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She then turned and began walking out into the water, many of us followed. When she was waist high in the surf, Molly turned to us and said, "My sweet Deb loved the Gulf, she loved this beach and she loved all of you."

"AS MUCH AND AS OFTEN AS SHE COULD!" a deep, booming voice called out from the crowd, drawing laughter and cheers.

Molly laughed and nodded in agreement. "And she could love a lot as we all can testify," she said. "I know it will please her that part of her will always be a part of this place and I also know that no matter where we go or who we're with, she'll be there with us."

Molly opened the urn and poured the contents into her hand -- a small pile of gray ash. She held her hand up high and let the gentle gulf breeze take it, scattering it into the air and into the sea and to be honest, into us. "I LOVE YOU, DEB!" she cried, both love and loss evident in her voice.

A moment passed as Deb's ashes swirled about and then we all took up the cry, "I LOVE YOU, DEB!" Molly then came into my arms and began to sob and my heart ached in that that was all I could do for her. All of hers and Deb's friends stood with us as she let go of as much of Aunt Deb as she could bear to.

Now, despite being very sexual in nature and having had a few experiences beyond close family, Mom and I and even Molly were not used to seeing or being around sex on a large and massive scale, but that day and into the evening, Mom and I got a more personal glimpse into the life of least the pre-Molly days.

Taking Molly's words and Deb's wishes to heart, most of the gathered friends lingered -- at the beach or back at Deb's and Molly's little cottage and I doubt more than a handful remained celibate that day. Alcohol and food flowed freely -- a steady stream of liquor, pizza and Chinese food deliveries coming to their home or delivered directly to the beach. Part wake and I suppose part orgy.

Mom and Molly and I didn't take part, but held court, receiving visitors, hearing how Aunt Deb had touched so many lives -- hearing full details of stories I had just heard snippets of on the beach. Around us, people made love and people fucked. Cries of passion and orgasm mixed with cries of sadness for Deb's passing and through it all, I could all but see her, tall and healthy, proudly naked, breasts riding high on her long, toned body as she walked around, sharing her passion for life, for love, and yes for mind bending sex to those who had come to celebrate her life.

Despite our own pain and loss, it was difficult not to be aroused and as the evening wound down, my cock was erect and aching. Mom sat beside me and quivered with need -- her arousal wafting through the air and making me hornier with each passing moment as I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her wet pussy. Molly was equally aroused -- one hand resting on my thigh, nails digging into my pants as one incredibly erotic story after another was told. When she would open her legs without thinking, I could see her cunt cream glistening on her supple inner thighs.

When late in the evening we finally closed the door on the last of Deb's weary and sated visitors, Molly turned to me and Mom with tears in her eyes and taking us both by the hand, walked us backwards into her and Deb's bedroom.

No words needed to be spoken as she let her dress fall to the floor. Mom and I quickly shucked off our clothes and took Molly into our arms, carrying her to the bed, covering her sweet, compact body with kisses, caressing her, spreading her legs where first Mom and then I made love to her with our mouths. Molly sobbed and cried and shivered as her orgasm brought her much needed release. She whispered and moaned Deb's name over and over between passionate kisses with me while Mom swirled her tongue about her cunt lips and teased and pleased Molly's swollen clitoris.

As her first orgasm began to wane, Mom and I traded positions, pausing as our faces passed each other to kiss, Mom's lips and tongue sweet with Molly's pussy juices.

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