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The editorial team gathers, ready to fire.

I take his head inside my lips and blow him really hard, shaking his cock against my face, rubbing it across my lips and all across my cheeks, trying to catch it in my mouth but he's pulsing so hard it keeps smacking against me instead, causing my face to get covered in spit and pre-cum.

I feel him harden, and know he's ready to explode, and put my lips and slide all the way down to the base, so when he cums...and he cums with such force, he's shooting it deep into my throat. He moans in enjoyment, and I let him out, having swallowed every little bit of cum.

His shorter friend has been watching this entire time, waiting for his turn. He doesn't even give me a moment to wipe the spit that glistens on the corner of my mouth before he's taking his pants off too. I'm secretly proud of myself now, and smile a little as he comes towards me. He's shorter, but rougher. He has me sit on the floor, my back up against the desk, and uses his hand to open my mouth. He guides his short, fat cock thick I have to open my mouth as wide as I can to fit him inside. Right away he begins to fuck my mouth. I sit there, nowhere to move, as he shoves it in me, again and again. He pulls my face onto his cock as he pushes inside me deeper. I start to gag, barely breathing, as he pulls out to give me a moment, but then shoves it back inside me again. I'm not in control at all, and not sure what's happening. His friend tells him to give me a break, tells him, "Let her do it". Blondie knows I can finish his friend better than he can finish himself. I get a second, stand up, taking his cock in my hand, and walking him around the desk.

This guy likes it rough, so I have you undo the one shoulder of my dress, and slide it down just enough, exposing my breasts. You kiss my forehead reassuringly, and grab one of my breasts as I lay on top of the desk, my head over the edge. I motion to him to come forward and let him fuck my tits while my face is buried in his balls. I'm licking him hard and fast, sucking on his balls tight, when he pulls back and cums in my mouth. It drizzles slowly out of him, in short bursts, so I keep sucking him slow to draw it out of him. I start at the base, and suck and slide all the way up, bringing his cum out of him more with each tug of his cock. When I'm sure he's done and he's gone soft in my mouth, I sit up, and pull my dress back up, holding it up to cover myself.

You unlock the door, and escort them outside. I'm relieved I've managed to keep my hair intact, when behind me I hear a voice, "Is it my turn now?"

I turn, expecting you, but its not. There's a third man. He's extremely tall, 6'5, dark hair, deeply tanned, and dressed in a suit. He looks like he's Bay street, and smells of money. He explains to us he'd been in the change room preparing for a NYE party himself, but had seen our deal with the two guys.You tell him its afterhours now, and that he wasn't a part of the deal, and after seeing how I was just treated by the guys, you've decided you'd rather Mike find out and get fired, but I tell you its okay.

The way you'd kissed me earlier, licked my neck, whispered into my ear...I wanted to be fucked, I just wanted to look pretty for you at the party too. I decide in that moment I don't care about impressing those two jocks, but this man, I need to impress. I walk over to you, nuzzle my face into your chest, look up into your eyes, and ask you, "please?"

You can't say no to me, and look at him and say "Go ahead".

He takes off his suit jacket, and undoes his tie.

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