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Clover is coerced into sucking cock but then gets a treat.

This was quite a surprise.

So that's why Dorian had only one girlfriend in all these years, Monica. It wasn't that he was faithful, but he was... uninterested in women. Rachel couldn't even think the word.

"Gay." It sounded horrible. Not that Rachel was homophobic, but this was her one and only son. Tears of rage and terrible sadness started to appear in her eyes. But she didn't move from her observation point. She had to witness everything, she had to convince herself.

Both boys were moaning as their hands stroked their cocks. They were looking at each other and were whispering. But those whispers were so low, Rachel couldn't distinguish any words. Dorian stopped abruptly from what he was doing. Slowly, without taking his eyes from Steve's, he moved closer and closer, until his right hand was on his best friend thigh. From there, his hand crept slowly, like a snake, towards Steve's shaft and when it took a hold on it a deep moan escaped from both boys.

Rachel could feel now the heat rising inside her body, starting from between her legs. Her robe was already hanging open and she put a hand on her crotch. It was soaking wet.

"It's not normal to get horny when seeing your own son making love to another man!" she thought, but this didn't diminish her arousal. Instead, her fingers found their way under her panties and started to slowly caress the hot folds of her pussy.

Steve didn't remained passive for a long time and reciprocated, starting to stroke Dorian's cock and fondling his balls. Both were moaning and whispering to each other, clearly some dirty words about what they were doing. And another change in position happened on the TV screen. Both men extracted themselves from the young girl's holes and now the one who ass fucked her, laid underneath her in a 69.

"Wow... she is going to eat her out after just being fucked by another man." Rachel became even hornier, looking in turns at the TV and at the couch. Both scenes were hot, but somehow, her boy was hotter. His young and virile dick was standing straight and proud while being caressed by another hand. It didn't matter now that it was his best friend's hand! Rachel was lost in Dorian's beauty and she almost couldn't take her eyes off his cock. And just then, on the screen, the third person reappeared. This time, he inserted his penis in the girl's ass, just inches above the other guy's moth. Rachel was baffled. What happened next was inevitable! The dick escaped from his tight confinement and dove right into the other guy's mouth. And he didn't protest!

In the room, next to Rachel, the boys seemed inspired by the action on screen. Slowly, Dorian slipped under Steve and the boys started a classical 69. You could hear them slurping while sucking each other cocks and licking the balls. Their hairless crotches were slippery with saliva and precum. So was Rachel's pussy. The panties were pulled on the side long time ago and two of her fingers were fucking her pussy in a rapid pace. Her breathing became heavier, but she remained very silent in her spying position.

The boys were now literally fucking each other's mouth and muffled screams emphasized their orgasms. They continued to suck like there was no tomorrow, gulping everything down. Strong trembles hit Rachel's body too, as she approached her own orgasm. It was a long forgotten sensation and she almost fell from the stairs top, barely holding on to the adjacent walls.

As the boys lay down, in each other's arms, Rachel slowly returned to her room. Here she fell on her bed and immediately asleep.

When Rachel got up, it was dark outside. She was like on another planet and remembered vaguely the sex scene from before. It was like she dreamed it or something.

"It can not be true," she whispered to herself.

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