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A girl is humiliated as her boyfriend takes a lover.

Mean while Mr Lee moved his hand and a finger rubbed along Ellie's slit. She was just moist.

Another cut and now it showed Ellie on a bed. She was with Mai Li who was sucking and licking at Elli's tits. Ellie looked relaxed and it was obvious she was becoming aroused by what Mai Li was doing.

The shot showed clearly that Ellie guided Mai Li's head to between her legs and held it there. Clearly Ellie was excited by Mai Li's ministrations.

Mr Lee spoke." How touching" he said. "You love that whore licking your cunt don't you. DON'T YOU."

"Yes " she whispered.

Mr Lee put his finger inside her cunt and pushed in and out slowly. Ellie pushed back slightly but he felt it.

Then on screen Ellie stood and a man sat down. A white man, his face not in view but his cock was and it showed Ellie kneel and suck and lick at him and fill her mouth with his cock.

As Ellie was watching herself be face fucked by Brady on the screen Mr Lee was moving two fingers in and out and she was quite wet now.

The last shots showed her opening her mouth to reveal it full of cum before running it round and swallowing it and showing an empty mouth. Then the dvd stopped.

Nothing she had seen showed any force or coercion or signs of drugs at all. All she saw throughout was that everything she had done looked as though she was willing, wanted it. Her and Tom.

Mr Lee stood and then picked Ellie up with ease and carried her to the bedroom. He placed her on the bed and for the next one and half hours he licked, sucked and fucked her cunt senseless, bringing her to orgasm three times.

Afterwards they fell asleep.

Ellie had a poor night and kept thinking of the dvd and the things she had done or been forced to do.

She could have run possibly, but where to? She had a dress but no underwear. No money for a taxi or hotel. She had no idea where she was. She would be easy pickings outside and she may risk not being released by the ransom.

In the morning Tom had just gotten out from the shower when his cell phone went. He answered nervously. It was Ellie. His heart leapt. She told him Brady had allowed a call to say she was unharmed. She told Tom he had said YET. She said she had been moved and it wasn't very nice where she was. She said Brady told him not to take too long as he wouldn't wait forever. She said she was very frightened being alone here. She asked him about the sale. He told her he had waited for hours for nothing. He did not tell her about caning and arse fucking Ye-Jin. He said he was to be collected and taken to see the solicitors this morning. She said she would ask Brady if she could ring later for an update. She said she loved him. He replied I love you too honey and I shall be back soon I promise.

Then she was gone. The silence killing him. He was glad she had phoned but was left wondering if she had told the truth about being unharmed. He hoped so. The thought of Coogan raping her was terrible.

Ye-Jin collected and delivered him like a package. He was kept another one and half hours before being seen. False niceties were exchanged.

We have prepared the documents as per Mr Lee's instructions he was told. He has signed already and you have only to read and agree and sign for the sale to be completed. Mr Lee informed us that he agrees the sale only on the terms laid out and there shall be NO renegotiation.

Mr Lee has already started negotiations with someone else to buy them out and you are no longer a priority and he is now only willing to pay __6.75 million. Tom's mouth dropped. Also all legal fees must be settled by your company.

We levy a charge of 1% on all transactions. Therefore our fee for the first sale which you cancelled is __80.000 and the charge for this sale is __67.500.00.

We shall leave you now whilst you check all the details. We shall return in one hour to hear what choice you have made.

Thank you Mr Edmundson.

With that they upped and left.

Tom was in turmoil.

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