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Wife gets turned into a whore.

Next time will be worse. Do you understand?!" Mistress shouted.

"Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry." I quickly replied with tears building in my eyes.

"Now sit the fuck down and eat all of it, piggy. I know you can. You've polished off plenty of meals this size, haven't you?" She asked, her voice becoming more furious.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress." I quickly replied, hoping to please her by thanking her. I didn't want to see her angry. All I want to do is please her.

"Good." She said, her voice calming slightly. She turned towards her more senior slave, looking to lash out. "Get in the film room, whore. Time to make some money. Get the black monster out and lube it up."

"Yes, Mistress." She replied, hoping to mask her fear and unwillingness. She quickly left the room and disappeared down a hallway where I heard a door open and shut. I wanted to know what was going to happen to her. I wanted to know what was in store for ME. I would have to be patient and do what I'm told until then. I didn't want to upset Mistress Shauna. I sat down and started to eat.

"Now you make sure and eat all of it. I'm going to take care of some business and will be back in a few minutes. You better not throw it out because I will be checking the garbage when I come back." She calmly instructed as I kept my eyes on my plate.

I replied "Yes, Mistress."

She left the kitchen and entered what I'm assuming was the same room as Dick-slut. I did my best to pace myself so I didn't fill up too quickly. But I also wanted to finish before mistress got back. I heard a "CRACK!" so loud it startled me, followed by a yelp. I heard it several times again in the period of a few minutes. After that I started to hear rhythmic whimpering, followed by the occasional "CRACK!" and Mistress barking inaudibly. I barely made out the words "faster" and "harder."

I managed to eat most of my food pretty quickly. "I am a fat pig..." I thought to myself. My curiosity go the better of me and I got up off my chair and tip-toed towards the room where they both entered. She must've been hasty about closing the door, since it was cracked open a few inches still. My eyes widened and my pussy juices started to flow down my leg. Mistress Shauna was standing there naked with a menacing bullwhip in her hand. She was standing next to a short table, but I couldn't see more than a piece of the table. I could hear a rhythmic thumping sound, accompanied by a wet, sloshy sound. My curiosity blinded me as I cracked it open even more. I almost came when I saw Dick-slut straddling the table with a very large, black dildo, about 14 inches long, disappearing into her asshole. Her back was facing me but I could hear the pain in her voice as she pleaded Mistress. Every time she pleaded, Mistress wound up and cracked the whip on her backside.

That was followed by a forced and barely audible "Thank you, Mistress." She continued to bounce up and down on the massive dildo. Expertly reaching the tip with precision, then slamming back down with all of her weight while letting out a deep and guttural grunt.

"Yeaaaaa. Good whore." Mistress said while rubbing her own pussy. I wish I could see Mistress' beautiful pussy. I didn't get a good look at it in my dark room while she smothered me with her ass last night.

"You want to cum, Dick-slut?!" Mistress shouted.

"Unnnnngggghhh Yes, Mistress! Please make me cum!" The impaled slave shouted.

"Get it all the way in you and present that cock for me, whore." Mistress barked.

Dick-slut eased the full length into her and rested on the balls at the base. Mistress pushed down on her shoulders until the balls disappeared into her asshole as well.

"AAAGGHHH!" The slave cried out as mistress bent down and roughly grabbed her massive cock.

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