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Jeff and Ebenezer chat.

At the top of the stairs you ask, "What has gotten into you? You are awfully frisky today."

"You know how hot house hunting makes me babe" I respond, "Come on give daddy a little flash or something."

You huff at me but I can see a spark in your eye, the idea intrigues you just a bit. We make our way through two uninspired bedrooms and finally into the master suite. It is huge to say the least. You quickly find the bathroom and spot an antique claw foot tub in the corner. The drool is almost apparent from your lips.

"Wow, that would be great for sex" you coo.

"Mmmhmmm" I respond, "it is also the perfect backdrop for some flashing pictures."

I produce the digital camera from my pocket as you giggle. Without any further prompting you climb into the tub and lift your shirt and bra exposing your perfect bosom. I snap a couple quick pictures and you put yourself back together. We leave the house and thank the agent.

Once in the car, you remark, "Babe that was fucking hot! We should do that more often, A LOT more often!"

I agree with you as we drive off while the plans for more similar activities begin to form in my dirty little mind. The next few weeks are spent by me searching for more open houses for us to continue our newest hobby. I finally have a list of some potential places to visit. We make plans for the following weekend to extend out journey into the forbidden. Saturday rolls around and I am already in the car waiting for you. I am checking the camera to make sure everything is in working order when I catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. I look up and see a vision of beauty floating down the walkway towards the car. You look ravishing. For this particular adventure you have worn a light summer dress in a pastel pattern, with your hair flowing over your shoulders, which are exposed by your spaghetti straps. I feel the blood redirect from my head to my nether regions as you open the door and slide in next to me.

"Ready?" you ask.

"More than you know" I reply as I start the engine.

We are off. In a few minutes we come to our first house. We go inside but the place is packed. We quickly walk around but have already decided that this is not a place for our adventure. We hope back into the car and zoom off to the next destination. This home is cute with very little traffic. We make our way inside. I follow you to one of the back bedrooms all the while staring at your ass as it moves silently beneath your dress, beckoning me to follow. Once in the bedroom I close the door slightly as you stand near a giant window that overlooks the spacious backyard. You turn to me and smile.

"Ready mi amor?" you ask.

I pull the camera from my pocket and respond, "Yep".

I aim the camera at you and you quickly slid the straps of your dress down over your shoulders. Click. You then pull the top of your dress down exposing your tits and even though it is a hot summer's day your nipples are rock solid. Click. For the final shot you pinch your nipples between your fingers while licking your lips. Click. You slid your breasts back into your dress and your nipples are still very noticeable. We leave the house and on the way out we pass the agent who says goodbye all the while his eyes never leave your chest. Back in the car I can see you are flushed and your breathing is coming in rapid shallow breathes.

"That was so amazing! We have to do it again right now!" you exclaim.

I start the engine and head down the road to another open house. After the short drive we hop out of the car and make our way up to the house, but it is locked. You look around and smile wickedly at me.

"Follow me" you command.

You start to walk around the side of the house as I follow.

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