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Wife's enjoyment of cat play leads to greater delights.

Louise and Zhang teased him about not being able to perform for them because he didn't get an erection straight away. Gradually Aaron felt his cock start to stiffen.

"It is not very big I think," said Zhang, which we made Aaron feel totally humiliated.

"Oh I think he can make it bigger," said Louise.

Aaron continued to play with himself. Occasionally he would feel Louise nudge into his back and he would push forward. His penis tip pushed against the mirror leaving a smear.

Louise told him to stop masturbating. Aaron stood with his arms by his side. His cock protruded out and quivered almost brushing against the glass.

"It is long but not thick I think," said Zhang.

Zhang's criticism although accurate not only annoyed Aaron but also embarrassed him further.

"Play with yourself again," ordered Louise. Aaron again took hold of his cock and started to slowly masturbate and he knew he was close to ejaculation.

"Please can I stop or I'm gonna cum?" he pleaded.

This only seemed to please Louise and Zhang. They encouraged him to carry on the performance. Louise still stood behind Aaron restricting his movements. Aaron continued to play and he felt his knees weaken as his first spurt of spunk splattered across the mirror. Zhang almost seemed to shriek with delight. Aaron continued wanking himself and a further two spurts splashed over the mirror and started to run down the glass.

"Get on your knee's," ordered Louise.

Aaron was sweating from the exertion and slid down to kneel in front of the mirror.

"Lick it up," demanded Louise. Aaron tried to resist but Louise pushed his head against the mirror and as Aaron tried to turn his head some of his spunk smeared onto his cheek. Louise again repeated her demanded. Aaron looked at his cum running down the length of the mirror. Zhang looked on as Louise again repeated her demand. Aaron leant forward and began to lick his cum from the mirror. He almost wretched as he swallowed down his own salty liquid. He had never tasted cum before nor would he want to again. Louise made sure Aaron licked up his spunk to her satisfaction. Aaron's face glistened with his own spunk and some of the cum dribbled over his chin.

Louise told Aaron to lay on the bed. He had hoped they would just leave but the women were starting to enjoy themselves. She used some cord to tie his hands above his head. His cock had softened and a droplet of spunk dripped from his penis tip. Aaron tried to plead with the women that they had gone far enough. Louise said they had only just started. Louise moved to sit across Aaron's legs and Zhang sat beside him on the bed. Louise asked Zhang to pass the nail scissors from the bedside table. Zhang passed the scissors to Louise who held them up.

"You don't need all this pubic hair," Louise announced.

Aaron tried to struggle but Louise said she didn't want to cut him but if he squirmed and struggled it would only make it worse. Aaron could do nothing but watch as Louise happily trimmed away at his pubic hair. Aaron begged her to stop. Louise ignored him and cut off as much of his pubic hair as she could. Louise then asked Zhang to get some shaving foam, a razor, some hot water and a towel from the bathroom.

Zhang left the room and could be heard collecting the items from the bathroom. Aaron tried to make eye contact with Louise and pleaded for her to let him go. She ignored him until Zhang returned. She handed Louise a jug of water. Louise poured the water over Aaron's crotch area. He could feel the warmth of the water and the wetness as it ran onto the duvet beneath him. Zhang took the water jug and passed Louise the shaving foam. Louise foamed up Aaron. She took the razor from Zhang and began to shave. Zhang held Aaron's cock as Louise happily shaved. Aaron had never shaved his pubic area. He lay absolutely still as Louise expertly shaved him. When she had completed the shave to her satisfaction she used the towel to clean up and then admired her handy work. The skin now exposed around Aaron's cock was almost milky white in colour.

Louise moved off h

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