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They lay together arms and legs tangled, he lifted a love worn weary head, looked at her and kissed her, Katy kissed him back.

After the long kiss ended, he gazed into her gorgeous hazel eyes, they looked a big as dinner plates, even Ricky had to admit to himself that, 'she truly is so beautiful and so fucking sexy.'

He rose from her, Katy watched as he rose, she had nothing to say now. He had completely seduced her, and aided to the nth degree by her treacherous body and her sexual needs.

He never spoke, he just bent at the waist and easily picked her up. She found her voice. 'What are you doing?'

'I'm taking you upstairs to bed, I need to fuck you again, and you need to cum some more. This way we'll both be happy,' he said, as he walked of the room with her in his arms. Katy regained her senses now, he was taking liberty's and she wasn't having that!

'Put me down, you are not taking me up stairs, and you are not going to fuck me again, that was the first and last time, put me down now!' She shouted in his face. This was all said as he reached the top step and carried on to her bedroom.

Before she could say much more he was climbing onto her bed, and his erection had returned. 'Now to give her a fucking that will teach her who's the boss around here.' He told himself.

Katy fought him now, she struggled to get away, she screamed, he slapped her face hard, it shook her rigid, no one had ever slapped her before, she was in new territory. But it had the desired effect, she didn't scream again. But she did continue to fight against him, he forced her onto her stomach. 'There's only one way to deal with this,' he said to her.

Grabbing her wrists and holding them in the small of her back, this effectively immobilised her. Katy kicked her feet, and shook her lovely head. But she was down now.

That's when the first blow fell, the flat of his hand cracked against an exposed buttock, before thundering down on the other. Katy screamed into her bed sheets. Now realising her predicament, she begged him to stop. 'Please Ricky don't, I'll do what you say, oh Ricky pleeeeease?' By this time another 4 or 5 blows had landed. Katy was beaten completely now. 'Ricky, I'm yours, please Ricky please?' she sobbed.

He stopped and let go of her wrists, they drifted to her thrashed and red raw buttocks.

Ricky lay at her side and gave her a few moments to recover. He was annoyed still. He hated it when any of his bitches reared up. This was a lesson he dished out routinely.

Katy was quietly sobbing next to him, he looked at the soft swell of her luscious body, her back moved as she sobbed and breathed, her arse rose wondrously from her lower back and dropped to her terrific pins.
Katy slowly rose on to her elbows, turned her head and looked at him.

'Come here,' he told her, she did. She wrapped herself in him. Katy had never been caught like this, it was utterly new to her, to be beaten and shown the error of her ways, made her realise that there was more to life than she had known.

'Suck me off Katy.' It wasn't a request, it was an order. She immediately slid down his body and swallowed his growing prick, Katy got between his knees and knelt before him, knelt before her man!

She went at her task like a new employee trying to please her boss. She sucked licked, nibbled and pulled at it with her mouth. It was now fully erect and alive. She sucked a hard nut into her mouth, whilst wanking him with a hand. Then she swapped it for the other one before making her attempt at making him cum, she succeeded.

His hips bucked, he never warned her he was going to cum, if she had tried to lift her mouth of him she would have failed, his hand on her head would keep her in place. But Katy had no intention of not taking it all, she swallowed the lot, gulping it down, and she sucked and sucked as his weapon deflated.

She lay now prone on her bed between his legs, she had done him, she was proud of herself, she had taken him now, he was hers right at this time.

Gently easing herself up to him, she crawled into his arms.

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