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The team's captain isn't sure about this new guy.

"Not you." She purred, wriggling softly on his stiff cock.

"You're a horny fucker."

"Damn! You're enough to make a gay go straight!" He grinned, reaching round to squeeze her abundant tit-flesh.

She smiled and kissed him, "you're so sweet. Let's see if it's true - come to momma!" She said beckoning to her offspring who crawled across the tangled sheets obediently.

Helen took her son by the balls, "my how you've grown," she said, admiring the hot strength of his hard muscles, "such a waste not to give a girl the pleasure."

Joe blushed and mumbled under his breath.

"Don't be so modest dear," his mother chided, fondling him intimately, "let Eli' show you how good it can be."

Elaine gasped in shock. "Mother!"

"Silly girl!" Helen admonished her daughter, pulling herself off Franks cock and parting her legs voluptuously. "You know what I mean."

Frank lay back, supporting Helen with strong arms as her offer was taken up by Elaine's eager tongue, lapping over the matted bush between her sticky thighs, sucking errant strands of spunk from the dense curls before seeking more juice in the pink cleft between her gaping lips. Father and son exchanged a look of lust before concentrating on the erotic show of mother and daughter.

"That's good, sooooo good," sighed Helen, relaxing in utter bliss, "clean me up," she moaned. "There, there. Oh yes, and there!"

Elaine sucked the dripping cum from both holes, sliding her tongue as far as she could to get at the succulent sauce, using her fingers to open them wide before taking a deep breath and taking her first taste of male meat. She took his big black balls in her mouth, moaning appreciatively at the mixture of juices coating the soft skin, licking them all over before starting up the thick pillar of hardened flesh. Her lips stretched over the enormous girth and she gagged in trying to take the head too deep, too quick.

"Show her how its done, man." Frank said, giving Joe a quick look before returning to Helen's lips, sliding his tongue between them as they swapped hot, passionate kisses.

He took it from his sister, opened his mouth wide and swallowed the plum hued nob in one gulp without hesitation. The faint taste of his mothers sex wasn't as bad as he feared and he ate more eagerly, encouraged by his sisters hand on the back of his head.

"Now show him how to lick pussy dear." Helen said. "I need that cock back inside me."

Elaine took her mothers clit in a tender embrace while Joe held the glistening black rod up for Helen to slide onto with a contented groan.

"Cum on baby," she told Frank while looking brazenly at her son, "fuck my arse - fuck my cunt - fill me with cock."

Joe looked uncertainly at his father who spread his hands and shrugged as if to say - 'it's up to you, what can I do?' He looked back at his sister, feeding noisily on her mother's juicy cunt, and made up his mind.

"That's it baby, just there - that's the spot!" Helen cried, watching her son bow down between her trembling thighs to taste the wellspring of his life.

Two tongues, brother and sister, licked incestuously together in the wet, bushy cleft of their mothers cunt. When one licked up the other licked down, alternating over and over the folds of flesh, exploring inside the pink hole together in a lusty conjunction.
Helen went wild. "Suck me! Fuck me! Lick it! Stick it all the way up!" She sobbed, pleading for - and receiving - more pleasure.

It was more than Elaine could bear to hear. She pushed her brother aside and slid the strap-on dildo up her mothers free hole with ease, squeezing Frank's cock into a deeper rhythm.

"OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK!" Helen yelled, flailing wildly on the double impalement.

Her daughter plunged back and forth in her cunt, forcing her arse to take the full meaty length of hot cock. Strong hands crushed her tits, hot breath bathed them in lust as a moist tongue slathered them with love.

Helen was insatiable. "More cock! Gimme more!" She howled, giving her son an unmistakable look.

"You a man - or a mouse?" Elaine said in a sing-song voi

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