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The beginning of my story and my first day at a bordello.

p to the OB-Gyn for a pelvic exam have turned into this?

"Don't worry Delilah darling," Sabrina had returned from the other room in a black leather corset, and seated herself on a chair at the foot of the bed, "there will be a woman present to supervise your experience. After all, that *is* policy at the hospital with a male physician? Oh don't look so alarmed, I really think you could enjoy this." With that, she lounged carelessly in the chair, watching expectantly.

Mikhail rounded the bed and ran a heavy hand up Delilah's spread legs. "Lovely creamy skin. And black stockings! What a treat, I find it hard to believe you're still a virgin in these." Despite her fear, she was beginning to feel ever so slightly aroused at his smooth, eastern European-tinged words. "In fact, I think I'll leave these on. Sabrina, did you bring the toybox? Ahh yes, here it is."

Delilah tried to scream when she saw the wicked looking switchblade in his hand. Instead of cutting her, as she'd feared, he instead used the handle to trace her pussy lips through her black satin panties. "These have to go." With a flip of his wrist, he sliced off her panties, exposing her to the cool air. "Mmm, my isn't this quite a sight." Moving further up her body, the knife made short work of her bra and she closed her eyes as her nipples instantly hardened.

At the foot of the bed, Sabrina reached into the toybox and pulled out a small vibrator. Spreading her legs farther, she flipped the 'On' switch and pressed the tip to her clit through her own soaking wet panties. Watching Mikhail at work was such a treat.

A moment's search in the box and Mikhail rose with a pair of tiny silver clips attached to a chain. "These, Delilah are nipple clips. I hope you like them as much as Sabrina does. Don't struggle ma cherie, I promise you'll come to love them." Delilah winced as he attached them slowly to her hard nipples, fitting the chain into a clasp on her gag. The chain was pulled tight enough that she couldn't move her head without tugging on her already aching nipples, and she moaned with the wash of pain/pleasure sensations.

"Good," he whispered in her ear, fingers tracing her exposed pussy lips, "that's a good girl." Delilah bit into the ball gag with renewed vigor as he pulled sharply on the chain a few times.

"Next up," his voice slid over her and managed to make her pussy ache, "I'm sure you know about toys. In fact, the doctor said you answered yes on the questionnaire about using them on yourself." His sensually full lips curved into a wicked smile. "I have something I'm sure you'll like. I know Sabrina loves hers."

From her position looking straight between Delilah's spread legs, Sabrina nodded in absentminded pleasure. While Mikhail was busy with the clips, she'd liberated a thick jelly dildo from the box and was slowly fucking her dripping pussy with it. "Get on with it, mmm? I'm so wet I can barely stand it."

Mikhail smiled indulgently. "This," he held up a small plastic butterfly with thin black straps, "is to make sure you're having a good time." He laid the butterfly over her crotch, centering the nubs on its body over her clit before fastening the straps around her thighs. A push of the button on the powerpack and the butterfly hummed to life, its vibrations teasing her clit with waves of pleasure. Delilah struggled against the shackles, trying to break free at the same time her hips thrust upward, trying to intensify the vibrations.

"I told you she would be a little whore," Sabrina remarked in satisfaction.

"I didn't disagree, did I? Time for the next step though, before she gets too excited." Another trip into the box revealed something Delilah had only seen on sex toy websites, and her heart began to beat faster. In Mikhail's hand was a purple jelly dildo, curved in a U-shape with two bulbous tips and extending almost seven inches in each direction. "I'd say she's certainly wet enough."

Delilah bit the ball gag harder as he pressed both tips to her pussy and ass simultaneously.

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