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A steamy relationship blossoms between a teacher and student.

Then dropping to one knee, she bent Stacy's weak body backwards over that knee and pushed on Stacy's chin to keep her in place. Mika could hold her prey with one hand, while clawing at Stacy's exposed stomach, with her other. The blood must have rushed to Stacy's head, because only a minute or two in this position and she gave up all resistance and dangled lifeless over Mika's knee. From there, Mika carried my limp precious girlfriend to the corner of the room, just behind a portable screen.

Stacy told me that Mika must have stripped her workout clothes off - and thrust a 12 oz plastic white hand dumbbell in and out of her pussy. Yes, Mika had raped my cherished girlfriend while she was unconscious. When Stacy awoke, Mika was nearly sitting on her face in a 69 position. Since Mika was wearing a one piece black bathing suit, Stacy said that she pulled it to one side and forced Stacy to lick at her damp pussy - while Mika was thrusting the dumbbell into her wet pussy.

Mika called Stacy her 'Bitch' and told her that later on she would have to serve her from time to time when she demanded it.

Chapter 2 Stacy came home to our apartment crying and nearly hyperventilating to where I could barely understand what had happened to her. It took nearly an hour for me to piece this whole episode together to make any sense. Imagine if you will - your 5' 4" toned beautiful and highly sexy girlfriend says that she was beat up, humiliated, and raped at the gym. Not raped by a man - but by a blue hair punk woman. A rage was building within me. I wanted to show this hussy that she can not push my girlfriend around. But Stacy was warning me not to do anything.

"N - N - No - Oh God she'll - she will come after me again. She could even beat the shit out of you. No Tim - we can call someone tomorrow." Stacy stuttered as she fearfully tried to restrain me from going over to this person's apartment.

I couldn't see any bruises on Stacy's body. No bloody lip or nose, or any sign of a fight. She only was weak and terrified. Besides I didn't know which apartment that this woman lived in. At nearly 2 in the morning, I sure couldn't go banging on doors trying to find out which was hers.

We put ice on Stacy's arm and she took some pain killers for her abused pussy. It was nearly 2:30 in the morning before she fell asleep and nearly 3 am before I drifted off too. The whole time I kept thinking what could I do? Call the police? No - Stacy didn't want a record of her embarrassment. Confront the woman and threaten her? Maybe - but who would take my side if I really did beat her up? I was 6' 3" 205 pounds, and no matter what I would do - I was in a no win situation. If I fight and beat her up - she may retaliate. But what if I was to LOSE? If this tough woman beat me up - I would never hear the end of it. After all she did pick a fight and totally humiliate and frighten my girlfriend.

When I got up the next morning I decided to pay a visit to the superintendent of our apartment complex. When I briefly explained what had happened to Stacy, he went to a video recorder and popped in a tape and by rewinding it found the whole fight scene just like Stacy had described it to me last night. The only parts that were not on the tape - was when Mika had carried Stacy's limp body to the corner of the room behind the screen. This is where Stacy had said Mika had raped her with the 12oz white hand dumbbell, and forced her to lick her pussy by sitting on her face. All of the other scenes were there, and watching my girlfriend get demolished by this solid woman caused me to have to adjust myself in my chair a few times. There was something so animalistic and exotic about this one sided battle. My dick was hard. My brain still wanted some revenge and to take this tape to the police would prove that Mika had attacked Stacy.

I glanced over at Derrick, the superintendent who was also intently watching the video, to see that he must have a hard on too.

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