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Long-awaited reunion starts off with a bang.

I noticed that I was fully erect and poking through the fly in the boxers. I quickly adjusted myself.

Lance looked Sandy in the eyes, "You are going to suck his dick. You are going to swallow every last drop of his cum, unless...Paul, do you want to cum in her face? Thought I'd ask...don't answer. I'm telling you that's what you're going to do. And Sandy, you're going to do this now because if you don't I'm going to rape you and then Jim is too and we'll keep switching off all afternoon until we can't do it anymore and then we'll go get one of your wine bottles and then we'll use our fingers and our fists. Toothbrushes. Fruit. Whatever we can think of. And my imagination's pretty good, I'd say. So, just give the boy some head and save your sweet little pussy a terrible day."

Sandy was crying but she climbed back on the bed and took off my boxers. I protested insincerely but really I was kind of looking forward to this. Lance was right, I had, and still did, masturbate while thinking of Sandy. She did have nice dick-sucking lips. She wouldn't look me in the eyes, but I couldn't help but stare at her body. At her mouth. When her lips wrapped around my cock, I almost lost it. I knew that I should try to come as fast as possible but I also wanted to hold out and enjoy the blowjob. Sandy was amazing. Better than any of the girls who'd ever sucked me off before. I guess she's had 20 extra years of practice. She alternated her tempo, slow, slow, fast, slow, and moved her tongue under my shaft and around the head. She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, but I just stared at her lips. After a few minutes, she started lightly scratching my balls. I moaned, which made Lance and Jim laugh. I tried to stay quiet but she was too damn good. "Sandy, I'm going to..." Right as I was about to cum, I saw her head get pulled back. Lance had her by the hair. I shot three or four loads into her face. She looked disgusted. There was cum dripping down the side of her nose, back onto my pubes. Lanced forced her head back into my crotch.

"Clean him up." She wiped the cum off her face and then did as she was told. It was so sexy to see her eat my cum that I was quickly erect again. I felt ashamed. I knew our relationship was going to be ruined. She was going to hate me. But damn did she suck a mean dick.

"I know I said we would go now, but I lied again. Jim and I want to see Paul eat your pussy. We want to see that look of ecstasy we saw in the pictures."

"No!" Sandy and I protested. Actually, I wanted to do it. Get those red pubes in my teeth. Make her moan with every flick of my tongue. I'd eaten lots of pussy before. I loved doing it. Maybe it's a power thing, but it's a great feeling to hold a woman on the edge of an orgasm but not let her have one. Just tease her for as long as you want and then finally let her cum.

"Yes. It's going to happen. I've got the gun, remember? Just do what I tell you and no one gets hurt...yadda yadda. Really, if you do what I tell you then everyone has fun. Sandy, on your back. Paul, between her legs. But do not finger her."

Sandy reluctantly flipped on to her back and spread her legs.

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