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The windows.

name is that?"

They both grin, "he's got a pocket rocket and it will take you to the moon baby."

"Well, I'm all for going to the moon. Where is this place you're talking about?

"It's over on 5th street, not far from here."

"Get in, both of you and let's go have some fun!"

They put their boards in, Rocket in the back seat and Jason in the front. I pull off and follow Jason's direction to this spot he's talking about on 5th St. He is right, it was only a few minutes away but it's an abandoned building. He tells me to pull around to the back. We all get out of the car and head into the back of the building. There is a door that's off its hinges and we go right in. The walls are moldy and the air is stale but Jason puts his hand on my ass and I forget all about the condition of the building. I turn and he takes me into his arms, his strong lips attacking mine. His tongue pushes its way in and right away he owns me.

The other guy, Rocket comes up behind me and starts to kiss the back of my neck. The sensation of both of their mouths on me flood my senses. One of my hands goes around Jason's neck, while the other reaches back and pulls the other's head to me. I switch and kiss Rocket's mouth. Jason moves down kisses his way to my breast. He pulls my top down, exposing one tit. His hard lips encase my turgid nipple. My tongue swirls around Rocket's mouth. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. One of his arms goes around my hip and the other pulling me into his mouth.

Jason bits my tight bud as his hand slips down into my shorts, cupping my wet pussy. I feel the first tightening of my stomach as a spams sweeps over me. I reach for his cock, rubbing it through his jeans. I whimper into Rocket's mouth when Jason slips a finger into my wet folds. Rocket's tongue is sliding to the back of my throat. I can't wait to feel the huge bulge he has in my mouth. I reach back and grab his cock, massaging it through his jeans. Both of these guys are sporting thick dicks. I can't wait any longer and I pull myself away from his kiss.

I go down and squat in front of them both. I pull the buttons of Jason's jeans open and reach in to pull his cock out. Then I lean over and do the same for Rocket. When my hands goes into his shorts, I find on huge hunk of man meat. I know I gasped when I see it for the first time. Jason has a nice thick cock but this is a whole other thing. It has to be 12" long and thick as a can of soda. My mouth waters with anticipation. I stroke them both, leaning in to give each swollen head a kiss. I'm in cock whore heaven.

Jason grasp the hem of my blouse and pulls it over my head. The cool air meeting my hard nipples sends a rush of blood to them, causing them to crinkle and tighten up. I reward Jason with taking his cock into my mouth while still stroking the other shaft. My tongue licks around his head and down the shaft. I can taste the saltiness of his pre-cum and have a flashback from yesterday. The next spasm goes through my body. I can feel the slickness of my juices leaking into the crotch of my shorts.

I stop only to remove my shorts, leaving me fully naked, then I go back down in a squat and take Rocket's thick shaft into my salivating mouth. His audible grunt only urges me on to push it further down my willing throat. It is so thick I can't get much down, but I lave my tongue around the bulbous head. My lips are sucking on the rim of his mushroom head. I suck hard, swirling my tongue around it. Then I pull off with a resounding "pop." I look up into his eyes and see them half-lidded and lost in sensual bliss. I spit on his cock and stroke my saliva with my hand.

I take Jason's thick shaft into my mouth again.

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