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Master takes her anal virginity.

"Lay on the table." Morgan ordered and she knew exactly what he had in mind. She laid on her back on the dining table and tilted the head backward over the edge.

He smacked his dripping dick across her dirty face couple of times, then slowly pushed it back where it belonged. It slid with ease deep into Sarah's throat, until his sweaty balls reached her nose. Slowly building up the rhythm, he gazed up onto the rest of her naked body now displayed across the desk; Perky tits finally free of her dress swaying in a rhythm of his fucking. Trained muscular belly to die for. Silk panties, soaked with her scent and juices. Her right hand down there, gently rubbing her clit. And those long perfect legs, spreaded and leaning on the other end of the desk with her feet.

He slid his hand across her body, burying his two fingers into her went cunt for a taste. He was a master tease, Sarah wanted to cum with him, but didn't let her. What was he up to? He just gently massaged her over the now-soaked panties, just enough to keep her where he wanted, while maintaining the rhythm of fucking her throat. Every time her hands drifted closer to her pussy, he pushed them away.

"Not yet, Sarah." He moved her arms behind her head and grabbed them by the wrists. He was now using her arms as leverage to keep pushing his dick firmly into her. Seeing her spreaded like this and in total control of the situation, he was in a position for the final assault. He picked up the pace and fucked away. Faster and deeper with every stroke.

He was surprised he lasted this long, most guys would cum in mere seconds after Walker would wrap her sexy long tongue around their dicks. But he fought very well, until he just could not hold it back anymore. His pumping became faster and he gripped her stronger before the blow. Sarah knew what was coming, but was still in for a surprise, she thought Morgan would cum sooner and give her a nice facial. That didn't happen, he kept fucking her throat the entire time.

Morgan didn't say anything, just muffled sounds of joy before blowing his load into her. He let go her arms and firmly grabbed her head with both hands to keep her still, just as he started to cum. This was the final cue for Sarah.

Streams of hot cum very soon struck the back of her throat multiple times. He pushed all the way into her and just hold it there, arched his head back and closed his eyes to fully take in this magnificent feeling.

"MMMMMHHHH..." moaning in pleasures he never experienced. Sarah was fighting hard to swallow it all and not choke on it. Her hands waived around like she was drowning, even though she was trained to survive waterboarding. It was definitely more to take in than what she expected at the beginning. No wonder he was so nervous around her lately.

As the orgasm was fading away, he slowly opened his eyes and directed his view back down onto her. Sarah's gorgeous body, squirming and fighting to take in all of his load, spreaded across that table like a trophy. Just imagine what would be like to cream all that load deep into her puss...

"OOOOHHH..." catching his breath, Morgan guided both of his hands across her body, as she was gagging on his throbbing dick. After being so beautifully satisfied, he removed himself from her. Sarah now finally caught some fresh air. Loud gasps said that she was out of it for quite a while. All that cum making its way towards her belly didn't help either. She quickly rolled on her side and coughed couple of times. Her chest was moving noticeably with her heavy breathing.

"You came so much..." It was definitely a lot for her to take in right now. But she quickly gather her thoughts together, settling down her wild heart beat and breathing.

"It's been a while.

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