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Kelly has a medical exam.

Her skin kept tingling, her breath coming quick and irregularly. Sian couldn't help but feel incredibly turned on. She was dripping wet and her palms were sweating.

"Do you want me to do your back too?"

Sian's eyes snapped open; she had almost forgotten Lilly was still there.

"Uhh, umm, No!" She almost shouted it at her twin. "I think I have had enough of the sun today, thanks, err, I'm going to get a shower." She wasn't sure if all she said was understandable but before Lilly could say anything, Sian was already heading into the house and out of sight.

Once up in her bedroom, which she shared with Lilly, Sian quickly locked the door and tore off her bikini to furiously masturbate on Lilly's bed.

Down stairs Lilly was all smiles, she had been lusting over her twin for a while now and couldn't resist rubbing her hands all over Sian as she lay out in the garden all sweating and teasing. At least that is how she felt, she had thought "the hell with it, I need to feel that toned body, to hell with the consequences!" Sian's body was athletically toned, but not too much, just how Lilly loved it. She had spent a couple of minutes just staring at her sleeping twin on the sun bed, using the time to build up the courage to go through with her plan to use the lotion as an excuse just to feel her. Sian, with her perfect B - C cup breasts and beautiful face framed with her blonde hair. Lilly could tell she was having an effect on Sian from the very beginning of the impromptu massage, she could see how wet she was from the darkening patch of Sian's dark blue bikini bottoms between her legs. Lilly could even smell her arousal when she leant over her twin, which just encouraged her even more.

Despite the effect she knew she was having on her twin, Lilly knew she couldn't rush Sian. She didn't want to ruin their relationship as it was already so she must be patient. She loved her twin as more than just a sister and wanted more than anything for her to know it. Even if it meant Sian didn't see her the same way. But if there was a chance that Sian felt something, anything for her, then Lilly planned to take it.


After multiple orgasms and a shower which had included another, Sian was relaxing watching TV in their bedroom when Lilly finally came in from sunbathing downstairs. Sian was contemplating what had come over her, why she had needed to release some sexual tension by fantasizing over her own twin sister!? The house was quiet, being the only ones in for most of the day Sian heard Lilly from all the way down stairs to the kitchen.

"Want a drink!?"

"Yeah! Coke Please!" Sian responded, although she had no idea why she asked for a coke, all Sian and Lilly drank was Coca-Cola. Lilly would have known to grab a coke anyway.

"Ahhh they are lovely and cold" Lilly was saying as she came in their bedroom looking slightly red from her sunbathing.

Their bedroom is quite big, but then again it had to be, they are the twins of their family and the house wasn't big enough for all the siblings to have their own bedrooms so the twins had always shared. The door is in one corner of their rectangular bedroom; to the immediate right a set of Chester draws with their TV on top which is in the centre of their bedroom against the wall. Directly opposite against the opposite wall is a bed side Chester draw which has an alarm clock and a lamp on top. On each side of the centre of their bedroom are the beds; Sian's bed directly opposite the door and Lilly's bed on the other side of the centre, they both only having single beds. Their bedroom is easily big enough to be able to walk around all three sides of their beds with their head boards being up against the furthest wall from the door and TV. Their only window is on the wall furthest from Sian's bed which overlooks their garden and finally opposite Lilly's bed is their pride and joy, mess of a walk in closet/wardrobe.

Sian was laying reverse on her bed on her front with her head towards the TV with her legs curled up and feet in t

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