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A turn for the worse.


Adam felt the restraints on his ankles pulled slowly tighter. Each time Emily touched him, it seemed she was moving a little more purposefully, more skillfully, making him feel almost caressed within the restraints she adjusted.

Emily's more experienced than she lets on, Adam suspected.

Tara complimented her. "See how easy that is? A forced kneeling position suits him extremely well! But it's not finished, is it?"

"It's not?" asked Emily.

"It's not a true forced kneel while his hands can still reach the clasps. You must cross his arms behind his back and secure his wrists to the harness as well."

"Sounds exciting!"

Emily turned her attention to Adam's arms, pulling them tightly behind his back, but not too tightly. Whatever Tara may have thought of her, Emily knew just how much pressure to apply to achieve the effect she desired.

He enjoyed her touch more than he wanted to, and she knew exactly the effect she was having.

The Mediary and several other slaves paused in their duties to watch. The sight of Adam made the maids smile and whisper among themselves.

"There," said Tara. "Isn't that appealing?"

"Very appealing," Emily agreed. "And he loves it!" The stretchy material in Adam's garment was stretching near its limit.

Tara approved. "When he's tied this way, it's much harder for him to maintain balance." She abruptly pushed him over, and he grunted painfully when he hit the floor.

"Did we hurt him?" asked Emily.

Tara stepped closer and placed her boot on his ass. "He'll function." She grinned pitilessly as she applied pressure under her heel. "A slave's suffering is wasted unless you savor it."

She leaned over Adam. "Now what do you think of your gift, man-slave?"

He gasped, "I will cherish this gift more-"

"But wait," Tara interrupted again. "An even better feature of the gift is that it supports his full weight! Emily, help me hang him from that pipe so that he may fully appreciate its value."

Adam hadn't forgotten the ceiling had been engineered for discipline-like so many other rooms in the castle.

Tara rose from her seat and helped Emily lower chains attached to the pipe suspended horizontally above Adam. Hooks on the ends of the chains were attached to various metal rings on Adam's harness. The excess chain was looped over the pipe. Tara ordered some of the naked slaves to hoist the chains, lifting Adam into the air.

Only when Adam was suspended horizontally five feet above the floor did they secure the chains. He could barely hide the sense of panic he felt at having nothing to hold on to and no way to free himself. He now hung at their eye level as all the guests stepped closer to appreciate his distress with sweet smiles and inappropriate touches.

Lady Tara placed her arm casually around his waist-allowing her hand to playfully tug on the gold chain that held his g-string. "See how aroused he is?" she said instructively. "And I can feel his heart pounding!"

"Mine is, too," said Emily, tugging the hem of her dress as if it were getting shorter.

"Sweetcheeks is very popular," complemented the Countess. "Having gotten three such fine gifts in one night, the other slaves must be terribly jealous." She winked at him. "What do you say?"

There was only one response allowed by protocol. "I will cherish this gift more than I can say," he stammered, staring at the floor below him, "and I am dumbfounded by your inexplicable-"

"Oh, for goodness sake!" exclaimed Lady Tara. "We forgot it comes with a matching headpiece! Lady Emily, would you be so kind. . .?"

"Of course," said Emily, looking through the paper in the gift box. She pulled out a smaller harness, designed with matching straps and buckles to wrap securely around a man's head.

Under Tara's supervision, Emily quickly applied it. Then she attached a length of chain connecting a ring on top of his headpiece to the overhead pipe.

With his head forced sharply backward by this chain, he found himself staring involuntarily into Lady Emily's smiling face-now only inches from his.

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