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Is it bad luck, or a new oportunity on a hot day?

I wanted to be comfortable for the long ride, so I also wore a very thin, lace bra. My boobs were above average just about a D cup.

"Hey." She said, she sounded upbeat and excited.

"Hey." I said, not really wanting to pay her any mind.

"What's your name? Where you going?"

"Umm I'm Katie, and I am heading to Boston."

"Nice, I'm Michelle, I am heading to Boston too!" She said.

"Wow you are chipper aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes! I am very. I don't see why people should not be so happy and up beat all the time." As she said this, I notice her boobs bouncing up and down and I start to feel the tingle between my thighs. At the end of her sentence she put her hand on my knee.

"That is, umm... I nice way to look at it." I said to her, looking at her hand.

"O I am sorry if I make you uncomfortable in anyway. I just am 21, I am happy."

"No, no, you don't make me uncomfortable Michelle, I just umm.. I don't know, I am 30 and I shouldn't..."

"Hey, " she cut me off, putting a finger on my lips, "I kind of talk a lot when I get around such an attractive and sexy girl as you."

"I guess I just become a babbling idiot, when I am around a sexy young girl as yourself."

I was nervous; we were in the back of the bus with no one really caring about who was back here or what we were doing. I was horny and extremely turned on. It had been a long time since I was with another girl. I was caught up in my career and I didn't have time to think about a relationship. This girl though, was just sexy and stunning.

"Yes, you do babble," she said as she moved closer to my face, "but I find the babbling cute, and sexy." She moved in and gave me a kiss on my lips. As she moved back, we made eye contact and I couldn't resist, I put my hand on the back of her head, intertwining with her long blonde hair and pulling her in and pressing our lips closer. I felt her tongue separate my lips and I reciprocated the action by twirling our tongues together. Her lips were so soft, her tongue so sweet. We moaned into each other's mouths.

"Wow, that was intense," she said, "I wonder what else on your body is as intense."

She moved her hand down my neck and grabbed a handful of my breast and she began kissing on my neck. It had been so long, that I forgot how sensitive my entire body was. She moved her hand under my shirt and cupped right over my nipple.

"Its like your not wearing a bra at all its so thin."

She gave my nipple a little pinch and I let out a moan.

"Shhh, we don't want to get caught back here."

She put her lips onto mine again and this time moved both her hands on my boobs and pinched my nipples hard and making out with me. I felt my panties started to soak and I couldn't handle it. She moved my shirt up, completely uncovering my boobs for anyone who wanted to look back here to see, it was completely erotic and insane, but I didn't want her to stop.

"Lets keep this going a little further shall me." She whispered into my ear.

She kissed down my neck, and moved her lips down my boobs and soon was kissing my nipples. Swirling her tongue, licking them and sucking on them. It was ridiculous how turned on I was. Soon she was going to send me over the edge and she was going to do it again. Her hand started to wander down my stomach, and then went under the waste band of my pants. She didn't go under my underwear but instead started to rub my pussy lips over my underwear.

"Wow, your panties are soaking wet baby. I see I have been turning you on."

I had no response but a low moan, when she was sucking on one nipple and pinching the other while pressing and rubbing on my clit, separating my lips and burying my panties in them. I was moaning and on the verge of having the biggest orgasm of my life. She then pushed me over the edge, moving my panties to the side. For the first time words came out of my mouth.

"Please, don't stop." I moaned.

She slid two fingers into my tight wet pussy.

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