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A "how to" be the only woman your man wants.

I couldn't help it, I just had to stroke her thigh. As I softly circled my middle finger on her thigh I heard Amanda catch her breath slightly. Her hands moved lower on my back until she was almost massaging my butt. As I moved my hand further up between her thighs, her hands moved lower, onto the top of my butt. Gliding my fingers into the leg of her shorts I soon found her pussy, covered by her now moist cotton knickers.

This is in some ways the most exciting talking, just exploring, seeing if the other is up to taking the next step. Well, once I stroked Amanda's moist puss thru her knickers she moved forward in big strides...grasping my balls between my legs and giving them a nice and firm squeeze, then leaning down and kissing me square on the lips, soon pushing her tongue into my mouth. Wow, this was moving a little fast for me, especially once Emma walked in to join the party....

At this point I was getting worried, then as I rolled over and was about to get up the women pushed me onto my back, Emma kissing me passionately while Amanda continued playing with my rapidly stiffening prick. It was when Amanda started sucking my cock, cupping my nuts firmly, that I relaxed into the situation.

Then Emma took a few steps back to watch, announcing to me proudly; Well Nick, you've got so much spunk to pump out of those big balls, I had to call in reinforcements! Amanda was interested to hear how keen you are to eat pussy, she'd be more than happy to subject herself to one or more sessions of your tongue in her juicy cunt! I for one am happy to share that beautiful big cock of yours with another woman, heck, I can't handle your relentless shafting anyway.....

This is a weird situation, once again having one woman share me with another....but when you are getting your dick sucked and your balls licked then that's hardly the time to complain I figure.... As Amanda is licking, sucking and stroking me, she takes her mouth off me long enough to whisper; When I heard you weren't all that interested in my daughter, but in her mummy instead....well, that just sent a shiver to my pussy...then when I heard from Emma how much you enjoy eating pussy....I started getting really wet...then when she told me how long you stay hard....I just about came there and then!

OK Amanda, I have felt the heat of your pussy, how about planting it on my face then, I asked her. She did not hesitate at all, got up and dropped her shorts, peeled her damp knicks off and climbed onto the table, unashamedly sitting her juicy wet clam right on my mouth. Oh, how you gotta love a woman that just does what she wants!

So here I am with Amanda sitting up on the table, grinding her cunt onto my mouth, twitching everytime I drive my tongue into her tasty fuckhole, her firm arse right in my face....when she leans over and starts sucking my dick again. This doesn't last long for when she bent over she made it much easier for me to reach her clit....lapping her juicy swollen pussylips from arsehole to clit she's soon squirming away madly, then as I grasp her around the waist and forcefully hold her on my mouth she starts moaning away...lucky for the loud music in the gym!

It would have only been 15 minutes that we 69'd, with Amanda cumming three or four times, but it seemed like a delightful eternity, each time she came her pussy gushed more nectar which I gratefully lapped up....Amanda grinding herself onto my mouth freely...just the way I love it...

Eventually she hopped off my face and planted her juicy cunny on top of my rigid prick. Taking just the head between her swollen lips, she closed her eyes and just sat there for a few seconds, the only movement being the twitching of my dick. Opening her eyes, she looked at me with this fierce look, her eyes locked onto mine as she sunk slowly onto my shaft.

When she reached the bottom of my dick she again just sat there, my cock now balldeep in her tight cunt, balls trapped between my thighs and her firm arse.

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