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On subway, a girl desperately tries to hold bladder - fails.

Angela thought that he was going to literally rip them from her body. "Get in her cunt boy." He growled at the youngster who was still prospecting for membership of the club. "Now Sister Angel open your mouth." Still her teeth were clenched. Releasing her nipples, with his open hands he administered six heavy slaps - three to each of her breasts. Each slap knocked the wind from her. "Now open wide - just think of it as taking communion."

There was no alternative, she opened her mouth. Again he clamped her head with a vice like grip. She did not know how she could get her mouth around his swollen shaft, from which his nickname was derived. Donkey's prick was like an old gnarled tree branch, the massive blood vessels that criss-crossed it giving its surface the texture of bark.

She had heard some of the girls claim that it was over twelve inches long. Lying there with a close-up view she could see no reason to doubt their claims. She thought she was going to die as he forced his engorged organ into her mouth, pushing hard until by sheer brute force the tip was effectively blocking her throat. He stroked her Adams apple which made her involuntarily swallow, satisfied he had lodged himself as deep as possible he began to rock his hips. She discovered she could breathe shallowly if she timed her breaths to his movements.

She was barely aware that Clem had finished and another biker had entered her. The prick in her throat was causing her to urge, the contractions of her throat muscles seemed to further stimulate Donkey whose thrusts became more urgent and of increased speed.

It felt as though she was going to drown when the thick fluid jetted into her throat, she had to swallow or drown. Each gulp seemed to draw Donkey's still erect prick deeper down her throat. She was horrified to hear, Donkey say. "Sweet Jesus lady you are a natural." Once again he began to thrust with his hips, his taught testicles in their wrinkled sack slapping into her nose. She had been assuring herself that as long as she did nothing she was keeping her vow of chastity, if her swallowing stimulated him was she breaking that vow?

Vaguely she was aware that yet another biker had deposited his seed within her and allowed another to enter her. Wet, stinging stickiness coursed between her legs. Donkey thrust his prick into her throat with long languid strokes. "Brothers your attention please." Donkey boomed. "I just want to tell you all this lady gives the best head I've ever had."

Angela felt a movement on the bed beside her. "Get off me you bastard." HD protested. Then she heard Chain say. "Shut your trap."

The mattress heaved, she could hear muffled grunts, groans and choked off screams. Angela her vision blinkered by Donkey's thighs and scrotum did not know what was happening, but as the mattress began to move rhythmically she guessed someone else was having sex on the bed next to her. Her perceptions were further confused as the men between her thighs changed over after discharging their spunk into her.

It seemed an eternity before the sweet salty fluid spurted into her throat again. This time Donkey's prick went soft and retracted. He pulled out of her and let her head fall back.

She turned her head to see HD face down on the mattress Chain had mounted her from behind. As he drove into her he was saying. "You wanted sex like a man. Now I am making a real man out of you." HD's reply was muffled as her face was being pushed into the bed, but Angela was sure that she heard a muffled threat to bugger Chain.

A brief feeling of exaltation flitted through her consciousness, before again she was aware of the movement in her vagina.

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