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Jake asks his boss for a non-date evening but gets more.

Christianson." His mother stepped close to Gil's side and slid her arm around his bare waist, drawing her body against his.

"You don't need to be so formal Rob, we're all friends here." Gil was aware of the firm breast resting against his torso and the warm thigh leaning tight on his own bare leg. He could feel his loins tingling with growing excitement. Glancing down he noticed that the younger boy was responding to his mother as well, the bulge in the front of his shorts noticeably larger now that she'd joined them.

"You can call me Beth."

"Okay, thank you Beth." Rob lifted the glass to his full lips and took a deep sip.

"I was going to take a dip if either of you would care to join me."

"Great idea!" Gil pulled his mother closer. "What do you think Rob?"

"I don't have a suit." "No problem, I've got one you can use."

"You're more than welcome Rob." His mother's voice was at its most seductive and Gil knew he'd been correct in assuming she was baiting a trap for the boy. Suddenly it seemed she was intent of having both of them. He wasn't complaining at the idea.

"Okay, lead the way." Gil smiled, definitely interested in leading this teen along a way he probably didn't even know existed.

"Here you go." Gil tossed the diminutive bikini swim trunks toward Rob, then without comment stripped his shorts and underwear off. He could see the shock in Rob's eyes as the older boy stood before him completely naked, his prominent manhood already heavy with excitement. Gil stepped into his trunks then reached into the front to adjust his genitals, laying the shaft of his cock to one side before centering his well filled scrotum. Then he waited, making no move to give the boy privacy. Rob hesitated for a moment but then Gil's mother's voice called to them from the backyard and he began moving, fingers finding the zipper of his shorts before releasing the brass button.

He pushed the shorts down, dragging his underwear with it until the garments fell to his ankles. Gil indulged himself, eyes searching out the youth's genitals. While not as well endowed as Gil, Rob's cock was definitely going to be more than a mouthful, he mused, chuckling to himself at the thought. He openly appreciated the partially aroused organ falling in a lovely curve over the prominent scrotum as the boy pulled the tight nylon up his legs, then over his hips, fingers carefully tucking his genitals into the well designed pocket at the front of the trunks.

"Let's do it." Their eyes met for a moment before Gil turned to lead the way. He wondered whether Rob understood the significance of what just happened. No matter, he'd learn soon enough.

His mother was already in the pool. He could see through the shimmering water that she was wearing her most daring bikini, one guaranteed to drive this boy wild. They stood together at the edge of the pool as his mother slowly ascended the ladder in front of them. Water cascaded off her incredible body. Her bikini top did little but cover the aroused nipples at the tip of her heavy breasts, which poured out of every side of the tiny nylon triangles. The triangle between her long, slender thighs was equally abreviated and as Gil already knew from past experience, there was no back to her bikini bottom, only a slender cord lying between the tight, round cheeks of her perfect ass. She paused at the top step, her eyes meeting Rob's gaze, a smile slowly crossing her full lips. Then she was moving again, stepping onto the concrete apron before easing between the two boys and sliding an arm around each slender waist.

"How lucky to have such good looking young men to play with." She squeezed the boy's against her wet body and then began moving toward the edge of the pool. Quickly catching the spirit of the moment the boys joined her as three bodies went hurdling into the water.

They swam and dove, splashed water at each other, took turns hurling Gil's mother into the air to splash water on all of them.

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