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She finds satisfying sex on the beach.

As I turned around to look at who said that, perhaps the most gorgeous blonde woman I have ever seen came up was behind me. She had nearly scared me half to death.

She was standing there, in a lime green neon g string and nothing else. I guess her pasties had conveniently "fallen off." What a fucking slut, I thought.

"Hi, I'm Alicia," she introduced herself. She lit a long cigarette, inhaling deeply. Damn, that looked sexy. I needed a cigarette too. I fumbled through my purse, pulled the pack out and set it on the bar. I fished one out and by the time I had it in my mouth, she had her lighter ready for me, lighting it for me.

"Uh, hi," was all I was able to stammer out.

"You're very pretty. First time here?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah...thanks....just doing some investigating," I told her. She smelled almost as good as she looked. "Shalimar", I think it was.

She sat in the empty seat beside me and we talked for a few minutes. I told her why I was there, the entire time, looking at her face so as not to stare at her marvelous tits. They were 38DD, probably silicone, but very nice looking, nonetheless.

"Oh, honey, you don't have to worry. I know Chuck and he had never so much as even made an improper advance to any of us here, no matter how hard the girls try." she said. "He usually just has a few beers with the guys is all. Nothing more".

That was somewhat of a relief. At least I knew he wasn't fucking around on me. Not here, anyway.

"Look, I gotta run to get ready for my next set. If you want to talk some more, I'll stop back, OK?" She put her cigarette out in the ashtray, lovely red lipstick marks on the end. The scent of Shalimar hung in the air.

She went to the other end of the room and hopped up on the stage.

I got the blonde barmaids attention and ordered a third glass of wine. She deposited it in front of me and walked away. I called her back and told her that she forgot to take my money. She said, don't worry, it's been taken care of.

"All right, who is the slob that thinks he's gonna get in to my pants by buying me drinks," I thought. "No, please, I don't want any of the guys here to think I am out to get laid, or that I am a whore....please, take the money".

"It wasn't any of the guys that paid for it" she said.

I glanced around the bar and there were only 2 other women sitting there. Obvious "working women", so I am sure it wasn't one of them. "Well, who did pay for it then?" I asked her.

"Just don't worry about it".

Now I was even more self conscious. Was the barmaid trying to pick me up? I hope not. I am straight and although I really didn't have any interest in her, she was beginning to look more appealing to me. I guess the wine I was drinking was starting to have its effect on me.

A few more minutes went by and Alicia's set was done. She put on a pretty classy act. Nothing really pornographic, just showing her marvelous tits and body, no "accidental" pussy flashing, but doing some very enticing things to that brass pole. I was actually watching (and enjoying) naked women dancing (wishing I was that pole!) and I began to feel a faint, familiar tingling in my pussy. The combination of everything had me in a daze. Then, without warning, Alicia appeared in the chair next to me a few minutes later, wearing a "Daisy Duke" type outfit. A red and white checkered top, tied so her navel (complete with ring) was showing and a pair of too-short shorts unbuttoned at the top, smoking a Virginia Slims 120 (the same as me).

We began talking again and I mentioned the comp drink I got and not knowing where it came from. It was driving me nuts. "Oh, you're welcome" she said. "You looked like you were having a hard time, so I bought it for you, to help you unwind some more".

I asked her more about what goes on here. "Is there any contact with the guys?" "You looking to start?" she replied. "Oh no, its just that every once in a while, I see the guys walking into the back with the girls and though..."

"Oh that! That's just the lap d

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