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A brother's conquest of his lovely sister.

So one night, after a phone call to him, my husband decided that we should visit him the following weekend.

We decided to leave on a Thursday and return Sunday. It was a long drive up. We talked about him on the way up and what the last three years must have been like for him. We marveled over his sexual abstinence. It wasn't too long before we talked about the fantasies that included him. I shared with my husband how much fun it would be to tease him but it wouldn't be fair to him. We talked about the line between fantasies and reality. We are happily married and didn't want to jeopardize our relationship. We concluded that it would be O.k. to tease him and that if things did develop it would be fine as long as there was no penetration.

It took forever to get there. He was waiting for us and had supper almost ready. It was a great meal with lots of wine. We were all tired and it was him that suggested we get comfortable, by getting into our pajamas. We can then have more wine over a game of scrabble and when we were too tired we were ready for sleep. The men returned first and both decided to wear sweats and a tee shirt. I threw on a pair of my husband's pajama tops. I usually wear nothing under them but decided I should at least wear panties. I settled on a pair of thongs.

I received stunned expressions from both of them upon my return. We soon settled into the wine and game and everyone became really relaxed and drunk. I had many opportunities to flash both men and enjoyed doing it. Mick had a bulge the whole time we played. We finally went to bed where my husband unloaded into me almost instantly.

After a good night sleep we awoke early. We spent the morning around the house and went for an afternoon hike. We were very comfortable with each other. I kept continually stealing kisses and touches from both of them throughout the day. Every chance I got I would rub up against Mick.

That night, after supper we played scrabble in our pajamas again. The boy's wore boxer short's and t-shirt and I wore the same outfit from the night before. This time wore nothing underneath.

As the alcohol flowed, we added some more twists to the game. Since we were wearing such loose fitting clothes we decided that we should play sex scrabble. Once a particular word was played that person had the right to fondle the person of their choice until the timer went off. We still had to stay within the timer limits and the clothes had to stay on. It was a lot of fun for me, and a strain for Mick.

As the game was ending we got into a conversation about the senses and how powerful the senses could be. This led us to discuss sense deprivation and how it intensifies the other senses. For most of the night we were relying on touch and sight to arouse ourselves. We began talking about continuing arousing each other but not by touch or sight. We decided to experiment.

After drinking some shots, we moved to Mick's bedroom. We placed a chair next to the bed and we tied, gagged and blindfolded Mick to the chair. His arms were tied behind him, and his legs to the chair.

My husband and I got on the bed and started making out. Mick had to use his other senses to imagine what was going on. It didn't take long for the breathing to get deeper. It was exciting, performing in front of some one. We made as much noise as we could. Mick was treated to sucking and slapping noises. My husband pointed out that Mick's cock was now showing through his boxers and kept teasing him. I could smell sex in the air and it seemed that we were going to last forever. It was when my husband was doing me doggy style, I thought Mick was going to shoot without any help from hearing the continual slapping.

Then my husband began to groan as he emptied himself into me. This was followed by silence as we lay there. I looked over and Mick was being attentive and still sported his hard on. My husband was just lying there exhausted from our display and all the alcohol we consumed.

I helped Joe off the bed.

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