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Summer vacation leads a lonely, older woman to love.


This tall muscular giant of a man turns beat red and stammers an apology before he quickly leave the hotel lobby like a puppy who'd just been scolded for peeing on the rug. Once he is out of ear shot I can't help but laugh, "Wow mom I never knew you were such a bad ass."

"What you think with a body like this I've never had to deal with pigs like him before," she answers with a serious tone before breaking out giggling. She turns back to clerk, "so before we were so rudely interrupted you were going to suggest some local attractions."

"Umm... yes... right," he gulps, "There are all kinds of different vendors in town for the festival plus we have the historic downtown area that has several shops and things. If you're looking to shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry and things like that I would suggest the downtown area first. For souvenirs and things like that the vendors out at the old park would be your best bet."

"Thank you very much that was very helpful. I'm sure my daughter and I will have a great day thanks to you," mom flirts giving him another look down her dress.

"N... no problem ma'am."

After leaving the lobby I burst out in giggles, "Damn mom he's probably going to have a raging boner the rest of the day thanks to you."

"Well you know if you feel so bad for the boy you could go back and lend him a hand... or mouth," she teasingly smiles at me.

I smile back at her, "You know you're right," and start back towards the lobby.

"Wait Abby are you serious?"

Instead of answering I just continue on into the lobby. When the clerk sees me he smiles and asks, "Is there something else I can help you with?"

"No, but I think I can help you with something," I smile sweetly as I walk around the front desk.

"Um.. you're not supposed to be back here... and what do you mean you can help me?"

"Well cutie I'm sure all my mom's teasing left you a little uncomfortable," I smile as I drop to my knees in front of him and rub the bulge in his slacks, "Mmm maybe I should say a big uncomfortable."

"Wait... we can't... I could get fired," he stammers as he puts up a weak resistance to my fingers undoing his belt and pants.

"I wont tell on you if you don't," I smile up at him before taking his cock in my mouth, and any resistance he had left in him leaves him with a loud moan, After a few quick bobs of my head to get him slick with my spit I took him out of my mouth and work my hand up and down his hard cock. I couldn't help compare him to the three cocks I had had the day before, he was bigger and thicker than the first one but not as big as the other two, I would guess he was probably around average length and girth at about six inches.

The biggest difference form the day before was not just that we could very easily get caught but that as I stroked him I could look up at his face and see the pleasure I was giving him. Well if he enjoyed just my hand that much I'm sure he would love my mouth so I quickly have his cock back in my mouth. I'm not sure just how long I suck his cock, I was too busy enjoying the hard cock in my mouth and the faces he made when I would change speed or technique, when with more than a little panic I hear the chime to the door go off.

In his panic he pushes himself up against the desk as much as he could forcing his entire cock in my mouth and throat making me gag. He pulls his hips back giving me room to move and more importantly breath, while he bends over onto the front desk to hide what we are doing. As I slowly continue to suck his cock he manages to ask the person who came in, "Y... you?"

I nearly burst out laughing when I hear my mom respond, "Yes have you seen my daughter she said she wanted to take care of something here in the lobby?"

Knowing it was mom and that she already knew what I was doing all fear of getting caught leaves me and I am soon bobbing my head as fast as I can on his cock as he tries to answer, "Mmmm no.

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