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A tale of her descent into darkness.

They all lived in the house, too, but on the second floor. At least the rest of the rooms weren't going to waste.

I asked Pierre about the missing water lilies. He glared at Vincente before giving me a smile, saying he would be sure to replace them the next day. Apparently, the master had said they reminded him too much of me, and he hadn't wanted any reminders of my beauty. Hence the derelict fountain on my return. The darkened foyer.

Vincente just grunted his assent to bring the place back to life. Then he practically dragged me upstairs. He stripped me in the sitting area of his suite before carrying me to his bed. There, he tossed me onto the furs and yanked his pants down to reveal his erection capped with bulbous head, leaking his arousal.

We made love surrounded by candlelight. Exploring each other's bodies, discovering our special spots. And like the two previous nights, he cradled me in his arms. This time, I fell into a dreamless sleep.

The rest of the week was the same. Work, dinner, sex, sleep. I could easily get used to that cycle.

All of my free time was spent with my mysterious man. Most of it was naked in his bed, but we did talk quite a bit about our lives, especially our childhoods. I lay rapt by his side while he described meeting famous people I'd only heard of in textbooks. The horrors of war. The excitement of when new inventions were discovered.

Before I knew it, three weeks had passed, and we were finally on a plane crossing the Atlantic. I was immersed in a culture I'd only read about or seen on TV. The French were not snobbish at all. Rather, they were very polite. Respect begat respect. And having a handsome man by my side who spoke the language didn't hurt.

Vincente kept my hands held between his during the cab ride from the airport. I was shaking so badly, he thought I was having a seizure. I'd convinced him it was just nerves. But truthfully, it was more like a panic attack.

I had not known what to expect as we were driven far out into the countryside. Did he worry as I did? He was bringing home a different species, not just a girl, to meet his grandparents for the first time. Sure, his mother had been human, but she had been dead for almost half a millennium. What would they think of me? I knew no other family members would be present, but impressing the patriarch and matriarch? That was a huge undertaking for a nobody such as me.

We rounded a hill, and suddenly my jaw dropped. The estate appeared like a stone fortress on the horizon. Spreading out and up, pillars and arches defining the entrance...the gardens surrounding it.

It reminded me very much of Vincente's private suite yet in much grander scale. Classic to the era in which it was built. To the owners who still dwelled within. What exactly had I agreed to? I wasn't ready for this.
"Mademoiselle," Vincente said as he opened my car door, distracting me from my thoughts.

I smiled shakily and took his proffered hand. Leaned on his arm for support while our shoes crunched on the gravel of the driveway. His presence only slightly calmed me this time.

"Vincente! Mon gar__on!" A female voice called out before I saw a woman approach us from under a wider arch that defined the front entrance, her arms held wide open.

I knew this must be his grandmother, yet she looked so young. She was tall, just like her grandson, and looked very sophisticated in her tailored slacks and blouse. Like a French model that'd only grown more becoming with age. Her gray hair was cut short, framing her narrow face. And little laugh lines around her eyes crinkled when she smiled. She definitely did not appear to be around the 900 years that Vincente had told me she was. I wondered if that was natural for dysons.

"Salut, m__m__re." He let go of my hand to kiss the woman on each of her cheeks. Then he turned to me, his voice full of pride as he said, "Danae, this is Ren__e, my grandmother. Grand-m__re, my Danae."

"Is it Viscountess?" I whispered

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