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Toys and Windows and Neighbors Oh My!

If it were not for his arms around her she would have fallen to the floor.

He eased his fingers away from her, and moved his hand up as he displayed his hand over her lower abdomen and pressed her back against him, making her feel his erect shaft as it pressed intimately against the small of her back.

"You see it is not so bad, we can make it work" he whispered in her ears as he held her to him possessively.

Yes. She thought as she regained her breathing, maybe it wasn't so bad after all.


There was a car waiting for them as they arrived to Athens, Nick led her to the big limousine keeping a firm hand on the upper part of her arm, he let her precede him as the driver opened the door for them, closing it after Nick was seated beside her.

It took them about twenty minutes to reach their destination which was a small ancient church to Jenny's amazement. She raised her inquisitive eyes to her to be husband.

"What did you think? A cold register office? No, my love, marriage is a lifetime binding that has to be blessed by God, even if the circumstances were strange, but this is for you to know once we are joined by marriage there will be no way out of it" Nick informed her, the determined look in his eyes making her shiver in uncertainty.

Nick led her inside the small church, and then to a small room to the right he pushed her inside and said "Get ready, you have ten minutes" and left her alone and closed the door behind him.

To Jenny amazement there was wedding gown displayed on the small cot and there were matching shoes. She touched the ivory satin tentatively as she ran her fingers on the embroidery of tiny flowers on the satin surface, enjoying the texture of it under her fingers. She slipped off of her sundress and struggled with the heavy wedding dress until she had it on, but she had a problem with zip that ran along the back.

She slipped the shoes on before she turned around to look at her image on the mirror placed on the far side of the opposite wall. She didn't recognize herself, the dress fit her perfectly, and the bodice was snug that her soft beasts were pushed up tantalizingly against the material. The tiny sleeves fall to her arms, barely keeping the dress in place. The waist fit her narrow waist perfectly before it widened slightly around the hips in layers. The layers of fabric were attached to the sides and resting in soft bows in the front of the dress to the floor.

She turned in time as she heard the door of the room opening, and she sucked in her breath for her bridegroom looked dashing in his black suit. She couldn't prevent herself from getting proud of him. He was breathtaking.

Nick looked at his bride in awe, she was so beautiful, he felt a thick lump of emotion rise to his throat, he pushed it down as he approached her slowly, stopping before her he took both her hands in his and raised them to his mouth, kissing each one in turn before he said huskily "You look like an angel" he leant down and brushed a kiss on the top of her left breast before he straightened and pressed his lips softly on hers.

"I got something for you" he said as he took a black long velvet box from his pocket.

She took the box hesitantly from him. She gasped in delight as she opened it and found a pearl necklace with a big diamond in the middle with a matching earrings lying inside.

She raised her eyes to him "It is beautiful Nick. But I don't think it is right to accept it".

"You are my wife. Why shouldn't it be right to give my wife presents?"

"Because ... because I fear that maybe I will lose it" she said feebly.

"No, you will not lose it and I insist that you put them now" he watched as she slipped the necklace around her neck, the pearls looked dim against her beautiful skin, he thought.

"Now are you ready" he asked as He smiled down at her.

"Wait" she blushed as she turned her back to him pushing her hair aside "I couldn't do it on my own".

He chuckled as he looked down at the smooth expanse of

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