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Couple savors time together.

"Megan?" Marty called out softly, but there was no answer. It was as if Marty were totally alone within the haunted house as even the Grim Reaper guide had seemed to have disappeared.

"Hello, is anyone here?" Marty said loudly as she hestitantly stepped forward into a room with many dripping red candles. Marty was met with silence as she saw no one. The room seemed to be completely deserted.

A feeling of hysteria came to Marty as she suddenly turned, intent on running from the creepy room, but suddenly the door slammed closed before she could escape. The candlelight flickered and Marty screamed. "Who- who's there?" Marty cried out, but again there was no answer.

"Help me! Somebody help me!" Marty said with a fearful sob, going to every door and window in the room and attempting to pry them open. To her horror, none of the doors or windows would open, and no one seemed to hear her scream. "Ohhh God," Marty sobbed, realizing there was no escape. She was trapped here in this dreadful room. And she was about to discover that being locked up in the Haunted House was the least of her worries.

She turned, hearing a creepy sound, like something scratching or scraping across the floor. Her blue eyes were huge pools of fear as she turned toward the chilling noise. What she saw struck fear into her heart. Two black curtains slowly parted, revealing a long black casket upon a red velvet stand. "Nooooo!" Marty exclaimed as the feeling of trepidation intensified in her already terrified mind.

Marty backed up slightly, her eyes on the lid of the casket as it began to rise up very slowly, revealing a form lying upon its red velvet interior. "Ohhh God!" came Marty's fearful gasp as those eyes of the man in the casket slowly opened, staring as though sightless at the ceiling.

Marty's heart was fiercely pounding, seeing the man rising up very slowly from the interior of the coffin. He was wearing a flowing white shirt, a black cape and ebony pants. His hair was long, almost straggly, sweeping across his forehead and flowing down his back. But his eyes, those eyes... they glowed red and hypnotic, mesmorizing Marty in her spot.

"Stay away from me!" Marty screamed, trembling in her long dark coat. "Don't come any closer!" Even as she flung those words at him, he stepped from the casket, making his way across the floor to where Marty stood.

"Hello, Marty," he said in that chilling, yet sexy voice of his. He gave her a devilish smirk as he approached, his long black cape brushing across the floor.

"You aren't afraid, are you?" he asked, as she backed up slightly and collided with a wall.

There was something about those eyes... and that - that voice. She stared at him, shock and disbelief taking away her breath. "Todd?" she said softly. She blinked her eyes, because he certainly looked and sounded like Todd, yet he was different. He was changed.

He laughed wickedly, reaching out for her and getting a handful of her coat in his large hand. He fisted the material, pulling Marty against him. "Todd is gone, Marty... and this is all that remains. I'm a monster now; a fucking creature of the night..." he said as he stared down into her terrified and beautiful face. "And tonight, beautiful, you have entered my lair..."

"And since you are here, I think I might just have myself a little BITE," he said, flashing his long, razor-sharp fangs at her.

Marty screamed, struggling in his vicious hold. What the hell? Was Todd really some sort of vampire? Was any of this real? Or was this just some sort of fuck-up, drunken dream?

Todd laughed at her struggles, as though he found pleasure in her attempts to escape him. "Ohhh there is no escape, Marty; I'm going to have you now. Remember that night you took me back to your place and we made hot passionate love for hours? We are going to have ourselves some more of that again... but this time only faster and rougher and with a lot more screaming," he said as he hauled her up against him staring into her face.


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