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l garage implements, eh?"

I saw Jenny's head raise up as she tried to see us. "Tony? Please, Tony, I need some relief. Please, baby, fuck me."

Tony turned toward me and grinned. "She's very demanding for a slut, isn't she?" I had no idea how to answer that question. Then Ed came up behind us and pushed us the rest of the way into the garage. He closed the garage door.

"Okay, Matt's gone." He patted me on the ass and it gave me the willies. "I think we made a good sale there, Cheryl. You were quite the little whore for us. Do you want to see the video?" I stared at him. I should have known they would film it. "You look very convincing in that video. There's no doubt from viewing it that you really wanted to fuck him and enjoyed it. No backing out now, eh?" I didn't say a word. "Just one more lesson now. You will get behind Jenny and eat her pussy and ass until she cums. Once you've learned that lesson, Tony and I will fuck you and fill you with cum, and then you can go home to hubby and the kids." He grinned again, patted me on the ass, and I wanted to rip his balls off. "Well, show me what you can do with Jenny."

I stared. I was able to get through the thing with Matt, but this was different. He wanted me to appear to be willing to have sex with another woman, something I had never wanted to do or desired. The last time she tried to sit on my face, I was so disgusted I almost lost lunch. I walked over toward her.

"Dress off, first."

I dropped my dress and walked up behind Jenny. As I studied her ass and pussy, wondering how I was going to get through this, I saw a naked Tony move in front of her and offer her his dick. She immediately started slurping on it. Fuck! I leaned over and took a second to steel myself for this. She smelled excited, but different from me. I leaned over, closed my eyes, and tentatively kissed her on her left ass cheek. She moaned and I opened my eyes again. I looked at her crinkled little star and her slit. Her pussy was wet and blood engorged. I knew that look. I was checking it out when suddenly Ed grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into her ass crack. "Get to work, slut!"

I resisted Ed pushing me into Jenny's ass and he held me there for a few seconds before letting me back up. I took a breath and then, swallowing my pride and my disgust, leaned over and licked at her slit. She groaned around Tony's dick. I knew the equipment and where everything was, so I gulped back the bile I felt in my throat and licked down where I knew her clit would be. I could feel her tremble at my touch and I knew I could make her cum quick. Then Ed took that moment to search out the entrance to my pussy with his dick. I tried to maintain concentration and was licking on Jenny's clit when Ed started pounding into me, pushing my entire face into her crotch. I just kept working on Jenny. It only took another minute and she had a major orgasm. She must have been waiting for awhile. I made sure she was through most of it and pulled my face away. I wiped my face with my hand, trying to get all remnants of her wetness off my face. I was now holding myself up over her ass while Ed fucked me. He came rather quickly.

As soon as he was done, Ed pulled out and I could feel his cum running down my leg. I started to stand up, but he held me bent over. "Your turn, Tony."

"Outstanding." Tony pulled his dick out of Jenny's mouth and came around behind me. I waited for him to fuck me. He lined his dick up and fucked me hard, grabbing my hips and jerking them back onto his dick. He really was more about the violent action than the actual sex. He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. Finally, after about 10 minutes, he pulled out and I could feel the spurts of cum hitting my ass and pussy as he tried to cover it with his spunk. I finally stood up and my back and legs were hurting.

"Now put your hands on the couch and bend over it.

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