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Horny in the Jacuzzi.

Are you flipping kidding me? We GOTTA check out this shop!"

Dan crossed his arms. "For once, I agree with the tiny terror."

"Aren't you the least bit curious, Katie?" asked Sara.

I shook my head. "No. There's too much wrong with this picture. I have a bad feeling."

Dan threw out his arms in exasperation. "Fine, you can stand out here then." He yanked the door open and disappeared inside. Sara and Liz quickly followed after.

I looked to the sky with a Why Me? expression, then muttered, "Well, someone has to make sure they don't get into trouble." Taking another deep breath, I stepped into Dark Tidings.


It turned out the place had a bell above door. I grimaced as it jangled, announcing my presence. I didn't want that; I wanted to be inconspicuous. However, my discomfort was forgotten as I surveyed the interior of the stop. There were shelves everywhere, floor to ceiling, filled with what must've been every bauble, trinket, toy, token, and oddity east of the Mississippi. And the shelves stretched far into the distance, beyond, it seemed, the dimensions of the building. An airplane hanger couldn't fit all the junk I was looking at. Must be some kind of optical illusion, I decided.

Dan, Sara, and Liz were standing there gawking just as I was. Dan stepped out in front of us, flapping his arms like some flightless bird. "Can you believe this place?" He was about as animated as I'd ever seen him. He began a closer inspection of some trinkets and soon Liz and Sara were there along side him, oohing and ahhing.

"Yah, it's pretty unbelievable," I muttered under my breath, stepping deeper into the shop, my eyes roving over the wares. There were beads and bone carvings and books and bottles of...stuff. And still other items which I couldn't even being to classify. Everything was placed haphazardly, with no discernible order to any of it. It must take a photographic memory to find a needle in this stack of needles, I mused. Suddenly, I wondered about the proprietor, and what kind of man he was-

Then I heard a noise, and saw a flash of movement in the corner of my eye. I spun on a heel and standing before me was a woman. She was tall, dark of hair, and exquisitely beautiful. And voluptuous. Symmetrical. Sensual. Sexual. Perfect. Drugs had all but killed my libido over the last few years, but this amazing creature managed to stir up old and scarcely remembered feelings. Annoyed, I gathered up those feelings and stepped on them hard. You are not entitled to such things, I chided myself.

Though it was difficult to look away from her, I spared a glance for my friends, and found them transfixed by this vision.

The woman smiled as if sensing our inner turmoil, and then she spoke. "Welcome to Dark Tidings. I'm Callyx, proprietor."

What a voice! Honey and sex, velvet and steel. And poor Dan lapped it up like a squirming little puppy dog. The rest of us were not much better off. I gathered myself as best I could and managed a reply. "H-hello, nice to meet you. My name is Katie. These are my friends: Sara, Liz, and Dan."

After I made the introductions, Callyx fixed her dark gaze on each of us in turn, repeating our names, rolling them around her exquisite mouth. It was almost physically painful to do so, but I tore my eyes away from her to study my friends' reactions. Sara was clearly entranced by Callyx, her blue eyes dreamy, the tip of her tongue darting out to glisten her lips. Liz's fingernails began to lightly stroke her inner thigh when the obsidian eyes trained on her. When Callyx turned her attention to Dan, he moaned audibly and began unabashedly rubbing at the growing bulge in his jeans. Callyx smiled like a cat who had licked the cream. Then it was my turn.

"Katie," Callyx purred. "That's a lovely name." She smiled a thousand-watt smile, and my eyes snagged on her teeth. There was something just a little odd about them, but I couldn't seem to put my finger on it. "What can I do for you and your friends, Katie?"


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