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A reacquaintance and a gift after a period of separation.

"Twenty-seven if everyone shows up."

Janie and I look at each other. Her mouth is open a little.

"What, that isn't a good number?" asks George.

"Well, that's only thirteen and a half each," I quip, and it actually doesn't seem particularly daunting anymore anyway. After all, there were over twenty at the theatre-in-the-round, and although we did share them, we had most of them twice, and a few even three times. "The number is not a problem," I answer George, and I open my legs and run my middle finger lasciviously between them a few times and smile at him as mischievously as I can.

"Only twenty-seven?" adds Janie with a mock pout.

"There is one other thing," adds George. "Jeez," I'm thinking, "what now?"

"The whole concept here is fantasy fulfillment, and incidentally, not just for men but for women too. I know some women's groups think gang bang flicks are - exploitation - is the word they like to use, but ask yourselves, did anybody twist your arm to do this project? Of course not. You're fulfilling your own fantasy, one that almost every woman has had at least once, although few will admit it. It's a perfectly safe fantasy, because the odds of actually fulfilling it are about ten million to one, but come on now, when you were in high school and beginning to explore sex, did you ever fantasize about what it would be like to be gang fucked in the locker room by the entire football team? You did, didn't you? Well, so have most of your prim friends, and fifty million other healthy young girls. Women will enjoy this movie vicariously. They'll enjoy it a lot - we know that for a fact from actual marketing surveys. You're actually living what they wish they had the courage to do themselves, but of course they don't, so you get to do it for all of them.

But getting back to fulfilling men's fantasies, we had a brainstorm idea along those lines. Besides fucking a stripper on stage, or doing a group thing with two or more girls, a lot of guys' pet fantasy is being in a porn movie. So we asked ourselves, is there any way we can we work that into this project? And we came up with a novel idea. Obviously, everybody always wants as many cum shots in a hardcore flick as possible, so we thought why not kill two birds with one stone?"

"A lot of the regular customers here are well-heeled and would think nothing of paying some serious money, say $1,000, to fulfill a pet fantasy, if only there were some foolproof way to maintain privacy. Getting laid in a public place in front of an audience is not exactly a practical possibility for these guys, so this fantasy seems destined to remain forever unfulfilled. A lot of these guys are doctors, lawyers, and other professionals with reputations to protect, and for them discretion is the whole name of the game."

"So you're going to give these guys their once-in-a-lifetime chance. During this movie they are being offered the role of "extras" of a sort. They will remain off camera, but get nice blow jobs from a few of our girls to get them ready, and then they'll get to contribute their cumshots for the movie. None of them will be seen above the waist, but they get what they want, and we get what we want."

"Uh, they're not part of the twenty-seven, are they?" asks Janie.

"No, of course not. That's why they're 'extras.'"

"How many 'regular customers' took you up on your offer?" I ask.

"Fifteen. Actually we have four attorneys, three doctors, a college professor, five corporate types, one professional athlete, and the owner of one of the largest car dealerships in the Valley. And every one of them has had satisfactory bloodwork results, just like you. Cooperation with that was non-negotiable, but we've been extremely discreet. Incidentally, here's the good news. Of the $15,000 these gentlemen anted up, you two will split half of it. The Wild Kitty Club gets the other half. We get the fifteen free cumshots.

Oh hell, I'm figuring, in for a dime, in for a dollar.

"Leave a good hour to get made up, and be ready to go at about ten to

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