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Pillow talks between wife and husband.

I marveled at the transformation that had been induced in the staid busy body from next door as she slaked her thirst for sexual discovery at the oasis of my sister and though my own needs were growing considerably as my erection swelled even harder, I let my slave enjoy this expression of demented lust, although I couldn't resist taking position standing behind her so I could cup her aching tits in both hands and continue the milking that the flogger had induced.... I pressed my body forward so I could feel the building up shudders of climax in her bound and abused frame and leaned my mouth to her elegant neck to tease it with my teeth.

"You are allowed to cum when you need to," I whispered in my captive's ear between bites, just so she could relax and give herself to the double assault on her erogenous zones, she gave a ragged gasp of thanks as she began to spasm against the pressed neighbourly and brotherly two sided embrace.

As always when my irresistible sister was on the verge of climax I felt the overwhelming compulsion to share her orgasm by having my cock buried where in belonged inside her shaking body but our neighbour's newly discovered devotion to cunt eating had a faster effect on a slave already made susceptible to stimulation by the caress of the flogger; much as wanted to drive my impossibly hard cock into either her cunt or ass I contented myself with kneading her tits fiercely; I couldn't interrupt the unnatural spontaneity of events through selfishness. Being Master means having self control as well as complete control of my slave. Besides this pent up lust would be put to good use before the evening was over, of that I was sure.

My slut sister was on the verge of cumming hard by now, her trembling restrained body was jerking violently against my chest and I could feel the manicured fingers of the kneeling Mrs. Parker brush against my upper thighs as she took desperate grip on my convulsing slave's buttocks to maintain her oral grip as my sister's hips bucked hard against her face; once again the desire to enter my sister's body filled my mind, to sodomize her with the obliging neighbour splaying the arse cheeks for my penetration, but it was too late, my sister gave a mindless yell of surrender as orgasm consumed her. I gave her nipples an encouraging tweak that sent a satisfying arc of creamy fluid cascading down over the curve of her extended belly and onto Mrs. Parker's back, then I dropped my hands from cupping her breasts and wrapped them bear-hug fashion around her rib cage... Given my sister's delicate condition I wanted her to be held secure and protected in her Master's grip. She convulsed as much as my hug and the bound position allowed as the violent intensity of orgasm hit in wave after wave until she went limp in my arms and slumped against the manacles, my hold on her upper body and Mrs. Parker's on her lower keeping her from serious wrenching of her wrists and arms.

There was silence in the cellar in the aftermath of my sister's noises of passion except for her panting from the exertions she'd enjoyed and her lovers both cradled her sated form until she raised her pretty face from its flopped down resting place and whispered her thanks to her Master as was proper.

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