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An author finds inspiration with a stranger.

Now she was about to be sodomized like a pretty-boy in a Turkish prison.

"Now, please take off the panties." She pulled them down and stepped out of them. Her smooth, firm, shapely butt was incredible. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair made me want to lick her pussy, but I decided to save that for later. She didn't know what to do next, so I led her over to the couch and motioned to it.

She said, "I am tall, and you are even taller. The couch is not long enough for us." I replied, "I want you to lay face down over the armrest, with your feet on the floor and your butt up in the air." She obeyed me reluctantly.

Her lovely long legs allowed her to stand comfortably on the floor while she bent over the couch armrest and laid her head down on the seat cushion.

"Now reach back with both hands and spread your butt for me."

She did it, but she said "This is so humiliating!"

Good, I thought. Humiliation is an important part of this.

But my view was beautiful.

Her sweet young pussy lips were like pink flower petals, and her asshole looked like a tiny buttonhole. I put the tip of my cock up against her asshole, and waited a few moments. She was quivering with anticipation.

I said "Tell me if it hurts." She mumbled OK, and was obviously thinking she was going to get a reprieve. I eliminated that possibility by saying "I won't stop. But tell me anyway." She whimpered as she realized it was going to go up her ass whether it hurt or not.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and her eyes were full of apprehension, but also curiousity. I started to push gently, then harder and harder. The vaseline did the trick. All of a sudden, the head and another inch or so went into her, stretching her asshole open. She let out a squeal, but she didn't try to stop me.

She did say "It's in!" as if to say thats enough.

I pushed it in carefully, a fraction of an inch at a time. She said "I'm not sure..." and I pushed it in further. She said "I don't think..." and I pushed deeper still.

She said "Are you going to push it all the way in me! Do you have to do that?" I mumbled "Yes."

With each little push, she made a whimpering sound. I am sure she had never had anything larger than a finger up her ass, and I was filling and stretching her to the max.

I stopped pushing it in, and fucked her, just sliding it out and back in again to the same depth. My cock has never been longer, bigger, harder or stiffer.

She kept spreading her butt cheeks with both hands, so I had an unobstructed view. Her vagina was slightly open, and very wet, so she was definitely enjoying this. Her asshole was tightly stretched around the shaft of my cock.

She had surrendered to what was happening to her, and took it without a complaint until just a couple of inches were left. She flinched a little, and said "That's enough. It's up in my stomach! Is it all the way in?"

I lied, and said "No, that is only about half of it." She panicked, and reached over to feel for my cock. When she realized there was only a little left to go in, she said "Very funny!"

I started to fuck her with slow, steady strokes. Her asshole was so tight that I couldn't go fast, I just pulled out an inch or two, and slid it back in. However, if I pushed it in just one-eighth of an inch further with each stroke, you don't need a math degree to understand that after eight strokes it was in another inch. Eight more strokes and it was all the way in, and my balls pressed up against her warm, wet pussy.

She said what all of the young girls say these days, "Oh my God!" I just kept fucking her.

Her head was turned to the side on the couch cushion. Her eyes were open, but they were glassy and staring blankly, as if she was in a hypnotic trance. Each time I pressed up against her butt-cheeks, she exhaled and made a small grunting noise. It seemed like when my cock went all the way in it forced the air out of her lungs.

The only sounds in the room were the gentle slaps made by me bumping up against her butt, and

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