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The ache between Maddie's legs grew to painful urgency and she wanted him inside her so desperately she was prepared to beg Padraic to take her. She was about to whisper a plea into his ear when finally he lifted his face from hers and tested the dryness of her hair again. He picked up a golden strand and pressed it to his lips. Maddie waited, watching his face eagerly, her chest rising and falling with ragged breaths. Padraic looked at her, his dark eyes dusky and his lips moist from their kissing. "Let's go to bed," he whispered.

They rose from the sofa and Maddie stood close to Padraic, waiting for him to bank the fire. When he'd finished, he picked Maddie up and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. Gently he set her down by the four-poster bed and pulled back the covers. "Go on, get in," he told her, his voice fallen to a husky whisper.

Maddie climbed onto the bed, sinking down into the feather bed on the mattress. She sat, watching Padraic take off his boots, undress, and drape his clothes over a nearby chair. The storm outside had abated, but in the distance, lightning still flashed, illuminating Padraic's muscular physique in the darkness. Maddie moved over on the bed to make room for him as he climbed in beside her, pausing only to take hold of her nightgown and lift it up over her head. The air was chilly against her skin, but Padraic tossed the nightgown aside and gathered Maddie into his arms, laying her down underneath him, warming her with the length of his strong body against hers. Maddie pulled the goose down comforter over them and then embraced Padraic, melting against the delicious heat of his skin as his strength filled her arms.

Maddie let her hands roam freely over Padraic's back while he kissed her. His kisses were now more fervent, and Maddie could feel him letting go of his restraint in the way he nibbled at her lips and suckled her tongue. She felt him taking possession of her and opened her legs so he could settle his hips between them. His hard cock pushed against slit, sliding up and down along the swelling pink.

The sensation was intensely pleasurable and Maddie responded by raising her hips, rubbing against his hardness. Yet, still he waited, lowering his face to Maddie's breasts, capturing each dusky pink nipple in his mouth and suckling it with tender passion. The warm moist suction of his mouth on her breasts caused Maddie to moan and arch her back upward as she gently clasped Padraic's head in her arms and stroked his hair.

Padraic's hand had been resting on Maddie's hip while he kissed her breasts, but now she felt it steal downward, his fingertips lightly stroking the moist lips of her opening. Maddie moaned and pushed against his hand, her sex soft and wet and yielding, urging him to explore her with more abandon. Gradually, Padraic slid his fingers into her, slowly at first, then more deeply, in and out, withdrawing then plunging in again, disappearing into her swollen, wet sheath. Padraic moved his fingers around, stretching the flesh, eliciting more moans from her, then withdrew them, spreading the nectar he had gathered with his fingertips over the sensitive nubbin of flesh above the opening.
Maddie moaned and panted, arching her breasts upward against Padraic's mouth. She began to claw at his back, squeezing the muscles in a vain attempt to pull him upward into her. Had her nails been long she would have scored his flesh, but she had bitten them down over the years in her distress and could only grab ineffectively at his skin.

Instinctively, she slid her hand down below, between Padraic's legs, and rubbed his cock. The hardness of his shaft glided along her palm, the skin covering the muscle and veins smooth and velvety to the touch. Maddie rubbed lightly up and down with her open hand, reaching lower with each stroke to gently fondle the sac until Padraic groaned.

Maddie's rubbing on Padraic's erection worked, for he lifted his mouth from her breast and

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