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One night is not enough.

I zipped up releasing a long-winded sigh of frustration. Linds smiled playfully, "Ohhhh poor baby. Don't worry we will finish what we started once we get back to my place."

We talked some more while finishing our bottle of wine. This gave me a chance to settle down before we left the restaurant.

Upon entering Lind's apartment she grabbed my hand and led me over to her huge couch.

We wasted no time. Standing next to her couch, Linds pulled the shirttails out from my pants and began unbuttoning my shirt. While she did this I took off my jacket and threw it on the floor. Linds then knelt down in front of me and unbuckled my pants and boxer shorts pulling them down to the floor. I slipped off my shoes and stepped out of them. I then took off my shirt and threw it aside as well. I had never been stripped of my clothing so quickly.
Linds took my cock in her hand and kissed the head while looking up at me, "I love to feel it inside my mouth moving down my throat."

She pushed me onto the couch, " Lay down and watch what I do to you." She stood up and took off all her clothes in front of me. Her body was perfectly proportioned and it was obvious she kept herself in great shape. I could not take my eyes off her legs, as they seemed to be endlessly long in length. Immediately, my cock reacted as I was at full length. Seeing this Linds smiled and proceeded to crawl between my legs on the couch. She lifted my right leg draping it over the back of the couch and spread my other leg wide as she lowered her head into my lap. Her soft black hair fell all around my groin and lap as she traced my entire cock with her tongue getting it moist. Then she looked at me smiled and placed the head of my cock between her lips and began to jerk me with her left hand. As she sucked on the head and stroked me I cupped the sides of her face with my hands, "Oh Linds that feels so good!" She brushed the hair back from her face so I could view her face better. Her face in my hands felt so soft and small. I ran my fingers over her puckered lips, as they remained clenched around my swollen head. With her hair pushed back she moved her free hand between my legs and began to fondle my balls. Feeling this sensation caused me to shove my hips up slightly into her petite face, "Oh God Linds, it won't be long now I am going to blow hard."

Linds then slipped her lips off my cocks head with a loud smacking sound looking up at me ginning, "you like me playing with your balls huh, I love to suck cock, I'm going to swallow you whole so hold on as long as you can." With that I watched as she stretched her body out onto her stomach between my legs asking me to scoot back into an almost upright sitting position. Linds bent her long legs up and crossed them at the ankles giving me something else to look at and titillate my senses. With her face poised directly above the head of my cock she opened her mouth wide and guided my cock deep into her warm mouth. I watched, as my cock was slowly devoured inch by inch. I felt it slip across her tongue. I was amazed as I felt the head meet some resistance as her throat tightened around it. Finally, I was completely inside her mouth and down her throat. Her lips wrapped tightly around the base of my shaft.

I groaned, "My God!! I can feel your throat all around my cock, all around my shaft and head."

Linds began to pump her head up and down in tiny strokes as I felt her throat muscles contract around my cock. Linds continued to stroke me, using her throat and lips. With each stroke I could not help but thrust my cock into her face. I was literally fucking Lind's face. I could feel the end of her nose poking against the soft skin where my shaft connects to my lower abdomen. It felt great! Obviously Lind's felt my thrust becoming more powerful. I could feel my cock throbbing against the walls of her throat. Up down, Up down I watched her head bob as my cock disappeared into her beautiful face.

Suddenly I watched Lind's face bury into my groin holding still as my full length entered deep into her thro

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