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She hopes for another lesson in etiquette but gets much more.

" Julie teased. Cindy smiled a little self-satisfied smile. "I think he may have trouble explaining them to his parents though." Julie could almost feel the little horns poking up out of her head.

Cindy froze. "No!" was all she could say.

Julie leaned over the divider in the middle of the car. Her fingernail traced a circle around Cindy's breast. "He is probably in the bathroom right now." She hinted nibbling at her ear. "Masturbating with your panties wrapped around his young hard cock." Her fingers felt the nipple beneath harden. She pinched the nipple and nipped Cindy's earlobe. "What a nice gift." She added as she sat up pretending to admire the countryside.

"You are terrible." Cindy shivered and looked at her companion. "Just you wait until we get to the cabin."

"Promises, promises." Julie smiled as they continued their drive.

The sun was setting behind the mountains when they arrived at the cabin. The girls watched in wonder as the clouds turned from gray and white puffs into a rolling pink and purple sea above them. They shared a drink on the back deck sitting in lounge chairs watching the suns last rays disappear. Cindy suggested they fix some dinner and moved into the kitchen.

Julie sat on a stool behind the island in the middle of the kitchen. Cindy worked at the sink in the island cleaning lettuce and vegetables for their salad. "Where did all of this come from?" Julie asked.

"I have a contact at the local market." Cindy scrubbed and peeled a couple of carrots. "I called them yesterday and asked them to come by and stock the fridge with a few things." She set the carrots aside and began cleaning some cherry tomatoes.

"I see." Julie looked over the vegetables. "I didn't know there was a local market." Her eyes lingered on the carrots.

"Oh yes." Cindy finished the tomatoes and started on the cucumber. "It is a huge store, almost as big as this kitchen." She grinned and noticed her friends gaze. "Such thoughts about a couple of carrot sticks, you should be ashamed." She laughed.

"Me?" Julie nodded towards the cucumber. "Who is the one masturbating the cucumber?" She pointed out Cindy's hands absent-mindedly stroking the green vegetable.

Cindy looked down and saw what she was doing. "No, if I were masturbating it would be more like this." She lowered the cucumber under the edge of the counter and slipped it under her skirt.

"Oh my." Julie sat up and leaned over for a better look. "I thought we were going to eat these." She teased.

"Oh. Yes. We will." Cindy moaned and wiggled her hips. The vegetable was cool and bumpy as it began sliding in. "We do need to have the proper dressing for the salad." Julie slid down off her seat and came around. She lifted Cindy's skirt and saw half of the cucumber sticking out of her moistening pussy. "Like the view?" Cindy asked.

"Oh I do." Julie reached up to nudge the cucumber and rub Cindy's pussy with her finger. She licked the wet finger clean and added. "Best dressing I've ever tasted."

"Let's get the carrots ready." Cindy suggested. She turned and lifted Julie's face up to her own. Their lips met briefly before Cindy sank down unbuttoning Julie's shorts. She slid the shorts down and off. She licked up to Julie's thigh and then slid her pink panties down as well. "Hop up." She patted the counter top.

Julie jumped onto the counter and crossed her legs. She picked up the carrots and held them both. "One for each of us." She grinned and licked at the top of one.

"Two for you." Cindy corrected and took the carrots. She gently pulled Julie to the edge of the counter and sat down on a chair in front of her. "Mmm..." She moaned as the cucumber was pushed in deeper. "I'm still full, remember." She gently eased Julie's legs apart.

"I guess they will have to take turns in my pussy then.

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