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Couple meet exciting new friends at a Sexpo.


I start to oblige, but then ask if you'd like me to stand up, because that'd be a whole lot easier for you.

"No, no I want you right there", you purr, and straddling my chest, taking my hands and holding them wide, bending down to kiss me. You kiss me once, firmly but lovingly, the tip of your tongue dancing over my lips. Even so, that minor contact was enough to knock my socks off. I had my usual moment of "Bloody hell, I am SO punching above my weight here", before you start to shuffle forward. Thinking you were getting comfortable, I raise myself onto my elbows, but you plant a hand on my chest and push me back down. "No, I said I wanted you right there."

You raise yourself up onto your knees and shuffle forward until your dress is resting on my face. You stop and giggle tipsily at me, as only my eyes are visible, staring up at you quizzically.

"You've been waiting for this?" I ask.

You catch yourself, pull a serious face and say "No no, this", then move forward further. In the dim light beneath your dress, I can feel your perfect thighs on either side of my face and see your luscious pussy lips right in front of my eyes.

The sight of your naked sex was so unbelievably intoxicating and I instinctively flicked my tongue toward you but was a tiny bit short. You must have realised, as you kneeled right up, took a "step"

toward my face and lowered yourself into me.

I was in absolute heaven. I slid my hands up around the lightly tanned thighs that flanked my face and held you right against my face, although it didn't seem as though you were likely to budge anytime soon. I wasn't able to linger or tease you at all, as your lips were planted directly on top of mine. Disappointed only for an instant, I instead thought of how lucky I was and started doing what you were growling at me to do.

I slipped my tongue inside your already wet lips and gently probed for a few moments, finding the ticklish and GOOD spots. In and out, poking around, I explored and sensed from your reaction what was working for you. All the while, I could feel myself growing harder behind you, already aching to be released from my slinky orange prison.

The smell and taste of you was out of this world. For a moment, I lost control of myself and lifted my head to push my tongue inside as far as I could, to lap up your muskiness. Quickly though, I remembered myself and knew that the best way to help you enjoy yourself was to drag things out.

I pressed the tip of my tongue against the part you were aching to be touched and alternatively drew little circles over it, and flicked my tongue back and forth over it. I heard your moans, muffled by your thighs against my ears, but still loud enough to turn me on further. After a minute, I made an "o" shape with my lips and gently sucked your tiny, swollen pink clit, sucking it right into my mouth and caressing it up and down with my tongue. You arched your back and started thrusting against my face in time with my rhythm. I suck and tongue with more urgency, loving the sensation of you fucking my face.

Worried I might end up making you sore, I regretfully moved myself away from your clit and consoled myself with playing with and teasing your swollen, fuzzy lips, slipping my tongue inside and running it up and down, sucking one lip in between my tongue and teeth and every so gently gnawing on you. I alternated between each side, unable to get enough of the taste of you, loving the feeling of your pink flesh under my tongue.

While I was concentrating on this, my hands were all over your legs and bum, fondling, exploring, loving the sensation of your curves, feeling your muscles flex as you thrust, loving the sound of you moaning and screaming my name. My right hand reaches up and over the top of your leg, trailing down your mound until I just reach the cleft at the top of your pussy.

You feel my fingers start to rub small, but very firm circles over your clit.

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