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They meet at a cottage and end up in the van.

Terri ran her tongue the length of Frank's cock, and I ran my hand slowly from the bottom of her breast until I flicked my thumb over her nipple. She shuddered.

Terri angled Frank's hard cock a little toward me, gave a couple long strokes of her hand over its length. "Come here and take over for me," she invited. I was glad to shift so my elbows supported my head over Frank's wet erection and started very gentle, wet tonguing and sucking. Frank was near orgasm, and I was determined to have more of him before he came.

Terri slid away and walked around the bed. Frank moaned to cum and not to cum at the same time. I worked his balls into my mouth, knowing he would enjoy a tonguing there while he cooled off a little.

I felt Terri's weight slide onto the bed around my feet. Her hand closed over the shaft of my hard dick. She started to stroke the shaft with her hand and treat the head to quick, feather kisses and licks. I felt my cock fill and harden. She teased me, "You know I can't suck long enough to get you off, so enjoy this while it lasts." Then, she returned to suck and lick more vigorously. The exposive force gathering in me might surprise her!

With the timing of a pro, Terri dialed down her sucking. She took a hard grip on my cock, pulled, and demanded, "Up on your knees. You two get in a 69. I want to see who cums first." Terri was an eager voyeur for guy-on-guy sex. Frank and I had amused her plenty before. My knees now held my cock up in front of Frank's face, and he lifted up to slide his mouth over the head of my cock. One of his hands tickled the back of my balls. He started sucking hard, so hard that it almost hurt. I kept quiet, since the slight sense of pain would prolong my orgasm, and I would probably get a reward for being last to cum. I concentrated on opening my throat to take Frank's cock all the way to the bottom, which brought a flow of saliva to lubricate my lips when I drew back to the tip. I knew a light, really wet, pressure would get Frank to cum.

Frank tensed beneath me. I felt him tremble. With a great effort and a little slack from me, he delayed his orgasm. Carefully, I licked, sucked, ran him down my throat, and slid around his cock head with my tongue. He held back. I milked a few drops of precum from his cock. His load would have to follow soon!

While Frank and I were working on each other so intensely, Terri had her head propped on a pillow for the view and one hand dancing over her pussy. She watched one end of our 69, then the other, driving two fingers into her soaking pussy. Her breathing was getting faster and shallower, rasping and almost gurgling. She got wetter. She took her sloppy fingers out of her pussy and replaced that hand with the other on her pussy. The first hand appeared from behind and under her, as her shoulder bent backward to extend her arm. One wet finger, then the second, slid slowly into her asshole. Now she pumped both her holes with glistening fingers. Frank and I were still teasing and tormenting each other when she shuddered into a massive orgasm. Her face contorted with the final strokes of her fingers, and she gave a combined moan and scream as she came. Afterward, she collapsed for a moment, two fingers of one hand still planted in her pussy and two on the other hand wedged into her asshole. It was an awesome sight.

Seeing Terri in our peripheral vision distracted Frank and I from our oral delights. I was sure Frank was about to blast my face when Terri recovered from her orgasmic daze and sat up. She barked at us, "Stop. Don't cum! Get on your knees facing me." It was her martial arts instructor voice, and we obeyed immediately. Dominance was Terri's great game, and we had always played for her.

Our cocks were both rock hard, standing out straight.

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