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I sounded pathetic. I was pathetic. But what did I expect? What did I have to offer such a creature of youth and beauty? Me, a woman almost old enough to be her mother. But I was trapped by my infatuation, trapped by losing my heart to this wonderful girl, all I could do was.... what?

To my surprise, Miss Kate did not rub in my humiliation. Her sympathy seemed to be entirely genuine as she said "Well, Angela, shall we think about how you might cultivate a younger look?" I wiped my eyes. "What are you saying, Miss Kate? I'll do anything, anything you tell me".

"That skirt is a very good start, Angela, and you have pleased me by wearing it. But I do think we have to think about body modifications to really capture the young look, don't you?". She took a pen out of her purse and quickly sketched a heart shape on the napkin and finished it off by writing "Miss Kate" inside the heart. She also wrote on the napkin the name of a tattoo parlour. "By next weekend, I want you to have that tattooed on your left shoulder, Angela. That would please me very much. And somewhere down the track you will need a nipple piercing - you can start preparing yourself for that. In addition, you must start replacing your wardrobe with clothes in a much younger style."

I was reeling from this list of tasks. But then Miss Kate reached over and once again squeezed my right tit. "There, there, Angela, it is for your own good, and I will be very pleased if you will be a good girl for me." Miss Kate knows exactly how to get her way with me. I know she is right. I do need to give myself a younger look. But more than that I need to please her. "I'll be your obedient girl, Miss Kate". As the words tumbled from my lips she took my hand, raised it to her lips and kissed it. It was the most romantic gesture I had ever seen her make and my heart pounded.

"We'll go now" she announced and beckoned over the waitress. As she approached with the check I cold see her eyeing my discarded bra. Before I could grab it, Miss Kate picked it up. "I'm sure that would fit you, my dear" and she handed it to the waitress. "That's OK, isn 't it, Angela?" I was tongue-tied!

As we drove back to Miss Kate's house she began another conversation, a monologue almost. "I like your obedience, Angela. I know some of the things tonight would have humiliated you but they were a turn on for me, and I appreciate the way you allowed me to treat you. No-one else I know has had that devotion and you are therefore special to me." These words made up for everything and cemented my adoration and submission as nothing else could have done.

We arrived back but before I could get out of the car Miss Kate murmured "Wait a moment, Angela". She drew my head towards her so that it rested on her shoulders. Her free hand began to expertly squeeze my tits. "My sweet devoted little submissive" she whispered. I couldn't speak but the response of my body spoke volumes. After a few minutes I convulsed with a loud moan as my body shook with the climax Miss Kate had induced.

"Your little reward, my pet" she whispered as she got of the car. "Till next time".

Chapter 4: True submission

During the week my thoughts had been in turmoil. I had agreed so readily to the shoulder tattoo designed by Miss Kate but as the implications sank in I realised that I had made a huge problem for myself. How could I explain such an explicit tattoo to my husband, or anyone else in my ordinary life? From time to time I wondered whether I should phone Miss Kate and beg to be allowed to place it in some more concealed place. But I had promised her and I couldn't bear to disappoint her. Besides, hadn't I always told myself that true love is to be given unstintingly and without question?

So, on the Wednesday following, I took Miss Kate's drawing to a local tattoo parlour.

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