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Kerith and Kamilka, woman and trans-woman continue.

Sometimes she wondered if they could hear her, and if maybe, just maybe, they got off listening to her. "Which ones?" she considered.

Finally releasing herself from the apparatus she began to put the various pieces away. She would wash the dildo so she left it in the sink. She needed a good wash herself, she thought wryly. Between last night and today she must smell like sex personified. Ah, the benefits of living alone.

The door rattled in its frame as the person on the other side of it demanded entry. Claire, in a startled squeak, shrilled "who is it?" "It's Michael, goddammit!" Oh shit, he knew. Oh shit, O shit.

"Let me in."

Claire hastily opened the door, neglecting to close her quickly donned robe. Michael came in and closed the door, a little too hard, behind him. Glancing at her attire, he said, "it figures. Well, I won't waste either of our time. I really just wanted to see the look on your face when I told you that I knew about Paul." At this, something in Claire rebelled. She felt good - slutty, horny, dirty. Powerful. It turned her on so much, and she was tired of denying it. "Yes, Michael, I was with Paul last night. It was great. We did things you and I never have, things you never want to do, and I'm not ashamed."

The look in Michael's eyes was dangerous. Claire knew she'd gone too far but at this point she didn't care. She continued, "If you just stepped up to the plate we wouldn't be having this conversation. I tried telling you what I wanted but either you wouldn't listen or you didn't care." Michael opened his mouth as if to speak, then saw the collar still dangling from its hook on the wall. "What the fuck is that?"

"That's something Paul and I like." Claire said defiantly.

"What else do you like, slut?" barked Michael. Then, grabbing her by the shoulder and turning her to face him, he slapped her across the face once sharply. "Okay," he said, calmer now. "Let's see what you're made of." He drew her over to the collar and fastened her neck in it once again. Then, looking around and finding nothing that would serve, he slid his belt from his pants. Doubling it, he approached Claire. "Spread your legs," he said quietly. "You will keep your legs apart until I tell you otherwise." Michael ordered. "Yes," Claire breathed.

The belt flicked upward between her thighs, stinging against her labia, her clit, both swollen from all the attention they'd been given already. Then sideways, against her thighs, raising red marks. She quivered but did not move. Her fists were clenched but she kept her arms at her sides as directed. Michael reached out and rolled each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Then, holding them with one hand he began to strike the engorged nipples with the flat of his belt, until Claire squealed in pain. She did not, however, ask him to stop.

Apparently satisfied with the results, Michael tossed the belt aside. Coming very close to Claire he reached down and slid his hand between her legs. "You're soaking," he said. Releasing her from the wall but retaining the collar on her neck he instructed her to bend over. She did so, and Michael casually spread her ass cheeks with one hand, observing. "Been using this a bit too, I see. You really are a nasty little bitch. Maybe I'll use it too." Keeping her bent he positioned her in front of him and unzipped his fly. Quickly licking his hand and stroking himself erect, he slid himself into her asshole with one smooth motion, causing her to gasp in surprise, pain and pleasure. Her asshole felt raw and abused, exquisitely sensitive. Claire wondered if she could take this again so soon. Michael began to thrust grabbing her hips and forcing himself into her. After a short time, he pulled out, saying, "not yet."

"Suck. Eat." Claire obediently began to do just that, shifting onto her knees to accommodate him. She always made little noises of pleasure when she had a cock in her mouth. To her, sucking dick was pure pleasure: she loved to serve, and she was very, very good at it.

She had once told Michael the story of ho

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