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"I teach a few of the ongoing adult courses."

Were you encouraging me to sign up for your classes especially? I walked over to the notebook to flip through the sign up sheets and you pointed out the ones you taught as you came up behind me. Your fingers brushed down my arm. Nonchalant if that had been the only thing that happened that night. But it wasn't, and your nearness only served to remind me of that. I stepped to the side to put some distance between us. It was already dangerous.

"Yeah? I didn't realize you were an instructor here too." I tried to make small talk while I avoided looking directly at you, lest you see the storm of desire and confusion behind my eyes.

"Yeah. I've been assisting for the last couple years. My wife likes it. Gets me out of her hair and she can use the house for one of her crafting meetings or another."

"You're married?" I didn't mean for it to come out so abruptly, or so accusingly. After all, I'd guessed as much already but actually hearing it I felt a bit, betrayed, for lack of a better term.

"Yeah. Why?" You cocked your head to the side as if you were as confused by my reaction as I was.

"Oh" I tried to cover it up and gave my best smile with a shrug, "I guess..."I laughed nervously, "Nothing. I...I better get going. My husband is on kid duty and they can get a little wild at bedtime." Part of me was pleased I could point out I was married as well. "I'll see you."

And with that I was out the door without waiting for your reply. Inside the privacy of my car, I berated myself out loud. "Get it together, Becca. Jesus! One handsome guy smiles at you and you go all school girl? What the hell?!"

My resolve was steel by the time the boys' next class rolled around. I purposely wore no make up. Plain, ordinary clothes befitting a married mother of two. I sat in the corner furthest form the door and plugged in my earbuds while I watched the boys go through the moves. You must have taken the hint because you too sat far away. We did well ignoring each other the other classes and I waited to see which group you'd instruct at the self defense class. Sure, we smiled and nodded politely but we both avoided each other besides that.

The summer progressed and just before school was due to start, the center threw a pizza party and movie night. I left my youngest with his father since it was expected to last until 11 and he would drop off my oldest before it started. since volunteered to help out. Arriving about an hour before the kids were due, I was relieved when I didn't see you. It was growing increasingly difficult to fight the obvious tension between us.

"Put me where you need me, Master Evans." I offered as jobs were being handed out.

"Great. Do you mind picking up the pizzas?"

"Not at all."

"K...John can help since there are so many." Looking over my head. "Here he is now. John?! Can you help Becca run to pick up the pizzas?"

I couldn't even bring myself to turn and look at you. I didn't want anything to show on my face. "Sure." Your voice seeped into my ear and caressed my mind. shit.

I climbed into your car and kept my eyes straight ahead, hands in my lap, sunglasses on.

"I have to swing by my house to grab the movies. I forgot them. It's on the way."

"Ok." Pretending to be interested in the passing buildings and houses until we pulled into your drive way.

You put the car in park and it was silent. You made no move to get out of the car so I finally turned to look at you. "Becca." The way you said my name took my breath. It was like a summon and I found myself meeting you half way and in the throws of a passionate kiss before I knew what happened.

Panting I pushed against your shoulders and slammed myself back against the car door. My hands were shaking as I ran my fingers over my mouth, still burning from your kiss. "I can't. I..." My whole body was brimming with need. Desire coursed through my veins like volcanic lava threatening to consume everything in it's wake.

I heard the door close and looked over at your empty seat.

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