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Meteor crash turns women into sluts. Is there a cure?


We went into the living room where Allan was waiting in a sheer thong with an obvious erection and Carole said to him "you'll have to wait for your turn, today is about Jean." She went on to explain that he would be included but she wanted to introduce me into the fun of female sex, just sheer enjoyment of each other. Allan would then be invited into the mix and we would all have fun. Meanwhile he should stay dressed as he was and watch without touching his cock.

I was a bit dumbfounded by all this but I had enjoyed the kiss and wasn't about to fight a new experience without at least giving it a chance. Allan's little submission at the first party had worked out well for us both.

I again found myself in Carole's arms and being expertly kissed while her hands explored me, just my back at first and then lower down and stroking my bum which was a very pleasant sensation. She started to touch more of me and was fondling my boobs until I was getting quite turned on and wet.

I started to caress Carole and was feeling her tits through the sexy clothes and quickly hiked her skirt up and started to stroke her pussy feeling the little nubbin of her clit under my finger. Carole moaned softly as she neared an orgasm and I slid my finger in past her knickers to her wet gash and inside, she came loudly and I was nearly in the same state.

We then started to undress each other kissing each part uncovered until we were both wearing just stockings and suspender belt. We lay down on the sofa and each started to excite the other by caressing, touching and kissing on areas we found pleasant when they are done to us.

Eventually after 20 minutes or so we got round to eating each other's pussies. Needless to say I wasn't that good at it as I hadn't done it before but I remembered what Allan does to me that excites me so I just did that, varying my technique depending on Carole's' reaction.

We both got very turned on and were coming over and over again. Ever the thoughtful husband, Allan got up and went to find some vibrators for us and I noticed his cock was rock hard so he must have been suffering. We hardly needed more stimulation as I was fucking myself on Carole's face and she was bucking all over the place. The vibes just sent us both into ecstasy and we came so hard we collapsed.

Allan then came over to us and gently stroked and caressed us on the back and neck until we calmed a little and could breathe again. When she had recovered Carole reached out for Allan's cock and stripped him of his thong. She just climbed onto him and sank the full length of his pole moving very slowly but Allan was too excited by the show so he came very quickly. We all relaxed and Allan went to get wine for us all.

Later, when we had enough energy we played as a threesome all of us trying their best to excite whoever they were concentrating on. Allan had Carole bucking on his lips and fingers within minutes and she started to really come hard so I joined in licking and biting her nips until she came so hard that she collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Allan then started working on me and after five more orgasms he just slammed his cock in my pussy and after a short time came like an express train pumping hard into my pussy. I had one final orgasm at the same time and I then had to beg him to stop as I couldn't breathe. Allan loves to take me to those heights but knows he has to stop when I ask.

While cleaning up in the shower, a difficult thing to do with three people all soaping each other, we were chatting with more wine and Carole said that Allan could excite her as well as any woman ever had plus he had the cock when a hard pounding was required.

I said that he had actually studied how to turn women on, finding the erotic zones and where the g spot was and we practiced as often as we could.

We have had many sessions with Carole and other women including a whole group of women in what turned out to be an orgy, although it had not been planned.

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