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Husband wonders what went wrong.

Missy was sitting on the bed when I walked in, rolling the warmed bottle of massage oil back and forth over her pointed red-brown nipples. "How do you want me, Daddy?" she asked.

"Get on all fours in the middle of the bed and spread your knees apart so I can feel your pussy. Now put your head on the pillow and get comfortable," I said as I knelt behind her and gently pushed her shoulders down with one hand while cupping the other against her smooth, shaved pussy.

"That's nice, Daddy," she cooed as I gently pressed my fingers against her puffy lips.

I then opened the bottle of sweet oil and poured a generous amount into my hands. The cheeks of her perfect young ass were still red from the spanking and in need of some soothing from my well-oiled hands. Missy moaned softly as I started the light massage of her reddened globes. The sight of her brown, puckered hole winking and peering at me as I spread her cheeks was definitely having its effect as my cock swelled and bobbed only inches from its target. I paused for a second to reach down with my oiled hands and give my cock a few slick strokes, reaching further back to gently touch my own butt-hole for a second and oiling my shaved balls in the process.

Returning to the easy massage of my little girl's ass-cheeks, I moved my face as close as possible to her wrinkled hole without actually touching it. I wanted her to be able to feel my breath on her asshole and pussy. Several times I let my warm breath bathe her and each time as I inhaled I was treated to the delightful musky scent of her pussy, ass and the sweet massage oil. It was intoxicating!

As I reached down to stroke my cock to full hardness I noticed that its slit was already oozing pre-cum so I moved forward and pressed the tip against her tight anus, lubricating her sphincter with the slippery juice.

"Oh!" she said when she felt the head of my cock pressing against her virgin hole. "I'm scared, Daddy! Maybe I'm not big enough back there. Please be slow and gentle."

"I will, Kitten," I assured her as I poured a stream of warm oil from the top of her ass crack, watching it flow down over my cock head, coating it and her smooth pussy lips below. After setting the bottle on the nightstand I moved up tightly behind her, adjusting my cock so that the sensitive underside could slide easily up and down between her slippery cheeks. I reached one hand under her belly to spread the dripping oil completely over her pussy lips and forward to her hardening clit. I love the way my fingers can move so gently over her clit when it is slippery with oil, tracing the outline of the shaft, lightly around the hood and back up the shaft to the point where it disappears.

Missy's breathing is getting heavier now as my fingers move over her wet slit and slippery clit and I can hear her whisper "Oh, Daddy. Yes! Yes! That's it. Mmmmm...., Don't stop. Unhh, Unhh!" between her ragged breaths. And I don't want to stop either. I would love for us to cum just like this, with Missy's pussy grinding against the palm of my hand and my cock sliding between her perfect ass-cheeks, the ridge pressing tightly against her sphincter as I shoot a pool of cum on the small of her back.

"No, wait, Baby. Daddy's cock is going to have your sweet ass tonight. Remember?" I said as I released my hold on her pussy and backed away from her butt.

"Yes, Daddy," she pouted. "But it was starting to feel really good!"

"This will feel good, too. You'll see," I whispered as I moved forward, guiding the head of my cock towards Missy's waiting virgin back door. I held my cock firmly against her puckered hole and with the other hand on Missy's hip guided her gently back. "You do it, baby," I said. "I won't push. I'll just hold steady. You push back and let your asshole open to the head of Daddy's cock."

"I don't know, Daddy," she whimpered. "It's just too big!"

"Relax, baby," I whispered as I lightly rubbed her back.

Missy pushed back and groaned slightly as I looked down to see the swollen head of my well-oiled cock d

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