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Treasure hunter hits a real honey hole - or rather, two.

He pulled her blouse open but left it on. His fingers were deft as they worked free the clasp of her bra; she was thankful she was fond of front-clasping ones as it made it a little easier to put things back together in a hurry. To say they were fond of exhibitionism was an understatement.

Jonas loved her breasts. There was little doubt in that as he turned his attention immediately to kissing and caressing them, his eager lips running down her collarbone and peppering them with long, nipping kisses. Her eyes closed and she surrendered up to the heady sensation. She let out a soft whimper as she felt his teeth on her skin, the pain mingling with the ecstasy such touches brought her.

But, in letting that little noise slip free, she broke the rule of silence.

She didn't know it until she felt him stop lavishing her breasts with attention and started to reach under her short, blue skirt. His fingers went up her thighs and into the waistband of her white panties. He tugged them down her shapely hips, down her knees and off her feet, leaving her bare from the waist down save for that hiked-up skirt, her white thigh-highs and low heels. She opened her eyes and looked at him inquisitively but she did not have to wait long for the answer as his next words made her mistake dawn upon her.

"Open your mouth, Katie."

She had let loose a noise, that damnable whimper, and now she was paying for. Slowly, she opened her mouth as he folded up her panties and put them into her mouth. She closed it shut, the material pressed tightly inside. She gave him a pitiful look but it was all an act. She wanted to be punished today, to test his boundaries and he was delivering, just as she hoped he would.

Silenced and fully exposed, she closed her eyes once more and just let him take her however he wanted. Surrender, that complete trust, was such a beautiful thing and she gave into it without a second thought. He told her to turn around, that whispered command was then acted upon with alacrity. She turned and pressed her arms and forehead against the cool metal of the book case, spreading her legs and waiting for his next move.

She heard the rustle of fabric as he undid his pants and she imagined his hard cock springing forth, the tip of it glistening with pre-cum. He was just as aroused as she was; she was left with little doubt in that as he came up behind her then, the rigidness of his sex rubbing against the inside of her thigh. She wanted to moan, to scream out for more but the gag and her own determination to follow the rule of silence stopped her. She closed her eyes harder as she felt the head of his cock start to tease her pussy, parting her lips slowly, methodically.

She parted her legs even wider then, pushing back a few inches so that her ass now rested against his hips. Subtly, she implored him to fuck her, to stop teasing her and take what was freely offered.

He didn't need to be told twice.

Jonas grasped her hips, pushing her skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. He slowly eased inside of her, inch by inch. She moaned against her gag, the sound now muffled and barely audible. She couldn't help it but the rule was broken nonetheless. She felt him reach down to her breasts once more, not to caress them but rather to painfully twist her nipple in a reminder of the price for breaking the rule. He did it twice to each breast, causing her to squirm but she dare not move away from his touch. Jonas stopped and his hands returned to her hips as he started to thrust inside of her, steadily gaining momentum.


She wanted to scream that word out, over and over again as she felt him thundering in and out of her without pause.

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