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James & Juliet prepare for their weekend.

I felt her body quake as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. She sniffled and looked up to me, wiping the back of her hand over her cheeks. I reached down and buttoned up her blouse.

"Anna, I like you -- no matter how much skin you're showing." I told her, looking at her face.

Anna wiped her wet eyes one more time, then brushed her hair aside. She licked her lips, then leaned into me. Her lips met mine as her hand slid around to the back of my head, urging me closer. I felt her tongue dart over my lips as I opened my mouth. Her full lips were supple and wet as they tugged at mine. My hand slid over her back, pulling her to me as we kissed. Her breathing had increased and I began darting my tongue out. Eventually we pulled away, staring at each other, breathing hard.

"Wow..." she gasped, wide-eyed.

I laughed, then nodded, licking my lips.

"So, does that count as incest?" she asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"It's getting closer." I answered.

Anna slumped back on the sofa, looking up at me. "Let me know when I'm there." she whispered.

I reached out and held Anna's left hand, rubbing my thumb over her knuckles. She brought my hand up to her mouth and placed a kiss on the back of it, then pressed my palm to her chest, just above her left breast.

"Feel my heart? You've got me excited, Chris." Her arm went limp at her side as I felt her heart pulse against my palm.

"You're not the only one." I assured her.

My hand slipped down towards Anna'a left breast. She did not resist as my fingers glided down over the swell of her firm mound. She looked down, watching as I cupped her fleshy mass, then smiled.

"Has your dad ever done this to you?" I asked as I gave her breast a squeeze.

Anna shook her head. "No. Never."

Anna's breast felt wonderful in my hand. It overflowed from my palm as I held it. Then her earlier comments echoed in my mind. I pulled my hand away, feeling guilty.

"Anna, you don't have to let me feel you to make you like you. I already do -- a lot." I told her.

Anna leaned away from me, looking up with wide eyes.

"I know. That's why I want you to." she said.

Anna reached down to my hand and brought it up, holding it to her left breast again. She smiled into my eyes as she pushed it against her.

"I like it when you touch me, Chris. It makes me feel sexy."

"I like touching you because you're sexy." I countered.

Anna giggled, making her breast move over my palm. "I wish I had met you years ago. Maybe you would have prevented me from making some mistakes." Her eyes fell towards the floor and she looked sad.

"I would have been too young then," I reminded her "maybe I am now."

Anna shrugged. "Young is good. Teenage guys are always horny; I bet you're no different."

I blushed.

Anna wiggled closer to me, wrapping her hands around my waist as she leaned on my chest.

"Don't worry about our ages, or anything else," she whispered "just hold me."

I did as Anna asked. We sat together on the couch, not talking, until it was close to when she had to go to work.

"Crap, I should be going to work." she said, looking at her watch.

Reluctantly, I pulled my arms from around her as she sat up, reaching for her purse.

"Movie tomorrow?" she asked, standing above me as she tugged her purse strap over her shoulder.

"You bet." I said.

Anna gave me a relieved smile. "Cool -- then it's a date!"

Before I could reply she leaned over, bracing her hand on my right shoulder, and kissed my cheek. She dashed out of the room even before I was able to close my gaping mouth.

Anna had barely left the driveway as she walked towards the bus stop when I began missing her.

Chapter 3

That Sunday I woke earlier than usual -- although not before Bob or my mother. I was filled with anticipation and arousal at the thought of going to a movie with Anna. Any time with her at this point, regardless of what we were doing, was welcome. As I stood in the shower, running a soapy hand over my hard cock I realized that I was falling in love with Anna. I froze, reflecting on my epiphany, as dread washed over me.


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