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Couple's fantasy is fulfilled while servicing the troops.

They passionately probed each other's mouths with their tongues, Emilia groped his body firmly, with one hand she stroked his hardening bulge through his trousers.

This time he was wearing similar tracksuit bottoms, so now she could easily wrap her hand around his cock through his trousers and control him better. Micheal moaned quietly, he grabbed her arse and started to squeeze at the pillow stuffing hard.

Emilia gradually moved herself away, she wanted to get started on him before they had too much fun too soon. Emilia bit her lips and gave Micheal a seductive stare as she toyed with the outlet tube from the fluff machine.

Micheal had a sudden rush of excitement, he was about to fulfil one of his next greatest fantasies, to be cottoned by Emilia Clarke, to be her loyal servant and protector, to be under her complete control. His cock began to throb at the very idea of it, he rapidly became a horny wreck as Emilia slid the outlet tube down the back of his pants slowly and switched the fluff machine on.

As pillow stuffing erupted from the outlet and straight into his pants Emilia pulled him in for another long and passionate kiss. Micheal moaned pleasurously as they kissed, with one hand he squeezed her arse and with the other he groped her hips and back, working his way slowly across her upper body. They stopped briefly, Emilia groped Micheal's arse to make sure his trousers were properly filled.

Micheal could barely control himself, for him the pleasure was extremely intense "Oh my fucking god... Yes! Take me! make me yours, forever and I'll serve you my queen!" said Micheal seductively running his hands through her soft hair.

Emilia had never seen Micheal like this before, all he wanted was to be under her complete control, bent to her will and hers alone. She was loving it, watching Micheal turn into a horny wreck just by putting pillow stuffing down his pants. Emilia moved the outlet tube, both his legs were now full, she moved it up to finish filling out his arse.

Micheal dropped to his knees, groping at Emilia's stuffed legs. The fluff machine was now empty and Micheal's trousers were full.

"So, it is done... stand up!" she said authoritively with a seductive grin. Micheal rose to his feet and stood before her ready for orders.

"Go lie down on the sofa, facing me" ordered Emilia. Micheal did so without hesitation or question. He sat down and rolled onto his side, his stuffed trousers made it awkward to kneel or lie down.

Emilia began walking slowly towards him, showing off her stuffed tracksuit bottoms. Micheal lay on the sofa getting harder and harder still, the sight of Emilia in front of him with her trousers filled with pillow stuffing was a heavenly dream come true, he watched her as she displayed herself where he couldn't reach her, Emilia stayed just out of arms reach. He licked his lips, wanting to grab her, feel her wonderful curves, smooth skin and silky brown hair.

Emilia's eyes twinkled with pure delight as saw the torture she was putting Micheal through, not being able to touch her, only look as pure bliss stood inches away from him. Emilia then climbed on top of him, he lay flat on the sofa. She pinned his arms down and sat back on his legs so he couldn't move, then slid down the front of his tracksuit bottoms slightly to reveal his cock, it sprang up fully erect.

Emilia gently ran her soft fingers up and down his shaft, Micheal took a deep breath as his heart rate climbed rapidly. She then gently wrapped her hand around his shaft and began to stroke up and down slowly. Emilia gave him a seductive smile as she found a steady rhythm, occasionally she sped up suddenly and then slowed to a gentle stroke; Emilia wanted to make sure this took forever, after he fingered her when they did Wam she wanted to get him back good, she would take him all the way to the edge and then stop and keep him edging for as long as her wrists would allow.

Now it was her turn to really have some fun, to bend Micheal to her will, giving them both what they want; Micheal to be a willin

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