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Another 10 minutes went by before I heard anything. I heard the annoying noise from the bed frame hitting the wall. He must have the same bed as we had.

The annoying noise came and went at first. The noise became a rhythm. Occasionally I heard her moaning. I knew they must be making love. I was curious and at the same time very excited. My right ear was on the wall the whole time trying not to miss anything.

That making love and bed frame noise went on for a while before it stopped. A few minutes later I heard their door opened and then the bathroom door was closed. I did not know who was out there. I was curious to find out who she was.

The clock was showing 10:33pm now. Wow, they went on for more than an hour. My panties was wet. I was excited. I can feel that my nipples were hard. I took off my panties. Before I put a new one on, I heard the bathroom door opened. I quickly got out trying to catch who she was but I did not see her. Jim's bedroom door was closed. I placed my right ear on the door. I couldn't hear anything.

As I turned toward my bedroom, I saw Jim looking at me with a funny facial expression. I paused for a few seconds before I rushed back into my bedroom.

I was so embarrassing. I just got caught listening to them making love. I tried to think a good reason to explain but I couldn't. I don't know what time I fell asleep, but the next thing I know Steve was besides me. I can feel his body was cold. He hugged me from behind with his left hand wrapped around me. I moved a little bit to make it more comfortable.

"What is the time now?" I asked.

"Almost 2am."

"So late again?"

"Ya. Too much work."

"OK." I said.

His left hand felt my body, from the thigh to my left breast. We married for so long, I knew he wanted to make love.

"It's late." I protested. I just remembered I did not have panties on. I took it off and did not put a new one on.

"I will be quick."


He got a silent OK from me. His left hand wandered inside my nightgown.

"You must be waiting for me." He said quietly after knowing I did not have panties on. I couldn't tell him I took it off because I was excited hearing Jim and the girl making love earlier.

"Mmmm." His fingers were on my pussy feeling my clit. The pussy hair grown back. Slowly he inserted his middle finger in me. I moaned again. I was excited. I can't tell if I was horny all night or just from his touch.

He lifted my left leg up on his belly while he continued finger fucking me. I turned my upper body toward him, wanted to feel his body. He raised his head and his mouth sucked on my left nipple.

I was excited. I couldn't help but moaned.

"You are hot."


He then got up on the floor and removed underwear. I moved my body down toward the edge of the bed. I wanted him to enter me. With my nightgown raised to my waist, he held on my both legs and spread them wide. The room was not too dark. I can see his body but I can only feel his cock outside of my pussy.

Without any hesitation, he entered me. I was wet. I can feel it. I was excited. He stood on the floor. He was fucking me while holding my legs wide. I noticed the noise of the bed frame again. Earlier it was Jim's bed, but this time it was our bed.

I just had a naughty though, I wanted him to know we were making love. I followed Steve's rhythm pushing toward him.

"Your are so sexy." He said.

I did not say anything. I never thought of myself as a sexy kind of woman. I did catch attention of guys from time to time, which I enjoyed.

Steve raised my nightgown further up to expose my breasts. I removed the nightgown myself. I was naked. Steve is pushing toward me. I saw my breasts were bouncing up and down while Steve was fucking me. I closed my eyes. I moaned louder.

I felt Steve's hands cupping my both breasts.

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