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Some of it I may never be able to tell you. Hell, I don't even know how to deal with it all myself."

Brian only nodded, concerned. His heart went out to her and the situation she was in, whatever it was, but he knew that whatever it was, she had gotten herself into it. Plain and simple, it was her fault. Pointing that out wasn't going to help her though, she knew it was her own fault. Kristina wasn't dumb in that sense, but she definitely didn't make the best life decisions.

He wanted to touch her again, since her hand had went to her face. It was selfish in a way to want to simply touch her, but he knew that she needed it as well. Waiting until her tears subsided took a minute.

"I'm sure I look like a mess right now," She peered at him and coughed a laugh, "Is my make up running?"

He gave a small smile, letting it touch his eyes, "Not at all."

She wiped at her face again then looked in the weak reflection of the glass to her right. The lighting wasn't quite right but Kristina seemed satisfied enough. She gripped her frappe without drinking it, the sleeves of her sweater brought up to her palms as if she were cold. Brian knew her body wasn't likely cold, but her heart and soul were.

Finally he broke the silence that began to stretch between them, "What can I do right now?"

Her eyes flashed at him. They were wide and open but intense. It was like staring into green fires framed by a black forest while the moon's ambient light reflected in her. Then she looked down at her hands and muttered, "I can't believe I'm doing this," and he watched a battle rage on her face for a moment before a look of utter defeat came over her. Her shoulders even slumped. "Do you remember a joke we had a few years ago?"

Brian knew exactly which joke she was talking about. It had evolved into a fantasy of his almost as soon as they had made it together. He played dumb anyway to force her to say it. "We have made a ton of jokes over the years Kris," He said smiling at the hundreds of laughs they had shared. There really were more tears than laughs, but when it was good, it was good with them as friends.

She shook her head again but surprised him by pressing on, "You remember the one where we talked about me living with you and you joked about making me your slave?"

Brian's heart skipped a beat. That was the one he thought she meant. It amazed him she had said it, but it also didn't amaze him that she had come to this point. His heart immediately screamed yes, and instantly his aching loins followed suit but luckily his brain held tight rein on his impulses and waited for the catch. "Yes, I remember it, in fact I've thought about it many times."

She seemed surprised and confused, "You have?"

He wanted to reassure her, "Sure, come on, you know my desires and fantasies, I've shared that much with you." At one point they had made an attempt at being the closest of friends and that had quickly turned into a more sexual sexting style exchange than Brian was comfortable with. His marriage had been failing and he knew it, a man has needs, but he was no cheater. They had stopped talking for a long while after that but she had seemed to understand his loyalties. He remembered the feelings of break up that came with it and that had confused him for a while.

"So, doesn't mean-"she started but he cut her off.

"And look at you, you are beautiful and sexy Kris, There isn't many a man that walks past you that doesn't wonder what's under your clothes.

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