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A tale of of beginnings.

"Hi Daddy." She smiled

"Hi, sweetheart." He replied, swiveling his chair around and motioning for her to come on and sit on the loveseat in front of him. She smiled and walked in, slowly turning in front of him and carefully sitting down. Her lips were so full and inviting....and her green and so full of life....seemed to be reaching for him. He took a deep breath.

"Babydoll, we can't do what we did's just not right....I know you're eighteen and nearly grown....but...I am your Daddy, sweetheart, and you are my little babydoll.....I don't want anything to ever change you understand? was so sweet and lovely but it is something we just can't do anymore. okay?", he pleaded.

"Okay, Daddy" she answered....her lower lip now trembling and her eyes fixed on the floor. "Are you mad at me?"

"Oh, no! Sweetheart!!! Daddy's not mad at you!! Not at all!! You did nothing wrong!! It was all my mistake!! All my fault!!" He reached for her and pulled her to his chest, hugging her closely. After a few seconds, he continued.

"We just have to stop playing around like we did, okay. Nothing else. Okay?" he kissed the top of her head and hugged her more tightly.

"Okay, Daddy." She replied. "I'm going to bed now. Good night." And with that she got to her feet and walked to the door, pausing against the door frame. "I love you, Daddy. "

"I love you, too, pumpkin." He smiled back at her before she vanished down the hall.

Hours later, he still could not sleep.....his mind racing back and forth along the decision he had made....torturing himself with the conflict between his desires and his duty. Twice, he had almost talked himself into getting up to go "check" on her. But each time, his reason prevailed and he remained in bed. Suddenly, his bedroom door opened to reveal his baby girl standing there, wearing a knee length cotton nighty and a look of apprehension on her face.

"I had a bad dream, Daddy" she whimpered. "Can you hold me? Just for a bit?"

Of course, sweetheart" he answered, as his blood surged for an entirely different reason. He scooted back to make room and she slipped under the covers against him. Her back to his front, he cradled her in his arms and whispered against her ear. "Don't you worry about silly dreams. I will never let anything hurt you!

She replied with a snuggly move back against him and a soft kiss on his arm.

She lay there now......deep in her Daddy's arms.....feeling his strong warm arms around her.....feeling safe and loved again. Funny, how shook up she was when he told her they had to was like he was announcing that he no longer loved her. She knew better in her head....but her heart seemed a lot less sure. Now, in his arms, she knew and she relaxed. She listened to him tell her she was safe and her heart just blossomed with love for her Daddy, making her squiggle closer and deeper into his arms. Only there was something else there. Daddy had a hard on and it was sticking her in the butt. She managed to suppress the giggle but could not resist just a little wiggle against it.

He groaned inwardly at the second wiggle and turned to his back to break contact, his darling daughter still lying in the crook of his right arm with her back against his side. After several minutes, she turned over and lay her head on his shoulder.

"Rub my back, Daddy" she asked. "Please"

His fingers moved on their own, caressing the supply warm flesh of her back through the thin cotton of her nightgown.

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