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Maisie is imprisoned for lesbianism; Aife begins her search.

Hand connecting with my ass again. Slap SLAP!

The humiliation I felt at being so turned on by this boy, made me cream. My thighs trembled with every slap on my ass cheeks. I was aching for him to kiss the round fullness of my body. I needed to feel a wet tongue sliding down my crack along with two strong hands pulling me apart to expose my lusty virgin asshole to him. Rational thought and lust were at odds in my body. At that moment in time, I craved having a thick, hard cock in my ass, but knew I couldn't have it. He might've been able to provide me with a small butt plug and that's about it. Then and there I decided two could play this game. Slowly I ground over and
over again into his crotch, thinking of your big strong hands gripping my hips, pulling me back onto your cock. Gently slipping up and down my wet slit. The head of this beautiful cock dipping into my hole to gather the sweet nectar, making me moan in pleasure.

Slap! Another smack to my ass.


Eyes closed, bathing in the simultaneous sensations of fact and fantasy. Gently and slowly entering me as my wetness allows full access. Crashing over and over again in waves of electricity. You build up speed with every trip into my tightness. Grunting and growling as you plunder your willing victim. You grab a handful of my hair and pull as you slam deeply into me.

"Oh FUCK me! HARDER!" I growl out as you ravage my tight little pussy.

SMACK! Smack!

I bite my lower lip as my pussy trembles, pierced by you. Four quick thrusts into my soaked little box and you grab my cheeks tightly. I cry out in pain as you stretch the tender flesh of my ass. A shocking blast of cool air hits my rosebud and my body tenses up. Next, I feel searing hot breath around my crinkled little hole as your lips plant little kisses all over. Your wet tongue darts out and rims my asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh god," I sigh out as I relax my body for your curiosities.

I rock back closer to you in animal hunger. Taking the hint, you push the tip of your tongue into my darkness. With a sharp tongue, you stab into my ass repeatedly. A raging fire sweeps through my being. You slide your hot tongue as far into my inner space as you can. Curling and wiggling around, while you press your finger to my dripping wet clit. I gasp as another wave ripples through my being. The way you rub
my clit and finger my pussy, while tasting my nether regions sets me ablaze. You decide it's time for a little more and slip one of your fingers up to replace your tongue. Pushing your way into my ass and slowly retreating. Twisting your finger over and over, corkscrewing past my anal ring.

You breathe into my ear and tell me to relax. . . "I'm gonna get you ready for my cock. Okay, baby? You want my hard cock in your ass?"

I stretch and relax back down again moaning, "Mmmmmyes. . ."

You slather another finger in my cream and slowly slide it in next to the other. Slowly and gently gyrating and parting your fingers to loosen my ass a little for your throbbing cock. The sensations are so intense, my heart is racing and it feels so good it hurts. A few minutes later, I feel a draft as you move away. Your fingers teasingly move swiftly over and into my pussy, only to leave me wanting more. I whimper into the
bed. Then the burning tip of your raging cock. You melt my resistance with your power. You urge the moistened head of your cock to stretch my tiny opening for you. As I exhale, you slowly push your way past the anal ring. Quaking thighs and a tight virgin pussy, make it very difficult to retain composure. You begin to drive your cock deep into me. Stopping every inch or so to let me adjust to the new sensations. You're just dying to drive yourself into me over and over again. Molten lust about to boil over. You rub more of
my juices on my ass and your cock, then slide back down to greet my clit.

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