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Geneen explains how she & Paula met.

"Yes, I trust you. Why do you ask?"

In response, he leaned in close to her, and he whispered.

She wasn't sure what he said. She remained mostly unsure even as his voice grew louder and he leaned away. She couldn't tell whether he was speaking or singing, and whether it was in English or another language altogether. And then she couldn't tell what she was seeing, either--there were two of him at once, mirror images in the same space.

His words turned into a hiss, and black scales rippled across the cheek of one image. They spread across its face, then along its body. The duplicate grew and grew, till it was half again her height, and wings unfurled from its back. A tail hung low behind it, and its face pushed out into a reptilian snout as its fingers grew into claws. A snake's tongue poked out between its lips, tasting the air.

Are you afraid? the dragon asked, or words to that effect, at least. Part of her wanted to scream in terror. Another part could still see Mack's human body, and knew this wasn't real. But a third part of her repeated "I trust you" and waited for its response.

It reached for her shirt, but she gently pushed its claws away. "You'll tear it." She removed her clothes, then lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide, a maiden sacrificed to the wicked dragon. It extended its tongue, longer than she would have thought possible, and took a taste of one of her breasts.

Then it feasted.

Its tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, tasting, touching, bringing ecstasy. That part of her mind that was still rational noted that Mack was using his hands as well as his tongue, but when both Mack's and the dragon's tongue found their way between her legs, she ceased to care about the distinction. She rocked, and she screamed, and she hoped she wasn't waking up Mack's neighbors, because how could she ever explain about this wonderful dragon?

Sated at last, she lay still for a moment, basking in the feeling. Then she got up off the bed and took a good long look at the creature before her. "Turnabout is fair play, dragon."

Bringing her eyes to the part upon which she might direct this fair play, she found it too large to fit comfortably inside her. Too wrapped up in the illusion to even see Mack anymore, she wrapped one hand around the dragon's member, barely able to touch her forefinger to her thumb around its mass, and moved her hand up and down it, delighting in the strangeness of the scales. She bent over and licked the tip as her hand worked at the length, unable to provide as much pleasure to the dragon as it provided to her, but determined to try.

She ran her other hand down the dragon's back, disappointed to find no ridges like she had expected, then paused in disbelief as her hand encountered resistance. The scales were one thing, but her fingers should have gone right through the tail! But she didn't question it for long--she stroked the dragon's tail and penis together, trying to match both rhythms to her tongue's licking, and a satisfied hiss told her she'd made the right choice.

It didn't take long for the dragon's back to arch, and for a bitter taste to fill her mouth as a familiar fluid spattered her lips. Then she came back to herself, kneeling before Mack, with one hand on his dick and the other in empty air. She rushed to the bathroom and spat into the sink, then washed her face as Mack quietly laughed. "I almost feel insulted."

As she returned to the room, he stopped laughing. "So . . . now you know."

"I don't think I do," she responded. "What was that?"

"The last bit of magic I have left, one that makes me a bit like what I was in another life. Not as impressive, of course. Back then I could have wrapped you three times in one wing!"

"Then Frost . . ."

"Yes, she was a dragon too."


"That must have been one hell of a lay, Trisha."

"How could you tell?"

"You know the way those young guys walk when they've just gotten laid for the first time, like God just came down and congratulated them for it? I hardly ever see girls walk like that, and ne

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