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He gets lucky twice in one night.

"Did you get a good look at her?" she suddenly asked, stopping me mid-stroke.

"Um... ok, I suppose," I replied.

"Did it turn you on?"

"Not exactly."

She asked what I meant by that, didn't Sabrina have a good body? I explained I was too nervous about getting caught and that was exactly what happened and I'd never done it before anyway.

Naomi laughed and urged me with her own movements to carry on fucking her.

"Well next time you want to do it, don't worry about it. Just tell me."

Yes. I was amazed too.

But over the next couple of weeks when I was at Naomi's place in the evening and Sabrina disappeared for her shower, I stayed right away from the subject. I wasn't going there again, no siree.

Then one night, Naomi and I were on the balcony smoking a joint and saw Sabrina switch off the TV inside and go off for her nightly ablutions.

Naomi gave me a sly grin. "Wanna go watch Sabrina in the shower?" she suggested.

"No," I replied.

"Liar!" she retorted, still smiling. "You know you do." There was good humor in her voice but I wasn't appreciating the joke and just stared back at her.

"Go on," she said, "you have my permission. Go and watch Sabrina in the nude then you can tell me about it while we have sex."

So I did.

I went and peered through the hole and watched Sabrina soap herself down and stand with the water running over the body. She spent about 15 minutes in there, she always did, so there was plenty of time to take in the view.

When she finished, I went back out to Naomi and we came back in together and went to bed.

The fuck we had for the next 30 minutes was a heated sexual wrestling match in which Naomi came again and again as I first described what Sabrina looked like and how I felt looking at her, then, at Naomi's urging, described what I'd like to do to her flatmate, then acted it out with Naomi.

By the time I shot my load across Naomi's ample tits - demonstrating how I'd make it so Sabrina would need another shower - Naomi must have cum half a dozen times and she was still turned on so I slipped my cock back into her cunt and fucked her hard kneeling up between her legs while she wiped my cum across her breasts and belly as she frequently did and came one last time.

A couple of nights later, we did it again, only this time Naomi came into the bedroom with me and said she wanted to watch me jerk myself off while I peered through the hole at Sabrina. By this time it was really beginning to dawn on me what an exceptional find I had in Naomi.

I stripped off and wanked away like crazy looking at her showering flatmate while Naomi lay naked on the bed behind me. I offered to cum on her in the end but she insisted I should cum while looking at Sabrina so when I finally blew, I sprayed my cum up the wall. Then I got into bed with Naomi and went down on her, tonguing her clit while fucking her with a vibrator until she too came.

The next time, I suggested a twist.

Naomi and I would often talk through sex fantasies while fucking and on occasion we'd talked about her with another girl. So this time I told her to watch then I fucked her while she talked about how it was looking at her flatmate's naked body and what they'd do if they were in bed together.

Unfortunately, the next time we spied on Sabrina in the shower was the last because she moved out just after that (maybe she knew she was being watched!) and Naomi and I moved into a place of our own a couple of weeks later.

But that last time was certainly spectacular.

With Sabrina spending upwards of a quarter-hour in there, there was plenty of time to mess about.

Even as Sabrina was entering the bathroom, Naomi and I were already in her room. In fact, we'd started fucking 10 minutes earlier and were waiting for the sound of the shower running.

When we heard Sabrina turn on the taps, I told Naomi to go take the first look and for a minute or so while she peered through the hole I stood to one side, fondling her breasts and stroking her pussy while

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