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A university student makes a dangerous agreement.

I reached down and grabbed the sweater. I tried to slip it over her chest but her nipples made it extremely hard.

"I told you it wouldn't fit slave but lets keep the pants." I smiled as I grabbed the sweater and walked out. I could hear a muffled scream as I left the dressing room area.

Throughout the morning as we shopped. I kept grabbing my phone as the preset alarm went off at different intervals with various ring tones. I pretended to take each call as I handed her the bags. The amount of bags grew as the morning went on. I was working on my home theater system and I thought a little splurge on me wasn't all that bad.

"Don't drop my receiver babe." She glared at me as she tried to manage her clothing purchases and my two boxes of cables and equipment. After the third time answering my phone she finally stopped handing the bags and boxes back to me. It was funny to watch this cute little girl handle all these packages. I just imagined her at Christmas time wearing nothing but a red thong handing me my packages from underneath the tree. I licked my lips and began my favorite game with her.

I slid back behind her. I usually did this at least once when we were walking. Just so I could admire her ass in a tight pair of jeans. She would either slow down or pick up pace to try and get me to stand nearer to her. It really made her feel self conscious about her ass, but what do I care. I could see the white thong from the back of her pants and I tugged at the straps as we walked through the mall. Making sure they were visible.

"Babe you know I hate when you do that. " I slapped her ass in full view of a pack of teenage boys and I heard them snicker a bit as she turned red all over.

"Can't we just go have lunch. I am starving." She mumbled it and slurred the last bit of her words as we walked further down the mall. I could hear one of the teenage boys whistle at her as we walked toward the car to drop off the packages she had bought.

Most of the time I would let her get something at the food court that was a bit more risqu__ for her diet ,but today was special.

"She will have the fresh garden salad, grilled chicken, light cheese, and light dressing on the side. .. No cro__tons as well. I will have the Number three with no lettuce or beans, and make my taco crunchy." I smiled at her as we sat down.

"Babe don't worry I am just letting you save room for Dinner tonight we can go anywhere you want. Now eat up your salad is getting.. warm." I ate the three tacos and my nachos as she looked on. She quietly drank from her bottle of water as I slurped on the bottle of soda. I slid over closer to her and rubbed her back as she curled up next to me. She was so cute as she grabbed onto my arm and rubbed her hand on my stomach.

"Comfy?" She just nodded her up and down vigorously.

"Tired?" She again nodded but added a yawn at the end and a stretch.

"A good birthday so far?" She nodded vigorously up and down. I was a bit surprised by the last one. Almost asking why before she reached her other hand under my arm.
"Because your with me?" She nodded even harder this time and kissed my cheek. For a Saturday this mall still did not have much business. It was almost like a weekday as I looked out across the crowd.

"Do you wanna go see Mall Cop or Watchmen?" I watched her look content on my arm.

"Mall cop it is then babe." I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards the mall elevator. She grabbed me and I felt her hand rub my back as I grabbed her ass.

"Not yet slave" She was getting forceful with her attentions. We quickly paid for our tickets and went into the movie. At 2 pm in the afternoon on a March Saturday there were very few people in the movie. I waited for the lights to go on before I slipped my hands into her pants. She quickly slid down into her seat and tried to get me to stop.

"Please sir stop let's just watch the movie Sir.. please." I waited for her attention to focus back on the movie before I tried again. She tried to resist but eventually tired.


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