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Lab accident turns Cynthia into a sex maniac.

It was like showering under a waterfall; the water was warm and gentle as it cascaded off of our bodies. Ms Andrews used a rose scented soap as she freely washed my body. On my sore behind Ms Andrews actually had an aloe Vera salve that she generously massaged into my blisters making the stinging sensation go away reminding me that it would definitely take a week for my well spanked butt to heal. Working her middle finger down the crack of my ass until she was digitizing my anus Ms Andrews smiled as I squirmed knowing she had found one of my many sensitive areas. Sticking her tongue behind my ear licking it she found another. Giggling she told me that my mother was a very honest lady and with the help of her info, both of us we're going to have a lot of fun tonight. I gave moan as Ms. Andrews found on other sensitive spot as she began scratching her long nails over my clitoral hood.

I could hardly stand on my feet because Ms Andrews was turning me on so much. I think that my mother wanted to score points with this lady giving away my erotic secrets. I couldn't believe that my mom told her that pinching my nipples was also a turn on as Ms Andrews moved her fingers momentarily from my clit to my nipples pinching them hard making me melt into her hands. Kissing her way to my mouth and working a finger in my pussy and asshole Ms Andrews was about to hit the jackpot by fingering both holes and kissing me at the same time! As warm water flowed over our bodies Ms Andrews continued her seduction with her lips kissing me long and hard as she fingered to orgasm. My mom even told her about licking the roof of my mouth because as soon as she slipped her long snakelike tongue into my mouth she went directly to that very same area and began tickling. As soon as I felt a nail on my G-Spot I began screaming. She hit the million dollar jackpot. I went wild with lust kissing her back rubbing my hands all over looking for her pussy. I wanted my fingers working her the same way. Breaking the kiss for the moment Ms Andrews ordered me to settle down and just released myself to her as the finger me.

Summoning my mouth back to hers with her snakelike tongue sticking out, I could not resist wrapping my lips around it and began sucking. I could feel her thumb working my clit while her middle finger kept scratching my G. spot. At the same time she had both her two middle fingers working my bottom. This very same lady that, caused me so much pain earlier was performing the most lewdest but erotic act summoning up every nasty desire in my body. I was actually thanking my mom to myself for telling Ms Andrews how to turn me on. Suddenly my whole body began to tremble and I was coming in her arms. Removing her fingers from my orifices Ms Andrews held me tightly to keep from falling down giving me a deep kiss forcing her tongue down my throat. Still trembling in her arms she sat me on the redwood bench next to the shower allowing me to get my breath. I watched her bathing in the shower as my eyes worshiped her goddess like body. By the power that she had over me I knew that I could not resist her advances.

My heart was beating overtime as Ms Andrews looking me directly in the eyes washing her pussy as she licked her lips.

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