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Jasmine meets a new friend.

But after I remembered Jenna talking about Brownlee to the Press, I began seeing a pattern."

"So then he attacked the Ladies Auxiliary event, and Joe Smedley went down saving Della's life in his final act of heroism." I said. The room was now totally silent. "After I'd figured out it was most likely Brownlee, I realized that getting proof, proof that would stand up in Court, was going to be very hard to get. We searched his home a couple of hours ago; it was clean of anything connecting him to the crimes. No diaries, no photos with knives embedded... nothing. I doubt the motorcycle was ever kept there, nor the particular clothes he wore during the attacks."

"Soooooo," I went on, "I had to find a way to lure him out, and catch him in the act. And for those who think it was hair-brained and dangerous... you're right. But I also knew we could mitigate the danger."

"First," I said, "the motorcycle was a Harley. That's important because that means it's made in America, and not in England... and therefore the accelerator is on right handlebar, not the left. Brownlee is right-handed; of course I have access to Police records, and he always qualified with his gun with his right hand, never his left, and only a couple of us have qualified with both hands. Is that not right, Ms. Croyle."

"Yes sir." said Teresa, who then added with alacrity: "But that will change beginning next month. I will be expecting every SWAT Team and Special Ops Officer to qualify with both hands."

A chorus of "ooooohhs" went through the room. Captain Charles's face lit up; I could tell he was pleased with what this new Captain of Operations was going to bring to the table.

"Outstanding." I said, very impressed myself. "So... Brownlee was right handed, could only accelerate the bike or shoot with the right hand and not at the same time. So I knew he'd have to slow down to shoot... like he did when shooting Smedley."

"The second thing I did was arrange it so that when Brownlee drove into the Ladies Auxiliary parking lot, his route pushed him to have the podium to his right. That would partially protect the Press; I didn't think he'd want to shoot across his body at them when his target was to his right. We also had plexiglass on the podium to protect the women."

"Third," I said, "the way he came in gave me several lines of fire to shoot him without harming people in the background. When he shot Smedley, there were just too many people around to return fire; I worked to minimize that the second time around. So if he came in firing from near the street... which I did not expect... I knew I could shoot back with a better degree of safety."

"That's smart." said Chief Moynahan. "But what if he had not fallen for it? It looked just too much like a set-up."

"That's where I was counting on Brownlee being Brownlee." I replied. "He truly is an idiot." The room dissolved into laughter for a minute. After it died, I said "Seriously, people see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear. I dangled the carrot right in front of that ass's... er, donkey's nose, and sure enough, he went for it."

"Glad he did." said Griswold.

"I guess what I'm not seeing," said Molly, "is the connection between the attack on Jenna and the attack on Commander Harlow... or is there no real connection between them?"

"None that I know of." I said. "Except the same motorcycle used, of course. I did consider that Brownlee was a tool of politicians that want certain outcomes... and if that were the case then Loran Michaels might indeed have been a target, too. As to Jenna, it was in response to her insults of him... and perhaps due to her former fiancee and his deep hatred of Captain Ross."

"Good thing he couldn't accelerate and shoot at the same time." Molly said. "Or he might've taken a shot at Cindy, too."

"And he would've hit me." I said. "I was right in front of her, and would not have moved out of the way. I'd have shot him, too, no matter the danger of what was behind him.

"I'm glad you didn't have to take any bullet

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