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The family vacation in New Orleans.

Jessica smiled as well, saying, "yeah, Becky. I like that idea. Girls, take his pants!"

Jake's eyes went wide with fear. He started bucking around, trying to fend off the attackers. One of the stronger girls sat right down on his stomach to hold him down, facing him. This effectively subdued his movements. Her legs were opened up directly toward his face. If she were not wearing any clothes, he'd be staring right at her pussy.

"Like that, panty boy?" said the girl, knowing the view he had. Jake looked away, intimidated by her abruptness. The others had now pulled his pants down toward his ankles, but his legs were still tied. Jessica instructed to get a utility knife from the coach's desk. Shortly thereafter, they recklessly cut his jeans right off, shredding them into several pieces. In the process, the knife slipped, creating a small gash down the side of Jake's left leg. It was barely bleeding, but it hurt nonetheless. The girl got off his chest, and they followed suit with his shirt. In a matter of 30 seconds, he was now in only his boxers, and his clothes had been shredded.

Throughout this process, most of the girls were standing back, like an audience in a circular arena. The bulge of his penis was clear through his boxers, especially because he was lying flat, helpless to do anything more than wiggle around. There were whistles and laughter around. The flamboyant nature of the girls surprised Jake. Does this kind of thing happen often?

Once he was firmly secured, and almost completely exposed, Jessica walked up to him, looked him up and down, and kneeled down by his face with a wicked smile. Turning around, she said, "take some pics of us, girls!"

Incredibly fast, nearly every girl had a smartphone in her hand, taking pictures of Jessica and Jake. Jessica was smiling seductively, moving into different poses around him.

For one pose, Jessica hopped on top of Jake in a 69 pattern, and exhaled her breath on his boxer-clad penis. She was wearing tight red booty-shorts, which were now staring him right in the face. The view, combined with the heat on his cock, made him start to get hard.

"Hey, it looks like he likes it!" yelled Jessica, which earned her a flourish of cheers and whistles from the crowd. "Hey, throw me that box cutter!"

Jakes heart skipped a beat. He feared that she was going to use it on his manhood. All he could see was the sexy view of her rear end, but he was hardly concerned with that at the moment.

He tried to move around to set himself free.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said Jessica, extending the blade on the utility knife. Jake went absolutely still. She cut off his boxers quickly, which frightened Jake because he couldn't see what she was going. He felt the cold air on his cock. The girls cheered even louder. He couldn't believe what has happening.

She finished, and threw the knife, along with his shredded boxers, to the crowd of girls. A few of them grabbed for his undergarments, wanting to play with them. Now fully exposed, Jake was approaching full mast. He was scared, but the bizarre nature of the situation was most definitely erotic. Most of the girl's eyes were locked on his cock. Some had their phones out, recording videos and taking pictures for the world to see.
Jessica looked down, smiled at his penis, and then slid off of him. He now saw his dick, rock hard, in all of its glory, on display for all these girls. He looked at her in fear. She smiled back.

"Well Jake," she started, "since we've gotten you all worked up, it's only fair that we let you have some fun too. But not too much fun. If you go over the cliff, you'll regret it. Trust me." Jake came to a sudden realization of what they were about to do to him, and what he couldn't do.

Jake said, "Please, don't do this. I am waiting for Jenny. I have been for a long time. Don't do this!" Part of him believed it, but part wanted whatever these girls were going to do to him.

Jessica chuckled, "well that's just too bad, Jake.

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