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Love, adoration and domination in suburbia.

I didn't go in depth, only mentioned rape. I also didn't mention how good it had felt, I was too ashamed for that. Daddy held my hand and nodded reassuringly the entire time, making sure I was ok and didn't need to take a break from the call.

As I hung up the phone, Daddy kissed me softly on the lips, as if he was afraid he would break me.

"I'm so sorry, Kitten. None of this was supposed to happen. I'm sorry I wasn't there to defend-"

"Shhhh," I whispered, trying another small smile in hopes of making him feel better. "I'm fine, that's all that matters," I comfortingly ran my fingers through his hair. He nodded, fiddling with the hem of my shirt.

"Is it alright if I make you feel good, Princess?" He asked. I blushed, never having seen him so timid and cautious.

"P-please do," I mumbled in response. His eyes twinkled.

"I'm sorry Kitten, I didn't quite catch that."

"Yes," I whispered, anticipation starting to build.

"Yes, what?" He teased, unbuttoning the bottom button of my shirt.

"Please m-make me feel g-good," I said as clearly as I could while flustered.

"Ah, I understand now," he unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and gently caressed my bare sore breasts. He softly sucked at one, not causing me anything other than pleasure. I let out a soft moan, it felt so good after everything that had happened.

After sucking thoroughly at each nipple, he moved down and slid my pants and panties off, massaging my feet at the bottom. I giggled, very ticklish and his eyes darkened a little as he moved up my leg, planting kisses along my inner thigh. He gave my clit the same attention as my nipples, licking and sucking gently, just enough to tease me. I clutched his hair in my hands, holding him tightly in a way of asking for more, and he complied. He became more urgent, more rough, sliding a finger inside of me and moving quickly.

"P...please," I whimpered, so close to coming only after a few thrusts.

"You may," he confirmed, one last hard thrust sending me over the edge. I moaned loudly, clutching the bedsheets tightly. As I finished he returned my clothes and sucked his fingers clean, tucking me back into bed. I didn't want him to go, but was silent as he shut off the lights and closed the door behind him.

I woke around noon, starting to feel better. Daddy sat in a rocking chair reading some documents in the corner. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Hungry?" He asked, soliciting a nod from me. I moved to get out of bed but my legs trembled as I stood, wrought with soreness and bruises. Daddy was at my side in a moment, scooping me up in his arms like a princess. We walked down the stairs into the kitchen, where he deposited me in a chair and prepared food. When he returned with soup, I attempted to eat it, but my hands shook so that hardly any of it reached my mouth. Daddy sighed and pulled me onto his lap, sliding my bowl in front of him. I flushed as he scooped up some soup with the spoon and held it to my lips. Hesitant, I took it in my mouth, savoring the salty goodness.

"Good girl," he said, continuing to feed me.

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