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Her 'much bigger' comment pisses Walker off but he responds with a pleasant: "That's my girl. Come over here." Walker is sitting at bottom of the large bed. Cameras follow her movements. Walker had the sophisticate video recording cameras installed in order to produce adult videos and web casts, one of his several businesses. The video is broadcast to a private website that Jack, Susanne's husband, is reluctantly watching.

She sits on the bed next to him. She lends back on her elbows. Walker lights a stick of marijuana, takes some, and gives it to Susanne. He watches as her addiction makes her such a pleading pathetic weakling just as he has planned. She likes the drug but also the dark side of life and sex.

"Look at Randall, he really wants to fuck you," Walker tells her. She can see the outline of his pulsating cock pushing on the skimpy red briefs. His black muscular thighs shine with heat, as he stands tall in front of them. While she is watching Randall, Walker moves behind her and eases off her bra; she lifts her arms to assist. Her rounded globe shaped breasts burst perpendicular as if on a shelf. Her pronounced nipples strain forward. "Randall would like to see you masturbate," he adds.

She likes the exhibitionism of the situation with the two lewd men. She's always like to tease guys with her beauty and sex. It started when she enticed and encouraged her peeping-tom brother and his friends. She recalls the excitement of masturbating for them. At college parties she was the one in the not-so-private bedroom getting laid; usually with the most sought after guy who she just met; sometimes with several. She 'reformed' and married Jack but his lily-white demeanor bores her.

She strips off her leather slacks. She leans back and slips her hand in her black lacey thong. Looking them in the eyes, she removes her panties and spreads her legs. Her fingers gently stroke her slit as her lips expand.

Jack sees the magnified view of her two fingers fucking herself. As Walker holds her, Jack sees the third finger and her wedding ring disappear; he knows it is all over for them. He wants to turn off the computer but he knows, or suspects, there will be a next step from this nameless slim called Walker.

"Randall, I think Susanne wants to see more of you; she likes black cock," Walker walks to Randall and lowers his briefs. He takes Randall's cock in his hand and strokes it slowly. She's never seen two men at it before. She is caught off guard by shift in this venue.

Walker watches Susanne looking at him stroking Randall's extended cock; he bends down and takes Randall into his mouth as Randall slowly gyrates.

Walker likes that Susanne has a naturally petite frame and large boobs. At 5 feet one inch, Walker wishes she were a bit taller as many of his clients, like Randall, are over six feet. He overlooks this since she is so attractive and classy. Walker turns to the control light; Jack is still on and active. His closure plan is working. He has been working on Susanne and Jack for over three years. His prides himself on his patience and thorough planning. "Come here," Walker tells her.

She moves towards them and gets on her knees next to Walker. Walker rubs Randall's dick around her lips and in her mouth. Then he rotates it from between her mouth and his.

Walker hand is around her rubbing her ass and crack. His fingers comb her wet pubic hair, his thumb pushing into her ass. Jack cringes as he hears her scream "fuck me".

Walker releases Randall from the chain and they drop to the floor.

Randall kisses her mouth and massages her breasts. Walker teases her cunt and ass with a small silver vibrator in the off position. Walker carefully opens her lips and folds without touching her clit. She squirms and humps trying to reach it.

Her mouth opens for Randall and their tongues press hard.

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