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This story follows a little of Murph's Law, things happen

Lynda smiled at her, as if to understand her need to have absented herself. Randi began wondering what that might mean.

The meeting ended and Randi returned to her office at the other end of the floor. Ten minutes later, she was summoned to Lynda's office by Teresa, Lynda's longtime secretary. Randi walked back slowly, assuming Lynda wanted her advice on technical matters at the meeting. She walked into the suite and Teresa smilingly waved at her to go on into Lynda's inner sanctum.

Lynda was seated comfortably behind her desk and pointed to a chair in front of it. Randi sat and Lynda signaled Teresa to shut the door.

"Randi, it's always a pleasure to see you and I was happy with your contribution at the meeting," Lynda began. "I wondered if you are feeling all right because you seemed to leave the meeting rather abruptly and I was concerned."

The young budget analyst's face reddened and said, "I'm sorry, Lynda, but I, I...I had a pressing personal need to attend to,...if you get my drift."

"I think I do,' Lynda replied, as Randi began to wonder where this conversation was going. "I would've hoped that my senior staff members would remember to try to attend to those things in advance of meetings. It makes us more noticeable as women when we don't and I know you agree that that kind of attention is not positive."

"Lynda," Randi responded in a low voice, "I guess I know you appreciate my being direct. All of a sudden I needed to use the a very imminent way."

"I was just saying that I would hope you would attend to that need ahead of time in the future," Lynda said. "It seems you had a large enough need to clog my toilet, at least that was what Teresa told me when she went in there."

Randi blushed deeply, and now was having trouble concentrating and keeping from crying. This conversation had plunged into her most personal area and she was clueless as to how to escape or fend for herself.

"I'll be direct too, Randi," Lynda went on. "I assume you had had some indication earlier that you would be needing to go to the bathroom to deal with that large a problem. And I know it was large because Teresa actually told me that pieces were floating atop the water in the bowl."

"Randi, you have the makings of a budget vice president, but I'm just working with you now so you get yourself together. Also, you are so attractive, I think you might consider wearing skirts that show you off so much more nicely," the executive added.

Randi realized that this was all going past her far too quickly. It was as if her innermost thoughts-gad, the way she used the toilet!-were on display to this penetrating woman. Her insides were roiling with the emotional stimulus a young woman might feel under this kind of pressure.

Suddenly she felt something different happen. It was as if she felt a rush of liquid down between her legs and to her horror, she looked down and saw that her pants crotch was seeping a dark red tinge. All of this emotional torrent had brought her period on a shade early.

It was too much. She started to cry and Lynda looked over in amazement. "Randi, I'm a bit surprised at this outburst. I hope you can control this for your own future benefit," she commented.

"Lynda," Randi started, "I guess this all has taken me aback a bit and the pressure of my most intimate functions being discussed has stimulated me. I'm afraid I just got my period." With that she looked down shamefacedly.

"Do you have any protection with you?" Lynda inquired.

"Yes," Randi answered as if on a recording, "but I'm afraid I've already soiled my pants down there."

"Stand up, dear," Lynda said, in a far more conciliatory tone, as if she was now assuming a maternal role. "Let me help you with this. I'm so sorry for being so strident and upsetting you and your system."

Randi stood and Lynda quietly suggested she unzip her pants and carefully lower them.

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