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Mackenize and Danica get clean.

" I wail down the line to him. He is a rock. He doesn't seem surprised or phased by what has happened and moves swiftly into action.

"I'll come right over and pick you up."

Knowing that he cares and doesn't abandon me too makes me feel so much better. I pick out a carry-all and start to stuff my whore clothes into it. I am not really thinking. I just think of my urgent need to be with Will and needing him to want me. I know he likes to see me in them and at this moment nothing else of mine matters. I tell myself I am not really a whore. I just play that role because I know Will likes it. I know it looks bad, but it really isn't as bad as it looks. It's just our game - Will and me. Colin couldn't possibly understand that.

I cannot think any longer term, the permanent changes happening in my life are too much. I focus upon the next few hours: Will coming to take care of me. I pack for a weekend away and a dirty weekend at that. The doorbell rings and I run down the stairs to find Will standing in the hallway with Colin. He is very controlled and doesn't allow himself to react, show any emotion to what is happening. He looks up at me as I come down the stairs. I am wearing the skirt and top he had discarded on the floor with such disdain. I had no time or thought to change into anything else. He snorts his disapproval and goes into the sitting room. Despite his air of indifference, I know he can't bear to be there when I leave with Will. He is hurting and it is my fault.

"You ready?" Will smiles and hugs me. He takes the carry-all from me and leads me out to his car. Once inside the car I turn on him,

"You've turned me into a real slut. Now I've been thrown out of my own home!"

He looks at me and smiles kindly and then smooths back my hair. He hugs me so tight and lets me sob into his chest for a while. I suddenly think of Mrs Jameson, the busy-body watching from behind her curtains and pull myself together.

"We'd better go." I pull down the mirror and study my makeup.

I want to cry much longer but not in front of the neighbours, not with Colin possibly watching from inside the house. I need to get away, somewhere private, somewhere that is just Will and me. He turns and starts the engine and drives me to his flat. I lie with my head in his lap as he sits on his couch and caresses my head. He is so gentle, so soothing. I keep going over and over what has happened, replaying it as if I had missed some vital clue, as if it might mean something different, less appalling if I only saw it right.

"Are you disappointed in me?" I ask turning to him. The question has been on my mind for some time, but only now do I feel brave enough to ask it. He laughs,

"Not at all! It was a very difficult situation and you handled it well. It could have turned out a lot worse, but it didn't. You did just fine."

He gets up and brings us some beers from the fridge. We talk now about nothing, anything other than what has happened. It calms me, normalises me again. I sip at the beer and sniff from time to time. Maybe it is the beer, maybe it is feeling him close, maybe that he cares enough to come and collect me. But then maybe it is my way to escape, to feel good about myself. I start to kiss him, nuzzling up against his neck. He hugs me in his big bear arms and he starts running his hands up and down my body. It feels so good. I need him inside me and feel the urgency. I slip onto my knees on the floor and unzip his trousers. I pull his cock out and start licking and slurping around it until it is hard. Then I open my mouth and take him into my throat. I want to make this good for him. I want him to know I would do anything for him. I suck and lick, but I cannot hold him in my throat without gagging.
He holds my head in his hands and leans his head back as his hips thrust into my face.

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