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Aftermath of discovery and husband's slide into cuckoldry.

He cursed and rasped out as she suddenly grasped his thickening manhood with the sponge, "Damn it, what did I say Tanya?"

"Hmm, I can't remember what that was. Something about fun?" she asked gleefully.

He gasped as her nails gently drew across his cock, the sponge rubbing against his balls. "Lean against the wall so I can get your chest," she said huskily.

He muttered something she couldn't hear and turned, leaning against the wall. She licked her lips at the sight of the water on his tight golden skin. His black hair sprinkled over his chest making him even more masculine, again she dragged her nails against his solid abs as the sponge worked over his muscles.

She just loved teasing him, getting his reaction was even better however. She brushed the sponge up over his pecs, her nails scraping his nipples. He bit his lips holding in his groan, she couldn't resist teasing him further. "Let me hear you groan Brennan, you don't have to hold it in."

She was driving him insane, his skin was hyper-sensitive, though not exactly surprising after what they had done already. He was overloading on pleasure as she scraped her nails over him the slight roughness of the sponge driving him crazy as it brushed over his skin. His eyes rolled and his hips bucked as she surprised him, suddenly rubbing the sponge under his balls.

He hissed and grabbed her wrists making her drop the sponge. He hauled her against him and kissed her hard and rough, shoving her against the wall. Unbelievably he was hot and ready to go once again, "Damn, are you always this hot?" he muttered against her.

"Only with you hot shot," she murmured and then bit his shoulder joint. He growled as her bite sparked through his system.

He pressed against her and kissed her again, she really was going to kill him he thought. It was as if he couldn't control himself around her. The soft pillows of her breasts pushed against him, his chest tingled and his nipples ached. He was heading towards another overload as he leaned against her and bit her neck.

Tanya groaned as his teeth dug into her neck, her nails digging into his ass. She needed to cut them today, her nails had already done too much damage from what she could see when she had washed his back.

Brennan gasped as she gripped his ass tightly pulling him against her, "Damn you make me feel so out of control," he growled, as his throbbing aching cock pressed against her thigh.

She smirked and said, "I could say the same from you, you make me just lose myself." She shifted her leg so his cock rested against her clit.

If she was going to tease him, he was going to do the same right back, "What do you want?" he asked grinning.

"I just want a hard fuck right now," she purred and leaned forward licking his neck and gripping his hips.

He growled and grasped her hips before slamming deep inside of her, she made him crazy with lust. They needed to talk after they got out of the shower, he would need to rest again which would be the perfect time for their conversation.

The sensations blistered through her body, Brennan made her feel more alive than anything else before. She thrust her hips against his and squeezed his cock tightly, he was like a drug to her. She may even develop an addiction to his hot body if this kept up. They were going to have to seriously talk afterwards, while they regained enough strength to go and find something to eat.

The heat crawling all over his body had nothing to do with the steam floating around them, every thrust was met with one of hers as she scalded him with sensation. His cock was going to fall off from overuse at this rate he thought as the pleasure burned and tightened his thighs. He slammed into her harder more ruthlessly as the grasping need to drive himself deep inside her increased in intensity.

Tanya leaned forward and bit his shoulder roughly making him growl as he thrust harder into her.

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