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Sister and friend come home early from a party...

Marcy Jade walked into the president's office to talk to her, woman to woman. The next day, she got expelled. For a time, Marcy was lost. Then, she met Jonathan Maximus. He was the tall and handsome older black man whom the entire town was talking about. An educated, handsome and wealthy single black man. He was friends with the governor and various senators. The guy had connections. He could make things happen. He saw something of himself in feisty Marcy Jade. They became friends. Later, he offered her a job.

Marcy Jade began to work for Maximum Security, and she did it with a passion that surprised her. She was devoted to her new boss. He wasn't just an employer for her, he was a friend. He was the man who gave her a chance when nobody else would. He gave her a hand up when the men and women of the world were kicking her down. Yes, she was utterly devoted to him. Jonathan was thankful for her devotion. He was a good man to work for. He was also somewhat distant. They were somewhat friendly co-workers, nothing more. Marcy longed to be more than that, though.

What Marcy didn't know was that Jonathan was a man of many passions, and a very private man at that. He kept his relationships discrete and didn't date around the office. He was polite and friendly to his employees but there was a line that he would not cross. Not even for the charming and devoted Marcy Jade. These days, there were lawsuits flying left and right. Sleeping with a co-worker, or being too friendly with one, could land you in some serious hot water. Jonathan Maximus wasn't interested in Marcy Jade, or anyone who worked for him.

Jonathan had been seeing a woman named Claire O'Hara for the past two years. Claire was a tall, good-looking woman in her thirties. She had short blonde hair, pale blue eyes and alabaster skin. This Irishwoman was a detective with the local police department. She met Jonathan while they were on the job together but they had never been more than friends until the day Jonathan retired. She came by his mansion for a visit, and one thing led to another. Since that day, they met several times a week for some passionate sex the likes of which she could barely imagine.

The two of them made a pretty good couple. A six-foot-six, 240-pound, good-looking black man who owned his own business and at forty one still had the body of a college football player. John worked out extensively. There was a gym two blocks from his office and he worked out three times a week. The man loved to stay in shape. Back when he attended the University of Massachusetts, he played football. While a rookie cop, he was also a part-time personal trainer. Yeah, he loved taking care of himself.

Claire O'Hara was also a tough dame. A fitness fanatic by nature, this five-foot-ten, 150-pound lady held a black belt in Karate. There were two things that she loved, her work as a police officer, and Jonathan Maximus, the man she considered to be the love of her life. They were pretty good friends and they had passionate sex. Jonathan wasn't looking for a serious commitment. Not now, not anytime soon. Possibly not ever. Although he cared for her, he had a very low opinion of the institution of marriage. More than half of all marriages ended in divorce, and men got the shaft in divorce courts. Jonathan wasn't fond of cohabitation either. Couples who were once passionate and cared deeply for one another became bitter and self-destructive once they moved in together. No, Jonathan didn't want to move in with her. Or anyone. He was a firm believer in passion, and independence. Although she loved him, Claire wasn't sure if she could deal with that.

Jonathan sat in his car, remembering some of the more passionate moments he shared with Claire.

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