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He'll do anything for the promotion.

Because of the complaint, which Avis saw as "whining" Shep had been locked up without cumming,.

Avis had ordered Shep to buy a similar dildo for home, and to stuff it up his ass for periods from ten minutes, to all night, so his anus would be looser.

"You'd best have enlarged that backdoor some, Shep." With that, Avis jammed the thick dildo in Shep's ass and pushed it down, sans lubricant.

"You don't need lube if you've been working on your hole."

"But why can't you fuck me with your own penis!"

"You can't touch my penis with your mouth or asshole until we've done sessions for at least two years. I can't change the rules."

" makes me want to cry."

"Shut up, Shep. Just take my dildo. It's the best thing for you!"

"'s so big!"

"Stop bitching. If you visited me more often, it would go better for you. But you can't afford it, right?"

"I pay a lot of alimony and child support, ma'am"

"Yeah, you're a doctor, but not much of a husband. Two wives and five kids you pay out to?"

"Three ex-wives and seven kids, three in college...

And my fourth wife is traveling the world with her lover, and I have to wire her money constantly. When Treva's abroad, she likes to spend."

"And you can't get money from your family?"

"My dad is a Mormon bishop. No, he wouldn't fund that."

Avis's Aunt Beulah, of Provo, Utah was domme and key holder to former Brigham Young University fullback Hollis "Grange" Grangerford.

Grange, an ex-Marine, current bishop was Shep's dad, a so-called tough guy.

Then there was Shep's older brother, a State Supreme Court Justice.

The older brother, was Hollis Grangerford Junior, except when his very wife tricked him out in a miniskirt and then he was "cocksucker Hollie"...

But of course, Shep didn't need to know this.

Shep seemed so devoted to Avis that he'd actually turned down an offer by the J.T. Phurninghaus Memorial Clinic in Rennsdale, where he would've been Head Surgeon.

It would have been a lot more money, but a good seventy miles away...

All because of his devotion to Avis!

She had to admire that. It was quite

After Shep's session was over, he was re-locked without orgasm, and was sent to satisfy Fortinbras's gay urges.

Next, Wickert Aycock arrived. Wick was a far more wealthy client, and had lots more appointments with darling Avis.

Wick had been seeing Avis for five and a half years, and so he was more than eligible for service with Avis's beautiful penis.

Avis smiled and watched Wickert undress. Avis had put on her panties, and her bulge was barely contained between her legs.

Wick stared with intense desire at the bulge in Avis's panties. Wick's tongue salivated as he saw Avis's nipples harden.

Would Wick get to suck the big cock? Would Wick be sodomized by the intense erection of his lady boy Mistress/Master?

The last couple of times Wick had visited, they'd experimented with girdles and little dresses.

Avis had sent Wick out to service various men. Wick was supposed to get $20 from each guy, for use of his ass and mouth...

But it was never enough, and Avis, as Wick's pimp, would beat the shit out of him for not making enough money.

And generally, if Wick couldn't make at least a hundred dollars, he wasn't unlocked from his chastity belt.

There was some comfort in that Wick would have Avis's penis fed in between his glossed lips...

Mistress Avis would grab Wick's ears and skull fuck him intensely. Wick was learning to be a champion "throater" if there ever was one.

Now, Wick stood before Avis, naked except for his chastity device.

"So, I guess you've been fantasizing a lot about getting unlocked.

I understand you went to all the places I gave you to service a lot of customers. You owe me your fee to see me, plus at least a hundred dollars from your various clients...

...But I'll know if it didn't come from them, as your pimp, because you have to give me Polaroid's of every cock you sucked since last week."

And of course, Wick had only sucked four dicks instea

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