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Nude Day triggers a loss of virginity.

And then it was here, time to leave work and fuck! We drove without saying much of anything. We didn't touch much Mark did hold my hand sometimes and sometimes he had his hand on my thigh. We looked at each other with hunger and lust in our eyes. Jesus I remember how my pussy became wet and aching as we drove. I was on fire. I was hotter for sex than I can ever remember being. I was a slut inside. And then we were pulling up to the motel. Mark got the key to the room and we parked behind the motel.

We walked fast to the door and he opened it. We walked in and turned to each other. We came together and kissed each other hard and long as we undressed with our lips locked together. Then we backed off and stripped as fast as we could. When we were nude I saw Mark's cock already rising and becoming super hard very quickly. We merged our bodies together and held each other kissing and sucking on tongues.

Then as we turned towards the bed Mark picked me up and carried me to it. He laid me down and asked me one last time if I was sure. I spread both my legs and my arms offering him my body completely as I said: 'Yes! I'm completely sure baby! Fuck me."

I was already wet and so ready to have him inside me now. It was a hunger so bad I could have screamed: "FUCK ME!" at the top of my lungs. But Mark was a good lover and he went down on me licking and sucking like he knew I loved so much. It only took a few moments before I was bucking and arching up off the bed as I pumped my pelvis into his face and held his head as I fucked myself on his mouth. Usually I moaned and moaned as he licked and made me cum but today I was saying; "Good! So good! Oh yes Oh yes Mark lick me!"

Things like that were coming out of my mouth as I pulled on his body and had him turn so I could get to his cock. I sucked and sucked on it as he licked and sucked on my pussy. As he became as hard as he could get he finally pulled away from my mouth and hands and moved between my legs. He came up and over me and asked: "Take it in your hands Bonnie and put the head into your opening."

I knew what he was asking and I did it. The head of his cock was now directly at the opening of my pussy tunnel. I moaned again for him to fuck me. We smiled at each other and we both knew this was it!

Mark pushed and the head of his cock began to penetrate my hole. This was only the second cock I had ever had in my life. He pushed slowly lovely and easy as he worked his cock deeper into me. We could both feel it going into me. "Oh yes baby!" he moaned.

He kissed me and pushed again; I felt his balls on my ass and knew he was fully inside me. I held him tightly with my arms and legs wrapped as tightly around him I asked: "Please Mark! Don't move! I want to feel you inside me! Hold still, don't move yet Mark. Please let me feel your cock in me."

He held still for a few seconds, maybe a minute with his cock throbbing inside me. I could feel its wonderful fullness deep in my hole. So wonderful so deep inside me I could actually feel his cock jumped and throbbed with his excitement. And then told me: "I have to move baby! God I'm dieing here. I have to move now. I have to pump!"

And he began fucking me now. In and out, in and out his cock moved against the walls of my vagina. Every time he pushed into me his cock went nice and deep and we both heard his balls slapping against my rear end. When he stopped to rest a minute I could feel his balls resting on my ass. He was fully inside me when he stopped pumping. I began to lift up and down and Mark circled my thighs with his arms and lifted my legs. I could feel him move even deeper as he began to pump again! "Oh God babe! Oh yes Mark yes", I was moaning the words now with each thrust!

He was moving faster now and I knew he would cum soon.

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