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Son puts mom in her place.

Luckily Tim had his knees up and legs bent to support her back and head as she did this. Tim was suddenly worried that she might break her back, or even her neck!

A deep low rumble started way down in Melinda's chest, followed by staccato moans. Tim thought that she started to say something, but every time an almost intelligible sound came out, her throat and neck muscles constricted causing a cut off scream to come out instead. Melinda's pussy took on a mind of its own. Every single muscle right to her very core clenched and unclenched in a desperate attempt to expel, then suck in this meaty intruder. Her muscles patterned into a milking motion along Tim's cock, ensuring that it didn't go anywhere until it had deposited its load deep into her cunt.

Tim again was enthralled by this response. He wanted Melinda to experience the best climax he could give her, so he kept her at this stage for as long as he dared. He honestly thought she could die from heart seizure a few times, but every time he slowed her down, she managed to croak, "Oh Tim... more... yesssss!"

Tim joined her, pumping long jets of white cum deep into where her pussy wanted it, again and again, until her pussy was overflowing to such an extent that his thighs became covered with a combination of Melinda's cum juices and his own.

Gently he allowed Melinda to come down and as he withdrew from her sopping pussy, she did an amazing thing! She immediately bent down and started sucking him off! She may have done it in an attempt to clean him off, but Tim touched his nipple with his orgasm hand and continued pumping hot cum into Melinda's mouth. She didn't pause for one second. She slurped and sucked and drank his cum, swallowing in rhythmic movements in time with his hose like spurts. He kept this up until she also, like the other girls before, could physically take no more into their stomachs. Melinda simply left her mouth open, tonguing the underside of his cock and allowing the spurts to spill out of her mouth.

Then she fell asleep!

Tim slowed and gently brought Melinda back up so that they were again cuddled together on the clothes bed. Eventually she awoke in a dream-state. "I don't believe what we just did!" she mumbled. "Is sex with you always this good? I felt as if I had died and gone to orgasm heaven. I wonder if this is what heaven is like... one endless orgasm? And your cum! It just kept going. I am full of it in every hole! Well almost every hole!" she giggled.

"I thought I would leave you with something to remember us by," Tim smiled at her. "Can't have you going off to the other side of the world without some sort of memory of us."

The only reply was a definite, "Mmmm!"

Tim always marvelled at the rejuvenating qualities of his own cum. Every girl who had swallowed it had commented on the improved feeling of downright 'healthiness' afterwards. Even Tim had been rewarded with peak physical and mental fitness with his own engagement with his own produce!

They both awoke from their dream-like slumber almost as if no sexual Olympics had taken place. Their minds were in the post cum calm, but their bodies weren't. Physically, they felt as if they had just woken from a deep relaxing sleep, ready for whatever the world could throw at them.

The end of the year passed.

Tim and Melinda went their separate ways, Melinda off to university in Canberra to her future in medical research and Tim went to the local university and studied psychology, majoring in mental ailments relating to sexual malfunction.

He had various fuck buddies during his uni days, but even though they were satisfying and added to his practical knowledge of the extent of his strange abilities, his mind always went back to Melinda.

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