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Their husband's indiscretions.

They had known my mother for years and loved visiting me so they could gawk at her and this was the first time they had ever seen her completely naked.

"If you don't want to play basketball you're quite welcome to stay here with us," said my mother.

Before either of them could answer my father appeared and said, "Hello, Mark, Daniel... David, can you look after your mother for me I need to go to work?"

"Hi, Mr. Cook," they replied trying to hide that they had been gawking at my mother's naked body.

"I'm sure David and his friends can take good care of me," replied my mother.

"Good... have fun and I see you later," said my father as he walked out the house.

Both my best friends kept staring at my mother's naked body as they thought about what my father had just said.

When she opened and removed my robe to reveal my naked body and gave my hard cock a couple strokes and said, "Do you boys want to join us in the bedroom?"

They both looked at me in disbelief and when I gave them a shrug off my shoulders. Daniel said, "We would love to Mrs. Cook I mean Lisa."

My mother took one of their hands in hers and led them towards the bedroom with me following close behind them. I watched as my mother began to undress my friends as their hands roamed over her breasts and felt her hard nipples. With their pants and underwear down around their ankles and their hard cocks poking out my mother kissed the tip of each of their cocks before taking turns at taking their cocks into her mouth.

"Oh fuck Lisa, I've dreamed of you sucking my cock for years," moaned Daniel.

"So have I... fuck I'm so close to coming," screamed Mark.

My mother started bobbing her head up and down on Mark's cock faster. Her mouth was wrapped tight around the shaft of his cock sucking him hard wanting to get at his young cum.

"Oh fucking hell this feels so good," screamed Mark as he grabbed my mother's head and started to squirt his cum into her mouth.

My mother swallowed everything he shot into her mouth and as soon as he had finished and had removed his cock. She turned and took Daniel's cock into her mouth and started sucking on his cock again.

"Your mother gives great head... better than any of the girls at college," said Mark.

"Yeah she certainly does... wait to you feel what it's like to fuck her?"

"We can fuck her... you're going to let us fuck your mother?" Daniel excitedly asked as he started pushing my mother's head up and down on his cock faster.

"You can do whatever you want to her," I told them as I watched Mark trying to encourage his cock back to full hardness.

"You're a lucky cunt having a mother that lets you fuck her," said Mark.

Daniel started grunting as his cock exploded and started to fill my mother's mouth with his cum. His eyes were closed and he was taking deep breaths and looked like he was going to collapse as my mother sucked out every drop of cum he had out of his cock.

As soon as Daniel had removed his limp cock from my mother's mouth Mark helped my mother stand up and then pushed her down onto the bed. My mother giggled and opened her legs letting him see her soaking wet cunt.

"David, your mother is so fucking hot... I can't believe I'm going to fuck her," screamed Mark.

Daniel and I watched as Mark rubbed his cock up and down her cunt serval times and then pushed the head of his cock between her cunt lips and with one quick thrust drove his cock deep into her cunt.

"Yes, fuck me hard... I'm a slut," yelled my mother.

"Fuck Lisa, your cunt feels fantastic," moaned Mark as he began thrusting his cock in and out her cunt.

"David, come closer," my mother yelled holding out her hand.

I moved next to her and she wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled me closer and then took my cock into her mouth. I held her head steady as I started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. My mother reached out with her other hand and began fondling Daniels limp cock trying to stroke it back to full hardness.

We were definitely looking after my mother just li

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