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Hot cousins cause a ruckus on campus.

They shared that brief intimacy before having to return to their roles as 'professionals'. In truth, he wanted much more, wanted to ask more. He wisely kept his mouth shut. She had already given every indication she was still interested - and that when she was ready to talk, she would do so. He chose to believe the previous night had not been a mistake; just ill-timed.

The American military-issue MRE ("Meal, Ready to Eat") had been a luxury he had not expected. It was even self-heating! Then again, he hadn't expected any of this - or her. This was like nothing he had ever expected in his life - for stakes he had never expected to face. He hoped he was up to the task. Above all else, he hoped that, if the time came when she needed him, he would not fail her.

After policing their trash, he recovered his belt knife. She had him practice a bit more with his sword and knife movements, concentrating more at that point on fluidity of motion than speed. After a good workout, they donned polarized dark amber goggles to ward off the bright sunlight and set out on their morning patrol.

To Giselle, this was to be a simple reconnaissance mission. They still needed more information about the Golganthans. Where were they? What were they up to? What kind of weapons did they use? What tactics would they employ? How did they think? She didn't expect to learn much, if anything about their Arcturan 'hosts', but she would be receptive to any information she might glean.

They climbed an embankment, Geoff in the lead. He reached down to help her up. She flashed an appreciative smile. They just stood there a moment, him holding her hand. Neither made a move to release the clasp. After a bit, they just turned and resumed walking. Even Geoff knew there was nothing 'professional' about this, but it was an open space and they would be able to see danger well before it presented itself.



"Yesterday, I mean, the ant...."

"We've already been through this."

"No, not that. I froze. I didn't know what to do. I didn't even have time to think about what to do."

"That's the nature of this business, Geoffrey. If you have to think about it, you're dead."

"That worries me. I mean, I'm here and all. If I'm not to muck things up all the time, I'll need to learn how to stay alive at the least. I would like to be a help, not a hindrance. I've had some firearms training, and some martial arts, but nothing for a situation like this. I mean, what would I do if I had to defend myself right now?"

Giselle raised one eyebrow, glanced down at their clasped hands, and smiled bemusedly. Her response was pure jocular American.

"Boy, you must be a real fun date."

He blushed beet red.

"You know what I mean."

Giselle smiled, adding her other hand to encompass his.

"Sorry, couldn't resist. All right, if I were to suddenly get this uncontrollable urge to molest you, I suppose you would just have to... turn around."

"Turn around?"

"Yes. Turn around."

With that, the blonde pivoted on the ball of her foot, turning to the inside of their clasped hands. She trapped his hand firmly within her own, holding his arm close. She twisted outward and down with her arms, using his elbow as a pivot point. Geoff cartwheeled through the air, landing on his upper back with a thump. The wind was knocked from him. He lay there for a moment, looking up. In a moment, he collected air and wits.

"I see."

Giselle giggled and helped him to his feet. He glared at her with mock ferocity.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?", he growled.

His companion smirked.

"Rather. It isn't often I get a really good-looking guy to fall for me."

He softened his glance.

"I doubt that very much. I can't imagine a man who wouldn't take a tumble for you."

Her smile faded just a bit.

"Not as many as you might believe. There really hasn't been time for it. Besides..."

She placed her hand on his cheek.


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