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Injured football star becomes sex toy for a vampiress.

Looking over the engine, I could see the radiator was cracked on top, stressed from the pressure. I looked back to the woman, who was already grabbing her purse from her passenger seat, her eyes looking me over like I was a piece of meat, and it was then that our eyes locked. It was evident what we were both thinking, as she let her finger linger across her chest, loosening a button on her thin white blouse, her eyes hovering on my chest, and then lower. Clearing my throat, I asked if she would like a ride back to town. She merely nodded towards me with a naughty glint in her eye. I marveled at how calmly she walked over to the Maserati and slid into the passenger seat as if she was always this comfortable with strangers. Maybe she was.

Getting in next to her, and firing up the engine, I pulled out onto the highway and started driving. Top down, the air still warm from the day's heat, we made small talk as I drove. Very assertive this one, I thought, her hand on my leg as she laughed at my jokes, head tossed back, maybe in a forced show of relaxation. No matter, my eyes were locked more on her legs than on the road, as I wondered what she was wearing further up that smooth leg of hers. Again, making eye contact with her, sensing that chemistry, fire in our eyes as she leaned closer, asking my name. "Scott" I whispered, as her lips got close to mine.

Damn, this woman had a spell on me it seemed, and I had no intention of slowing her down. Trying to keep one eye on the road as I drove, one hand on the wheel, the other moving to her leg, the cool skin yielding to my touch, her legs opening slightly as our lips met. Frustrated by the fact that I was driving, and unable to grab at her, pull her towards me, I pulled over and threw the brake on. She started climbing from her seat then, towards me, our mouths pressed against each other in lust, a driven need for each other. The sun in the west was still dropping, shining off the mountains around us in an explosion of color. Moving to her blouse, ripping at the delicate buttons, as my mouth found her neck, taking little bites, incapable of thought, my need for her overwhelming. She was biting now, a low growl from her lips all that was needed to urge me, neither of us stopping as we tried to have at each other inside the cramped Maserati. She mumbled something in my ear, all I heard was the word "Hood". Nodding and quickly climbing out of the car, she matched my speed, my urgency, needing what was to come. We met at the front of the vehicle, like a thunder clap, our bodies surrendering to each other. Clothes being pulled, torn, our mouths unable to stop kissing, tasting each other in raw lust.

Biting at her lip, as my hands pulled at her blouse, the sheer fabric gave way easily as I lost control in my desire to expose her. She tilted her head back, revealing her neck and then wrapped a long, luscious leg around my ass while grinding her hips upwards, my hard cock straining inside my slacks. My mouth explored her, trying to get as much as I could from this, her sweat, her taste. My lips and tongue ran down her neck, to her chest, as I pulled her shirt off, the rest of the buttons popping. Her mouth against my neck, biting, her body shuddered from the attraction. Hands grabbed at what was available, she had my shirt off, and was fumbling with my buckle, moaning, almost crying, urgency screaming in the air around us. The open air, the car our only anchor in this reality, I turned her back to the car, and pushed her lightly back into it, kissing lower as I moved. Across her chest, still lower, her hands removing her bra quickly, eyes closed as we took in the moment, raw and on fire. Her nipples were hard, erect, like the desert mountains around us, a dusky rose color to match the sunset. My teeth grazing across them, cupping her breasts, nibbling, pulling at them, her body lowering to the hood, as I continued to work downwards.

Arching her back, her fingers in my hair, pulling me, pushing me, no care to the fact that we were outside, on the side of the road, where

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