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Surburbia's worst nightmare.

They slipped against one another, and Danica drew her knee up and pressed it between Mackenzie's legs, rubbing her clit with it. Mackenzie gasped and slipped her hand between Danica's legs, fingering her gently, delighting as she felt her friend's clit respond in kind. Their tongues licked and caressed their cheeks, noses, brows and lips before they began licking each other's tongues as they pressed their lips together in a searing kiss.

Danica turned and removed the showerhead from its catch. She turned Mackenzie around and drew closer, running the water over her lover's breasts and stomach as Mackenzie reached up to tweak her own nipples. Danica laughed and let the showerhead fall so she could also pay attention to Mackenzie's breasts. They gave each other a quick kiss, and Mackenzie drew her left hand up Danica's arm to her shoulder. Danica smiled and kissed her again as she rubbed their bodies and breasts together, her pussy growing wet with her cum as well as the water that was splashing on both of them from the shower head.

Mackenzie let her hand fall, and she picked up the showerhead and held it close to Danica's behind as they continued kissing. Her hands rubbed her lover's sweet ass as Danica's arms went around her and rubbed her behind, their breasts continually touching, their nipples growing hard. Their hands roamed, touched, teased, but never, ever stopped moving.

Mackenzie decided that Danica's behind was wet enough, so she brought the showerhead around to do her front. Danica's hands slipped down her chest, over her breasts, and down to her stomach and further, delighting in the feel of the water striking her young body. She smiled at her lover, and Mackenzie smiled back, her knees shaking as she felt her orgasm approaching. After the day she'd had, she needed to come so badly. Her entire body trembled with her growing need.

She dropped the showerhead and grabbed her bottle of body wash, squeezing some into her hand as Danica continued fondling and teasing her ass. Mackenzie smiled and knelt before her, putting Danica's hairless mound at eye level. She gave her mound a quick kiss as she ran her hands together, sudsing up the body wash before applying it to Danica's legs. She ran her hand up her sides then one hand ran over the gentle protrusion of her stomach before slipping down, palm first, to run the body wash over her pussy. Mackenzie gave Danica's pussy a soft scrubbing before going back up her stomach and then around to wash her ass.

As her hands moved behind her body, Danica ran her own hand down to her pussy to relieve a minor itch that was taking control of her clit, and Mackenzie brought her hands immediately back around but decided she liked watching Danica play with herself. Instead of touching her pussy, Mackenzie drew her hands up Danica's body and over and around her small breasts. She played with her breasts and nipples for several moments before standing up and letting her hands wander over Danica's shoulders as she leaned in for another hot, sensual kiss.

Danica picked up the showerhead and began giving Mackenzie's behind the same treatment hers had received, letting the hot and prickly water run over her friend's round buttocks. Mackenzie had a much nicer ass than she had, she thought, loving how the round orbs jiggled beneath her touch. She didn't have an ass like Kim Kardashian-thank God-but there was definitely enough for her to hold onto and play with and enjoy. As Mackenzie's hands roamed Danica's body and around to her ass, Danica brought the showerhead around and started washing her stomach as their breasts slipped against each other, drawing a deep moan from Danica's pert lips.
Mackenzie's hands roamed up Danica's body to her shoulders as Danica turned the spray on herself and started washing her breasts, her nipples tightening as the spray struck them.

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