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A writer describes a sex scene to his wife, driving her wild.

.. fuck mee ahhh ahhh ahhh. Ahhhhh tumahara lund kitna mota hai (your dick is so big) ahhh faster ffffaaasssttteeerrr oooohhhh I said am about to cum in her asssss ... Ahhh ahhh ahhh oh ahhh I flooded her ass with my hot semen gradually and slowly I exited her ass... We both collapsed in each other arms.

I asked her to share what happed last night, she told me that her boss introduced all staff to their MD. From starting only MD was ogling at her body he seems interesting and hence was interested in knowing what I do.

Sensing his interest my boss told me to join them for the days meeting. Once our work was over MD invited my boss for a round of drinks to his hotel. My boss immediately asked him if it's ok to call Ritu along as she is a nice company to be. MD got the hint and agreed.

Ritu got a call from her boss who briefed her regarding meeting at MD's hotel and told her that this will be a perfect opportunity for her to seduce him for her better prospects in the company. She said she first went to a mall and purchased a short mini skirt and changed into the new dress, then she went to MD's hotel.

Both the men were already there and were drinking. She said the moment her MD saw her in her new mini dress he was fucking her every part by his eyes. All 3 of them started having drinks with her MD again and again praising her beauty and figure.

This went for an hour and all were feeling tipsy now. Then her boss stood up and took Ritu by her waist to their MD. He told him that as a gesture of thanks he wants to present Ritu as his mistress for the night to make his stay memorable.

She is a great company and it will enjoyable for him. She immediately took the hint and approached her MD for a deep smooch and started creasing his dick over the trousers. He was all erect. He told her boss that he will never forget this lovely gift as he has been thinking about her since morning and fucking her will be a true pleasure.

They both went to the adjoining bedroom. He attached her like a wolf attacking a fresh pound of flesh and almost torn her clothes. He striped all his clothes and was jacking his erect dick with his hand.

Once she was naked she went down and started sucking his dick. After some time he said he can't hold it anymore and fucked her like a beast. He kept pinching her nipples hard and pounded her pussy very hard. He came in her pussy and laid down for a while along with her.

Then he went out after wearing his clothes. Her boss asked there MD how was it he said it was amazing experience fucking such a sexy women. Ritu's boss requested him for his turn to fuck her now, he said go ahead how can I say no.

Then Ritu was fucked in her pussy by her boss as well. Once he came out he told there MD that in next trip he should fuck her ass as she is experienced in getting her ass fucked. Her MD followed by her boss fucked her ass and while dropping her home early in morning her boss again fucked in the car at building parking. She told me that cum which I have licked clean in the morning was mixture of both of them.

I was hard again but she told me to hold my loins for the evening as she will call her friends - Aarti and Sherya for an orgy. My brother will have a variety of pussy today.

I was desperately waiting for evening, as the same arrived I heard our doorbell rang. There came in 4 people. 2 girls and 2 guys. Ritu called me and introduced me to them Aarti was dusky with plump body, huge boobs and a big fat ass.

She was accompanied by her boyfriend Rohan - smart and tall boy. Then Ritu introduced to me to Sherya , she was fair with mango sized boobs puffy lips meant to suck dicks, well-shaped legs and a sexy ass. Her boyfriend name was Amit.

Ritu took my hand and made me stand in between Aarti and Sherya and told me that we both will have a feast , she went to Amit and Rohan and starting rubbing their cocks and asked them boy's interested in fucking me... one of them started pressing her boobs and other one started groping her ass.

Aaarti and Sherya started creasing my dick which was rocket

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