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Peter is no typical stud--yet ladies find him irresistible.

Then with both hands free, he got to his knees and began to slide her jeans and panties down. His heart leaped with joy again as Ginger raised her hips to help him remove her interfering garments. As he slid them to her ankles, she kicked her dainty feet free of them. Joe pushed them out of his way and moved between his daughter's legs. "You're so beautiful", He whispered. He lowered himself to lying on his stomach with his face only inches from his little girl's pussy.

Ginger encouraged her Dad by taking his head in her hands. She held her breath in anticipation as his tongue slipped between her nether lips. She guided his head up to her burning clit and gasped as he licked it. The exquisiteness of the sensations made her toes curl. Ginger felt the heat travel outward from her clit into her tummy then outward throughout her body as she tensed herself for the orgasmic storm about to explode within her. She shuddered, then began to buck her pussy upward into the face causing so much pleasure. She pushed her pussy into her daddy's face, pulled at his head with her hands as though she wanted to take it inside of her. An intense orgasm ripped through her body. The pleasure was overwhelming. Her whole being embraced it and cried out for more! She pulled on her dad's hair trying to get his pleasure giving face closer into her to give her more of the wonderful pleasure. All too soon the pinnacle of her pleasure had passed. As the pleasure waned, she ran her fingers through her dad's hair and told him how wonderful he made her feel. He continued to gently lick her pussy gently, avoiding her sensitive clit until she relaxed completely into a post orgasmic bliss.

Joe moved up to lie next to his sexy daughter. He slipped his arm under her neck and cuddled her to him to ease her post coital trembling. He tenderly kissed her face, then he held her close. The trembling continued. Joe rolled her up on top of him and hugged her. She snuggled her face into his neck, kissed it, and then relaxed as Joe rubbed her back. Soon the trembling stopped.

Almost as soon as Ginger's trembling stopped, her squirming began. She became aware that her legs were straddled over her dad's and she could feel his warm hard cock through his jeans against her tummy. She needed to feel it more. Soon she was feeling it against her clit. She moved a little and squeezed her clit on it. She discovered that a little movement could pressure it then release it, just like masturbating, only better, much better. Oh God! It was so much better.

"Honey, let's get naked so we can both enjoy this." Joe raised his daughter's sweatshirt and helped her out of it. Then he unfastened her bra and she pulled it off."

"Here, let me help you now." Ginger moved off of her Dad and unfastened his belt.

Joe lay breathless as his daughter unzipped his jeans and began to tug them down over his hips. He raised his hips for her and let her take them off. Then he pulled his shirt off and laid back down holding his arms out to welcome her back into them.

Ginger ran her fingers along her dad's hard cock for a moment, "It's beautiful", she said. Then she laid back down on him with her legs straddling his as before.

Joe placed his hands over her perky young breasts and rubbed his palms over his little girl's erect nipples causing her to moan and shift a little over his cock.

Ginger rubbed her daddy's little nipples in return, then she gently pinched them. "Does that feel as good to you as it does to me?" she asked. She rocked a little and felt her daddy's big cock slip into the wetness of her labia.

Joe was so excited; his balls ached like they would burst.

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