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Captive to evil.

After moving my finger in and out for a minute or two, she felt very wet indeed, so I decided that I would have a taste of her sweetness. I instructed her to hold her cheeks apart, so I could get a really good mouthful of her clit, lips and juices. She tasted heavenly!! I pushed my tongue so far into her damp, pink, warm hole that my nose was pressing against her puckered asshole. After drinking my fill from the furry cup, my cock decided that it was time for some action, so in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, I lowered my trousers, took out my cock and guided it into her wet, welcoming pussy. By this time, the combination of sex in the open air and sex with a stranger turned me on so much, that I found myself coming in no time at all. Next dilemma was whether or not to come inside this girl. Before I could make my mind up, I felt the familiar sensation of the vinegar strokes and I was pouring my load of jism into her waiting pussy.

My mind started racing about the consequences of her finding her pussy loaded with come, so I thought that I'd better give her a bit of a clean-up. I suddenly had a fantastic idea, I instructed the man who had been sitting next to the girl at the bus stop to stand up, get on his knees and lick the girl out, making sure he emptied her of as much of my spunk as he possibly could. I told her to push her pelvic muscles and squeeze out my spunk into his mouth. The feeling of power that I had over him made me feel special, as I watched him get himself covered in my semen. Once I felt that he had done a good enough job I told him to stand up, wipe his face, take a drink of her Coke and sit back down, instructing the woman to do the same.

I headed back home to decide what to do next, as the implications of the situation I found myself in were huge! As I approached my front door, I spotted my neighbour frozen in position, almost with her key in the front door. I thought that the deliberating over my predicament could wait, as here was an opportunity I couldn't miss. I had fantasised over my next-door neighbour for months and months, since I first moved in. She was blonde, nearly six foot tall, with legs to die for and a small pair of perfect breasts. I know, as I had seen her sunning herself in the back garden. Unfortunately, she had never even given me the time of day, let alone a view of her blonde box. I told her to open the door and go inside. I thought that having her in the bedroom would be too boring, so I told her to go into her lounge. As she stood in the lounge, I started to slowly undress her, whilst all the time, she stared ahead with a blank look on her face. As I got her completely naked, I backed away to get a good look at her. I wanted to capture this stunning view on camera, so rushed next door to fetch it and a few extra rolls of film.

She was exactly as I had left her, standing up straight, legs slightly apart, her wonderful, small breasts pointing to the ceiling and her blonde bush, (I was right!) long and straggly at the top of her never-ending legs.

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