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A trip to a snowy mountain, part 1.

It's not what you think, Kathy," Rebecca replied with a bit of seriousness.

"It's not? But Lauren told me you were touching her all over." Katherine gesticulated with closed eyes in an erotic manner.

"Oh, Wendy, why are you touching me down there?!" Katherine pretended to be Lauren and imagined the event.

Wendy's face reddened. "It's not what you think!"

"Kathy's spinning the story, like she always does. Don't worry, Wendy. We all know you love Sarah only."

"And if you ever cheat on Sarah..." A comical serious look appeared on Katherine's face. She raised her spork and stabbed a meatball in a dramatic manner. Juices spurted out.

Wendy spun the spaghetti around her spork nervously.

After the last bell of the school day rang, Wendy went to meet with Madelynn at her locker. At a distance, Wendy noticed Lauren was standing next to Madelynn. There was a serious atmosphere in their conversation. What were they talking about? By the time Wendy reached Madelynn's locker, Lauren had already walked away.

"Hey, Wendy."

They walked home together. At the red light on the second block from school, Madelynn asked, "Do you have time this afternoon?"

"For the treatment?"

"Yes, we need to start early." Madelynn planted a surprise kiss on Wendy's cheek.

"Maddy, Sarah might see us!"

"She had left ahead of us in her car. Don't worry."

Madelynn held Wendy's hand and didn't stop holding it until they arrived at Madelynn's home.

"If Sarah ever sees us being so close..."

"It's easy to explain it to her. We're just best friends."

They sat together in the living room sofa.

"Ever since I first realize I was a lesbian, I've been thinking about you, Wendy."

If it weren't for the reason that it was for her "treatment", Wendy would've taken that statement seriously, and for a brief moment, she almost did.

Madelynn held a hand to Wendy's cheek. "Have you been thinking about me lately?"

Step it up... Be a 100% real lesbian...

Sarah's important words bounced in Wendy's head for several moments.

Wendy touched the hand that held her cheek.

"Yes, I have, Maddy." Wendy directed her eyes at her friend's cleavage. The purple leather tube top strained against Madelynn's breasts.

Wendy's focus was interrupted when Madelynn retracted her hand from Wendy's face and took off her black leather jacket, revealing more of her tube top and smooth, naked arms. She thrust her chest outwards to let Wendy see her cleavage better.

"Are mine bigger or Sarah's?" Madelynn asked as she moved her chest closer to Wendy's face while standing on her knees.

"They're... about the same size."

Madelynn expressed a slight disappointed look. In another series of quick motions, she unbuckled her studded belt and unzipped the fly of her black leather pants, revealing her electric purple PVC thong. The pants slowly slid a few inches down her curvaceous hips.

Wendy's eyes shifted to Madelynn's crotch. In a surprise move, Madelynn moved herself against Wendy's body and pushed her down in the sofa. Wendy could feel the warmth of her friend's body and the faint perfume. Madelynn's glossy purple lips moved very close to her face. She could feel her warm breath. Just when she thought a kiss was imminent, Madelynn shifted her lips to her cheek. Madelynn's tongue exited briefly to give the facial skin a quick lick.

"I don't want to lose you, Wendy," whispered Madelynn into Wendy's ear. It sounded so genuine to Wendy that it was difficult for her to dismiss it as just pretending.

"You won't lose me," Wendy replied as she touched the skin below the nape of Madelynn's neck and slid downwards along Madelynn's back, going across warm skin and leather. Right before Wendy was about to touch her friend's ass, she was stopped.

"That's it for today," Madelynn announced as she suddenly stood up.

Wendy thought about Madelynn's actions.

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