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Steamy Latin tenant satisfies landlord's wet fetish.

He slipped out of his briefs to reveal a tight midriff set above a cock semi-tumescent and already half a foot in length. The shaft still hung down to end in a circumcized cock-head that was a deep red in color.

The camera admired the two naked bodies, one front, one rear, in silence.

Moody Beard held forth his right hand and led her to the bed, pulling down the sheets with his left. The lean side of her body and swell of breast (topped with an appealingly pink and erect nipple) came into view and swelled forward as she climbed onto the crisp white of the sheets.

His thoughts watching his wife, or a somewhat younger version of herself, were excited, if mixed. Thus far it looked like a standard European art film: no hiding full nudity but no guarantee all actors would participate. To date her performance had been nude, but leaving a considerable amount hidden. It was mildly scandalous she had appeared nude in a film, but ...

On the screen the actors were fumbling under the sheets. They were locked in a passionate kiss. Moody man's arm emerged from below the white cotton and began to caress a breast. First one was exposed, then both as he paused to pull back and caress strands of hair away from her face.

And then the perceptions and emotions of the watcher were transformed.

Moody beard rose onto his knees. White sheets and grey blanket puddled behind his now exposed ass. His right leg arched forward and then his foot was used to push sheet and blanket farther down the bed. The camera, which had been looking lengthwise down the bed, moved leftwards to capture both a better angle and the brighter light from the windows behind.

The movement in sheets left a lot more of her exposed. In response to her movement she had sat up somewhat, but most of her long, lean legs were now revealed, and both of her perfect C-cup breasts were now jutting forward, the medium-sized pink nipples standing quite to attention. The closer leg was slightly raised, blocking a view of her middle, but she was suddenly much more naked on screen. Perhaps more striking was what had happened to the Moody Beardy actor: at this angle it was clear that his semi-tumescent shaft had hardened into an erection of seven or eight inches. This jutted straight ahead of him, aimed directly at her tits. The circumcised head had now swelled into a redder shape, sharply defined against the shaft. This cock now swayed proudly with the subtle movements of its owner.

She was gazing at him with a slightly hungry, definitely excited look. Her glance clearly shifted between his intense gaze and his protruding, throbbing cock.

Moody Beard edged back on his knees and then leaned forward. His hands parted her legs and there was a brief flash of the pale skin of her cunt as his beard descended between her legs. His eyes were locked on hers. She mouthed the word "tickles" but that was superseded by hooding of eyes and a slight opening of her mouth.

This lasted for a minute. The slight flapping of curtains and road noise was accompanied by the faint lapping sounds produced by Moody Bearded man. He pulled back and smiled, then he redescended, tongue extended.

"Was she?" was the thought of the watching now-husband. It was a strange mix, to see the sex life of a partner on screen. But this was more than past sex life captured on a phone perched on a dresser. This was a film with a cameraman, a sound engineer, a director and who knows who else in the room. It was outright exhibitionism. And it was intensely arousing.

More was to come.

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