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Disobedient wife is punished.

But nothing. Dark eyes trailed away as she turned around, a glimpse of her bare back and cheeks hitting her eyes...and like that, her invader was back. Her cheeks wiggled, they moved on their own accord until her hips followed- pushing outward to give her mirror full view of her lower,features. Her legs moved apart, she could move the top half of her body, unti her hands were taken and placed on both cheeks, gripping and moving each perfect mound apart to reveal her invaders goal and wanted prize.

She shook free, falling towards the shower before she caught herself. It seemed whenever she had a reflection, the demon gained control of her body.

"No...I, I need you out of me."

She said huffing, but nothing. She knew what she had to do...but hated it. It wanted ever so dearly to take her hole, and shed have to let it.

"Fine...just hurry up, I'm sensitive back there."

Her words were already processed. Her body forced to stand up and reveal her naked form in the mirror. There she saw herself, naked, in the shower. Her body spun around, her ass reflected from the mirror into her eyes as her invader used them to see. She didn't like it one bit, but this was the only way to get her body back. Her hand attacked her plump rear, slapping it so it jiggled before taking it and gripping it. Her hips moved, swerving slowly before her glorious fleshy lower mounds found themselves forced into an erotic dance along with the rest of her body. Arms up, hips shaking as her cheeks bounced one after another before diving upward and wiggling her cheeks into yet another slap. Was she possessed by a stripper?? Her hands grabbed for a bottle as he she found herself giving her reflection an erotic pout, hands placing a bottle on the floor before she was driven to crouch down.

"That isn't going to fit! Are you nu-"

Her ass opened, cheeks taking the full length of a bottle in between, her eyes closing while she winced and her tight little hole swallowed the tip of the bottle. She let out a groan, her hands fondling her chest as she continued sodomizing herself. Her nipples grew hard, a finger pinching them while the demon grunted in her body. Her hand fled her chest and took her cheek again spreading it further while the other hand pulled out her anal invader.

Both hands took hold after opening the cap, and shocked right back in, squeezing letting shampoo ooze inside of her. She winced and grunted in pain, her walls dripping now as soap left her lower back side. She figured it was done, right?? It got to use her for what it wanted, didn't It.

"Thank God that's over."

She said, sitting on her knees and dark red curtains find themselves pulled back. She stands up, finally feeling alone in her body least until she felt a shift inside, her cheeks becoming heavy. She could see it, Like a shadow of herself in her reflection groping her cheeks, making her molest herself before I stepped outside of her body. For that moment, she finally felt free; But it was only brief.

"No, pl-"

She could see it leap right back into her body, it's black figure spiralling up her rectum into her anal cavity.

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