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A stepfather's love a tale of discovery.

"Ohhh fuckkk" I moaned as I felt the small thin vibe come to life deep in my ass, as I felt your mouth sucking hard on my cock. Holding your head, my legs over your shoulders, allowing you full access to my cock and ass. I moaned as I felt you twisting the vibe, moving it in and out. I moaned and gripped as my balls exploded, shooting my cum deep into your mouth. You drank, swallowed as the vibe moved in and out of me. Holding my cock in your mouth, taking me deep, fucking my ass deep with the vibe. "Yessss baby" was all I said as I exploded.


Friday morning came. So did I. Deep inside your pussy. Waking early, I turned, felt your naked body next to mine. Gently, as not to wake you so soon, I slipped my cock into your pussy, stroked your left nipple as the covers moved down. All gently. You stirred, came to life. "Mmmm baby" were your first words as you felt me slipping further into you. "Oh yes baby, fuck me" were your second words. The next words you uttered, moaned, groaned were confirmation of what I already knew. "Now baby, I'm cumming, fuckkk me harder, harder, yessss"

We lay there, my cock still buried inside you, my arms holding you, my lips kissing your neck, your shoulders. "Miranda, I love you so much" I whispered in your ear.

Breakfast made, eaten, tea drunk, three cups and I was ready to leave. Not that you needed reminding of course, but I did say it anyway. "All okay for tonight honey?" You smiled. You smiled and said "Yes, and yes, I will go and buy a new outfit" I smiled back. How I loved that wicked smile of yours, the way your eyes sparkled. I wondered what you had in mind for tonight? I wondered if you were going to fuck Alan again tonight? I wondered if you actually wanted to fuck Alan tonight? Questions, questions.


The hour cometh. The hour of leaving work, the hour of the staff and the bosses to close the office and partake in an end of week drink at the bar around the corner. Alan wasn't too sure it was a good idea when I mentioned it to him. I, naturally, argued the point that they, the staff, our employees worked hard for us, they made our lives easier, they needed showing, and not just in their paychecks or annual bonuses, but they needed showing our appreciation. "Trust me Alan, it works." I said to him, adding "And don't forget, it's tax deductible!" He laughed, I laughed. It was agreed. Trial basis. He loved his 'trial periods' did Alan.

The clock showed 4pm. Time to down tools, time to lock the computers, the desks. Nothing left on desks I had told them in my first week. No filing trays, no pens, no papers. Lock them all away. "Clear Desk Policy" I told them. A final check, a check that the pc's had been backed up, the log sheets completed, the backup cd's secured in the safe. All clear.

The bar was quiet, we piled in. 8 of us. 5 men, 3 women. All of different ages, all different backgrounds. All one thing in mind, a good Practice, a good Office and now, a good time at the bosses expense.

I prepared to leave at 6, telling Alan dinner was at 8.30. I said my "Have a good weekend ya'll and see you all bright and bushytailed on Monday".


The aroma of cooking hit me as I walked in through the door. Kissing you on the cheek. "Been to the pub again huh?" you said with a smile, a teasing smile. Slapping your ass. "Me? As if honeyl"

"So" I continued. "Did you find anything for tonight?". I knew damn well that you would have done. "Course honey" you said, looking round at me and smiling.

"oh oh" I thought. I'd know that smile anywhere.

"Now go and shower and let me finish here" you said, waving your hand, dismissing me like a Royalty dismisses the servants. 'Yes ma'am" I say in a mock salute. I did notice the nails, the nails painted in white. I smiled. "Ah, a white outfit huh?"

You looked, stuck your tongue out. "Out of here, move".

The shower felt good, refreshing. My cock grew, it always does when I think of you.

By 8.15, all was prepared, all laid out, the champagne chilled, the wine chilled, the glasses frosted.

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