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Intro and Sam sees Vivi for the first time...

I left work early and drove the 200 miles to her house. Michelle had told the area where she lived and of course I knew her phone number. So I looked up her address (fortunately there was only one possible choice) and with the help of a purchased A-Z I found her house. It was spring and by the time I arrived there it was already dark.

I rang Michelle from my car using my mobile phone. Normally we talked about our day or just about anything __ I feel you need to talk to understand how someone is feeling and also to let them know how you are feeling. Today though was different.

What are you wearing I asked Michelle virtually straight away.

Jeans and a blouse, she answered, why?

Because I want to know how I'm going to undress you.

My you're keen tonight, she laughed.

I'm keen all right, I'm going to make tonight the best ever.

That's a tall order; we've had some goooood times.

Michelle! I'm holding your chin up and I'm slowly and tenderly kissing you.

Slow down; let me go upstairs where no one can see me. Ok she said a few moments later with a gentle laugh, obviously deciding to humour me. I'm ready for your attention.

I want to mentally watch you whilst you undress so tell me what you're doing.

This was a slight deviation from our normal routine as usually I did all the talking.

After a brief hesitation Michelle said, I'm sitting on the bed and kicking my slippers off, now I'm leaning back on the bed and undoing my jeans...and sliding them slowly down my legs.

What are your panties like? I asked.

Light blue and very brief.

Run a finger gently over them tracing your lips.


Only once, I commanded


Now continue.

I'm slowly unbuttoning my blouse and letting it drop on the bed.

Run your hands over your breasts

I'm ahead of you there, I'm feeling my nipples through my bra.

Take it off I ordered.

Yes sir! Michelle laughed. I'm taking me panties off as well so I'm naked for you. Now it's your turn she commanded.

Ok, I agreed, lie on your bed and let me kiss you. I then spent a good twenty minutes describing what I was doing to Michelle's naked body. By the time I had told her how I was sucking at her clit and licking her love juices she had come three times.

Fuck me now she said.

This was the moment I'd waited for.

Ok but first I want you to go downstairs and open the front door and then go immediately back to your bed.

There was a sudden quiet at the end of the phone before it dawned on Michelle that I was outside. A few moments later I saw her door open but I looked away. I did not want to see her yet. Michelle was soon back on the phone, her voice full of desire, anticipation with a little fear thrown in. It's open she said. I knew as I was already walking towards it.

Do you trust me I asked?

I think so.

Are you still excited?

More than ever I think, she replied.

Good, I said, as I closed the door behind me and went up the stairs.

Can you hear me coming up the stairs I asked.

Yes, I'm in the first room on the right, she said pre-empting my next question.

I'd started to undress as I went up the stairs, pausing at the top to remove my jeans & boxers. As you can imagine I was as hard as rock.

I want you put the phone down and place a pillow over your face I said still into my phone. I walked into her bedroom and was pleased to see that she had done as I asked. I was even more pleased to see what a great little body she had.

Open your legs please Michelle, I said, speaking for the very first time directly to her.

Again she did as I asked and I positioned myself between those beautiful limbs careful not to touch them. I wanted our very first touch to be my cock on Michelle's cunt.

It worked, I managed to guide my throbbing member to her pussy's lips without touching anywhere. Michelle was that wet that I slipped straight in up to my balls.

Michelle groaned that now familiar sound.

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