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The first time.


"That must have happened over forty years ago," Lynette said softly, her expression filled with sympathy. "I can't believe she carried all that guilt for so long..."

Alyssa leaned into John her eyes welling up. "I didn't mean to dredge all this up for her again... I don't have any control over the way people feel."

Charles patted her on the shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of Maybridge. At the very least she needs grief counselling to get over what happened."

"Thanks, Charles," John said, giving him a grateful smile, before leading Alyssa away. He sat down on the far side of the auditorium and pulled her onto his lap.

"I was always so sure," Alyssa murmured, looking at him with deep worry in her eyes. "Could we have accidentally killed innocent people?"

"When have we used that ability to sort out the guilty?" John asked her, already knowing the answer. "The first time was in the Underworld, which was a cesspit of pirates and slavers. I know for a fact you didn't tag any of the slaves and we left about half of the merchants untouched. Then the second time was Tartarus... You know what the scientists and soldiers did there, torturing then killing all those poor aliens and Terrans they experimented on." He glanced over at Eleanor, as Charles and Victor helped her to her feet. "Your conscience is clear, honey, I'm sure of it."

She nodded and cuddled into him. "I don't want to make any mistakes, there can't be any doubt that it's bad guys we're taking out."

"We'll be going up against the Kirrix next, there's no moral ambiguity there," John replied, rubbing her back.

"What about the Brimorians though?" she asked, looking up into his eyes. "They turned the Abandoned into a slave race... does that damn the whole Enclave?"

He paused to consider it for a moment. "It's complicated... Right now, I'm not sure just how much the average Brimorian citizen knows about Helene's people. There's obviously a very hostile attitude towards Terrans at the moment, but does that extend to a hybrid species? It's pretty obvious just by looking at the Abandoned that they're closely related to Terrans."

"If Rachel's right and there are billions of Abandoned, regular Brimorians must know what's going on. You can't hide that many slaves, it's just not possible," Alyssa said, shaking her head. "I'm not saying we go in and start nuking cities as payback, but any society that happily accepts slavery is a pretty fucked-up one."

"We'll just have to see how it plays out," John said, his expression bleak. "But I'm going to free the Abandoned whatever it takes, even if it means declaring war on the Enclave."

Alyssa gave him a sad smile. "From what Jade said about the rest of the Abandoned that she met, they seem like nice people. It's so shitty the way they've been treated."

He nodded his wholehearted agreement. "That's one of the reasons I want to help them so much. I really like Helene, she's such a sweet, innocent girl. It's horrendous that the Brimorians would abuse people like that; it feels so monumentally unjust..."

"Now you're sounding like Sakura," she replied, her smile lightening. "I better keep an eye on both of you when we confront the Brimorians."

John was quiet for a moment, then looked into Alyssa's eyes with concern. "That reminds me... I'm getting really worried about combat discipline. The girls are incredibly resourceful and I want them to use their initiative, but these solo-rampages have got to stop. First Sakura, now Jade... their hearts have been in the right place, but they've been putting themselves and the team at real risk."

"I did it too..." Alyssa admitted, looking guilty. "I disobeyed you over Niskera."

He nodded, agreeing with her, but remaining silent.

She sighed, then said remorsefully, "You're not saying it, but I can hear your thoughts.

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