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Jess gets her virginity taken by her brother's best friend.

Fuck, what I saw knocked my senses. It turned my own cock raging stiff. I was being voyeuristic with my own wife and a new comer in our lives.

"You look great," I heard Todd tell Kay.

"Thanks! Come over for a dip."

"Sure, why not but I don't have my trunks."

Then without asking another word, he took off his shirt to reveal a ripped and much tattooed body. Then he dropped his pants and dived in his skins into the pool. Kay's hands went to her face, as she saw his monstrous tool dangle between his legs. I decided not to come out of the kitchen. Kay came over, her cheeks red with embarrassment. Before she could say anything, I grabbed her gave her one long lingering hot kiss.

She felt my cock and knelt down to free it. As her lips wrapped around my cock, I leaned back on the counter. She deep throated and soaked my sack with her saliva. Then suddenly she got up and kissed me again. Then she looked me straight in the eye and I saw the lust in hers. I just nodded my head in silent acknowledgement. No word was spoken, as she dropped her towel and walked towards the pool. In that moment of hot lust, we both wanted Todd to fuck her - Now! I wanted to see her getting fucked before my eyes. Todd was easily a ten incher. Through the window my eyes were glued to the pool, as I stroked myself. My wife was gonna be fucked and I had the window seat for the show. Crazy!

As Kay dived and surfaced next to Todd, he pulled her close and their tongues locked. They were both biting gnawing and sucking the wind out of each other. Todd lifted Kay out of the pool and carried her to the recliner on the deck. He held her ankles and lifted her legs apart. Stopping for a moment to look at her juicy pussy, he spread out the butterfly flaps and caressed the pink wetness with his sturdy fingers.

Kay moaned with pleasure, "Oh ya ... hmmm ...aaah ... Yess ... yesss" the moans were pretty intense and her perky nipples were swollen stiff. As Todd wrapped his lips around them, she arched her back to thrust her tits into his face. She liked a bit of roughness on her tits and Todd gave her just that. He switched from one tit to another, while his fingers were whipping the cream in her pussy. She thrust her ass up trying to reach his cock, which was throbbing to enter her.

Todd suddenly dropped his face into her cunt and dug his tongue in. She held his head and pulled him in, grinding her pussy into his face. Her legs stiffened and gripped Todd's face as her body went into a shudder. I had never seen her come so fast. As she ebbed out of her orgasm, Todd moved forward to place his cock next to her lips. His cock was so knobby and the mushroom head glistened with pre-cum. Kay parted her lips to eagerly taste him. Soon both her hands were wrapped around his cock and still the knob stayed free to bob in and out of her mouth. Drools of saliva wrapped Todd's cock as it serviced Kay's full lips.

Todd had now settled into steady rhythm, stroking his huge cock into my wife's lips. I think he wanted to dump a load in her mouth. My own cock was stroking to their rhythm and I wanted to cum at the same moment as Todd shoots his load into my darling's lips. Every now and then he slapped her cheeks with his cock before stuffing it right back into Kay's eager receptive mouth. She wanted to be fucked hard and ravaged by this man. The slut in her was alive to the core and she played the perfect bitch for Todd - the man of the moment. He had the dick she needed and she had to opportunity to take it, while I encouraged her to live her lust, which was equally connected to mine.

As I saw Todd lean back, I knew what was coming, even though I never saw it shoot into Kay's lips, till she could swallow no more.

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