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Cherie's infatuation with Charles changes them both.


I felt something brush against my lip, so I flicked my tongue out and I immediately heard her whimper, so I knew it was one of her nipples. I pulled her to me hard and sucked her hard bud into my mouth, licking it, nibbling with my lips and her knees gave way and she sunk down onto my lap. She wasn't helpless though and started grinding against me as I stopped kissing her breast to her luscious lips, feeling her lithe tongue dart into my own mouth. I hiked her skirt up and felt her bare ass cheeks, my fingertips brushing against the lace of her knickers and I was suddenly overcome with such lust for her body. I scooped under her knees and lifted her legs up, and I realised how flexible she was then as her shoulder came to rest on my lips, her body upside down and with her legs doing the splits, her filigree-lace covered pussy now right before me, the fragrance of her arousal so evident now (I think my senses may have been heightened by my own arousal and temporary blindness)...

I could barely contain myself as I tenderly licked from her wet pussy to her sensitive clit and she moaned aloud as I circled her erect clit over the lace and she almost growled impatiently as she reached behind her back to unzip my trousers and pull out my own hardness...I had to taste her so I took her lacy knickers in both hands and ripped the gusset off, immediately replacing the scant material with my hungry mouth and she thrust her hips forward and up as my tongue plunged deep inside her...I felt down her body to her full breasts, stroking them as I tongue fucked her, and then gently pinched her nipples and she cooed a little too loudly, but that just served to arouse me even more.

She arched her back and twisted her body around, pulling her delicious pussy away from my mouth, until I felt her knees resting on my shoulders, and her legs slid back a bit further, her thighs now resting there and I could feel her muscular body moving on me still, her breasts brushing against my erect cock.

Then her legs tensed, her knees and legs pulling my face forward straight onto her smooth pussy and I instinctively sought out her clit, my own surprised muffled as I felt my length engorged by her wet, warm lips, her tongue lashing around my swollen head. I felt her body tense up and I knew I could either slow it down or bring her to orgasm...I chose the latter and I was so glad I did. She started cumming and in her rapture she sucked harder and faster and I could feel the head of my cock at the back of her throat. She was whimpering and moaning around my shaft as her body reacted to the pleasure I was bringing her and I was surprised at the duration her orgasm lasted...

...I realised then that it wasn't one long orgasm but a series that were overtaking her body, but then my own pleasure was building, her pleasure spurring on her own oral ministrations on my cock. I was about to explode and I told her, thinking it would give her a chance to pull off but she pulled me in deeper, as I exploded down her throat, my own body quivering and shaking as I spurted again and again and she kept swallowing each load...she was moaning like it was a meal she was savouring.

She lay collapsed on me like that for a minute or so, my hard cock still in her mouth, until she seemed to rouse herself from her stupor and said, 'mmm, I need something else...'

I licked her sopping pussy and she jolted and said, 'you want more?'

I said, 'I need you on me now.'

I took the glasses off, took a hold of her hips and lifted her off me, turning her over and lowering her down. She asked if I was up for this and I looked down at my still hard member and said, 'what do you think?'

I lowered her onto my throbbing dick and as she slid onto it, I could feel her vaginal muscles clenching and unclenching around me. She breathed out a sigh of contentment and smiled and asked if she could fuck me how she wanted.

I was curious so I told her to go right ahead as I was sure to enjoy the sho

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