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The total degradation of a married couple.

Another time we were in one of those Indian Casinos, she kept turning my way and spreading her legs. Then a waitress came up behind her and asked her if she wanted something to drink just as she was doing that, catching her by surprise.

That was hilarious. The waitress was an older lady, and she sure had a huge grin on her face.

I was teasing her on the way home, one thing led to another and we ended up in a park making the Jeep's springs bounce.


It was two in the afternoon when I more or less herded the Jeep up a narrow trail off the South end of Century drive. That couldn't be called a road, it really was more of a trail. Several times I had to get out to drag a Pine branch out of the way.

The dirt on the trail showed some motorcycle tracks but no vehicles, there almost never were any.

The place I was headed for was little more than a wide spot, but there was a creek, and we hadn't seen a single soul.

Sally grumbled the whole way, I just ignored her.

Why in the hell did she even come along if she was going to gripe all the time was beyond me.

We rolled out and made a camp, got a fire going after clearing a spot for safety. It was actually on the warm side out, but I knew that wouldn't last, nights often dropped well below freezing up there.

Sally began to complain even more, first it was the bugs, so I sprayed her down, then the spray stank. Next the fire was smokey, then when I rolled out the pup tent she bitched about that.

"I thought Sara and I could use the bed, why don't you take the tent?" She asked me.

"No way in hell, I want to be with Sara." I let fly. I guess I sounded crabby but she was getting on my nerves.

"Well, jeez, don't get your balls all in an uproar, it's going to be cold out here and there are animals." She looked around like she expected a Cougar to jump out at her any second.

"If you want to sleep inside, it will need to be with the two of us!" I told her, figuring there was no way in hell she would want to be crammed in there with us.

She looked at me, then at Sara.

"OK." She said.

Crap. Just crap! I had plans on getting laid, Sara had plans too, I could tell since she had been teasing me and rubbing my leg the entire trip. Now there was no way.


I don't care what anybody says, it is hard to get comfortable when you are jammed up against your wife in the back end of a Jeep and her sister is on the other side of her wearing just her panties and a tank top.

I peeled off my pants down to my briefs right in front of her, thinking it might embarrass her, but it didn't. She just dropped her own jeans and then did that thing women do, which is take off the bra without taking off their top.

Of course Sara didn't even have a bra on, she never does.

I finally did go to sleep, but it was miserable. At one point I heard Sally trying to roll over, then later I felt what I think was a hand on my ass. When I moved the hand moved off of me, maybe it was Sara, I don't know for sure. But I did finally manage to sleep.

It was around 4 in the morning when I woke up, and it was getting damned cold. I scooted up and turned on the key, started the engine to warm things up. The lights come on when the key is turned, I realized I could not see outside the frosty windscreen.

Then it hit me! It was snowing. No way in hell was it supposed to snow but it sure as hell was. I rolled down the side window to take a look and got a face full of snow. Glancing out, it was a good half inch and coming down very fast.

I went back to the bed, snuggled up to Sara. I had one of those feelings a person can get? Snow was not a good thing, not where we are.

"Oh, it's so pretty!" Were the words that woke me up again. Sally was sitting up, looking out her side which was closer to the trees.
I realized we also had some wind up, the snow was light and fluffy, swirling every which way, not helping at all.

I slid back the covers and reached for my clothes that were stacked on the front seat. All I had on were my briefs but by then I wasn't concerned.

I did n

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