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Mom and Kyle continue to try to make a baby.


"So you play like you're mannequins?" I could swear he was licking his chops, and the grip on my knee was almost painful. But it was also short lived. His hand was traveling up my inner thigh.

"What's a mannequin?"

"It's sort of a dressing dummy. It's a fake person, like what you are simulating you are when you stand in the department store window. It's what people think they are seeing until they see you move, and that's why they're surprised and amused. So you act like a mannequin?"

"Yeah, I guess that's what I do in that job." It came out as sort of a squeak, because he was gripping my junk through the crotch of my jeans. This was more action than I'd gotten in the darkened theater.

"If you're finished with that hamburger, maybe we can go back to my place. It isn't far." He was breathing heavy and maintaining the grip on my dick and balls.

"Yeah, sure, that would be fine."

"And are you going to suck my cock and let me fuck you?"

"That's what this date is about, I thought."

Dwight lived in a high-rise apartment building with three levels of garages under it. He said the building was only two-thirds sold out, so there were plenty of parking spaces in the garage. I followed his Chevy Camaro in my old Mustang, and we parked in a secluded, badly lit part of the garage.

His living room had a sofa facing a gigantic flat-screen TV. He told me to get comfortable on the sofa and he put on a gay action vid, featuring Dirk Caber fucking the shit out of Johnny Rapid. I wedged myself in the corner of the sofa and kicked off my sandals and, without preliminaries, Dwight was sitting close to me on the sofa, pulling my T-shirt over my head, had his hands on my belt buckle, and was kissing me all over my face, lips, throat, and nipples.

As I gripped the hem of his polo shirt and pulled it over his head, he went up on his knees in the sofa, grabbed my hips, turned my back to the arm of the sofa, and brought my legs up onto the sofa. He had unbuckled and unzipped me and had flared the sides of the jeans open and pulled them down low on my hips. One of his hands cupped the red silk pouch of my jock strap and the other wrapped itself around the back of my neck and brought my face in for a deep kiss.

This was moving along nicely.

He was stretched out on top of me and dry humping me, and I reached down, unbuckled and unzipped his trousers, and pushed both trousers and briefs down low on his hips, freeing his cock, so that nothing, really separated us from real fucking, which could be managed even with my jock strap in place. I badly wanted him inside me-a man who wasn't my soccer coach. I wanted to see how another man would be.

"Fuck me, fuck me now," I murmured, trying to move this along even more nicely.

Meanwhile, he had pushed my jeans farther down onto my thighs. His cock pressed in under my balls, still covered by the pouch, and I tightened my thighs around the cock, with us still in a deep kiss and him dry fucking me between the thighs and under the pouch.

I tried rolling my pelvis up to him. Just a little adjustment and he'd be inside me. But he put a palm on my belly and pushed me flat on the sofa cushions again.

I was breathing hard and ready to have a good time, counting down to him having his dick inside me.

Still wearing his horn-rimmed glasses, Dwight started kissing down my body, as he pulled his cock out from between my thighs and moved his body down the line of the sofa. It didn't take him long to be sucking on my cock through the red silk of the jock pouch. I groaned as he pulled the waistband of the jock down under my balls and opened his mouth over my cock, managing to deep-throat it. Yeah, this is nice, I thought. OK, let's do this before the main event.

He grabbed my hands in his fists, holding me captive there, and I turned my eyes to the vid of Dick Caber pounding Johnny Rapid's ass in a standing fuck against a wall, moaned the attention given my cock, and moved my pelvis, languidly face fucking Dwight's mouth cavity.

When I had come, Dwight came off the sofa a

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