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First it sounded like a drive-in movie.

I can't say that I was angered, more just embarrassed. It was even somewhat arousing to be seen naked by another woman. Although, given that this woman might one day become my mother-in-law made it sort of well... odd. I saw the photos after they were developed, everyone but me thought that they were great fun. I was lot less enthused by the prospect of everyone seeing me in such an unexpected and embarrassing situation. However, I got over it, and figured that this was going to be about as far as it went with the parents.


A year or so after Nancy got married, she invited her parents, her sisters and their boyfriends, over to their house for dinner. May was working and couldn't attend, so it was just the six of us.

Nancy's husband Rob was sort of like me, he was into the latest and greatest in technology. And, unlike me, he had the money at the time to indulge himself in those neat toys! VCRs had just become a popular item, although not many people had them yet, so they were definitely a novelty. Rob had just purchased one and was eager to show it off. He had taped some shows off the air, as well as having collected a small collection of movies that they had purchased. We watched several shows, although I don't recall what they were. Julie's parents were on the couch, Julie and I shared a bean-bag on the floor, and Nancy and Rob were in a loveseat. It was a warm day, and everyone had a drink, either a cold beer or some wine spritzers that Irene made up. Rob had a small stash of weed and rolled a few joints. Everyone including Irene and Rick took a few tokes of them as they were passed around. So we were all slightly buzzed.

After we watched a few shows, Julie's mother got up and went over to the cabinet where the movies were stored and started browsing through the titles. I guess that somehow or another, one movie that should probably have been discreetly stored in a dresser in the bedroom had been left with all the other movies; it was the porn classic "Debbie Does Dallas" She read the title aloud. Then she said "Let's watch this!"

I swear all of the air got sucked out of the room and you could have heard a pin drop.

Nancy quickly spoke up, "Mom, that's an adult movie!"

Irene just said "I know, and I want to watch it. I know that it's played at the local adult theater, and I'm just curious. Come one, who's with me?"

Well, I wanted to see the movie, and I really wanted to see the movie sometime with Julie by my side. I was hoping that it would be a good ice-breaker, but I hadn't really anticipated seeing it with this particular group of people. Awkward would be an understatement. But, I was there, and who was I to naysay people old enough to be my parents.

The movie started, and after a few minutes we were treated to some full nudity, followed by close-ups of engorged cocks entering spread labia with mouths descending on erections, tongues lathering clits. Sucking alternated with fucking, and it was clear that a climax of sorts was near. A few more minutes, and the first of many "Money Shots" came on, with semen flying to the sounds of moaning and groaning.

Somewhere along the line, one of us became bold enough to say something like "Wow, did you see..." and the ice was broken. We traded quips, and all of us sort of nervously laughed and tried to hide our unease. I know that I was trying to conceal a hard-on that wouldn't quit, and from the way the two other guys were sitting I figured that they were both trying to conceal theirs as well. The girls were flushed, it was apparent that all this on-screen sex was arousing them too as well, and all of this, with parents right there in the room with us!

The movie ground on with one scene following another.

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