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I've never undressed in front of a dead nun before.


"Eb makes good liquor, Doc. He just sells it mostly to the folks around here. I'd like for him to quit the moonshine business, myself, and become a farmer, if you know what I mean. He could make a lot more money that way," Jenny said and giggled.

Eb shot her a look. "I ain't growing none a that stuff, Jenny. Asides, my family been moonshinin' nigh on a hunnert an fifty years an I ain't quittin' now."

"Shine is medicine as far as I'm concerned," Doc said, "It's like a lot of things, a little now and then is good for you." He laughed and continued, "In fact, I think maybe I'll have me another."

Soon, Jenny was giggling at almost every word spoken, so Doc said, "I need to go ahead and examine ya'll for Rabbit Fever before we drink anymore."

"Okay, I'm ready when you are, Doc. I don't want to be hopping around with Rabbit Fever." Jenny laughed and took a large swallow of beer.

"In a minute, Jenny, I'm gonna start with Eb, first," Doc said. "Let's go to the bedroom, Eb, and get this over with."

"Shore, Doc," Eb said and led the way up stairs to the master bedroom.

Doc checked Eb's vital signs, listened to his chest, looked in his mouth, eyes and ears, checked the pulses in his arms, legs and ankles, asked questions about how he felt, then declared, "You're clear as can be, Eb, no sign of Fever at all."
"I told ye we didn't have no fever. I feel good, Doc."

"I'm really glad you were right, Eb, it's nasty stuff. I hope Jenny doesn't have it either."

Doc began spraying disinfectant on his instruments and wiping them clean.

"I'd notice if she did, Doc. She ain't got no Rabbit Fever, but I shore hope you can cure that other stuff she's got. I shore do, Doc."

"Tell you what. I'm gonna examine Jenny for The Fever, then I'll go ahead and start treating her Libidinal Distress. Now, remember, once I start, she can't be interrupted. Improperly pulling somebody out of a hypnotic trance can be dangerous, and besides that, it will cause a relapse and make her affliction worse than it was to begin with, maybe even to the point that she can never be cured. You understand, Eb?"

"Yeah, I understand, Doc. You don't have to worry about me, I won't bother her."

"Good. Now, I'll take good care of her, Eb. I'll treat her just like one of my own, so don't you be concerned. When we finish, she'll be much better. Okay?"

"Okay, Doc. I understand. You're a good man, Doc."

Back on the porch, Eb said, "Well, I ain't got no Rabbit Fever, mama. I checked out clear as spring water, so I recon you don't got it neither."

"You mean you won't be hopping around like a little bunny rabbit?" Jenny giggled, holding her hands like paws up under her chin, bouncing her wrists in her best imitation of a rabbit.

Doc laughed. " Jenny, you go on up to the bedroom," he said, "and I'll be along in a minute."

"You gonna cure me if I've got Rabbit Fever, Doc?" Jenny said and leaned away from the railing to go inside.

"Of course, Jenny. I've cured lots of cases. You're in good hands."

"I hope so," she said without looking back as she swayed through the door letting the screen slam.

Doc pulled a card from his pocket, then said, "Look, Eb, I just noticed that I don't have a medication I'll need to treat Jenny's LDS. It's Gelsemium Sempavirens 6X, made by Boiron Laboratories. Here, I wrote it on this card. I need for you to go get me some. Okay?"

"I'll run down to Collins Drug and be back in a few minutes. Them Collins is purty good folks, even if they is Yankees. They been here fer about ten year and don't cause no trouble or nothing. I'll jest run right down there..."

"They don't have it, Eb. The only place you can get it around here is the Organic Pharmacy over in Asheville."

"Damn, Doc. Asheville's nigh eighty mile away. It'll take me four hours or more."

"I know, Eb, and I hate to send you, but I've got to have that medicine."

"That's a long way, Doc. Why don't we do this some other time so I don't have to drive all day."

"Okay, Eb, but I don't know when I'll be ab

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