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Intro and Sam sees Vivi for the first time...

The tall, lovely and curvy young Middle-Eastern woman would come into the bank in downtown Ottawa on a weekly basis, and she always deposited cash into her account. Weird, eh?

Look, a lot of us are peculiar or quirky in our own way. It's just human nature. Most of us are creatures of habit. Still, the fact that Afaf Saoud always came into the CIBC on Thursdays or Fridays, with an envelope full of crumpled cash, kind of alarmed me. I looked at her account and saw no deposits from the Canadian government or any employer. Nope, this broad got paid cash, whatever she does, and always came to the branch to make deposits.

In today's insane world, you simply cannot be too careful. The bad guys and bad girls who kill people, blow up buildings or poison entire households aren't like something out of the movies. Nope, these people look like you and me. You know what the scariest thing about sexual predators, mass murderers and serial killers is? These men and women are disturbingly...ordinary. They're likeable, and seem quite normal. Until they kill you.

I should mention that I recently got diagnosed with acute paranoia. I don't look like someone who suffers from mental illness. I'm six-foot-one, lean and athletic, with light brown skin, curly Black hair and light brown eyes. I'm an educated and somewhat successful person of color living and thriving in Ontario, Canada. I'm a proud member of the University of Toronto Alumni Association. I donate to various charitable organizations such as the Ottawa Humane Society. I'm a very normal guy, whatever that means.

Alright, I'll stop with the lies. I'm not normal and neither are you. Define normal. You can't, can you? I once had that argument with my previous girlfriend, Sadia Winston. The tall, bodacious Jamaican sister whom I met during my first week in the City of Ottawa is definitely something else. Dark-skinned, long-haired, curvy and sexy, with a big chocolate booty. Just the way I like my women. Unfortunately, Sadia is bossy as hell and passive-aggressive to boot. I liked her a lot, but saw no future for us. That's why I broke up with her.

Now, in a town like Ottawa, what goes around comes around faster than you can imagine. I think every Black woman in this town is in some way connected to Sadia, because they've all given me the cold shoulder since I split with her. That's why a lot of brothers only date White women. Once you split with a Black chick, she makes it her business to spread nasty rumors about you across the Black community. Next thing you know, you're persona non grata in the dating game. I got tired of the female bullshit and decided to focus on work instead.

Like many guys with too much time on their hands, I began following Afaf Saoud around. When you work for the bank, you can access people's confidential information easily. Social insurance numbers. Work permits. Study permits. Driver's licence cards. Ontario provincial ID cards. We've got all kinds of information on file. I found out that Afaf Saoud lived in Vanier, and went for a walk there, in the hope of bumping into her. I saw Afaf coming out of a Loblaw's and followed her to some house on Montreal Road. I went upstairs, and found out the pretty Arab lady worked at a massage parlor.

Curious, I went in and paid the lady at the counter, specifically requesting the services of our Middle-Eastern lady friend. I wanted to bust her right in the act. I was led to a room, where I undressed and lay down. Afaf came, but this time, her Hijab and long robes were gone. The lady looked hot in a red tank top and Black leather miniskirt, with a baseball cap on backwards. Grinning, Afaf called me by name. Busted, I thought.

Look, I tried to get out of there, and made up all kinds of lies which Afaf saw right through. Laughing, the lady told me that she knew I liked her. Since I didn't want her to realize I'd been stalking her because I thought she was a terrorist or something, I went along with it. I thought Afaf was a masseuse. Nope, the pretty Arab gal was a dominatrix!

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