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The untold Arrow story of Sara and Nyssa.

His ass felt like it was on fire and the combination of pain and pleasure sent his senses reeling. He just wanted to curl up and die, but part of him enjoyed every second of being spanked. This hidden side of him scared the hero more than anything. If word of this weakness got out, every small time crook would be able to defeat him quite easily. His career would be finished and the world would be at the mercy of villains like Doctor Tentacle. He knew he had to convince his young captor to keep his dark secret.

Looking up through his tears, SuperiorMan saw that his captor's patience was running out. He cried out as his forced himself to his hands and knees and slowly picked up the collar. Weakly putting it around his thick neck, the hero felt a part of him die as he willingly submitted to the young man who seduced and weakened him to this state. Gingerly sitting on his knees, he bowed his head in submission.

The young man ran his fingers through the hero's dark locks. "That's a good boy." he said soothingly like a master would to a dog that just followed a command. He took a leash from the end table and attached it to the collar. "Now come along," He commanded as he led the hero from the living room into the back of the apartment.

SuperiorMan crawled as fast as he could on his hands and knees. Every movement caused the fire of pain on his ass to reignite. His cock still trapped in the confines of his tights pressed against his abdominals wet with the steady flow of precum. His face was wet and sticky from the merging of tears and snot from being spanked.

The hero was led to a bedroom where he looked in horror. The room looked like something a dominatrix would have. Against one wall was a bed with long posts at each end. Each post had leather strapped attached to them leading down to the bed itself. On the other side of the room was a cross that had leather straps at each end. Along one of the walls hung and assortment of whips and paddles arranged by length and size. SuperiorMan felt chills run down his spine at the sight of a room tailored for bondage. The lights were turned off, but two dozen candles sat on all the surfaces giving the room a soft glowing light.

The young man jerked on the leash. "On to your feet, boy!" He commanded harshly.

SuperiorMan considered to put up a fight, but the searing pain on his ass convinced him to play along. His captor could not keep him forever and the more he cooperated the more likely he was to convince him to keep this dark secret of his. Struggling to his feet, the once proud hero looked like a complete mess. He stood with his head bowed painfully aware of the tent in his tights.

"Take off your costume, boy. We don't want it ruined with tonight's festivities."

SuperiorMan paled at the thought of being completely naked in front of his captor. His costume was his last link to the power he once commanded. Without it he was just a helpless pretty boy weakling. As he brought his hands to the crimson belt that hung snugly on his tapered waist, SuperiorMan knew that this was the point of no return. Once he started to take off his costume, he was truly a prisoner in a sexual nightmare.

With a heavy sigh, he unclasped his belt and let it drop to the floor with a clunk. As each piece of his costume was taken off and dropped to the floor exposing more of the chiseled superhero's body, the more of a thrill SuperiorMan felt. After his tights were finally pulled off his legs and dropped to the floor, the hero face his captor completely naked and hard. His cock pointed at the young man as if indicating that he now his master.

The young man slowly circle his prey eyeing every part of the hero's exposed body. "Very nice!" he said as he appraised his newest acquisition. "I'm going to enjoy this!"

SuperiorMan felt a jolt of pleasure as the young man grabbed his erect cock.

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