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York and Mads both don't want to regret each other.

I took her cell out of her purse and copied down all her speed dial numbers, all the out going calls, all the incoming calls and all the messages. It only took a few minutes to scan her address book onto a computer file. I didn't mind sleeping on the couch but the living room still smelled like lilac and ashes.

I had plenty of comp time coming at work so I took the day off. I turned on the recorders and left the house at my regular time but went to Denny's instead. A little after eight I went back to the house. Cathy made one phone call.

"Hey, I am having some problems at home. No, it is nothing like that. He just suspects something is going on but doesn't have a clue what it is. He is just being irritating and really starting to piss me off. OK.OK. I guess I can do that. Maybe Friday. See yah."

I have no idea who the mystery person on the other end was but I figured I would know soon. I wonder what was going to happen Friday.

I spent the morning at the library going over her phone logs. I could have done it at home but the reverse phone directory at the library was better than the one on Internet and faster. Of course it didn't work worth a shit for the cell phones. I was able to eliminate most of the numbers because I knew them or was able to correlate them with her address book.

Standing out like a sour thumb was the number for a TR. It was on her speed dial and in her address book. The address book also listed a landline number, which turned out to be a Tom Rollins. Cathy worked with him at Generex and I actually met him a few times. The last time was about ten days ago at a company function. He and Cathy were close all night and I remembered I didn't like it. He was married to a cute little brunette who didn't seem to be having any fun at the party either.

I made a list of all the times that Cathy called Tom in the last three months and all the times he called her. None of the text messages came from him. I assumed that Tom was the one Cathy called this morning. There were a lot of phone calls. But I was just guessing.

After making a couple of copies of the phone list I went by Tom Rollins' house. I figured I had nothing to lose so I knocked on the door.

"John Connor, I was hoping to get to talk to you. Come on in."

Damn, that was an unexpected surprise.

"I'm sorry. I am at a disadvantage here. I know you are married to Tom but I don't think we have ever actually met."

"My name is Sylvia but everybody calls me Sly." She held out her hand and I shook it just to be polite.

"John, what I need to talk to you about is the affair that your wife and my husband are having."

Wow. She hit me square in the face again. I was not expecting that either. It appears that she knows a hell of a lot more than I do.

"I am filing for divorce from Tom and I am naming Cathy in the suit. I have lots of documentation to support it and would like to collaborate several things."

"Sylvia, I have no intention of giving you a hard time about this but I really just found out about this yesterday. I don't have information to help you. The only things I have right now are a few phone logs."

"Let me see. Let me see."

She was really anxious about the little bit that I had. I gave her one of the copies I had and told her she could keep it.

Sylvia started going over the phone logs like an IRS auditor. She was making annotations on the logs and checking the information against documents that she had. She was grinning and I thought she would burst into a cackle at any moment. The more she worked on it the more feverish she seemed to come. I finally broke in.

"Is there any information that you can share with me?"

"Of course. I am willing to give you anything that I have. Here, this is what I have gathered the last two weeks."

She pushed three motel receipts across the table to me. They showed the date, time and of course the name of the motel. All three were different. All three were paid with cash.

"The stupid donkey doesn't realize that I go through all his pockets every night after he goes to sleep.

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