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The trip continues as well as the explorations.

"Well let me get started and see what I can do, shouldn't take too long."

"Okay, I'll be in the living room."

I waited for a few seconds, thinking I would hear her walk down the hallway, then I got the feeling I was being stared at, like I was a little exposed. That's when I realized what it was. I was in such a rush this morning, I didn't put on my boxers before I came over - and had left my belt at home. My ass probably looked like it was popping out of my bluejeans, and she was staring at it. At moments like this I am glad I have kept my six foot frame in shape with daily exercise. I turned my head and all I saw were here ankles and the bottom of her robe.

She has caught me before as I stared at her walking away in one of her revealing bikinis, or my eyes drifting to her breast as we talked before. I couldn't resist saying, "You like what you see?" I couldn't help flirting with her from time to time, especially when we were alone.

All I heard behind me was a sigh and the sound of her feet softly walking away.

For the next thirty minutes, I worked twisted under that sink - all the time having to drag my mind back to the job at hand instead of thinking of her naked body in front of me as I pumped into her from behind, fingering her clit and anus, pulling her hips into me as I went deeply inside her.

After I finished, I cleaned up what little mess there was and turned on the water. I wasn't a bit surprised that it worked. When I called her to brag about my expertise, she didn't answer.

In the living the living room the TV was on, but the couch was empty. I could hear some movement upstairs and I knew they didn't have any pets, let alone kids since my brother couldn't have children.

I called her name again from the bottom of the stairs and began climbing them when I didn't hear an answer. It was still a little early, about 9:00 am, and I thought that she might have gone back to bed. As I approached the bedroom door I noticed it was partially open and I could hear the sound of movement again. Not wanting to startle her I peered through the crack in the door and saw her on the bed, the discarded robe on the floor beside her. I had a full view of her naked body as she laid there, masturbating with a wide purple vibrator. With her eyes closed she moved it between the lips of her wet pussy and the other hand softly across her perfectly shaped breasts, tantalizing her body with each touch. Just from spying on her, my cock began to grow, trying to burst out of my jeans.

As I reached down to adjust it, I must have bumped the door, causing it to open with a squeak. She sat up quickly, hands and arms trying to cover all her exposed areas as we just stared at each other for a second. A smile graced her face as her eyes undressed me and she sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and spreading them wide so I had a full view of the wetness between them.

Our eyes locked on each other and I walked into the room, not saying a word as I knelt on the bed between her legs and began licking her wet cunt. My tongue traveling along the lips of the pussy as my hands massaged her breast. She moaned as I moved a hand to her wetness and entered her with my fingers, moving them around inside her, locating and rubbing the one spot that drives most women crazy. I moved my fingers in and out, slowly at first, then faster as her body began to tremble. I felt her pussy throb tight on my fingers as she whispered, "Oh God! Fuck me now, I want your cock inside me."

I stopped and stood up, slowly undressing as I watched the anticipation in her eyes. She gasped at the size of my cock as my pants hit the floor and laid back on the bed.

"Turn over and kneel in front of me." I said.

She moved quickly, kneeling on all fours at the edge of the bed.

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