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Warlocks and witches are human beings with special abilities such as Telepathy, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis and Teleportation. Those among them who learn to master their powers can become really dangerous. Vampires and witches have clashed for a long time. We typically don't get along. We see all mankind as prey and human beings with special abilities tend to upset the natural order of things by fighting back against us. Still, I have never heard of a magic wielder being turned into one of the Undead because, we all knew it was a bad idea. I mean, I'll admit that the idea has a certain appeal. Turning your worst enemy into what he or she hates the most, it is truly wicked. Still, even though us vampires are wicked, we don't cross that line because the warlocks and witches are BAD news.

When Fatoumatta turned Farah into one of us, she altered the balance of power between good and evil. You see, us vampires are the most prolific of all the inhuman breeds out there. Werewolves are rare. There are probably only a few hundreds of them scattered around the globe. Ditto for demons, most of which can only stick around in this plane of existence for a limited time. As for my fellow bloodsuckers, there are tens of thousands of us out there. Most of us are solitary by nature but sometimes we gather for mutual protection. We replenish our ranks thanks to unsuspecting fools who vanish every day. Most of them we eat, but some of them we turn into vampires because, well, we enjoy their company.

Fatoumatta, my super ex-girlfriend turned me into one of the Undead that night in Mogadishu because she was feeling a bit lonely. Well, while I'm thankful to her for granting me eternal life along with superhuman strength and speed, I can't fathom any good reason for her bringing Farah into the fold. From the start the witch-turned-vampire proved unstable. She retained her special abilities even while a vampire. What we have here is a vampire with the ability to read minds, set things ablaze with a glance and also occasionally see into the future. Now, Farah has all the weaknesses inherent to the rest of us. Silver and sunlight are lethal to her, but she can do so many things that most vampires can only dream of. It didn't take her long to become a very great threat. The first thing she did was kill Fatoumatta, torching her mere weeks after she was turned. There aren't a lot of things which us vampires consider taboo but killing your maker is an unpardonable sin.

Since she killed Fatoumatta, our dear Farah has had one obsession. She wants to kill me, the guy responsible for her being what she is. Farah hates being a vampire, even though she's considered an unstoppable force among our kind. Most of us avoid her, and with good reason. Even the Old Ones, vampires who have been around for thousands of years, stay clear of her. Why? Simply because they fear her. It's been a long time since I laid eyes on Farah. I left Somalia, and wandered all over the world. I lived in Kuwait from 1500 to 1773. In 1804, I moved to what would later be called Nigeria, and remained there until 1887. From 1900 to 1972, I lived among the people I am the most fond of, after my fellow Somalis, of course. I'm talking about the people of Haiti.

I think I surprised many in the vampire community, including myself, when I embraced these people, and their ways.

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