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Then the poker was found on Campus, so it was becoming increasingly obvious that someone connected with the University was involved in some way.
"After that, Detective Rose thought about the possibility that Seth, not Shayla nor Derrick, was the real target, and a lot of things began clicking for me. Who had motive for harming or framing Seth? His sister. Who was his sister's lover? Why, the head coach of the University's varsity football team. After that, it was a matter of looking to see if Harlan's cell phone pinged near the Belle house, which it did and at the correct times. From there we got the search warrant, and once we had the shoes, we had about as strong a circumstantial case as we possibly could. Certainly enough for me to make the decision to make an arrest."

"Do you think he'll stand trial?" asked Sandra Speer. "He's a very sick man, from what we've heard."

"That's a good question." I said. "Harlan's hearing is tomorrow morning, and he may well get a delay while he undergoes his treatments. But I've also heard... that in reality there is no hope for him, and it is only a matter of time before he dies."

"I have to admit," said Lorena Rose, "that I was misled about the sister and about Shayla."

"I can understand why." I said. "And as it turned out, Cheryl Belle Dunston was definitely committing crimes. She set up some fake deals that allowed her to take large lump sums, but there were no time-payments for the company to be receiving. Only she or someone at her level could put that into the system without even a Court signing off on it, as normally happens."

"Let me add this:" I added. "Shayla and Cheryl were actually in league with each other to break Derrick's will! Cheryl made a big mistake: she admitted that she and Shayla liked each other. I thought she was throwing that out to mislead us, but later realized that it was true, that Cheryl and Shayla were friends, and were conspiring together. It is very possible that if Shayla could've gotten Derrick to hit her, she could kill Derrick and claim self-defense, then Cheryl would contest the will not only to keep the company for herself, but to get Shayla a cash settlement from the estate. Again, we can't touch her, we have no proof and Shayla actually never could get Derrick to get physical with her, but I fully believe they were trying something."

That started some chatter amongst the guests. I took the opportunity to refill my single malt Scotch, then continued:

"Derrick was intending to sell his company to his venture capitalist partners, and he was going to cut Cheryl out. I think he knew she was embezzling from the company and defrauding him, but he didn't want to expose her and have her jailed. I don't think he realized that several people were targeting him for murder. In fact, it might have been sheer luck that Harlan got to Belle before Shayla or Cheryl did..."

"No wonder Shayla dropped me as her lawyer." said Jeanine. "She doesn't need a divorce lawyer anymore, but she's going to need a criminal attorney."

"No, I think she's going to follow through." I said. "Even from jail, Cheryl Dunston and her husband are challenging the will, and Shayla will be right there. But you're right; she needs a different kind of attorney, and she'd better be very careful of the sleeping giant she is awakening."

"I wonder what our billionaire friend is going to do about that." Jack quietly said to me as others started talking amongst themselves.

I replied "I might have mentioned to Shayla that while I have nothing I can use against her, it might be most very good for her health if she gets out of Town while the getting is good. Wargrave is pissed at me for arresting Harlan, and he might well take his frustration out on anyone he can get to named 'Belle'..."


"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!" blared the beautiful redhead reporterette at 7:00am the morning of October 5th.

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