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Return and exit.

Despite my every effort to avert my gaze I noticed as we talked that in the stifling heat that day she had her shirt unbuttoned further than her normally tasteful single button, treating me to an unusually expansive exposure to her cleavage. My heartbeat quickened. Just then two large farm workers carrying baskets pushed past us in the narrow passage between the tables. For several seconds I was pressed against Natalie while they passed, our bare thighs lightly touching. My left arm, having nowhere else to go, found itself wrapped around her back.

Our faces were close enough that I could smell her cologne. She looked up at me with an awkwardly apologetic expression. I wanted to make a joke to deflate the tension, but when I met her eyes I couldn't say a word, and I couldn't look away. One of the workers elbowed me slightly in passing, nudging me into Natalie and I instinctively pulled her into me to avoid pushing her on to the table. I felt her chest push up against mine, skin on skin, and I briefly felt her warm breath on my neck. She let out an involuntary "ohh" and steadied herself by putting one hand on my bare shoulder and the other on my back, and moving her right leg forward, in the process rubbing her inner thigh across mine and planting her leg between my legs, firmly against my crotch. Oh why do the fates torment me like this?

After an eternity of maybe eight or ten seconds the workers passed and we resumed our positions at a comfortable distance. Natalie fussed with her clothes and seemed flustered. The close contact had obviously embarrassed her.

"Sorry Natalie. I guess that's a hazard of shopping here," I said.

"Yeah". She looked away while she collected herself. "So, give me a call tonight?"

"Sure. I have your cell num - ". Just then we heard a deep rumbling, coming from all around us, and the tables and shelves began to shake. I glanced around and I could see the walls moving. We looked at each other in panic. "Earthquake!" I shouted. "Quick! Under the table, the roof could collapse!" We scrambled under the aluminum table in front of us. It seemed sturdy enough to fend off a falling ceiling beam, but with all the bags of produce there wasn't a lot of space. I ended up lying on top of Natalie, who was lightly quivering. I had lived in Japan in my 20s and experienced a couple of quakes there, so I had forgotten how utterly terrifying it is the first time. The shaking was bad enough that jars and ceramic containers were falling off the tables and smashing around us. I put my arms around Natalie and tried to shield her from any flying debris. I can't say I wasn't aware of the contours of her body as she held me increasingly tightly, even in this chaotic situation. I was desperately trying not to make this into some kind of erotic episode - quite the contrary, I was just thinking about protecting Natalie and surviving wherever this thing went.

But It was really tough not to get turned on. Here was a woman I'd lusted after for years, suddenly under me, grasping me as tightly as any woman ever has, with only the lightest of clothes on, with the shaking earth grinding our groins together. I realized that in the chaos Natalie's shirt had ridden up slightly at the back and one of my hands was pressed against her bare back, the flawless skin that I'd so often contemplated. One side of her skirt had also flipped up in the clamber, and while my vision was obstructed in the tight space, I slowly recognized that my crotch must be pressed right against her panties. And now in her terror Natalie had hooked her bare legs around mine, pulling me even harder. In spite of every fabric of my being screaming out "Inappropriate!" I had developed a raging erection. There was no way I could pull away, so eventually I resigned myself - assuming we survived - to the inevitable cooling of our relationship, with what she was bound to see as my boorish frat boy behavior forever hanging between us. I would not be able to sufficiently apologize for this.

As quakes go i

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