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He is forced to wear sexy black lacy nylon lingerie.

I felt like a klutz as I hopped off the chair to pick up papers with equations and formulas. But he hopped down to help me.

"Well I suppose we should study now," he smiled.

Turns out Damien had a very good grasp on the material. We discussed a number of concepts and problems and even though I already knew most of what he was saying, I was content to just listen and watch him speak. He spoke words with confidence, passing those lips that I wanted to kiss. My eyes rested on his torso and broad chest. How do his abs look?

A long bang interrupted my train of thought! The doors burst open and a bunch of people were shouting and screaming our school name. The intensity of our moment must have mentally blocked the sounds of their movement from the fall.

We drew back from one another and the next thing I know, Damien is swarmed by a bunch of his friends, a large group of Asian guys and girls. Horns were suddenly blaring and I heard wild and abandon chatter.

A drink was shoved in my hand. An Asian girl was pushing me towards the center.

In the midst of the chaos, I suddenly felt a rough palm against mine. It was Damien and with a tug of the hand, we were heading down a set of stairs, away from the throngs and sounds of college campus night life. After navigating through a set of underground hallways, we arrived at the astronomy tower. The elevator was very large and fit for dozens of people. Damien pulled out a key card and swiped, then pressing the highest button. That card didn't seem like something he should have, but I didn't question it.


Damien was holding my hand. Because of all the commotion, I hadn't noticed til now. His golden tan skin tone looked so...appealing next to my pasty white skin. I absentmindedly squeezed his hand. He turned towards me and smiled.

The doors opened and I felt a fresh burst of wind upon my face. Still holding my hand, Damien led me towards a bench on the balcony.

"Wow, I've never been up here before."

"Their pregames on our floor go wild. We weren't going to be able to study in there."

"Oh is that why you brought me up here," I said suggestively. "To study?" I nudged his arm. His triceps felt strong.

"Oh definitely," he said, putting his hands up in mock surrender. "No ulterior motives here."

I laughed and moved closer to him, feeling more comfortable by the second.

"So is that what you say to all the girls you bring up here before you seduce them?" I teased.

"Only the best looking ones on campus,"

"Ha ha," I said, rolling my eyes, with a big grin on my face.

His brown eyes gleamed in the nightlight.

"A nice, secluded, spot that few people know about. Gives me a chance to step back from campus while still on campus. I like to come up here to escape, destress."

"I never thought about it like that. This sounds like the perfect place for that," I said.

"...and over there, you'll see Ganymede Woods, where everyone goes to smoke and drink..." Even though I was looking right at his lips, I could barely register what he was saying. And those big hands, I bet they'd feel good against my butt cheeks. The Asian man of my dreams was talking to me. Were stars and moons always this seductive? The feeling was surreal.

"Kait," he said suddenly.


"You're staring again," he said with a light smile. "Are you distracted?"

"Uh, sorry, I guess I was," I said.

He slid closer towards me so that now, our knees were touching. I looked away, but felt his fingers softly on my chin, turning my head back towards him. I'm glad he did. Oh the emotions that conflicted inside me. The gleam in his eyes pared well with the look of lust on his face.

"You make me nervous," I admitted.

"Let me fix that for you," he said.

I had eyes for no one but him.

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