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Their physical form: one man's thoughts.

Tina's own hot slit was now right under Sharon's nose. She could smell Tina's hot sex and she longed to taste it. Leaning down she parted Tina's soft pussy lips with the tip of her tongue, getting her first taste of another woman's pussy. At her touch, Tina moaned, sucking harder on her clit and pushing the toys a little faster in and out of her tight holes.

Sharon explored a little further with the tip of her tongue; getting a better taste and quickly finding that she hungered for more. Without any grace or hesitation, she plunged her face between Tina's thighs, licking and slurping up all she could find, she wanted everything at once and Tina was going to let her have it. Sharon pushed her tongue deep inside Tina's hole, wiggling it inside her, pushing it in and out, fucking her with her mouth. Tina reached over and handed Sharon a studded Vibrator and Sharon wasted no time in putting it to use. She sucked it into her mouth, covering it in saliva and Tina's own juices, then turning it on high, began to probe the other woman's opening. Slowly she pushed it inward and upward, seeking out that magical G spot and rubbing it with the head of the solid rubber cock. Sharon watched as the cock slid easily in and out of her friend, fascinated by the way her pussy seem to grab it and pull it back in every time Sharon pulled it out.

The smell of Tina's juices was beckoning to her, and she lowered her head to resume the tender task of face fucking her best friend. Tina began to push the toys in her hands in and out a little faster, sending Sharon wild with heat and lust. Sharon took to Tina's pussy like a woman possessed, licking biting, sucking, pushing the vibrator into her harder and harder. As the passion increased, to did the frenzy, both women trying to completely consume one another until at last they were both consumed by the glory of a mutual orgasm. Their bodies rocked and pulsed together. Their heat melting their bodies into one glorious form. As the wave of completion subsided, they licked each other clean, tasting the sweet honey that flowed from within. They lay together, resting their heads on each other's thighs, letting their bodies come slowly back to earth.

Hearing a deep moan from the end of the bed, Sharon turned to see Mark. He was sitting naked on a chair, his cock rock hard in his hand, stroking it slowly. It was obvious he hadn't cum yet but he must have been close. Sharon gave Tina a sly grin. It seemed her friend had set this day of pleasure up with Mark and it thrilled her to think of them both wanting her. Sharon held up one finger and wiggled it at Mark, inviting him to join them on the bed.

Climbing onto the bed, Mark pushed Sharon down beneath him, kissing her hard and tasting Tina's sweet cum on her lips. Sucking her tongue into his mouth he was amazed at how different Tina's taste was to his own sweet Sharon's. It was different, yet it was still delicious. Tina moved up beside them, her own tongue reaching out and joining in the passionate kiss, then moving lower to suck Sharon's hard dark nipple into her mouth. Mark broke free of Sharon's kiss, moving down to take her other breast between his lips, sucking hard. Sharon's body was on fire with the thrill of being the center of attention. Mark's hand had moved to stroking the clit he knew so well, spreading the juices of her orgasm over her soft pussy lips.

Tina lifted her head and mark met her lips in a hot and lust filled kiss, tasting his wife's lovely honey on the other woman's lips.

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