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My new virgin secratary who remained so.

hell was she asking about Caroline?

What had my longtime lover done?

And why had it come back around to me?

"I know her socially." I said sticking to my gut instinct, and not giving her more.

She just chuckled as she walked over to her jacket which she had thrown casually on the bed, from the inside pocket she pulled an envelope and opened it.

Standing in front of me again, she flipped around a small color photo of myself and Caroline having dinner six months ago.

"Charitable dinner, for local school art programs." I said barely glancing at it.

The agent just grinned and shook her head in disbelief at me and flipped over another picture, this one of myself and Caroline on her balcony the night of her party just a few months ago, Caroline half dressed and draped on me, kissing me, the same night she watched Rachael and I together in her study.....the same night she asked me to move uncut diamonds for her.

"Dammitt Caroline! " I thought while the agent waited for my answer.

"Political fundraiser." I said rolling my eyes.

"We could do this all night; savannah is a social town with lots of parties." I added growing tired of her questions.

"And this one ..., was this a private fundraiser?" She asked turning the next one around.

This photo caught my eye , it was of myself and the beautiful older redhead on the balcony of our hotel in Charleston , naked sipping champagne , the agent quickly followed it with a picture of us in bed , Caroline on all fours , face down as I fucked her from behind .

"Do you see where this is going ..., we call this a pattern of behavior." she said sarcastically.

"Looks very self explanatory to me." I quipped, smiling at the memory.

The agent thumbed through a few more pictures before flipping another, and holding it in front of me.

It was of us in bed, early the next morning wrapped comfortably naked around one another sleeping off the night's events.

"Lovers share secrets ... , were you aware that Ms. Carson is a suspect in two art thefts , private collections worth quite a lot of money?" she asked.

"The only thing I'm aware of where Caroline is concerned, is when and how she wants to be fucked." I was goading her, wanting to push her buttons.

" I have been following the money , in this case the diamonds and the money and they led me from Argentina to here , and the only person she knows capable of transporting stolen art or diamonds for that matter is you." she glared at me .

I did not say anything, just sat there staring into those piercing blue eyes.

" You own the largest shipping company on the east coast , your reputation precedes you in quite a few circles and when I asked my contacts who could move that kind of thing , the answer always came back to one" she smiled content with herself .

"Your working a dead end sweetheart, the only thing Caroline and I are is evident in those pictures, and the idea she is an art thief is frankly preposterous." I chuckled, as I shifted in the chair trying to get comfortable before I continued.

"This is a case you won't break, a shame really your track record is quite impressive, drug busts, fraud and theft stings ...all very impressive." I taunted.

"Doing your homework I see?" she asked, turning away from me.

"Gives me a better picture of who I'm dealing with!" I snapped, jerking my wrists and glaring at her, I was running out of patience for the handcuffs.

"I should have known you would protect her." she said, her tone irritated.

"Lovers ......remember." I said sarcastically.

"You're quite the puzzle Jordan." She said quietly and clearly irritated at me, it was the first time she had used my name and I liked how it rolled off her tongue.

"I'm not that hard to figure out," I continued to squirm, seeking comfort in the now very humid and nearing unbearable room.

"So what now, we can do this all night?" she asked stepping to me and leaning behind me to unlock the handcuffs.

I sighed as the blood began to rush back to my numb fingers , then I stood slowly, stretching and staring into those nervous eyes , wond

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