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A love he never expected comes to him.

" I stepped towards her and hugged and kissed her again. This time, she hugged me back.

We had totally forgotten that we were outside and that other people were walking past until I heard a third person say "Nice." Liz and I broke our embrace and turned to see an older couple standing about ten feet away. Apparently, they had watched us dry each other. I could see Liz blush a little. She hurriedly grabbed her fanny pack, took my hand, and led me back to the room.

As we entered the room, I did have hopes. However, Liz turned to face me, grinned, and said, "That was fun. Now, I think that we need to get back to work. We haven't seen Smith or Lewis yet. First, you need to go get me coffee."

I went back downstairs to the coffee/pastry counter by the pool. Fortunately, they did coffee the way Liz likes it. I dutifully took her coffee back to the room. When I knocked on our door, Liz opened it and I handed her the coffee. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said "Thanks. You're a dear." I was unreasonably gratified by that.

We went out onto the balcony while Liz drank her coffee. Picking up on her business tone, I asked, "What are you thinking about finding Smith?"

After a sip of coffee, Liz replied, "I think that we spend another day by the pool and keep an eye on the bar. Two reasons: First, I don't have any better idea. Second, he's his own boss. I expect that he starts his weekend early. I'm also guessing that they will come to the pool area or the tiki bar. That seems to be the center of activity here during the daytime. They live here. Why would you live here unless you want to socialize naked?"

What Liz said made sense, but I couldn't help smiling at how she said it. "So, we wait to see if they show up at the bar and give us an opportunity to socialize naked with them?"

Liz smiled. "Yup. I'm just showing off my tits, ass, and pussy in the service of my government."

"How are you doing with the nudity?" I asked.

Liz gave that some thought. Finally, she said, "When we were first told about this assignment in Arlington, I was mortified. I said to myself that there was no way I was going to run around naked with other people. But, I realized that saying no meant giving up my job. I was pissed that I'd been put in this position. While we were prepping in Cleveland, I just put it out of my mind. You were great. You didn't mention nudity once. When we got here yesterday and I had to confront taking my clothes off, well, you know what I went through."

Liz took another sip of her coffee. "Yesterday and this morning, I've really surprised myself. I'm enjoying going naked. I know people around the pool looking at us yesterday, while we ran this morning and," Liz giggled, "and while we were showering. I actually enjoyed that. Can you believe it? I actually like the fact that complete strangers are seeing me completely naked. What about you?"

I thought about my answer. The truth was that I had reached the point where I'd do just about anything to spend time with Liz Carden naked. Saying that would be a mistake. I tried to craft a truthful answer that didn't sound crafted.

"I had pretty much the same reaction as you when we were in Arlington. I had never thought much about nudists. I mean, I knew that nudists existed, but I just dismissed them as wacky or perverts. The people here don't seem wacky or perverted to me. I have to concede their point: it does feel better to be outside with no clothes on. Like you, I'm enjoying the fact that people are seeing me naked. Maybe it is easier because I don't know these people. Of course, it helps that I have a really great person as my partner on this."

"Great person?" Liz asked rhetorically. She stood up and cocked a hip. "Doesn't this killer body mean anything to you?" she asked, grinning.

I smiled. "Well, of course, I'm enjoying being naked with the most beautiful woman I've ever met."

That seemed to catch Liz off guard.

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