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Mother and son and his wife enjoy each other.

.. enthusiastic young man."

"Would you like him on your staff?" Sir Jeffrey asked. Dame Sara had obviously taken a liking to him.

"Now there's an idea..." she said, pondering. "But who would you take instead?"

"We can discuss it another time," he laughed.

Dame Sara grinned. "Of course. You must forgive me; I do enjoy surrounding myself with attractive men I can fuck."

Sir Jeffrey's magic cock throbbed at her bluntness and the images they conjured and he moved closer to the chair.

"Dame Sara, there is something I mean to talk to you about."

She looked up at him with slight concern in her eyes. "Is everything alright, Jeffrey? Is this to do with your sudden errand?"

He nodded. "Yes on both counts, Sara. You see, and this is going to sound very strange, but I have a magic cock."

Sara's eyebrow raised in surprised amusement. "A magic cock?"

"Yes indeed, m'lady. I have always felt that it was special but I was prompted into finding the truth when an... old friend reported that she now felt the same way."

"She?" Sara giggled.

"Exactly... so you can see what I was thinking. We went to see a mage in the wilderness who explained that, well..."

Dame Sara sat forwards then, clearly interested. "Well what, Sir Jeffrey? I will try not to be alarmed."

"Well, apparently, I have a demon's magic in my cock."

"A demon's magic?" she looked slightly horrified.

"Yes, but do not worry, please. It is merely magic. There is no demonic taint present. I just have certain gifts that can sometimes pass on. Tell me, Sara, do you climax particularly hard when you're with me?"

The blonde knight grinned broadly, clearly relieved. "You know I do, Sir Jeffrey."

"That is part of the magic. With most people that is all they experience but in some people their soul willingly lets the magic build until they share the same powers that I do. This is very rare though, Sara, and it only affects people whose souls desire it so do not worry."

"And what do these powers feel like, Sir Jeffrey? Extreme horniness? Potent orgasms no matter who you're with?"

He looked at her in surprise. Another woman he had transferred the magic to?

She continued. "Oh yes, Sir Jeffrey. I have been feeling that the past few days. Since you left, in fact. I wondered if it were coincidence it happened since I was with you last, when I jumped you in my sitting room at my most horny."

"And you are not annoyed?"

"Of course not. I am quite enjoying these new found... talents. It seems my partners are, too, judging from the expression that your servant Luke was wearing as I rode his cock in your sitting room. I hope you don't mind that I did that, Sir Jeffrey. I hope you don't mind I screamed out my orgasm there as he pumped me full of his hot seed."

Her voice had dropped to a sultry whisper and Sir Jeffrey could tell she was very fired up. If she had indeed taken on his abilities then that was not surprising for he too found himself so horny that he wanted to take her there and then.

"Then you know how exceptionally horny a bearer of these gifts becomes, Sara," he breathed. "Know this - your body took that magic because it wanted to."

"Oh, do not think I regret this. I am looking forward to exploring these new desires... much as I am looking forward to having your cock inside me again." She stood then, grasping his arm.

"How very presumptuous," Sir Jeffrey smirked.

"Very," she replied, tugging him towards her.

She kissed him then, and he kissed back. Suddenly her hands were under his armour, tugging the shining breastplate upwards after undoing the knots. When she had pulled that off she undid his belt eagerly and Sir Jeffrey soon found himself naked in front of her.

His magic cock was hard and ready, despite the fact it had emptied its seed into Narlissa's cunt only an hour or so beforehand. But Jeffrey was not surprised. After all, it was magic.

"Oh what a lovely sight," Dame Sara moaned as she sank to her knees.

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