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It becomes much shorter.

She saw that Alan was just how he was when he left, lying on his bed with his erection pointing straight up.

She hurried to him, asking, "How you feeling, Sweetie? Rested?"

"Yeah. I'm still pretty close to the edge, but I'm okay. Look how it still sticks up so hard and high all on its own, even as I'm lying down. I didn't even know penises could defy gravity like that."

"Mmmm. Looks tasty." The buxom red-head dropped to her knees at the edge of the bed and started licking.

She deliberately limited herself to licking because she wanted to be free to talk. Between licks, she said, "By the way, Susan will be here any second to ask you about what she's wearing. No need to stop what we're doing, just act casual and roll with the punches, okay?"

"Okay! ... But, uh, Mom's been having issues with this kind of thing. How do we know where her current boundaries lie?"

"We don't. Truth is, they're shifting all the time. But I got her pretty horny just now so I think she'll be pretty flexible, even though she might not look that way at first. Remember: stay relaxed, and follow my lead."

"Okay." Alan closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure. He left the thinking to Suzanne. She was very good at that.


It only took a minute for Susan to put her high heels on. She wasn't exactly sure why she needed them, but Suzanne had been touting high heels so much lately that she felt better and sexier having them on. And she saw the hungry way Alan looked at her when she wore them (though to be honest he looked at her like he was a staving man and she was an eight course dinner nearly all the time, no matter what she was wearing).

However, she hesitated before leaving her room. She paced around, thinking, I don't know. I just don't know! It's true I need to check if this top looks improper, but Suzanne's been acting so strange lately. If I go in there, there's no telling just WHAT kind of lewd and licentious behavior might be going on! She could be stroking his lovely member, or blowing it, or, or.. worse!

And since when did Tiger get total say over what I can wear? I sure wish I would have understood that when I agreed to this no panties rule. I guess it's too late now. I just hope he doesn't abuse the rule. I mean, we also could be eating as a family at dinner, with Ron there too, and Alan could just announce out of the blue, "Mom. Strip. Now." And then I'd have to stand up and take all my clothes off! Ron would see I hadn't been wearing any underwear in the first place. What could I say to my husband then? The worst part of it is that I know the whole thing would get me so uncontrollably horny that I'd probably drop to my knees and stuff my son's monstrous member deep down my throat, even if he didn't ask me to!

Oh dear. I getting all wet again. That's another problem with this no undies rule. I'm staining all my clothes and just about every chair I sit on. I'm going to have to ask Suzanne what to do about that.

What if the solution is to just go completely bare assed and sit only on plastic chairs? God, that makes me so HOT! My bare pussy would be creaming just about everywhere I go! Heck, it already is, the only difference would be going naked all the time. Heck, even that wouldn't be so different, the way Tiger is always talking me out of my clothes. Oh! So hot!

I should really wait and calm down before I go in there. On the other hand, the longer I wait, the more likely Suzanne will be up to something sinful and naughty.

She decided to take deep breaths and slowly count to ten before leaving her room. However, that hardly helped at all and she was panting with excitement before she even reached Alan's door.

She knocked. "Tiger? You in there?"

"Yeah, Mom!" Alan shouted back.

Suzanne doubted anyone could hear through the door, but she whispered just to be safe, "Sweetie, that's her.

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