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You can't get to know people until you meet them, so that's no excuse. Besides, you'd be helping me out," Dani reasoned.

"This is the perfect way to get to know them better and build our friendship. It's one day and you don't have to make a major commitment to them. It's important to me Crystal," Dani said with a theatrical sigh, knowing she was laying it on pretty heavily.

" Ok, ok, I'll do it, Crystal capitulated.

"You know I'm not much of a people person, but for your sake I'll make the effort. Unless one of them says something I don't like, then all bets are off," she warned.

"Thanks Crystal. I'll hold you to being on your best behavior. Although Jessica and I are pretty friendly, I don't know Monica as well and I don't know Karen at all, so I need a little support. I want to make the effort because they're Ryan's friends and I'm going to see a lot of them and what better way to really get to know them than away from the guys.

"Huh! I didn't say best behavior. Hell, I don't even know what my best behavior would be," Crystal laughed. "As long as there is no bloodshed, I'll be happy," Dani teased.

"Ok, Dani. I'll see you at ten tomorrow morning."

"Good. Thanks again Crystal, bye." * True to her word, Crystal was on time.

Dani was trying to get dressed while talking to Ryan on the phone. Hearing the doorbell ring, she hopped to the door, trying to put on her shoe while holding the cordless phone between her head and shoulder. She made it to the door and opened it to let Crystal in, nodding to her in greeting. "What should I wear?" she asked Ryan.

Crystal sat down on the sofa smiling at Dani as she finally got her shoe on. She was unabashly listening in on the conversation and was able to follow a bit of it even without hearing the other side. What she missed, she figured Dani would fill in later. "Yes," she heard Dani say. "What time will you be home?" Dani waited for Ryan to answer, then said, " Ok. I'll be back before then. I'm making dinner tonight."

She laughed at something he said and then told him, "You'll just have to wait. You are so bad Ryan."

Dani laughed again, then paused for his response. "Ok, baby. I miss you too. See you later, bye."

Dani felt flushed after talking to Ryan. That man could get her hot just with words and he didn't mind doing it over the phone. Smiling, she turned to see Crystal looking at her with a raised eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

"Oh, no Crystal, I am not telling you what Ryan said." Fanning herself, Dani sat down, but she couldn't keep the smile off of her face.

"Whatever he said sure got you hot. You sure there isn't something you want to tell your big sister? We've done the facts of life talk already, but you might need a little refresher course," Crystal suggested.

"Thanks a lot Crystal, but I'm in the master class with Ryan. Oh, my God, if you only knew!" Dani groaned then slapped her hand over her mouth as she looked at Crystal wide eyed.

"Yeah, I bet. That man is a walking wet dream. Well, if you like that type," Crystal said with a straight face.

When she saw Dani's incredulous expression, Crystal serious demeanor gave way to a gut wrenching laugh. "Shit, who wouldn't like that type. I have to admit that as much as I love me some chocolate, that white boy is damn fine."

Dani just shook her head, got her purse off the breakfast bar and dragged Crystal, who was still laughing, out of the house. Crystal offered to drive and Dani accepted reluctantly knowing that she'd have to curb her sister's tendency to speed.

They were meeting the women at The International Plaza. There were a ton of stores and restaurants in the complex. They could do all the shopping they wanted and go to lunch, all without having to fight traffic.

Dani particularly wanted to go to Victoria's Secret. She'd shopped there a couple of times in the past months replacing underwear that Ryan tore while trying to rid her out of them. Sometimes the man just didn't have any patience.

He offered to pay for them, going so far as t

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