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Muscular girl wrestles & humiliates tenants

Must be that blizzard you drove through. Great back, though."

Marsha continued moaning as I worked my way down her back. When I got to her butt she tried to stop me, although my hands never stopped working.

"Heath. What are you doing? Heath?" Marsha was tipsy, but still awake.

"Relax, Marsha. This is where it gets good."

I moved my hands in opposite circles on Marsha's ass cheeks, something I'd seen in a pseudo-porno video on cable once. It seemed almost legitimate, plus it raised the hem of Marsha's nightgown to the bottom of her ass. I varied the speed a little, which gave me the opportunity to raise the hem a little higher, exposing a curve of panty covered ass. When I moved my hands to the sides of her ass, I "accidentally" let my fingers catch the gown and pull it up over Marsha's ass. Marsha realized this after a couple seconds and tried to pull it down. She only half-succeeded.


Marsha gave a shiver at this point, either because of a draft or what I was doing to her. My hands were already giving her ass a vigorous massage. I had started on top of her panties, but was bunching them up as I worked and twisting the flat of my hand in such a way as to maximize contact with her soft ass cheeks. Marsha made an "umph" sound and pushed her ass into the bed when my thumbs raked down the crack of her butt. I squeezed her ass and kneaded the soft flesh I had always dreamed of, pulling her anus very, very gently. She gave a muffled scream at that, then one hand flailed at me for a second and stopped.

Thinking I may have pushed things too far, I began some "long strokes", as they were described in a massage book I browsed through while nursing a 90-minute-coffee one Friday night at a bookstore. The strokes started above the knee and went up across the thigh and ended in the small of the back. Of course they crossed the ass, but they had the effect of lessening the sexual tension for a minute. Both hands up, both hands down. Both hands up, both hands down. Repeat. Repeat. Just when Marsha relaxed a little I grabbed the band of her panties on either side of her waist on the downstroke and pulled. The panties came off to below her ass. I continued my strokes as if nothing had happened. Marsha did notice, though, and protested through slightly slurred and murmured words.

"Heath, my panties! can't....."

"Just getting warmed up, here, luv. We can't have any Yank sheilas saying that the Aussie swimmer was anything less than a deadest bonzer, now, can we?

I held my breath, thinking that I was about to be discovered, and used the moment for a few caresses of Marsha's soft inner thigh. Might as well get what I can before I'm caught, I reasoned. But Marsha laughed. And when she stopped laughing she started giggling. I used the moment to take her panties all the way off. She actually lifted her body a little to help. The tone of her giggles changed when I spread her legs a little and began stroking my fingers up and down her thighs. Her skin fluttered once or twice involuntarily as my fingernails or fingertips passed over, but the giggles continued. I was quickly approaching the point of no return.

Marsha stopped giggling when my fingertips found her labia. I teased around them for a moment, feeling the outline, then licked the tip of my index finger and inserted it a half-inch. Marsha stiffened and let out a short "Ahh!" I wiggled my finger slightly and pushed it farther in, feeling warm, wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" Marsha trembled slightly, then pushed back against my finger. I think my jaw dropped in shock. We had lain together and snuggled many a night on the couch, but this was a whole new level of intimacy.

I pulled my finger out and put it in my mouth, partly to re-wet it, but mostly to taste my stepmother.

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