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Mansi starts blossoming.


"We'll find out soon enough," Brenda said. "There's the school just ahead."

She pulled into a visitors' parking place near the front door of the school. Maddy must have seen the car because she stepped out the door to greet them. She wore a wide grin, as well as the usual canvass skirt and peasant blouse. "The children are at lunch right now. They'll have art work after that."

Brenda and Gloria followed Maddy through the front door and into her office. "I haven't seen either of you since the pool party," Maddy said.

"It was quite a flop," Gloria said. "My parties were never flops until that one. It was a first."

"More than one first," Brenda added.

"It turned out just fine in the end," Maddy corrected in her perky tone. "Better than fine, actually. So I wouldn't say it was a flop at all."

"And Alvin ended up giving you the money to hire an office girl, anyway," Brenda reminded Gloria.

"Office Manager!" Gloria snapped at Brenda, and then put her smile back on. "Anyway, if you enjoyed the festivities that much, we'll have to do it again some time."

Maddy jutted out her lower lip and nodded slowly. She tucked her lip back in and grinned again. "Sometime real soon, I hope." The outlines of her nipples pressed through the fabric of her blouse. She leaned forward and her blouse fell away from her collarbone, exposing some delightfully round cleavage. "As soon as possible," she whispered.

Brenda didn't say anything. The surprising rebuff from Gloria stung, so she didn't want to risk another by speaking out of turn. Besides, things were progressing nicely without any further input from her. She'd set it all up in the car before she and Gloria arrived.

"The children should be on their way to art by now. Why don't we join them?" Maddy said. They walked to the Assembly Room where easels and paints had been set up while the students were in the cafeteria. The dual-language alphabet cards were still mounted on the wall. "We already did our ABC's today," Maddy told them. "Trudy was a big hit when she was here. The children still ask about her. We do the ABC shapes just like she taught us. The children love it."

"Trudy?" Gloria mumbled, but said nothing more.

Brenda saw Gloria's eyes narrow and darken. She knew right away that it was the wrong thing to say and she felt like flogging herself for not anticipating that it might come up. She wished that the children would hurry up and get into the empty room. It would defuse Gloria, and they could get on with their visit so they could get on with other things.

Suddenly Maddy turned around. She was still smiling, but for the first time, Brenda could see something other than sweetness was beaming from her face. "I was hoping that you would bring Trudy with you today," Maddy said, in a voice just above a whisper.

"What?" Gloria uttered. Brenda knew the storm was approaching.

"I was hoping that Trudy was with you," Maddy repeated, "and not just for ABC's. Can you think of the fantastic foursome we'd make?"

"Trudy?" Gloria repeated in a hollow voice.

"I'd just love to get her clothes off and feel those long legs around me," Maddy swooned. "What potential! What a..."

"Brenda, we're leaving!" Gloria snapped. "We can't stay. I just remembered I have an appointment. I have to get back to the house right away."

"But Gloria..." Brenda began to say. Maddy stood speechless with her mouth wide open.

"We have to go right now," Gloria insisted. She abruptly turned and marched out of the Assembly Room. Brenda looked at Maddy, who shrugged and then turned to catch up with Gloria. In less than a minute, they were in the car, pulling out of the school parking lot.

"I'm sorry, Bren," Gloria finally said.

"You don't have an appointment."

"No, I don't," Gloria confessed, "and I know you wanted to have some fun with Maddy. I just had to leave. I couldn't stand it."

"Because of what Maddy said about Trudy? Forget it. It's just an infatuation for Maddy. Trudy would never..."

"Of course she wouldn't," Gloria retort

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