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The fun continues.

" Aaron said.

"Stockings!" Gabrielle blurted. As quickly as she said it, Gabrielle covered her mouth with her hand. She couldn't believe what she had just said. Gabrielle had always been a proper lady and discussing foundation garments with a strange man was outrageous to her sensibilities.

"Serious?" Aaron raised an eyebrow. Clearly he was surprised by her answer. "I gotta see these." he said and grabbed Gabrielle by the arm, pulling her toward him. Gabrielle tried to call out but a large hand clamped over her mouth and her cry was muffled.

Aaron's left hand partiality frisked Gabrielle, but mostly groped her as it searched over her body while his right hand kept a firm grip over her mouth. Gabrielle's eyes went wide as his hand gripped her breasts then ran over the front of her skirt. His fingers felt her garter straps. Gabrielle was still so overwhelmed by the sudden ravishment that she just froze and held still as Aaron felt her up. His fingers drew her skirt up and when he had a fist full of cloth he yanked her hem up above her stocking tops.

Aaron was pressed close to Gabrielle and his bulging cock dug into her ass. "Let me explain what is about to happen." Aaron said, his deep voice whispering into her ear. "I'm going to fuck you. I mean I'm going to fuck you hard. You can struggle, fight, claw, kick, whatever, but" His grip intensified on Gabrielle and for a moment she found it hard to breathe, "You're still going to get fucked. You can fight me and I will slap you silly," he paused "or you can let it happen. Either way, it doesn't matter. You're my bitch and you're mine to fuck. Understand me?"

Aaron took his hand away from her mouth. It was clear he wanted an answer and Gabrielle did not want to him to become more violent than he had been. "Yes." She breathed. Gabrielle figured that soon her husband, David, would notice something wrong and come save her from this savage man and his lustful intentions.

"From now on you call me Master." Abruptly, Aaron spun her to face him. Reaching for her side he started to unzip her skirt. The sensation of this man grabbing her and now stripping her sent a feeling shooting through Gabrielle that confused her. She should feel assaulted, attacked, and outraged, but instead she felt excited. She could also see Aaron's massive cock pressing against his pants and she desperately wanted that cock inside her.

Gabrielle gasped at her own thoughts. She couldn't believe that she had allowed such an unclean and adulterous idea to from in her mind. But her body started to melt under Aaron's physical touch. The more he unclothed her, the more wet Gabrielle became.

Aaron continued to roughly strip Gabrielle. She said nothing as he yanked her skirt down to the floor. Her smooth white blouse was crinkled where it had been tucked into the skirt. It was barely long enough to cover her, but not enough to conceal her black garter belt and satin thong. Aaron took a hold of her shirt by the lapels and ripped it off her in one motion. Gabrielle's nude bra displayed her lovely breasts nicely.

Aaron groped her breasts for a moment then spun her around again. "Hot damn, that's a nice ass." Aaron said and he slapped her right buttcheek hard. The sound of the slap echoed in the house. Gabrielle was stunned, partially because of how Aaron had just slapped her ass but mostly the sound of the slap was followed by silence. Surely if David hadn't heard Aaron ripping her clothes off, he must have heard that slap. With another shock, Gabrielle realized that she torn. Part of her wanted David to come rush to her rescue while the other part wanted David to delay until this man had forced his giant cock into her a few times.

"Kneel down, bitch." Aaron ordered. Gabrielle hesitated and Aaron grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. Gabrielle saw that Aaron had unzipped his own pants and his huge black cock was thrust out, stiff as a rod. Using his grip on her hair as a handle, Aaron forced her mouth over his cock.

"MMMMMPPHHHH!" Gabrielle tried to call out but she was gagged by the

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