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Her Master continues her disobedience lesson.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Cowen?" said Adriana, looking down. She sat on the arm rest of the sofa, giving an eyeful of smooth thighs.

"I did back in elementary school," said Cowen awkwardly. Why is she asking me this, thought Cowen. Then again, she was a girl, and girls were curious about such things.

"Did you and her ever, you know, do things together? Not like dates but when you two were alone..." trailed Adriana as she felt her face blush.

"Nah... just kissing, not much." said Cowen. His cock was swelling from the sideview of Adriana's thighs. He wished Adriana was looking elsewhere for a moment so he could see how far up Adriana's thighs were visible.

"So... not even a blowjob?" said Adriana as she rubbed Cowen's back, "would you like one? From me?"

Cowen's mouth hung open as he looked up at Adriana. Adriana was smiling. Cowen stared at her pretty lips and perfect white teeth. He imagined his cock inside that mouth.

"Are you serious? You'd give me a blowjob?" said Cowen excitedly, looking up at Adriana.

"Maybe..." whispered Adriana quietly and slid off of the armrest. She placed herself before Cowen, and got down to her knees in front of him. Adriana rubbed Cowen's thighs while looking up at him. Her little hands slowly rubbed up to Cowen's crotch. Adriana gently traced the outline of Cowen's cock with her fingertips, and then started unzipping his pants. Cowen was speechless.

"May I suck your cock now, mister?" said Adriana in a cutesy tone, smiling at Cowen. Cowen nodded furiously. Giggling, Adriana lowered her face and rubbed her cheeks against Cowen's boxers, breathing into the fabric as Cowen's cock stood hard trapped inside of the boxers. Adriana looked up at speechless Cowen and smiled. She slipped in her hand through the opening of Cowen's boxers and massaged the soft skin around his hard cock. Cowen moaned loudly. It felt so good.

"Aww..." said Adriana, smiling. She pulled out Cowen's cock through the boxers, and gave it a warm, welcoming kiss on the tip. She looked up at Cowen and gave the tip of his cock a long, soft lick. She enjoyed how Cowen was enjoying this. Adriana wrapped her lips lightly around the tip and started sucking the head of the cock, twirling her head around and pulling tightly with her lips, as if it were a lollipop.

Cowen couldn't believe it. His little sister's sexy little friend was sucking and licking his cock between his knees. It felt like a king to have Adriana submit to him on her knees, pleasuring his cock with her mouth. Even just today, Adriana was a sexy creature way out of her league, just a goddess that he would imagine when he masturbated.

Adriana stopped for a moment and pulled her hair back behind her ear. "Does it feel good Cowen?" Asked Adriana smiling as she kissed the side of Cowen's cock, licking it lightly and then resuming sucking Cowen's cock up and down.

"Yeah, it feels so good... You're good." said Cowen. He didn't know what to do aside from sitting in his chair and his arms to the side as Adriana sucked his cock.

"I'm glad," said Adriana again, stopping, lowering her mouth a little and sucking on Cowen's balls, licking the little ridges. Cowen let out a loud groan as Adriana's soft bubblegum tongue cleansed his sweaty balls. Adriana giggled and continued licking Cowen's balls, leaning under Cowen's balls and carefully moving her wet tongue all over from the bottom of Cowen's ball sack to up, sucking and kissing the loose skin.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," shouted somebody. The surprised couple stood up to their feet. Cowen pulled up his pants, and Adriana wiped her mouth.

"Seriously? Adriana is sucking your dick?" said Lance as he made himself at home and sat on the couch across from Adriana and Cowen. Lance was Cowen's friend. When they were younger, Lance and Cowen would play videogames together, while Carmen and Adriana played together upstairs.

"What the fuck, man, get out!" said Cowen.

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