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Denise and I finally fuck after spending day at the beach.

Heck at twenty two dollars an hour the offer was too good to refuse. Angie thought all her prayers had been answered.

Angie was shocked at first when she first went to the agency but not being the judgmental type she quickly fit in and did the job like she would do any other job she would have gotten. The girls really seemed nice too. Angie found they didn't fit the stereo typical "call girl" at all. There were ten girls who worked regularly for the agency with five on call at any particular time.

It was a Friday night and the phone was ringing off the hook. Angie had been booking calls all evening and was down to the last girl. Tina was a busty older lady; Angela guessed her age somewhere around thirty five but Tina could easily pass for younger in the proper lighting. She had jet black hair down to her waist and the biggest boobs Angie had ever seen in her life. They had to be DD's. The phone rang again and Angela answered it in her normal soft spoken voice. The girls told her if she ever quit this job she would make a killing doing phone sex. She always blushed when the girls made that comment.

"Good evening, you have such a pretty voice!" The caller said to Angela.

"Thank you, so what is your pleasure this evening sir?" Angela said to the deep husky voice on the other end of the phone. His voice was deep and sexy and Angela was surprised to feel an instant warmth form between her thighs.

"Well I am looking for something in particular tonight and I hope you can help me. By the name I take it your agency caters to men who...lets say... like to venture through the backdoor?" The gentleman said to the soft voice on the other end of the phone.

"Yes that is correct sir." Angie asked the handsome sounding man.

"Perfect, then you can help me. I am in town for one night only and I request the presence of two lovely Anal Angels. I want them for the whole night and money is not an object!" He said.

"Can you hold for a minute sir?" Angie asked the man. He told her sure and waited for her answer. Angie didn't know what to do. She told Tina what the man had said to her and that money was no object. Both of the girls looked at each other because they knew they were in a bind, the other four girls were not going to be available for at least a few hours and this was a client they didn't want to loose.

"What about you?" Tina asked the plain receptionist. "You could do it and you would make more money tonight then you earn in a week!" The offer was tempting but Angie just couldn't see herself getting paid to have sex, and anal sex at that!

"I couldn't...I got kids and I am not as beautiful as you and..." She just kept making excuse after excuse but the thoughts of how much money she could make made her sound unconvincing.

"I can make you look like a hot slut! And I can see you really want the money, think of what you could get your kids. Besides if the guy is some sicko creep we can just leave before anything happens. No harm no foul!" Tina really needed this job tonight she had partied it up the previous weekend and spent way too much money and had her rent coming due. She needed Angie to join her and kept talking to her until she finally agreed.

Angie was so excited and scared she trembled when she got back on the phone. "Yes sir we can help you but I am afraid we only have Tina and myself available this evening."

"Well if you two are a quarter as pretty as you sound you will be perfect!" They came up with a price and Angela almost passed out at the amount offered, the final sum was four thousand each. Tina was good to her word and made Angie look like a complete fuck slut. She let her borrow some high heel thigh boots, black patent leather with silver shiny straps. She had on a blue and black leather corset which pushed her boobs out making them look even bigger than the 34C she was. The two girls now ready for the night got into their cab and made their way to the hotel where John Smith was staying.

John greeted the two hot sluts at the door and quickly exchanged the money.

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