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One good turn deserves another.

I opened my eyes to see that it was my mistress whose hand was trying to calm me, and that caused me to smile some, before a loud crack sounded and an intense pain in my shin caused me to arch my back as my whole body went rigid as I fought back a scream. I choked out a pained whine and Rurita gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze.

It took a bit, but eventually the pain faded, and my leg healed from the re-break, properly this time, having been magically healed improperly last time. I swallowed, and then sat up slowly, having given up all hope that she'd ever fix my leg, but I hadn't shown any defiance since then, so I can't see why she'd have a reason not to. I glanced over at Rurita, and at her nod got to my feet, excited beyond all measures as I could once again walk on my own.

"Thank you... This means a lot to me..."

I felt that I had to thank her, even though the damage had been her fault... What was done was done, and I couldn't do anything about it, but keep her happy and content to prevent it from happening again. However, I was glad to be rid of that crutch as I followed her out of the room that I just now figured out was the doctors... Sadly, her trust in me was proven to be still rather low when her tail coiled around my thigh, to do even worse damage should I try and run, I suppose. I didn't- couldn't- fight, and simply followed her to her room, and I found myself bound, relatively immobile, to her bed once more, unaware of what she had planned next.

I was bound with my hands together and above me, and my ankles to each bedpost, my pants once more at the foot of the bed, where they spend most of their time. I looked at her in confusion, before she thrust her hand into my chest, but not like normal, for she didn't draw a drop of blood, and the pain that now coursed through my entire body was of a kind I had never felt before.

"Now to finally claim that which belongs to me... I never expected you to give it up willingly, but since you have given me your mind and body, I will now take that which will make you mine forevermore."

Her words sent a chill through the entire core of my being, right before she started to remove her clenched hand, bringing about an agonizing, tearing sensation throughout my entire body. I was completely confused before it struck me. What was the one thing that made me my own person, the one thing she didn't yet own?

I groaned, both in pain and frustration as she slowly tore my soul from my body, officially making every fiber of my being hers, for long as I lived... How I started to long for the death that never came to me, the end of my immortal body... The pain faded and emptiness settled in, as a sparkling crystal of indescribable purity and quality rested in her hand, shining in all the colors of the spectrum, oddly enough grass green and a deep crimson red were the most noticeable colors.

I squirmed, displeased with the hollow feeling inside me now, as I could never again be free... Even if I did escape, she'd always be able to find me... I closed my eyes, listening as she left the room, the empty feeling increasing the farther away she got. I pulled on the chains some, longing to follow her and at least partially lift the curtain of darkness that feel over me.

Time passed and eventually she returned, the crystal now hanging from a chain around her neck. She unbound me with a comment about testing something out, pulling me off the bed and to my feet before her.

"I want you to try and resist my commands, but don't hurt yourself."

She purred it in my ear before standing in front of me, her voice changing from sweet to demanding.


I grit my teeth, to resist- and next thing I knew, I was on my knee, kneeling before her, head bowed.

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