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She had no other choice.

The second drink was to help me forget about my failed marriage.

I waited a couple of days and nothing happened, no police raids, no newspaper headlines, no nothing. Damn. Maybe the plan was good, but not the scale. So at my first chance, I got Mary's computer, logged in, and altered a couple more invoices. I got in and out in a flash. Still nothing. Maybe if I bumped the rebate to four percent. The next day, I jumped in the system, added a four percent rebate to two invoices, and jumped out.

Our home life was stressed. I had stopped approaching Mary for sex and she never came to me. I stayed up late at night to watch the Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears - or any other game that was on. We had cable as there was always some game on to keep me interested. Mary made a comment about my new interest in sports. I told her that these games were important and that everybody at work watched them.
I had a very hard time even touching Mary. The thought that she had given what was once mine to another made my head spin. More than once after a hug or quick kiss, I would run to the nearest toilet with nausea.

Then the game changed. When I got to work the next day, Bob called me into his office. He said that corporate wanted to send me to New York to update the branch office's security systems. I looked at Bob with a big question mark on my face. "Me?"

"Yes, they asked for you by name. They want you to fly out Monday morning and return Friday. They want you to update all the workstations and servers in the New York office."

"Bob, I don't do that kind of stuff. Updating software is an IT job. Why me?"

Bob replied, "I have no idea. I tried to explain that's not what we do and that is definitely not what you do. But they were adamant. It has to be you. No one else."

Then I realized what this was. My wife's lover wanted me gone for a couple of days. I guess that they were not getting enough quality time together. I resigned myself, "Okay Bob, I'll go."

"Thanks, I have never had cooperate make these kinds of demands and I hope they don't continue." He handed over a couple of airline tickets. Oh, I thought, this crap will continue as long as Larson is out of jail. I just decided to kick my revenge plan up a notch.

Later that night, Mary, and I were having dinner. Life around the house had been different lately. I had been doing my best not to strangle her and she had been doing her best not to have sex with me. (I tested the waters a couple of times and made an attempt at a seduction, only to get shot down, coldly. Not that I could have followed through if she agreed, but I wanted to keep up appearances.)

I mentioned that I had to go to New York for the next week. She pretended that she would miss me. This is when I found out about Mary's involvement. Mary let it slip how excited she was about the theater next week. But when I looked up from my plate, she quickly changed her story to say she was going to the "movie" theater with her girlfriends to see the latest chick flick. I pretended not to notice the lie.

I wondered where Larson's wife was going to be. She must be out of town too. What excuse did he use for her? I needed a scotch. I had been using scotch as an anesthesia more and more lately. That was not a good thing.

Mary's participation in this New York farce brought her into my crosshairs. The next day, I opened a couple of accounts in her name at both the downtown banks. Before the weekend, I logged in and altered a couple more invoices. I sent a couple of the rebates to Larson's accounts and a couple to Mary's new accounts. Both would go down now.

I could feel my whole persona changing, I was no longer the nice, fun loving guy everyone knew; a darker side of me was emerging, a side I didn't even know was there, a side I didn't think I was going to like very much.

Damn, I thought, their account people must be slow. What is taking them so long to discover the thefts?

The trip to New York was both interesting and educational.

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