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I told her to come and sit in the chair beside my couch. She did and I stood over her at my six foot two height with my now hardening and expanding cock only a two feet from her face. I started to play with it with one hand and pulled on my large nut sack with the other hand. Maybe I thought I was finally getting to her. The thrill of the pursuit of this lovely young virgin almost had me cumming too soon.

I stopped jacking to slow myself down and told her, "Please Trixie raise your skirt up so I can see how wet your panties are."

She looked me straight in my eyes then looked down at my hard cock standing upright by itself, twitching with each beat of my heart. She then slowly raised up her skirt up to her waist. She had cute little pink silk panties on under her slip and there was a very big wet mark on the crotch.

"Trixie, you are so wet with pussy juices. I'll bet your cunt tastes just as sweet as fine wine."

Trixie finally spoke, "Oh I am so hot, Michael, you're making me so hot be naked and all your dirty talk. Oh my gosh I've got to touch myself." She took her fingers, pulled her panties aside and stuck first one then two fingers deep in her dripping pussy.

Her labia lips were already swelled up with her arouse blood. I could see a not so small now clit pecking out under it's skin hood. With her thump she do the dance on it while her shoving two fingers up her sweet little cunt. So, this little fox with the sexy name does know how to masturbate.

I sat down on the couch and started to pump my cock again. Trixie stood up came to me and kneeled on the floor beside me. She bent her head down and rested her chin on my leg just above my knee. She said, "I have to get a better look at your big testicles and how you're jacking your big cock."

"Oh my, I called it a cock didn't I," she said? Cock and balls, look at Michael's big cock and balls. That is so naughty and dirty to say," she said, giggling. "I've never, never said those naughty words before. Oh, so hot, so naughty, so nice to talk this way. Your cock is so big, hard and beautiful. And what glorious super big balls you have. I do so love to see those."

She placed both hands on her panties and dug her fingers through the silk material to get to her pussy. Then she pulled her panties down to her knees and started to masturbate herself with great intensity; two fingers up her twat with her thumb pressing into her clit.

She moved her face up my leg a little closer to my cock. I was now pumping my cock just inches from her mouth and face. I though that maybe she was going to lick the head of my cock she was so close.

I realized that when I ejaculated where I was now aiming that I was going to shoot my spunk all over her. I didn't tell her to move back. I didn't care if my cum went all over her. In fact I knew I was going to give her a face full my man souse in just a few seconds now. It would serve her right for being this close to a man's cock and not taking it in her mouth.
It felt so good to be naked and jacking off in front of a fully clothed young woman, or should I say a little 18 year old virgin girl. A young lady who now was almost losing it with her fingers doing a dance on her cunt.

How could this young woman still have hymen tissue still intact if she did herself before as she was doing now? Trixie had almost her whole hand up in her pussy now; all four fingers were up in her to her nickels.

Her head and eyes were like someone watching a tennis match except instead of the watcher's heads going back and forth, Trixie's eyes were going up and down following my hand stroking my cock.

I had so much lube on my shaft, it just glistened as the 'O' shape formed by my thumb and fingers traveled all the way from my balls to the very end. I was very getting close.

She asked me, "Does it feel good when you travel the full distance from your cock's end to the base of your shaft?"

I answered her by telling her and then showing her how I was moving my hand, "It feels good wh

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