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The beginning of the end, or is it...?

She spent those nights touching herself, running her hands over her breasts and then moving them down to trace the outlines of her shaved pussy. Rubbing her clit in the same rhythm that Mary got fucked she got her share of voyeuristic pleasure out of her friend's luck. Sometimes she would cum at the same time and then listen hard to catch yet another turn of pleasuring sounds.

Standing in front of the mirror, she breathed in deeply to see what she would look like if her stomach wasn't that big, then adjusting her trousers to see what she would like if her bum wasn't that fat and finally pulling faces at the world telling all the men on the globe to go home and bugger a pig. She wasn't going to change.

With a smile on her face she went back to the office and only sat down at her desk after sneaking silently up behind Josh, one of her favourite co-workers, and scaring the living hell out of him.

After finishing re-editing an essay-article on 'New Media in Politics, organizing her meeting-schedule for the next week and faxing some papers to Julian, who was actually responsible for the political economy component, it was already past 7.00pm when she checked her watch.

She got her Dictaphone out of her handbag, and pressed the "Play" button preparing to jot down the most important things this James had said and get over with it ASAP silently cursing Julian for having to break his leg. She waited...and waited... and waited... and nothing came. Checking the Dictaphone, she realised that there was no tape inside. She dropped face first on her desk. "Oh-My-God... Julian is going to shoot me" Not only was that briefing important, no, she was also supposed to 'incorporate the new economical features' in her next research article, which was... oops....due on Monday and today was ...oooops....Friday. Swear words of various strength came to her mind.

After trying unsuccessfully to get hold of some of her other colleagues who had been attending the briefing as well Andrea jumped over her own shadow and looked James' telephone number up in the company directory to leave him an urgent message on his voice mail. When he did not call back after 1h she packed her stuff up and left the office. At home, she told Mary the whole story who could not stop laughing. In her eyes, Andrea was the clumsiest person alive - but nothing is so bad that it couldn't be sorted out with some Cookies & Cream ice cream and so the two girls go a tub each and relaxed in front of the TV.

Andrea's mobile phone rang about 40 minutes after she got home and the incoming call had no recognized ID so when she picked up the phone she was quite surprised and glad to hear "Hello Andrea, this is James Wilkinson from the Economics Department speaking. I believe you left a message on my voice mail. How can I help you?". Running out of the room still holding the tub of ice-cream in one hand she settled down on one of the bar stools in the kitchen explaining the whole situation to James. He gave her a quick run-down on what he said in the briefing while she jotted down notes and interrupted him frequently asking for further explanations.

"I didn't even know our company was employing people like you," she said to which he replied, "I work for quite a few companies on a contract basis. I am at your company to instruct you and keep you updated on new developments in the global economy." A few more explanations and swear words on economic theory and specific terms from her side later, Andrea had written down a summary of the report and thanked James for the effort and help.

Two minutes later, she was back in the living room waving with the notes, grabbed her notebook, and started typing up the notes that Mary dictated her. When the summary was finished, she emailed it to Julian knowing that at the end of the day, he could have gotten it from any other person from the various other departments as well. Bastard, he is.

On Monday, Mary and Andrea went to the office as usual,

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