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Peter Parker vs. bad girls.

Why in Oblivion would you think that?"

Edovan didn't say a word, but his eyes unconsciously shifted toward the old woman who was intensely puttering away with tubes and beakers. Staan caught the glance and looked in her direction as well.

"Majj! What did you do!?!" he said accusingly.

The old woman ignored them both for a few seconds, but they both continued to stare at her until she looked up, exasperatedly.

"Whaaat? I just told him what the commander said," she answered, resuming her work at the station, swirling some blue liquid around in a beaker while holding it up to the light.

The look on Staan's face showed he wasn't buying it. His visage became surprisingly stern.

"Majj... what did you say to him? Your. Exact. Words." Staan said with a sudden air of authority. "Don't make me pull rank on you."

It occurred then to Edovan he didn't even know the guild rank structure, though he had to imagine Staan was pretty high up to outrank the lady in charge of the infirmary

She put down the beaker she was holding and looked up at them sullenly from under her eyelids, with her head tilted toward them.

"Whaaaat? Just said what she said. He needed to pack his shit and go. Not my fault that the rookie took it the wrong way."

She ignored them both again and went back to her blue beaker. Now she was tapping it lightly against a shelf like she was trying to shake something out of it.

"Oh for the love of Mara. That's not what she said at all! She said to make sure he took all his gear and got out of here by a half hour till sunrise. The client gave express orders that they are to meet at sunrise!"

Staan turned back toward Edovan, looking as apologetic as possible. "I'm sorry, Eddo. Majj may be great at healing people, but she's not so good at peopling. Anyway, we don't have time for this. We have to get you dressed and on the road, or the Commander will have both our hides!"

Eodovan started to move slowly, despite Staan's big hands on his shoulders.

"So I'm in? I get to stay?" The fires of hope had started to burn in his heart again, but he wanted to be sure before he threw wide the doors and started his internal celebration.

"Are you kidding me? You knocked Mountains on her ASS. Nobody has ever done that before, since she started her challenges! Hahahaha!" He started to clap Edovan hard on the back as they climbed the stairs together, but caught himself and changed it to a solid pat on the back.

"And she totally cheated with that shield. Nobody even knows where it came from, and she isn't saying. But it's not like whatever that weird metal was is lying around everywhere, right? If she hadn't had that, you would have fried her the second round, game over." Staan sounded almost giddy at the thought of it.

They topped the stairs, and stopped outside the room Edovan had been given. Staan pointed to the open doorway.

"Go change. I'm gonna go check on Baryk real quick. Holler at me when you are ready."

And with that, he turned and headed down the hall, chuckling to himself.

Edovan had to stop and take a few deep breaths. It was a bit much to take in. In the last ten minutes he'd been in bed with Yagaritte, found out that wasn't real, been poked in the face by a mean potato, kicked out of the guild, found out that wasn't true either, and now he was supposed to be putting on the nicest gear he'd ever seen and going to meet his mystery client on his first guild mission. Was THIS real? Was it another dream? He kept expecting to wake up back at the Boar and be told he had laundry duty and find out all of this so far was a dream. Well, if it was, it was good one right now. He better make the most of it!

Just a few minutes later he and Staan headed downstairs with a now fully outfitted Edovan, there were also fine deerskin fingerless gloves with cold resistance enchantments, well actually pretty much everything had cold resistance enchantments, but hey, fingerless! The best thing though was the big hooded coat cloak combo, which was surprisingly light and moveable for its size.

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