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It would have killed him to know it was for someone else.

Time moved slowly. My mind was on sex with Derek. You can think what you want about me, but I'm being open with you - my mind was on sex with Derek. And nothing could distract me away from these thoughts.


Finally, I was alone in the car. I pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store and drove around to the back. Fortunately there was no one around. I pulled my t-shirt off and put my tank top on. I looked like one hot hooker. My last touch was the red lipstick, which was made hotter because of my long black hair. I had my high heels ready to be put on when I got to Derek's.

I have to tell you I felt like a hooker. The outfit set a mood. Standing at his door waiting for him to answer my knock I found I was getting overwhelmed with sexual heat.

When Derek opened the door he had me stand there for a few seconds to look me over. Then he dragged me in.

All he said was "You whore," and then he kissed me on the mouth. A minute later, still in his hallway, his hands on my shoulders, he began pushing me down. He obviously wanted his cock in my mouth. I just wanted his cock anywhere in me, so I was glad to oblige.

On my knees before him, I tugged his pants and briefs down to the floor. His rigid big cock stuck out just an inch from my mouth. Every cell in my body was turned on to the max. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and pumped it a couple of times. Some pre-cum formed at the tip. I licked it up. I licked his entire cock head. I even tried to get my tongue into the slit at the tip. Periodically more pre-cum would form, and I'd slowly lick it up. I then tilted his cock upward and licked down his shaft finding his balls. He shaves down there so it was just his balls and my mouth. I licked. I kissed. And then I sucked. Each ball received slow deliberate attention. I took each ball into my mouth and gently sucked, while swirling my tongue around. He grunted several times.

After a couple of minutes of concentrating solely on his balls, I noticed that pre-cum had been drizzling out and was now halfway down the shaft. I delighted in slowly licking it all up, right to the tip. And then I took his cock head in my mouth.

I sucked on his cock while massage his balls with my hand. My saliva coated his cock. I could now taste his pre-cum in my mouth. I took as much of his cock in as I could, which was only about two thirds of his length, and then bobbed my head back and forth. I milked his balls with my hands. He told me I was a slut for cock. (This was only partly true. I was a slut for his cock.)

The process was repeated. I again licked the tip, and worshiped the shaft. I again sucked on his balls. And then he picked me up and dragged me to the bedroom.

Aggressively, he pulled my slutty outfit off. We were naked in seconds. Two seconds further and I was on my back waiting to accept him.

He attached his mouth to my wet pussy. It really needed no work. In fact I was too excited. My clitoris was too sensitive. I tried to get him to ease up a bit, but he refused. I involuntarily bucked my hips in the hopes of detaching his lips from me, but as my ass fell back to the bed my clit was still between his teeth. A seering orgasm ripped through me. I continued to buck my hips, but his face remained clamped onto me.

The orgasm hadn't fully subsided when he took two fingers and inserted them. With the same aggression he continued to finger fuck me and suck on my clitoris. I erupted a second time. This lasted a longer time, and it completely drained me.

Unable to even flex a muscle at this point, he moved up to mount me. He thrust his cock deep into me. In spite of my extreme wetness, he still felt amazingly filling.

I had thought that by this point any sexual feeling would be impossible because of the two previous mind numbing orgasms. But his cock was reaching places his fingers and tongue couldn't.

Derek simply power fucked me. I wrapped my arms around him and begged him to continue. A third orgasm from deep within exploded through my body.

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