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Edovan's head is reeling after the "battle" he just lost.

I stroke her clit through the material and she moans as she presses her groin against my palm.

"Come home with me." I whisper close to her ear as I start to kiss her neck.

"I've never...." she says as her voice trails off.

"Don't worry, I'll show you." I press a finger into her wet cunt and watch her gasp.

"Would you like it right here?" I press deeper as she squirms against me. I find her spot and rub it roughly as she starts to shake.

She moans loudly, pressing her groin against my hand. I smile seductively as I feel her pussy pulsing against my fingers. I kiss her softly, then slide my fingers from her wet cunt, placing them against my lips. I run my tongue up and down my fingers, licking her sweet honey from them.

She's wide eyed as she watches me and is terribly excited. I smile at her.

"Shall we go?"

She didn't speak, she just nodded. I wrap my arm protectively around her waist as we walk out of the club. I hail a taxi. after giving the driver the address, I turn back towards her, kissing her lips and neck. She moans, pulling me against her. I slide my fingers back inside her pussy, stroking her into orgasm once more before we reach the curb in front of the Master's house.

As we step out of the cab, I look up at the full moon. I breathe in the sweet fall air as we walk up the steps. I unlock the door and lead her into a very dark house. I look around slowly trying to find Master in his wolf like state. I don't see him, so we proceed to the bedroom. His bedroom.

We enter the room and I pour her a drink from Master's brandy. Her hand shakes as she takes the glass from me. I pull her to me, kissing her deeply, wanting to comfort her. My tongue slowly dancing with hers, I feel a chill run the length of her spine. My hands quickly move to the zipper on her dress, slowly pulling it down her back. The top falls forward, exposing her voluptuous breasts. I kneel in front of her taking one of her large nipples into my mouth and gently flicking it with my tongue. She presses her nipple deeper into my mouth as I pull her dress down over her round hips. I lean back on my heels as she steps out of her dress.

Her body clad in nothing but her heels, hose, and panties, is a breathtaking site. I hear a soft growl from the hallway. I've taken too much time. I push her down on the bed behind us, she giggles softly, the alcohol in her blood stream keeping her from panicking. Quickly I climb on top of her, her body beneath me causing my own to slicken. I kiss her neck taking her arms above her head and shackling them one by one. She's still very calm and trusting. Her eyes widen as I pull a large silver collar from beneath a pillow. I lean down kissing her as I secure it around her neck.

"Tonight you are going to be a treat for my master." I tell her as I place the gag in her mouth.

I smile at her hoping to tell her it will be okay. Now she's scared and fights. Her body rocking beneath mine trying to throw me off. I want her to be comfortable. I move off the side of the bed. I can nearly hear her screaming beneath the gag. She's kicking insanely, and as I grab her ankle, her high heel cuts into my arm.

Damnit, if Master smells the blood before she is secure, I'll be severely punished. I quickly secure her ankle in the shackle.

"Honey, it will be much better if you remain calm."

Her eyes are wide and angry. She tries to kick me with her other leg, I secure her other ankle without injury. The shackles are heavy, but she fights against them anyway. The chains that secure them to the floor around the bed rattle. This brings in Master as I secure my own collar around my neck, its heavy but necessary due to teeth.

I fall to my knees, looking at the floor as the beast walks in.

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