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Submissive affair.

Her cheekbones seemed even more elegant and defined in that instant. "I am an old goddess, disciple John. I have grown tired over the years, tired of standard sexual practices. I am, as your people would deem it, somewhat... 'kinky'."

As her delicate, polite voice uttered those words, I felt my cock begin to strain against my jeans. "Helena," I said, reassuringly, "I'm sure whatever fantasies you have, they won't be too strange for me. Whatever your wishes, I would be happy... fuck, I'd be overjoyed to be able to make love to a goddess as beautiful as you."

Asta smiled proudly at me. Helena surveyed me, warily. "You are sure, disciple John? You promise?"

"I do. Whatever kink you might have, I'm sure I've seen worse, or better, rather, on the Internet."

"Hm," said Helena. "Your goddess Asta also spoke fondly of this Internet. Perhaps it deserves my attention." Asta grinned at me. I heard her voice in my head: "I found your favourites list, John. I've been fingering myself to that stuff all day!" The mental image caused my cock to bulge visibly against my trousers. Helena surveyed the bulge as she contemplated her options.

"Very well," she said. "You may come with me, to my domain. There, we shall make love. I shall ensure all the Currency you generate shall go directly to your goddess. Not that I can use sexual energy anyway." She stood, brushing some fluff off her immaculate white gown. She was truly statuesque when standing. The curve of her breasts jutted out magnificently from her slender, muscular frame, and I noticed she also had one hell of an ass. Her short dress could barely contain it, and it rode up so high that a hint of the undercurve of her asscheeks was visible. The bulge in my pants was now painful.

Helena turned to me, the same politely serious expression on her face. "The deal is done. Come with me, disciple John." She held out a hand and I took it, as the room around us seemed to melt away into blackness. The last thing I saw was Asta, clad in only that pink bra, giving me a double thumbs-up. As the dark surrounded us, I spoke.

"What kind of goddess are you, then?" I asked Helena.

She stroked my hand lightly in hers, and smiled for the first time. "A death goddess," she said.

My heart sank as a rush of wind began swirling around us. The gust became so strong I had to close my eyes, and when I opened them, I was standing in a huge, empty room. The floors were white stone, the distant walls the same, the cavernous ceiling held up by a series of tall pillars. Flaming torches flickered in brackets along the wall, illuminating the hall-like space in a reddish glow. Beside them hung displays of various weapons -curved blades glinting in the firelight. A huge, flat bed sat in the centre of the room, surrounded by several large, ceramic pots, the kind you only ever saw in pieces at museum exhibits.

Helena, the death goddess, stood beside me. "Come, John. I shall show you what my heart desires."

"Erm, Helena?" I said, nervously. "What... exactly is this fetish of yours?"

Helena's eyes flashed with anger. "You made a deal, disciple John. To make love to me in whatever manner I desire."

"Right..." I said, beginning to panic as Helena led me towards the bed. "It's just... that was before I knew you were a death goddess."

"You are prejudiced against my kind?" The anger in Helena's voice grew.

"No!" I said. "No, not at all. I've never even met a death goddess before. It's just... when we do have sex, I'd prefer to be... alive."
Helena stopped, looking at me. "Alive?"

I gulped.

"Of course you will be alive, John! How else will we make love?" Helena said, bemused.

I exhaled for what felt like the first time in eternity. "Oh, thank god. I mean, goddess. I thought since you're a death goddess, you had some weird necrophilia shit going on."

Helena laughed, grasping my hand in hers and leading me over to the huge bed.

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