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Straight Stacy is seduced into domestic service.

Sometimes she teases me and stops and sucks one of my balls, letting it relax a little."

"Hm-hmm! Want me to do that too? Does it feel good?"

"Just very nice, not so arousing, but so nice, and that she wants to do that."

"I'll do that too, just hadn't known that could be part of 'everything'."

"Mmmm! This is going to be better than I ever imagined," I replied with a grin, hugging her.

"For me too," she said with a grin, and we drank together.

While I was still thinking about how much better than any my fantasizes this was all being, she murmured:

"I want to, now, and then you can. Can we then do it again, like before?"

"If you want."

"I do," she replied, adding: "she said she liked to get between your legs."

"Um-hmm," I agreed and rolled my thighs apart.

She nodded and gave me a grin, as she moved off the bed. I moved forward on it, spreading my legs, sitting on the edge of the bed, as she knelt between between my feet. She glanced up at me with pleased smile and murmured:

"I want to. Just stop me in time."

"Of course, so you can see what happens."

"Um-hmm! Tell me if I'm doing it right."

"You will; you can't do it wrong."

She chuckled and fondled my cock and balls with both hands, murmuring:

"That was nice in the shower; I wanted to touch them, but didn't want to say so."

"Just asked if I meant we should have a shower?"

"But I wasn't thinking about how it would be."

"All the better."

"Um-hmm! Mmmm! I thinking it wants me to suck it."

My cock was beginning to rise. I nodded; it did. I was full of anticipation of how good it would feel, delighted that she was so openly eager to do it. Her hand was still just fondling it, her other one jostling my balls. We both watched my foreskin slip back. She chuckled softly and murmured:

"I never thought I would want to do this."

I just nodded again, not wanting to intrude on her thoughts. Her hand experimented with pushing my foreskin up, and she murmured again:

"It looks like it's almost made to be sucked, ... well, of course, really to do that, but almost as much to be sucked."

I nodded again. Its head was silky shiny. At the moment, it was only made to be sucked, and I recalled my thought when my sister sucked it, that it was just such a pleasure to be aroused without having to do anything, then remembering that I couldn't let her go all the way - not this time. Would she want to taste it? Would she want to do it again, then all the way, letting me shoot it in her mouth? But first, now ...

She hummed softly and lowered her head and kissed it, first just with her lips on it, and then - like a first French kiss - the tip of her tongue slid back and forth over its little slit. I moaned softly. Her tongue extended, sliding down the back of its head. When it tickled the little ridge there, my cock twitched up, bumping her nose, as I moaned again and murmured:
"Just there, where it feels best."

She glanced up at me with a smile and replied:

"Felt like it was trying to get away."

"Feels just too good."

"Hm-hmm! I won't let it again."

She started again, this time opening her mouth and slipping her lips around it, before her tongue made it twitch again. She chuckled in her throat with slight nod, and then the head of my cock disappeared in her mouth.

Oh, I had been so right about it's being made to be sucked! Had my sister told her what to do? Or did it just come naturally to a girl when she wanted to do for the first time? Did my sister do it better with all her experience, or was it so arousing to know that Elsa was doing it for the first time? Of course, she could think to bob her head, fucking me with her mouth, but did she know that vibrations of her humming made it feel even more arousing? Humming because she was enjoying what she was doing? If she was, she wouldn't want me to have to stop her so soon, but I had to.

"Stop!" I murmured. She raised her head and looked up at me with a puzzled expression and asked:


"Not quite, but pretty close." She nodded with a slight smile and replied:


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