of juices from my horny fuck hole.

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