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Sometimes all the wrong reasons makes something perfect.

His cock was stiff and straining up towards the ceiling.

After she had finished she walked back up the length of the bed, trailing her fingers up his shin, thigh, hips and chest. He shuddered and licked his lips.

"Oh baby, you are so amazing. You have done everything so... so perfectly."

"You think so?" She purred, staring down at him.

"Oh yes."

She smiled and ran a finger over his nipple, letting the nail drag gently over the tip. He inhaled sharply.

"I am glad you are so..." She paused and looked down at his cock, then back at him.

"... pleased" she said. As she smiled down at him the doorbell rang. He frowned slightly and then smiled again.

"I guess we'll have to pretend you aren't home." He said. Clara chuckled.

"Now that would just be rude now wouldn't it." She turned and walked slowly towards the door, her beautiful round ass swaying.

"Clara?" Jim's smile faded and he tried to pull himself up.

"Clara, what are doing?"

"I am answering the door silly." She answered without looking back at him. When she opened the door he began struggling wildly against the restraints.

"Clara! Clara!" She didn't respond to him as she greeted whoever was at the door. Jim strained to see and caught a glimpse of a large definitely masculine hand wrap around Clara's waist.

"Mmmm..." she sighed. "I am so glad you could make it it"

"Clara! This is not funny anymore. What's going on here?" She walked back into the room leading a tall blond man by the hand.

"Jim meet Mark. Mark, this is Jim." Mark smiled and nodded his head toward Jim who started to struggle again in vain, his cock now wilting from the shock and embarrassment.

"Clara! Untie me now!" She just laughed and shook her head.

"No, Jim. This was your idea, you wanted me to be more adventurous, to tie you up and... What were words? Oh yes 'get freaky'. So this is me getting freaky" Jim stopped struggling since it was obviously not going to get him anywhere. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself.

"Look, Clara, this is not what I meant. Okay? I'm sorry for pushing you on the whole thing but... you've made your point okay? Just untie me. Please?" She laughed and leaned back against Mark and he started caressing her arms and shoulders.

"Hmmm... Let me think about it... Nope." She laughed again at his expression and turned to wrap her arms around Mark. Jim watched as this man bent down and kissed his girlfriend as if he wasn't lying there tied to the bed. Mark's hands slid over her back and down to her naked ass.

"Clara! Stop this! Right now! Clara! Clara!?" She broke away from Mark's embrace for a moment and took a step towards the bed.

"You know if you keep yelling like that, Jim, someone might hear you. Do you really want someone to come in and find you..." She took hold of his cock, which for some reason was rock hard again.

"... like this." Jim fell silent and completely gave up his struggle. He watched Clara turn back to Mark and drop down onto her knees. She stared up at him while he undid his pants and pushed them down around his hips. They were close enough to the bed that Jim could see the veins on Mark's throbbing cock as he slid it into Clara's mouth.

Mark was rougher than Jim would ever dare to be with Clara. He grabbed her hair and thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked and licked and gagged but she never once asked him to stop or slow down. After a few minutes Mark pulled her to her feet and spun her around. She bent over and braced herself against the bed, her hair brushing over Jim's hip and his still hard cock. Jim couldn't turn away. He was riveted to the vision of his girlfriend being fucked. Clara grunted as Mark slid into her pussy.

"You see Jim, this is how a real man fucks.

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